We are in the tiny town of bradford ontario, canada, which ive been to many many times, as you guys know, uh, because a few people told me just recently that subway has joined the whole chicken sandwich game uh, so its not a sub its a chicken sandwich. Uh, i think i can get closer. No. This is good. This is a good spot. Maybe this spot right here. It just started raining so im thinking. Maybe i should park a little bit closer, but i like to kind of be isolated a little bit when i do these food reviews, for you guys so were here in rusty and were going to get some food come back here either with you and ill. Let you know if its any good lets go. Music ah looks like theyre calling it a crispy chicken side. Kick all right. 3.99 lets grab one potato, bun huh all right. How are you doing uh try to do a side kick and then a six inch on the regular bread? Please? Yes, please, Music! Yes, please, on both im gon na do lettuce, tomato and uh mail, please and salt and pepper Music, fantastic thing: im gon na! Do the same on that one too? Please thats it! Thank you. Can i have a turtle cookie too yeah and im gon na do one of those bubblies, the black cherry, bubbly uh. They said turtles. You have turtle ones yeah. I want one turtle, please theres a sign here, saying turtles, Music, so im thinking that theres a turtle cookie, no new one.

Thank you, sir Music. All right guys got the food. I didnt know it came in six inch and foot longs as well. I thought it was just a side kick, so that was a little bit of a surprise there. So i bought the six inch and the side kick as you saw, and a bubbly ive never had one of these before lets. Do it. We are back in the car, ladies and gentlemen, all right guys. There is our sub lets, get the trusty steering wheel, tray and start eating. Shall we, the sun, is going to be messing with us. Theres cloud theres, sun, theres cloud, theres sun, but we will work through this together. You and i all right got our nice place. Mat uh the build came to 1680, so the six inch crispy chicken sub is 749 and the other saab. Why dont? Oh there? It is uh ‘9, but then they they made a combo out of one of them and im not sure it doesnt say how much money that saves you. I dont think it saves you a whole lot of money im guessing. If i just got one cookie, it might have been actually more money, so maybe im getting a free cookie. I dont know so, like i said, the subtotal is 1680 after canadian taxes here in canada, ill lay it all out and ill go in for a close up. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is our lunch for today.

Lets start off with that bubbly. How many people love the bubbly sparkling water? I went with blackberry over the other one that was there and then check this out over here. This is the sidekick and weve got as you can see the potato bun that crispy chicken. I went with lettuce, mayo and tomato with salt and pepper. Look at that bun! You can see like the texture of it, looks awesome then, over here we got our typical crushed bun, that always happens uh its when they wrap it up. They crush the bun dam and it looks like a disaster uh over here we got the six inch with two pieces of the crispy chicken and the same toppings as the previous one. I just wanted to taste the difference in buns and then over here weve got our turtle cookies. We got two of them which made it a combo. All right. Are you guys ready lets? Do it lets crack open this sparkling water? I i dont believe ive actually had a bubbly, yet ive seen all the commercials ive seen other people drinking them, but this is my first one just for you and me of course yeah. It smells like. I know what it smells like. It smells like um, hubba, bubba, grape gum thats, what it smells like, so its not its, not cool what, if its like, yeah, zero calories, okay, so thats, why theyre so popular everybodys drinking them, because theyre, zero calories and stuff? You can taste that theres no sugar in that whatsoever, uh youre, expecting to get that syrupy um great uh, great pop kind of flavor to it, but it just it has that of course blackberry more than grape and uh.

It definitely tastes like theres, no sugar in it. It is sparkling water with flavor thats. All it is which i didnt really know. I thought it was just a pop, but now we know okay lets go in for this one first. This is the side. Kick lets find out if its good or not so right off the top. The potato bun is awesome, its definitely more dense type bun than uh. This bun is going to be. It has a bit of a chew to it, im, not sure if thats, because they toast it – i dont think so. I think potato buns just have that dense consistency of it uh and it tastes really really good, definitely better than the white italian bun um, but lets do another bite totally missing on that tomato. This squashed out the side as i bit into it. I missed the tomato the first time, all the all the way through now that now the tomato fits this. So hopefully the next bite ill get tomato. At the moment guys the chicken is fabulous um. The breading is delicious and uh. The fact that ive added salt and pepper on it just knocks it up a notch too. The tomato is like barely staying in the sandwich, it squishes out every single bite, guys im loving this sandwich a lot. The potato bun is totally making the sandwich. The chicken is nice uh, nothing wrong with the chicken. The breading is fantastic and again with the combination of toppings and salt and pepper that i put on there.

This is a brilliant sandwich for 3.99. I dont know i wish it was a bit cheaper, but 3.99 is totally right up my alley. If you wanted a nice small, uh, probably obviously less calories than this up here, you wanted to eat something, but you didnt want to eat a lot of food. This is like a perfect size, a side kick and a bubbly dont have the cookie so like this would be a fantastic lunch for all you guys out there who are in a rush. Didnt have time to make lunch this morning and uh i dont want to eat a lot of calories or whatever. That would be a great option and the flavors again of this potato. I dont know how many calories. This thing is, but its definitely less calories, probably than that im, not 100 sure about that. Maybe potato buns are super high in calories. I dont know i i have to finish this before i move on to the other one, because this is good. Im loving this chicken sandwich so much im gon na have to give it a one. Oclock in the morning shout out bite to all you, lovely women and men out there who love to watch my videos at one oclock in the morning. We dont know why you do, but you do this bite is, for you cheers guys. All right. One note to take uh is that it is not a crispy chicken, so it uh its its soggy, its not a crunchy crispy chicken, which weve had in other places.

So uh subway im not sure why youre calling it a crispy chicken sandwich when it is not crispy still tastes. Great, not crispy, but im gon na have to give it a go out and get it now. It was awesome. The flavors of the bun, the chicken and the toppings i put on it were awesome. Next up is the six inch crispy sub, like i said, theres no crispiness to it, but here we go. This piece was crunchier im not kidding. I saw a bit into it. It was crunching up and, as you guys saw when she was putting the chicken on it, they ran out of the chicken in that bin and she went to the back to get more and when she came back, she threw it in the microwave or something. And then came back and put it on my sandwich and thats the piece and that ones crispy. So if you get in there and theres, only one or two pieces of chicken left ask them if they can get a new one from the back or throw it in the microwave whatever, because that was definitely crispier. Ive had crispier chicken, but that was definitely crispier than the first one. So hopefully, when you guys order the side, kick you get a crispier piece of chicken than i did. Keep eating thats good! Well, im really glad that i bought the six inch and the side kick because i got to experience actual crispy piece of chicken.

So they, if you get there early when theyre, first putting them out youre going to get a crispy chicken if they wait a little bit longer, it wont, be crispy, itll, be soggy. So theres a note for you guys. Look at these. Oh boy, beautiful turtle, cookies. Obviously, they must be so new that girl that was working on her. She had no idea where they were and she just kept asking which one which one and then the other woman who probably owns the place shes like top shelf. But that was where the oatmeal were supposed to be, but they werent there, because when she took it from the oatmeal shelf im like oh im, just kind of making sure looking around the corner, making sure that i got the turtle. Because i want to try the turtle just for you, you can smell the caramel and the chocolate thats, a good cookie, its soft and pliable. It tastes like cookie dough. I do like crispy cookies, but i do like soft and chewy cookies as well, and these are fantastic subway. These are definitely a go out and get it now plus. So please keep these in your cookie shelf, get rid of the oatmeal i dont like oatmeal cookies, but that is fantastic. Let me know if you agree or disagree, leave a comment. Im gon na keep eating last bite in the sunshine. Sorry about that guys. I had to move my car. The sun was beating in on me and making me hot and sweaty, and i didnt want to feel hot and sweaty.

I wanted to talk to you guys face to face all right. I hope you love this food review.