I just wanted to thank you for coming by and checking out. My short film stir just doesnt care if you enjoy this film id appreciate it. If you hit that, like button down below im, looking forward to your comments now lets get on with the show Music, if you would have told me just 13 months ago that sturgis south dakota would be on the top of my list for vacations, i wouldnt have Believed you but heres. The thing sturgis is not just a town in the western portion of south dakota and its not just the home of arguably the biggest motorcycle rally on earth, its a place where you come as you are, and you dont need to be a celebrity to enjoy it. Doesnt matter what your social status is or how much money you have in a bank account because honestly, sturgis doesnt care Music, just riding through the black hills, makes you think youre in an actual painting every turn every lookout every photo. Just when you think it cant get any better, it does how you get. There is up to you it doesnt matter. If you plan an epic motorcycle ride across the country or throw the bikes in a trailer, you could even fly or walk sturgis doesnt care. How you get there just get there Music waking up in sturgis, no alarm clock needed your body will do that for you, you just get up load up your gear and hit the road it doesnt matter, which way you go because the riding out here is amazing.

Everywhere, Music, i mean come on just look at this place: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music from pigtails to long sweeping turns to even going through some tunnels. The black hills were not built for speed. It was actually built to slow you down a bit sit back and enjoy the view. Applause, Music. There are so many places to pull over and stop grab a bite to eat and just hang out with some new friends once youve done. One of the rides just turn around, take it in the other direction, because every single time youre on these roads, its a different experience, Applause, Music and dont, say i didnt warn you sometimes riding these roads can ruin a lot of other places. You love to ride when the air is so fresh and this type of beauty surrounds you everywhere. I mean i wont, blame you. Music theres always been the great debate on which ride is the best. In order to participate, you got ta, get out there and ride them all Music Applause, Music – and let me remind you that just spending one day in the black hills is only part of the sturgis experience: Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music. There are many ways to take in the sturgis experience for some its being a night owl others an early bird, some like to endure a little pain, some like to take in a show, or maybe a concert you can hang out with some friends or just meet Some new ones Music, while youre in sturgis the conversations never get boring just talking with people about how they got to sturgis and their experiences on the road is enough to start a brand new friendship, Music as an amateur photographer and videographer.

I just cant get enough of this place. I dont think it matters. How much drone footage i capture or how many still shots i take. I dont think theres a way i can capture the actual essence of the black hills but ill. Tell you this. I will keep trying Music, you know its kind of funny. We hear it all the time, all the cliche responses of life short. You only live once and really what it comes down to is reasons to go and excuses, not to anybody. You talk to is going to be able to give you another reason to go check out, sturgis and the black hills. So i can give you all the reasons to go and you can come up with excuses.