I don't know. Maybe you can't hear me my dog here, Ginga hi. Yes, you can hear me: okay, well, I'm gon na see if a few more people come back in and first of all, just want to say sorry for the mess tonight. Oh man, my internet, just kept going out wired and wireless, and it just was not cooperating. My audio issues were quite the parents, and so sorry guys really appreciate everyone for hopping on earlier and for sticking with it – and I just wanted to except I didn't – I didn't die, everything is okay, hey Boyd good, to see you thanks for thanks for hopping back On, but the biggest thing I wanted to do was to announce the hey, ray, Bob's handshakes, alright, that makes me feel better. Thank you for saying that and again, thank you guys for the patience that really haven't had a. I haven't had a really awful stream like this in a while as far as technical stuff goes and Philip was telling me that I need to get my act together and he's absolutely right, Steve carpenter, hey thank you for jumping back on so anyway. I just thought. I would get back on and tell you guys. I had not hey Daniel from Australia good to see you oz, by drone streaming mess, yes, oz by drone I'm gon na. Take it down, so so people can't see it because it was quite embarrassing. Actually, the show was okay up to that point, but hey max how's it going thanks for hopping on.

I appreciate it I'm out in the backyard right now, I'm, actually throwing the frisbee for my dog to try and get over my frustration and my anger at myself. For not being more organized, but all of that said I do want to jump on real quick, and I want to tell you who the subscriber of the month is. It was Audio Verbeek for January and I'm in that earlier, but I hadn't said who it was for for February, and I don't know if he was on earlier honestly. I had so much going on that. I didn't see who all was in the chat. I did see you know: Mel was there and Lloyd was there and some other folks. But I the person who is my subscriber of the month for February is somebody who is absolutely been like just rock solid, hey Brian birthday, happy birthday, Brian rock solid in this community as of late and also is a talented musician. His mother calls him mark, but everybody else calls him tater. Its tater Rogers is the subscriber of the month, so tater if you are watching or if you watch the replay of this just know that I meant to do more. A big reveal, hey Steve carpenter. I meant to do more of a big reveal, but tater. I am gon na. Send you an amazing prize package that includes that Yeti, itched tumbler it's got it's very good for keeping things hot and keeping things cold.

Hey what's up, Brad good to see you Steve! So yeah congrats to mark tater Rogers. If you guys haven't checked out his channel by the way, I will try to promote it because he's had actually a really amazing musician, has written some really cool songs and does some great live stuff with it, and so hey dads are abused good to see you Yeah we're back for a minute. I was just getting back on to tell everybody I hadn't keeled over from heart attack. I hadn't I hadn't like burned down the house or done anything drastic, although I am quite frustrated, but I just wanted to say that I'm I'm here it's all good. I really appreciate you guys, sticking with it and I, as Philip said I'm gon na get my technical things together. A bit more where's. My dog, hey Jenga Jenga, come here. Come here. Come here come say: hi, say hi to everybody, cliff she's kind of nuts about the frisbee. If you can't tell throw it out there, but Taylor Rodgers you're awesome. Thank you for being subscriber the month, thanks to everybody who Tunes in thanks to the flight crew, hey and I did send out stickers yesterday. So so everybody should get their stickers in the next couple days. I'D hope to do it a few days sooner so that you'd have them bite out. But if you got your sticker, send me a picture with it like wherever you put it.

If you put it on your laptop or a drone – or you know whatever just send me a picture I'd love to see what you guys are doing with it, thanks to everyone for sticker sticker stickers, yes, but a Chris Hope. Thank you so much Chris. I always appreciate your little motivational text that I get on my show days. It makes me feel like I have to do a good job and so I'll try to do better next time anyway, guys. Thank you so much for all the support. Thank you for the patience, congratulations to taylor rogers for being subscriber the month and look out for a package for me pretty soon. I already have your address cuz. I think i've sent your stuff before and guys when you get the stickers, hey, it's Ken it's. Can a heron there. I saw him briefly throwing my frisbee again for the dog, because she's kind of crazy, if you don't, do it and by the way the reason I'm outside is because I have no internet in my house. So there you go all right. Guys. I'M gon na cut this short because I'm, just kind of holding my phone up here and my main reason for coming back on was to tell you guys. I was still alive still doing. Ok gon na gon na check my stuff out and to congratulate Saders cater.