So, whether youre uploading, your drone videos here on youtube or youre, uploading them to instagram tick, tock or you just want to make some cool looking videos. These five tips are really going to help you go from making videos that just feel boring and feel flat to something that is actually watchable. Now, if youre new, here this channel, my name is jevin dovey and on this channel i like to do a lot around filmmaking and i do have a ton of videos about how to fly drones so make sure you hit that subscribe button. So you dont miss any of these videos. The first tip that i have for you is make sure that you fly with a purpose, so ive gone out plenty of times and ive just taken. The drone up been flying around shooting a bunch of different shots, and it just feels very boring and thats, because i didnt have a purpose when i went out to fly. So what is the reason that youre going out and flying your drone? You need to think through. Who is the person that you want to watch this video and when you can really boil down what your purpose is for every flight, then it makes a lot more sense to go out there and capture this footage. So on my channel here i do a lot of videos where im out in nature and when i go out. I bring my drone with me, but i usually only fly a few times here and there and the reason for that is a lot of the transition moments.

So ill fly when im hiking from one spot to another and its a great way. For me to be able to show the place im in and just grab a quick shot while im hiking through the scene or mountain biking or whatever. I also use my drone a lot of times when im doing more of my story driven pieces to be able to show you that perspective from a camera way up in the sky, but i dont just use my drone entirely for all of these videos. I use a drone specifically for the purposes of capturing these different shots that i cant get when im down low to the ground. Drones are not a new thing anymore and its not as cool just to watch pretty drone shots of a location. You want to make sure that you have a purpose, and you have a reason and you think, through what that is before you go out and fly Music now number two is dont, show everything and this isnt just something for drone videography. This is for just cinematography as a whole. You dont always want to show everything in your scene and when youre using other cameras like the one im filming on right now, you do have options to change out your lenses and get more of a narrow field of view. And one of the reasons that you want to do this is because you want to isolate your subject and you dont need everything around on a drone, youre, typically using a wide lens.

Yes, there are drones that do allow you to zoom. Now, however, for the majority of what youre filming its a big wide shot and when youre using big wide shots, you basically capture everything that youre seeing so try to think of ways that you can isolate what it is that youre showing and try to exclude some Things from your shot a lot of times when you show less its going to create more of an impact. So when youre in a situation, get the drone up, see whats around and then see what things you can take out of those shots to be able to create some different looks out of the scene that youre flying in, and this goes right into number three, which Is create tension Music? So, when im filming with my drone a lot of times, i dont want to shoot the big wide landscape. I want to create a sequence and a sequence is a series of shots that, when cut together tells the progression of a story and with a drone, you could do some pretty cool things where you start close in on your subject and slowly work. Your way out and then the final reveal is the place that youre at so, for example, if i was filming myself mountain biking, i would get some close up shots of me going on the trails and then the final reveal from the scene would be the big Open landscape in front of me, i use these kind of techniques all the time when im out flying because it helps craft better, looking videos when youre not always shooting just big open, wide shots, youre focusing on a subject youre, excluding things and youre thinking through how This will cut together a progression from shot a to shot b, to shot c to shot d and whats.

The final reveal – and this is a concept of thinking through your edit versus just going out there flying shooting and then trying to figure it out later. You want to think through how youll actually use these shots when youre editing to be able to craft something that is more engaging and does have this tension of whats going to happen next and if you are someone thats newer to editing. I have a whole course on how you can edit your videos its a two hour step by step guide that takes you through. Basically, everything that you need to know when youre approaching your edits and ill include a link down below in description to that its on skillshare and, if youve never signed up for skillshare before you can get the first 30 days for free, and you can take this Editing course, or one of the other courses that i have on the platform, and i actually have a newer one, thats all about how to build a youtube channel, which might be something that youre interested in. If this is where you want to upload your drone videos. Music number four is: do your research so before you get to a location and you go fly just go on the computer and see what you can find about that location. You might be able to find some cool things ahead of time. Thats going to help. You figure out where you actually want to go and what you want to actually capture so a lot of times, just looking at something like a map of the location, will tell you well what kind of things are you going to see in the space? Also, looking at other creators content see what other people have shot in, that same location will give you some ideas of what to expect when youre out flying – and one thing you should consider – is the time of year and the weather its going to really dictate how A location looks if youre somewhere here in southern california, where im at and i go out to the hills around here and go fly well, its very brown, its very dry.

But if i go after a rainstorm, it might be super green, and this is just something that you have to take in. Consideration is well whats, the weather like, and what has happened before youre actually getting to a location. You might think that youre going to get this pretty landscape but come to find out that it doesnt actually look that good, because well this time of year, its very dry. So you want to make sure that youre doing your research. So you know what to expect, but also you want to do research and figure out if its okay to actually fly you dont, want to get to a location, try to take the drone up and then realize youre in a restricted zone. So, just doing a little work on the front end will make sure that yeah youre good to fly in the spot, and this is the kind of stuff that can. I expect when i get there and start flying Music now, my fifth tip for creating better drone videos is actually plan trips around cool places that you want to fly ive. Seen in my comments a lot people are saying: oh you just have access to really cool locations and thats. Why you get all this pretty footage? Well, the reality is where im at has some cool things to fly around, but if i kept flying around the same stuff over and over its gon na get really boring. I actually make trips and i go places to fly my drone so that i can get a variety of footage, especially because i do a lot of drone videos on this channel.

So in the last couple of years, ive gotten into over landing and over landing, gets me to some of these really cool places, but its not something that i can just drive out for the day and go get these shots like ill drive out to utah thats. A 12 13 hour drive to some of these locations and ill be out there for a few days, and recently, when there was a new product launch, i wanted to get a variety of shots and i also flew up to alaska. I went somewhere where i knew. I could fly a drone and i knew i could get a different look with my footage. So if you are someone whos really into drone flying well think through what kind of trips that you can take, that you could take your drone with you so that you can get some cool footage to create some interesting videos. As i said earlier, drones are a great tool to help craft. Your video and personally, i love using my drone when im telling stories so the next video that you should check out is all about how you tell stories its right here. I go through the five cs, which is a great tool to be able to help you craft, better stories and, if thats, something you want to make, you can upload them here on youtube and find an audience for your content.