Stop crashing these drones. I got something that might help stick around Music, all right guys, thanks for joining me today, um, listen, ive got a lot of people since ive been doing repairs on drones and mods, and really concentrating a lot on these inspired drones inspire one spire, two heres a Whats left of a arm from an inspire one, um thats, an expensive repair, so youre investing all this money in a drone and its come to my attention that a lot of these people are flying. These drones and theyre theyve either got maybe mavic experience or toy drone experience or no experience guys. These drones are advanced now, theres things with the inspired drones. I mean you know. As you know, the legs go up. You can turn the cameras. 360. You can do a lot of different things with these drones that can distract you from your flying. I have developed a course and the purpose of this video is ive developed the course, because a lot of people have scheduled with me to do an in person training on the inspired drones, and not only is it expensive but its time consuming for you. For me, you may have to travel with todays gas prices, who the hell wants to do that. So it has taken me a couple of months now to put this course together its a video course that you can do online. You can watch it as much as you want get the information you need from it.

Im gon na leave links in the description that way, if you guys want to get the basics this is. This is not for your experienced pilot, its not for your, your guy that that flies the m600s with no problem youre, doing power line inspections, youre doing whatever youre doing this is for that new pilot. You just bought an inspire. You want to have some fun. You want to use the drop systems and so on. You want to just play around with these things, but youre not sure what settings you need to do. Youre, not sure how this thing functions. Guys ive got this course here you can do you can still do the in person. I can show you in person its just. You have to schedule in advance and so on this thing you can watch anytime you want. So i just wanted to put this out there. Maybe it will help you guys, stop wasting your money like this. Are you still going to crash? Maybe you know even experienced pious pilots like myself crashes now and then uh things happen, but i want to give you guys a good start. So this is a tool that you have its its less expensive than doing an in person hour with me. Um ill leave a link in the description check it out guys pass the word. If you know somebodys got one of these inspired drones and they dont know what to do. You know, instead of sitting there watching youtube channels, which is not a bad way to do, but they dont go over your basic settings.

They dont go over operation on different things, so check this course out. If it helps you great, if not, i can still do that in person training with you one on one. I offer that type of service anytime. I sell a drone uh, some people do it some people dont, but anyway, guys thanks for watching, as always, dont forget to hit the subscribe button.