2, its time for the patch notes now its important to know that at this point in time, we are currently on version 3.2.2, as there have already been a hot patch and such however its time to go over the details. What has changed, what is new and how do things work these days lets dive right in into the 3.2 patch notes and see what is up well for the 3.1 version, its mostly stability related as we had some problems with some of the items in the game And an important factor here is that the aquatics um trait itself has changed ever so slightly as of 3.1. You will no longer get the special admiral trait for the aquatics, and on top of that, they will now cost one instead of zero. This is a slight nerf to the aquatics trait itself and its something you want to keep in mind when building your aquatic empire. What youve seen in our preview, video or review video from yesterday is that aquatics was costing zero, and now it is one. This is a minor change to this particular setup. Uh. Aside from that, there is not a lot to talk about for the 3.2.1 patch in, however, its time to take a look at the 3.2 patch itself, because there is a reasonable amount of things to look at. First of all, there is a brand new pre scripted empire. It is, of course, aquatic, and we still have a quick look at this empire – ignore the giant list of empires that i already have and, of course, uh lets, take a quick look here.

It is down in the list here all the way over here, its called the safarilian bliss, and they are anglers as well as environmentalists, and they come with the aquatic trait, as well as several other uh interesting things such as non adaptive, which makes perfect sense for Ocean paradise because, of course, ocean paradise is the origin they will start with. They are xenophobic and fanatic pacifists, they will hate you, but they will hate going to war with you thats generally. The idea there um the new phenotype portraits are, of course, something that is part of aquatics and, of course, all the other items as well, and please be aware that this particular species uh empire is only available. If you are, of course, part of the aquatics package, theres also a new trait for uh, that was added through the humanoids pack, and we can take a look at that as well. It is called pompous purists, which i think is rather cool. If we can quickly take a look at them, pompous purists uh can only engage in diplomacy with other empires. If they are the proposer, they are basically using the uh the fallen empire style of communications. They can only talk to you and only suggest things to you. In addition, they will be very easy to have relationships with as long as, of course, they talk to you and they get additional envoys which can make them very powerful in terms of having spies and stuff like that.

As far as i understand as well, they completely ignore things like closed borders, which makes them effectively the perfect multiplayer counterpart. If you are playing with another player for scouting, because they can go anywhere, theyd like because screw you and screw your communications still, though theres some other things to talk about as well. Of course, first of all, multiplayer hosts that own the dlc packages will now unlock portraits, as well as ships and backgrounds, so from planetoids and humanoids. If youre encountering issues with that in the past, this has now been resolved. Uh there are 200 new star names in the game. Why? I do not know they probably got a little bit creative there. There are 13 new random events to terraforming to make the feature more engaging. So how does that actually work? Well, lets say, hypothetically that you are um in the process of terraforming a planet and well just uh, quickly, load up a game where i have a planet ready for terraforming and uh lets just quickly dive into uh one right now here, because i believe i have One ready to do so as the screen goes dark for a second and lets. Take a quick look here at our empire. We have got a couple of worlds over here and we can, for instance, terraform these. We have the option to terraform right now to various uh to various empires were going to need to uh research. All technologies to make this possible lets say that we have an ocean world right.

Uh, this fallen outpost, so we want to turn it into an ocean world and all of that shenanigans, and then we got our fallen outposts over here and uh. We want to say finish all special projects. This is actually very useful, because this is something that we can talk about in a little bit. Actually, its finished terraforming. My apologies so basically well get this little event coming here and basically it will allow us to get additional districts to our planet and theres. A variety of these which is rather cool and basically what can happen is is you can have new events popping up etc, which is rather nice uh the alien box as well, which is another item that is listed in this particular list, and basically, what happens here Is that uh, i believe the hive minds have a new uh category here that they can choose from which is pretty darn nice, so thats uh thats, pretty cool. In addition, there are new asteroid, related anomalies, uh, basically uh. You can basically find anomalies on asteroids such as uh crystallines that have been trapped in that sort of thing. Ive encountered a couple of those already and theyre, pretty fun: theres new gas giant anomalies, same boat there, as well as new anomalies, to existing uninhabited worlds and their categories i havent encountered them just yet, but new anomalies to the game is always a good thing and The content team over paradox interactive have been busy with these, and i really wish we got more of these.

Oh, i really really wish so because distant stars is probably my favorite expansion, which throws so many new anomalies into the mix and thats a really big one. For me, as well enabled the ship browser for all players. This is something we should probably take a look at only 50 of players before had access to this, and basically what it means is that uh under the ship appearance, you would get access to this particular menu. So before this was being rolled out to about 50 percent of the players as a test, and now the team has decided that, yes, it is time for everybody to get access to this, and basically it allows you to go through all of your ships quite easily. Take a look at what they look uh, what they look like and how uh, whether or not you want to play with them. I really enjoy this. It also shows you the required dlc at the bottom of the screen, etc. So it is pretty darn nice and, of course all the animations are here too, such as this colossus from the imperial chipset should be folding out very very soon. Then we get to the improvements now. Reinforcement fleets will now attempt to find a safe but longer path. If the shortest path of the target fleet is not considered safe, what does that mean? It basically means that ships will no longer just be lined for the fleet that theyre supposed to reinforce, but they will take a safer route.

So no longer will they try to travel through systems that have enemies in them, which is rather nice. It will also reduce how often reinforcement fleets are spawned at shipyards at the cost of increased missing in action time. Basically, uh your ships will be not available for a longer time due to reinforcement, but they will spawn more frequently, which is uh actually yeah. They will spawn, they will spawn more frequently, which is which is nice lets put it that way. Reinforcement fleets are now uh. Will now consider systems that have hostiles and allies in them for pathfinding purposes, once again, its similar to the reinforcement stuff up there and reinforcement fleets using jump drives no longer requires safe, hyperlane paths, as they will just jump over there. Instead, once again, reinforcement fleets will automatically go missing in action before merging with their main fleet. I think this is a workaround for uh fleets having to travel all the way across the galaxy and they use a very similar system to what normal ships use, such as uh sign ships that uh you hit the return button on, and then they go missing in Action and that sort of thing, a similar sim thing happens for the spatial jump that science ships can use, for instance, which is rather nice. I like this. This basically means that your ships will no longer um get lost, and especially in the later game, where youre generating hundreds of ship at the time they wont you wouldnt, have to babysit every single last one of them and just getting pop pop ups left right and Center saying your ship has been lost, oh well, thats great.

I never got to use it to begin with improved how shipyards are selected when constructing reinforcements to better utilize stations with multiple shipyards and mega shipyards. Basically, this has to do with where ships are generated. Basically, if a shipyard is available nearby, the shipyard that youre reinforcing from ships will be generated there as well, rather than on just one location, which is a pretty big deal. Because what ive noticed in the past is that you reinforce a fleet. A giant stack happens on one shipyard and the gigantic shipyard that is next door is not used for some reason. This should now be resolved. So please go take a look at that and whether or not that is going to improve your reinforcement strategy for the game. Um reinforcement fleets had failed to find a safe path to the target fleet will now merge with other fleets orbiting the same shipyard. So basically, what happens there is if you cannot find a safe fleet a safe route. Basically, you will get a spare fleet of those ships sitting at the shipyard itself, which automatically puts them in uh into reduced upkeep, which is pretty nice. But in addition to that, it means that you dont lose them, but you also wont reinforce, which can be a little bit micro, managing because your the side of your screen can fill up with a reasonable amount of ships. But at least they will merge into a single fleet rather than individual ships, which i think is a big quality of life changer, because it wouldnt be the first time that my outliner is completely filled with individual ships, and that should now be uh done.

Uh, plantoids and fungoids have no longer no longer force force to have no gender, so you can now free species gender independently. So how does this work lets? Take a quick look here at our species itself: theres now a little gender button over here, where you can specify whether or not your species is mainly male, mainly female or indeterminable. So basically, this allows for additional role playing scenarios for you to happen. If you want to play a single single gender race or a multi gender race, you can totally do that. It has no impact on the game whatsoever, be interesting if it did in some way shape or form if we had species traits that um. If mailed gives this bonus, if female gives this bonus, if indeterminable gives a reduced version of both of them or something along those lines, i think that would be a nice tie in for a trait down the line, but it doesnt really impact things all that much Right now, uh added the option to the alien box, which we just skipped. Unfortunately, but yeah. The alien box uh gives the gist gestalts an additional bonus. So if you are a a hive mind, the alien box will give you an additional option. I tried to figure it out and i could actually find the details in the code, which is unfortunate. Added an additional uh, culinary colony, designation to the ecumenopolis industrial colony. Designation basically means that uh, you will be able to define your colony as an industrial area, probably focused around the joys of consumer goods, because thats, usually what the industrial side of things is uh, which is something that we should probably dive a little bit deeper into.

Where possible, but uh actually do i have any do i. Let me quickly have a look whether or not ive got any echi monopoly up and running right now i dont think i actually do. Actually i do. I should do. Let me let me just boot up this uh here save game, so that we can actually check what it actually means as uh kamino right now it has an empire, its an empire capital, so we wont be able to get the details here, which is unfortunate, but Uh yeah theres there is a new designation for uh four planets uh for eki monopoly in general, which is pretty helpful. I made it so colony. Events will not fire on newly terraformed worlds. Uh to avoid some lunar narrative. Dissonance lure narrative dissonance basically means that um uh something does not fit with the game. Uh, something that happens in the game world is completely opposed to something that happens. Uh as youre playing, so its called literal narrative dissonance feel free to go. Look it up online, but basically its something that is completely at odds between the gameplay and the story itself, so newly terraformed worlds, having colony events that make no sense between what is going on and what is uh, what youre, perceiving and how youre playing versus what Is actually going on in the game? World applies to this default. Flag of new empires is now randomized, say goodbye to the red triangle – black flag.

That is unfortunate. I love the the red black triangle flag. Almost half of my tutorial empires have that flag rip. You shall be missed some balanced stuff, theres, also theres a lot of good stuff here, functional architecture and constructor, but reduce the free build slot granted from to the one now constructor bot and functional architecture. After 3.1, the lem update was considered to be one of the best, if not the best, civic, that you could have in the game. Why? Because well lets put it this way and, as you can see here, it now has just one building slot. Basically, it will allow you to build an additional lap extremely early on allowing you that tech advantage. Functional architecture was in fact so good that apparently, according to developer telemetry um, almost everybody was picking it it it. It made perfect sense, it is incredibly good and it was probably a little bit too powerful and its a shame that uh personally, i think its a shame that it got changed as it is. It could have been nerfed into the ground into another way like you would need to have a synergy, civic or something along those lines, but its now been reduced to uh, just one building slot just for the sake of balance, and i think that makes perfect sense. Agra agrarian idyllic empire now gets one planet building slot per four agricultural districts. I believe it was three before so basically kind of the same story: um planetary, build slots, anything that generates specialists is usually pretty powerful, so they got.

This got changed in a similar way. As a functional architecture, agrarian ideal empire is already pretty powerful uh the way they are – and this is once again a semi nerf to that which is unfortunate once again. Reduced ship upkeep cost modifier for clone army admirals variants to two from five to ten to twenty. It was 10 15 to 25, before i believe, or even higher, in that in that respect, it basically made your fleets effectively free to run, which is uh particularly powerful. Lets put it that way, especially if you combine it with say the traits uh for the fleet. Logistician uh trait, if you could get that combination up and running youd, be golden because your fleets would effectively be free. The upkeep ruins your shalash arcsight no longer have a chance of giving quite as much unity as defeating an endgame crisis yeah. It probably gave you a tier 5 unity bonus, which is usually the highest tier in the game. Anything thats referred to as tier 5 within the game, is usually the highest and apparently in the runes of shalas. You would get it. I havent actually covered the ruins of shalesh just yet or at the gates or the the the lost library. I really should do so. I have a save file where all three of them spawn and its something that is on my list of things to do. Ive got quite a lot of lists of things to do, and one of them is of course two of them are obviously the origins as well as some of the deeper dives into uh the details for the pack.

But you get a general idea. You can no longer use planet killers and primitives inside your borders. If you lack the appropriate interference policies. Basically, you could no longer nearly really blow up the natives rip to you. Pops working as livestock now have ten percent pull it up. All right lets. Take a look at political power lets see what what that is at these days. I am very curious. I do actually have a a livestock empire on standby here, uh from the one planet challenge save that i have up and running lets. Take a look at. Oh, my lord, it seems to be broken. This is not the right one. This looks to be uh there. You go its imperial clones. That was my gigastructures uh. That was my gigastructure save file anyway. Population lets take a look here at our livestock livestock. Currently is sitting at 0.015 political power because they are in fact livestock and a slave. This basically means that. Well, they literally have zero political power, and that also means no function. Factions will be uh spawning with them, which is very, very useful, as well as pop approval will go up quite significantly, which means stability will be significantly better on planets, using uh livestock, so thats. The thing a lot of anomalies were rewarding three society. Research points that made no sense whatsoever, and there is now more variety made awakening. Vampires uh use traditions that does not impact any player.

It just means that awakened empires can use traditions and be a little bit more flexible. I would like to point out in the previous multiplayer game for solaris. I of course was playing as a awakened empire and um. Some of the some of the yeah, some restorations were a little bit broken. Lets put it that way. They werent particularly great several productivity improvement. Technologies are no longer of dubious benefit as their upkeep in production. If only affects the applied to the jobs, they actually actually primary. Producing resources, yeah thats, probably good. So i would assume that this has to do with uh, say the improvements to alloy foundries. That gives you a boost of like five to fifteen percent or something along those lines and all those uh modifiers that the negative modifiers just up keep applying to all of your pups on your planet. Yet apparently that has been fixed, so thats, nice, uh, nerf staple hive, mind pups can no longer perform complex, drunk jobs. All right who found that one out a staple life might first of all i dont i dont nerve staple my pops to begin with ive been playing alpha centauri for so long that i have a really really really big distaste when it comes to nerve stapling pops. In general, because i just dont see the value of it, and apparently you can still do so – uh because usually its better to disturb him with livestock anyway, but apparently hive minds can no longer have nerve staple pops turn uh use complex, drone jobs.

I think that makes perfect sense, ill, reduce the amount of jobs, add by leisure archaeology districts, to bring them in line with other ecu monopoly districts that make sense. Leisure arcologies generate unity and stuff like that, and they can be a little bit crazy unless you well uh, unless youre careful about it ion cannons, are no longer free to maintain. Thank god. I never used them now. I have an upkeep cost of eight. Thank god. You can only build a maximum of say two to three of them at your stations, unless, of course, you go for the unyielding or specifically built for a uh defense strategy for your empire, uh through traditions, as well as ascension perks, i very rarely usually use ion Cannons, i think personally, stations are supplementary to fleets more than anything and any fleet that engages the station and loses is probably failed to do its job, or at least whoever is controlling. That fleet has not done the right thing. Lets put it that way in a perfect world stations should always be defended by players, uh relation fleets, and i personally feel that any weapons on stations are just a waste of alloys lets put it that way: cut macrophage pop assembly penalty to 50 from 75.. Why would you even assemble? Why would you even assemble necrophage pops to begin with, like it? It doesnt make a lot of sense because youre going to turn if you have any pop, that is going to be assembled at that at a zero percent penalty.

Just turn in the necrophage down the line like thats. Why why the the chamber of elevation exists, im unsure why this happened made pop modifiers, positive and negative no longer apply to hive minds. I guess that makes sense. You are, in fact one big pop, so i guess maybe fifty percent organic upkeep also apply to energy for photosynthesis, interesting trying to im trying to think about how that affects photosynthesis and photosynthesis and radiosynthesis, as well as a as a species trait organic upkeep. Interesting. Oh okay, so basically no, i could still wrap my hat around that uh and comments below what this one actually means, because im trying to wrap my red head around it devouring swarm necrophages, try to say that on an early monday morning, now spawn with extra infrastructure To account for the lack of chamber of elevation yeah, i i guess that makes sense. They wouldnt spawn automatically with a chamber of elevation, so they i guess they would get an additional uh build slot and live seated now starts with a 30 a size, 30 space planet, but im im misreading this life seed is now starts with a 30 comma space Planet, so i suppose that planets, who are already in space this planet has 30 spaces grammar everybody. It is important for you to uh to to figure that one out uh lets quickly set up a a life seated world here, just for the sake of being able to see it and there it is life.

Seated and uh lets just have a die life seated size 30 thats, crazy, im guessing this has mostly to do with um uh, with one of the the new the new aquatic empire, starting with 30 as well, effectively making it a type of life seated world, and There it is uh size, 30 planet capacity 128, which is pretty extensive and, of course we have the features here as well, such as the dust cover caverns, doubling swamp and crystalline caverns, and all that jazz. But dont, you worry everybody. This is, in fact, a space planet, so all the important uh nomenclature has been accounted for here, what an exciting time for everybody involved: stability and performance. Now there is a reasonable amount of stuff here and overall, what it boils down to is that performance has improved. Stability has improved if you want to go and go a little bit deeper into this, then feel free theres, a couple of standouts here, such as the game, will no longer try and fail the run grey, goo events, true masters on every planet every day, which is Probably the biggest thing because uh, the grey goo event only spawns in about i wan na, say 30 percent of games and um yeah having to try to trigger this every single day over every single planet in the game is going to cause some problems. Obviously so yeah performance should definitely be very good. Thanks to the uh support team as well, whoa whoa, okay hold on fixed it out of sync caused by using button effects in custom mod ui.

So now you can go back building that nickel dyson beam to ensure galactic peace and prosperity. Is that a giga structure, reference in my patch notes – oh my ella winnie, is going to be so happy uh. Basically, what this refers to is that there was an out of sync scenario, specifically a multiplayer uh regarding the custom, mod, ui and uh. Mod ui is something that has popped up in the last few years, or at least in the last 24 months or so, and they got theyve been getting pretty advanced, but the previous patch broke those which is unfortunate, but now its been fixed. So once again you can build your nickel dyson beams or you can get ready and continue with the undire undying partisanism against the catholic emperor. So yeah there you go. I like it when i put some humor into the patch notes, its always always nice ui the player. The music player bar is now hidden and can be extended by clicking the music item. Nice title of music player is not. I do we dont need to go into this. This is relatively unnecessary right here, uh its mostly ui and ux, its quality of life stuff, if you um, oh, a new hot game, all languages in the main menu interesting, but yeah um its just ui in ux quality of life, stuff ai. So the ui is usually a little bit better. Now we did a dev diary about that, a little while back so basically, uh ai should be better um and basically actually be able to use their economy better and thats.

A pretty big thing here, for instance, the ai can now build equi monopoly, so there is a fun one apparently yeah. I didnt know how to use zeki monopoly before and they can also now actually repair shattered, ring worlds, which is pretty darn nice and they can also terraform. So all of this stuff is uh, pretty darn good and finally, here i i particularly like this one uh. The ai will now consider anti crime. Campaigns is a valid way to fighting crime, but well also, occasionally also make deals with crime lords sure why not bug fixers? There is a slew of those and we will be yeah well. Take a well take a deeper dive here: notification when upgrading a defense platform that will only appear when all cued upgrades are complete. Thank god, because the amount of pop ups you would get on the top of your screen before when they were. They were all done because theyre all considered technically their own fleet slash ship uh. It would completely fill up the top of the screen, so yeah uh, which is uh, which is nice crisis. Diplomatic readings now appear when talking to a crisis empire, rather than be that, rather than being with one, so i guess thats pretty darn nice as well uh, the varying swarms, have got access to the diplomacy, tradition, yeah for an empire that doesnt have any invoice. Thats. Probably a good idea lets put it that way: uh corporate galactic imperium not having access to catalytic processing and master craft.

This was probably an oversight uh where a certain type of uh corporate galactic imperium so im guessing. That is an imperial imperial empire. That also that is not a mega corporation and is playing instead with interesting im trying to with merchant guilds. I think it would be merchant guilds in that case because it effectively works very similarly to the uh two mega corporations, but apparently they didnt have access to catalytic and processing uh kind of like processing a master craft before which is kind of weird interesting flash. This weeks, special projects will no cost no longer cause your species list species lose your nameless thats. Probably a good idea. Cracking non colony planets will no longer reward menace. Shame about the exploit there because you could just blow up planets and just get the points for menace if you are playing as a menace empire. Uh cloning ancient cloning vats will now only assemble clone soldiers. Yeah. That makes sense. This is part of the clone soldier. Origin, if you have other species on your planet, you will be able to clone other soldiers that are not of the clone soldier variety, so yeah fixed, enlightened primitives, though its getting farms instead of getting more mines, uh, primitive lithoids got farms and not mines, which meant They would starve to death because they wouldnt have minerals. That is hilarious, that is actually fun. Infertile clone pops will no longer be able to reproduce just because theyre having a nice night out with care of veneers, okay, so care of veneers every once in a while.

Can spawn an event that basically allow you to get additional pops on your planet and that will know because of a night out with the care of veneers uh that no longer happens, so yeah fix netflix, sometimes not being radiotrophic uh for pl owners or plantoids itd. Be nice if ive ever had seen nivlak before um its one of the more powerful events in a way in the game, it is relatively rare, ive never seen it. I i literally have never seen it. Um ive seen brain slugs like twice in, like a few thousand hours of playing, but nifla never seen it in my entire life, which is uh, which is which is pretty pretty weird shattered ring, should no longer turn sphere into spheres when the great tempts attempts to Turn it into a nanite world, okay yeah, that makes sense. Apparently there was no shattered ring exception for nanite worlds, transitions, which i kind of make sense as well. Racket industries will no longer say it will give you four pops and dont only give you four uh. Three, they will also realize that, while trying to scam you, they were trying to get you a great deal, so increase the amount of cost of the pups. So basically you can buy pops from the caravan ears and apparently they would give you uh. They were said they would give you four instead giving you three, but for a very cheap price, which is nice.

Robots will no longer have zero upkeep a living decadent lifestyle – oh oh thats, a great little bug right there. That is so unfortunate. I i love that idea, that is, that is great. The robots will no longer have zero upkeep when living a decadent lifestyle. Thats so fun after reanimators discovered that the destiny consonants armies are made out of then id say pilap, so the sonu con consonants is one of the elgate empires that can spawn and basically they spoiler. They are the nanites uh. Apparently you cant reanimate them and reanimators tried to do that in the past, so thats fun. I like this. I i i like these patch notes. They are, they are. They are pretty fun. Uh newly found fixed newly found colony, my immigration, pulling accidentally capping out after 15 months rather than 15 years. Okay, so um pop growth on newly found uh on newly founded colonies is actually better due to improved immigration, uh up to 15 years or the first 10 pops. So pops will actually move back and forth a little bit more proactively fix an issue. During the year 2280, an empty marauder rating fleet would be created. Okay, i i guess that was a thing. Um theres a lot of other other interesting things here, such as the corporate dominion, civic, now unlocks uh, the trading lead federation pi type. So if you are a corporate dominion, then you can actually get the trade leak federation, which is uh an interesting one, and the rest is just generally just fixes here and there um a good example would be ancient.

Drones will no longer be removing deposits deposits that have benefits, that is an event chain. Alloy foundries uh localization has been fixed and that sort of thing so theres theres quite a lot of interesting stuff here that may or may not have a lot of impact, such as fix an inconsistent translation of the description of the byzantine bureaucracy, civic in french thats Kind of the level of stuff that we are at here so yeah overall, this is uh once we you can go ahead and read this. I put the patch notes below as well modding if you are a modder im sure this is super exciting to you feel free to go, have a look at it, and that is basically it its important to know that uh, if you are coming in from the Lem update and you were skittish to update just now because of losing integrity on your save games. It shouldnt have any effect whatsoever at the moment, however, um its always a good idea to roll back your version of your game. If youre encountering problems by going into your library go into powerproperties, then into betas, and then the version that you would like. The previous version of the game is, of course, 3.1 lem named after stanislav lem, of course, and that wraps up our patch note review for version 3.2 herbert coming out with the aquatic patch, and it is an exciting time, of course, in stellars, aquatics came out yesterday And, of course, the patch notes uh need to be properly reviewed, and this is why i wanted to wait doing this video, but still um.

You know, i hope that you enjoyed this patch notes, can be a pretty pretty dry, sometimes, which is why uh, i like to add a little bit of levity in here. Is there anything in here that you particularly enjoy? If you watched all the way into the video this far 36 minutes in, do you enjoy the changes that have been made, that the seated life is now a larger planet or aquatics is now one trait point, or that the french localization for a very specific trait, Has been fixed im sure you do anyway were gon na go and wrap this thing up here, im looking forward to see your comments below, if you havent subscribed just yet youre, really into socialist solaris content, make sure you do because well keep you up to date At all times also make sure you go ahead and subscribe to stefan hes a good guy, and he does things in like a min maxi way, all the time, a little bit different from the way things i do and uh yeah its. Maybe something interesting for you to look at as well tomorrow, well be looking at here, be dragons the origin that comes with aquatics and after that well be taking a look at ocean paradise a exciting time ahead. Thank you so much for watching.