Today we have um the uh strobe light by uh start rc. I review many of their products for you. They can be purchased uh very affordably on This one was um like a little over twenty dollars, like i’ll put the price down below, but it’s like between 20 and 25, and said you can get two days free shipping for amazon, prime member. So i will leave some links down below if you’re interested in ordering this product, that i make a small affiliate link for anything. You click uh, you know purchased through through this link, i’ll leave below. So why did i choose uh the start rc product over uh? More popular uh names like uh, loom, cube uh, firehouse uh for getting another one there’s like three names, everybody knows in the um, the the lights uh for the golden drones to make them uh legal to fly um at night and uh also um. You know at civil twilight right after the sun has set below the horizon, but it’s still light and um. I just wanted something a little more affordable and i wanted something maybe small compact that would fit on the uh mini 2. Well also so um let’s get into this unboxing and demo i’m, going to unbox them i’m going to try to install it on the uh mini 2 and then uh, hopefully, we’ll do a test of how bright it is and we’ll check the paperwork to make sure It’S good for three statue miles, which is what the faa requires: uh for uh night flying and civil twilight, so uh be right back all right, uh folks, so back for the uh tabletop uh hands portion of the video here so uh again we have the branding Here start rc uh strobe light, and then it has chinese symbols.

It has a little picture of the light here and then uh of course made in china if that’s important to you uh – and it says this for the um mavic air 2 uh mavic, 2 holly, stone, uh, doesn’t, say the the mini on here, but it’s abbreviations. Here but uh let’s hope it does uh fit the mini so okay for um, then it has a web address for start rc and a qr code, okay. So for purposes of in the interest of time here, i’ve already taken out of the box. At the same time, cut it out so okay here is uh here’s the problem let’s look at the uh instructions here, uh for us here, uh chargeable, strobe, light manual, uh i’m. Looking at all the chinese side here, um let’s see here. Okay, i see it gives you chinese english. At the same time, okay, um. The specifications here features two high brightness uh leds, high, transparent lampshade, two lights, flash four different, colors three working modes; flashing, sos and long light. It comes in a 3m through easy attach and remove so we’ve got some tape for allows attached to a drone. A car boat, bicycle features. Memory function comes with a chargeable battery. A long, lasting adorable uh battery it’s got a 70 milliamp 15 volt charging times 1.2 hours. The red light indicates what it’s charging uh battery life about 4.5 hours little difference a little difference under different working conditions.

So i do not get any specifications on here about um if it’s three statute miles or not so maybe that’s on the uh website. So okay let’s put those instructions so here’s what you get in the box. Okay, obviously here is the light itself um. It has a looks like a pull off stickable tape there uh here would be maybe the end you would put. It gives you a couple here, uh that you put on the drone and then you would probably stick that on uh. Here is your charging cable and it is uh uh us usbc, everybody loves usbc, so this is a usbc product there, and that gives you a couple little. These rubber bands, which don’t know what they’re for but um so that’s your setup here, um so let’s, see. I think i have already plugged this in and charged it up. I forget what i did just the other day. I got this a couple days ago, but i think i did pre pre charge it with the cable eye, usb c cable. I already have it so. Um, you know it’s kind of trial and error on these drones, where the best spot is uh. You know where it won’t affect the uh gps, but i guess we got ta close the front here be over the camera. The gps is probably back here a little bit further. That is a good guess. If anybody knows exactly they can. Let me know in the notes down below in the comment section here but we’re going to try it right here for right now so i’m probably put on.

We will check out the some of the butts here. So these are just not really. Buttons are kind of handles per se um the button there there’s your charging port there. If you can see that yep they’re focused in um and here’s here must be the button that does it the magic button back here yep. So can you push it there’s there’s different colors of green there’s, your white there’s, your red there’s, your green, again, it’s kind of a different green, all right so that’s, the that’s, the brightness here, i’m blind everybody home here, since he probably i didn’t, read it, but Probably, to turn it off, you hold it down for a couple seconds: okay, so held down for like two seconds turn it off and various pushes will make it strobe uh. You know strobes stay on uh one with the three functions again three functions: all these little lights have so um. I would put it on you know. I guess i want the button in the front there probably easier than have it in the back so um. Let me um see if we can put this on here, so all right. So if you peel this back here – and it looks like it already has – you know it’s connected here, so let’s see let’s just put on here and uh. You know push it down real good push it down firmly, once i’ve got it on there fairly straight all right and then i should have.

I should be able to pull this off, but i won’t be. I won’t pull it off now until it kind of go in there and seals for a while, but um let’s uh let’s turn the lights out in here and we’ll go test to see how uh, how good this is as dark as i can get this right Because it’s daylight right now i have this uh. You know the shades closed as much as i can, but let’s uh let’s hit this button here to get it going here. There’S some white blood, okay, i’m gon na hit the lights here. Folks, sorry that’s as dark as i can get the room right now, it’s during the daylight, but i will uh try it again uh when it gets dark outside and um. Maybe we can even take out fly uh at civil twilight, there’s, the red there’s, the green, all right, um, that’s, um we’re, going to end this portion of the review and we will uh. You know get it get it outside in the dark here when it gets dark all right, thanks: okay, here’s the little mini with the um smart rc uh light on this is the white light. You can see the the lights on the bottom of the mini here.