Lately i feel like im the mavic 3 channel these days uh, you know, ive had a lot of videos up uh. You know uh uh flight reviews uh, we did a recent. Did a update video on the latest uh firmware for the uh mavic 3, which adds um focus, track, uh, hyperlapse, uh raw photos and all that, and i will put a link to that video uh in here someplace. So you can get over and check that out. If you havent seen it yet, but uh todays a little bit different video were not necessarily uh doing a flight test today, but were gon na uh. You know do a video on a mavic 3 accessory now. I know a lot of people are looking to get a case for the mavic 3 and its not a whole lot out there right now, uh, you know unless you bought the fly more kit and you get the uh, you know the the dji bag that comes With the fly market, which is kind of a pricey bag, its 315, its its kind of a soft bag, its not a hard shell case. Now, if you want to go with like a soft bag, i have a option here: a much more affordable option than the dji branded uh mavic 3 bag, so um well get into the un unboxing. I guess its unbagging, this time and uh. You know well go into the complete setup and how the use is uh bag for the mavic 3 and see if its any good or see if it meets your needs at all.

So uh well be right back with the un bagging portion of the videos to stay right there. Folks, all right folks, uh were back for the tabletop portion of the video here and i just want to start out by saying uh. This bag was sent to me. Uh, you know from the good folks over at uh start rc makers of many uh fine accessories for uh uh, all sorts of drones, uh the mavic 3 down, but i ive had products from for the um. You know the mini 2 uh uh, the air 2 or the whole minion air series. Ive had products from store rc, among other things, so um yeah, so i and also full disclosure. I was i sent this uh for review. This is, but this is not a sponsored video im not being paid to do this video, so um, okay, this is comes in kind of a you know, plain box here and inside the box. You get this plastic. You know thing which ive already kind of on unzipped here on unfurl, whatever the proper term is so you know you got this nice bag here, so were gon na put this bag over here to the side here for right now, so here it is uh its A soft uh style case for the uh mavic 3 uh. You know similar to um. You know the bags, you would get uh, you got with the um mini 2 and the air 2s.

If you got the flower market, you got that kind of soft bags. This kind of has a kind of feel to it here and then were going to do a size comparison here in a minute, but uh well see that for a little bit later in the video – and you can see the brighting down here, its uh, its got A drawing on the mavic 3 and it says carrying case for the dji mavic 3. – so were going to go around the bag here um. You know it has these you kind of pockets over here you could. You could put things in uh one on each side. So uh and then it has this uh pocket in the front here. Just say you have things like um, you know, youve got a you know set of nd fillers uh. You know you need to take along with. You could just set the nd filters right in there and uh. You know and zip it up and uh say. For instance, you got uh. You know some some extra props here you could, you know, put your extra props here. You know on the on the side. Here its always hard to show this ive got my hands on the way. So you could, you know, put extra props or something like that in the side. So sorry about the refocusing, so its got some useful pockets around there and you know its got. No! No pocket in the back here and its got.

You know a good. You know reinforced uh handle here to see the stitching and so on so um. Okay, now heres, you know your zippers double zippers open its got the start, rc uh logo and the zipper is there, so were gon na pull these zippers open and reveal the case. Okay, so um it comes with a strap and also it has a pocket up. Here for more goods, so uh it has a start: rc uh, you know branding up top there and thats actually probably a better place to put our extra props that we put in the side here or you could use like the you know, a cable. If you need an extra cabling in there, but your extra props to fit in there, you know uh, real, good and uh. You know if you had more. If you had more something like nd type filters things you could, you know put them in the in the side here. So so yeah itll put some extra props over here. So many you could just somebody put as many useful uh. You know products there so um. Okay, this is the way um its deciding. This is gon na be hard to see because its kind of black on black here uh im trying to use my little light here. Let me get angled up a little bit better there. So um theres, you know these are configurable pockets like a lot of camera bags its hard to show here.

But you know you could change this velcro around its hard to show with not get my hand in the way there we go. So you can see that you could configure these any way you want to configure, but i think they got them pre configured here for the uh. You know for the mavic 3 that go in the bigger pocket over here again get the light right there. So there you could, even with the uh strap on it, the gimbal and prop protective strap. You can easily fit the mavic 3 down there. So um! Then you have your uh standard controller here standard rc, so you can pop that uh well put that up up here so that that fitted well there and then the other slot. Here you could use for your your charger put that in in this one here. So you have a pretty nice kit. There um, you know drone rc charger extra props, nd filters in the in the front pockets then other various things along here. So you could put your you had any additional charging cable up there. Now there is no room for your ipad mini. You know. If you a lot of guys like to fly with the ipad mini, you know, the hard case live guys, complain, theres, no room for my uh tablet or or you know, and theres none here either. So um you know, so it is done and i dont see anywhere you can figure out to get a tablet in there uh.

You could probably configure this to get the dji um rc pro in there im sure, though, by just a little bit of moving moving. This around you know because the rc pro is bigger than this, but again im sure you could fit in there. If you move the straps around all right, so lets zip this up here and um. Well, try the strap out here lets see here now the strap uh you know, has the uh traditional strap there, its got the uh. You know this is where the uh thing moves through here. Its got this piece here then its got the softer backing right here. So its its got the good connectors here uh i dont – want to call it style connector, but you know its the good ones. It just snaps right in place and holds tight, and then you can adjust these straps. So you got the adjustment here uh on that one side here and then it looks like you. Dont have an adjustment on the end, so you just have the one adjuster right there to uh, configure it to uh your knees, so lets see if we can uh heres your rings here. All right so lets snap this up. Here again, i can never do this. Where my hands dont get in the way, see again its almost no way, i could do it without the hands in the way there all right. So we got the one.

There then well move it to the other side here and pull the tab up again here. Make sure we didnt bend this over a couple times here and uh there we go so now we have a nice shoulder, strap here, a hand, strap and the shoulder strap. So it makes it real easy to. You know carry along, especially if youre going out, for you know a bit of a walk um, you know, uh, like hard cases, are great. If uh, you know youre just kind of pulling your car up to a location, open the trunk or the hatch up, and you know and and getting the hard case out getting everything set up and go. But if you have to walk, you know say you got ta hike a little bit or you know youre in a parking lot, and maybe you have to walk uh. You know i dont know uh. You know two tenths of a mile to get to the you down a pathway or something like to get to where youre gon na fly. You know, maybe the hard case could be. You know a little bulky at that point. Plus you know if youre walking, along with big hard case, you know uh it almost like you know: uh sends a red flag up out here. This guy, you know whats, he got in a hard case or you know you pull a drone out there. Oh man, this guy, you know its its gon na, be trouble here.

Look at that big drone in the hard case for you, you come with a little side case like this, you know, looks like a camera bag. Nobody knows your carrier drone, so you could be a little more a discreet uh. You know with this bag. If youre going to fly in a uh public location, youre, not saying you do anything youre doing wrong, you may have maybe class g. You may have a acquired life permission to fly there, but you know how theres always that uh. You know that that drone hater thats uh, you know gon na, say: oh you cant fly there. You cant fly here. You know people that dont know what theyre talking about, but so a bag like this will help you kind of stay kind of lower. The radar from you know well call the drone police there that they think drones are illegal everywhere. So let me uh get me one of the im going to say get the the air 2 or the mini 2 case out to compare it so uh all right now here is the case: uh that comes with the uh dji mini 2. The fly mower kit and, as you can see the size difference between the two i mean the mavic 3 case – is considerably taller than the um me two case, but as far as width look it um. You know its not a whole lot wider than the mini. Two case, so i mean again, even though its taller i mean the width is about the same here.

So really um. You know, i know everybody goes on knowing about how the minis so compact so easy to travel with uh. You know so easy to deploy all those terms and whatever and it is it is true, but i mean how much bigger really is. You know uh uh, you know carrying the mavic 3 around and saying the same things about it. I mean like uh, you know you got uh, you know uh. I dont know six to 12 inches taller, no change in the width uh. You know i. I dont actually know how many two in here right now, but i mean the weight, of course, is its a heavier kit to take long, no doubt about it. But again, what im saying is it its not that tremendous amount of a difference between uh taking the uh? You know the mini two with you were taking the uh uh mavic 3, with the. As far as you know, like a carrying case and and and you know, being um, you know i dont know indiscreet or whatever uh you know just get just the whole argument that the many uh two so compact that easy to take along how much harder is To take the the you know, how much harder is it to take this case long that one i mean a little bit, you know, but it a whole lot. You know so um, you know again. We think of the maverick three is a bigger drone and it is bigger compared to the mini two in the air series, but its really, not that big um its you know its its.

I dont think its that much bigger than the mavic 2 was uh and i believe it weighs a little bit less. I believe i saw that number someplace, so um yeah um, so thats about it. You know thats about all. I can really show you on on the case here um, you know uh as far as you know, quality whatever you know it seems the you know it seems to feel a lot like the um. You know the case from dji i mean uh. You know i. I dont know what everybodys um everybody has a different bar for quality. I mean quality and all that thats a kind of a matter of opinion more than uh. You know something you can kind of measure, you know uh, but um. You know it. It feels uh. You know feels good for the price i mean its. Probably not. It doesnt feel as good as the dji case for the mavic 3, but that cost 315 dollars, and this is um. You know i have to look the price up, but i know this is you know they considerably less? This is in the weigh in way under 100 uh. You know price point here so um you know. Sometimes it you know uh quality and all that uh. You know is always good or you know, whats the other word. They always say about these things. Um about the the you know how something feels, but i mean you know uh.

The mavic 3 case may be 300 more uh i mean dji case may be 300. More than this i mean even if it even if it you know, i dont, know doesnt hold up as long you could, but you could rebuy this case. You know like uh, you know seven times again so um, you know pick your um. You know pick pick whatever the most important thing is to you as far as but quality, but i mean i dont feel anything that any big cons. I would, i would say here you know again uh all this stuff here. You know no matter how you think something feels or whatever the proofs in the pudding you got ta get out and use it use it in the field repeatedly. You know uh uh, you know put it through. You know its paces out in the field to really determine how well somethings gon na hold up so uh yeah any guessing guessing how long somethings gon na hold up with an unboxing is just is absolutely just what i just said. It is a guess so, um, okay, uh again, this is from from the good people starters at start, rc um, i am going to uh. You know, link the uh you the information here in in the show notes of the video where you can go over and purchase this thing at the and uh. You know if youre a prime member you can get.

You could probably get two day free shipping on this, so you can get in plenty of time for the holidays. If you need this, as a you know, a holiday gift for someone and yeah – and you know of course, over there, uh at amazon therell be a bigger description of the uh. The case you know uh, maybe some more specs and details that i i left out in the video and, of course maybe therell be some. You know reviews up already where you can kind of judge uh by the reviews. Also so um yeah im gon na wrap. This video up kind of a short one tonight, but i will be back soon with some more uh mavic, 3 content. As far as um you know: uh flight reviews, uh flight testing and so on. Like that um, i hope to get the uh you, the free 1d filters in soon uh uh for review uh. You know for the mavic 3, so i you know have them coming in.