We scratched it a little bit in our house um because we crashed it into the wall and the white paint came off onto the drone. So these are the propeller protectors you just pop them on right there and then the propellers wont get damaged well, they can still get damaged, but they wont get damaged as easily. This is the remote um. We have a few extra batteries um. It came with four extra propellers in case they fall off and you lose them um. We already broke one we were trying to outside, but it was too windy and the wind took it. It just got tangled up in a tree and it fell like 20 feet and then a propeller broke so um. You move this um controller up to make the drone fly up and then push it down to make it land and then this one is forwards. Backwards. Left and right, and then you use this one when you go left and right with this one itll turn the drum around in the air, so itll like film different areas or you can make it like, come back to you by turning it around all right. You ready to start it up yep, you need to turn on both of them on in a certain order. You need to turn the remote on first um, otherwise it wont work. I dont know why but thats just what happens so you click the up button and then do the down button and then Music Applause, all right Music.

So, oh sure. So this is a very lightweight sturdy drone. It can take some pretty hard impact, but unfortunately that makes the batteries not last super long, but it can go high and far and fast yeah and its pretty strong. So just got this drawn yesterday, um its very simple to learn, and i am going to try flying it from here and landing it on that chair over there Applause, Music, ill smell me: it didnt turn black Applause, oh Applause, Music Applause. So if it hits something hard enough, itll just do an automatic shutdown, so say im trying to land on the chair. Ill fly it over here and if it bumps it right there, the whole thing would just turn off and fall. So now were gon na. Try filming some skating with the drum, so the camera is right here. Let me zoom in its adjustable. You can make it fill in the bottom of it or in front. I should get a pair of these babies. Look how groovy those are hi! Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, im, feeling brilliant Music, wow Music, dad yeah, making it too high. For me, Music, me, Music, all right, Music, now, shiny filming me Applause, say: hi: Music, Music. I still filmed it Music im still filming you.