Hey guys. So we got the drone here and, as you can see, it has actually become closer, some nice, colors and stuff. It has many nice colors related to star wars, and you can see the propellers right there and it’s. An x wing from there is from the rebellion yep and the drone it comes with the battery, and all you got to do is charge it and then it’s pretty much ready for flight and then with these just four double a batteries which is pretty easy. And now you want to to get ready to fly. You want to place it to where the red lights are flashing, actually at you and then what you want to do. Okay, close pressure hold down this button for about three seconds once you’ve done that you’re pretty much about ready now, all you have to do is on this one. On the left up down, it should say it’s ready for takeoff. Now all you have to do is hold this and now i’m going to let anthony do it now, what i’m going to show you is how to actually start it up and make it fly so we’re going to hold this down for three seconds Music, and then This is just line you can make it go up and all that story’s done and if you wanted to go back down all you have to do is click the exact same button. You have to click the exact same button, so you make you hold this.

To start it up, and then you also hold this back back down to make it go down and land it so and then now we’re gon na start showing you all the stunts and tricks we can do with this yep. So you want to know how to do some tips and stunts and tricks on this. Okay, we’ll show you so let’s start this baby it’s engaged let’s, move it up and we’re gon na do the first step. Music Applause, wow well we’re, gon na show you right now how i did those two stunts. So, as you can see here see this one, not this one but there’s a little like rectangle like it’s, called the the the or whatever. But you click this and what will happen is make. This is make this turn like that, going like that and flip upside down and land like that same thing with the other one. You click this and it’ll go like that. Now, we’re going to show you the next one start this up. Well, this is not much of a stunt more of a trick, if so, for people who actually want to have a challenge using this we’ll we’ll show you a good one. So, if, if you want to go faster because this isn’t bad for you or you have to write the trick so i’m going to hit this, this is level 2 right now. This is level 2. number, two Music, okay, Music, um and it landed.

So if you want to know how i did that make it go fast, see this this little button right here, the left trigger or the lt. You click that once again, like, like click that hard once so see how there’s three of them, because that’s level three right now, one one light is the means level, one that isn’t that fast level two makes it a little bit faster. When you click on that, and then you click this for a third time, this third line will show and it’ll make it very fast and if you’re a beginner – and you want to know how to like, like you, get to get used to this whoa well here’s, One thing: so you want to have a training mode, you hold this down and then this will start blinking systems check complete and – and this also will change – and you can see – look how it’s going up Music okay now started. This is on training mode, so it won’t go that that Music, so i’m trying to make it go higher, but it won’t because that’s the mass you can go for anymore. So don’t worry if it goes too high and right now this is level three. So you want to make a level one that’s. What i recommend for indoor and training level two is also good for indoor, but then level three oh you’ve actually had to go outside Music. Okay, now that i landed it i’m going to show you the final trick, which is actually going to be a very good one, that only this and two other zones have, and you should – and you should play this.

So what i would say is is lasers, if you ever seen the star wars, things lasers, so get ready, we’re going to start this up and it’s on Music. It doesn’t show, but you can hear it in flavors. If you have some fog with you like fall, like you’ve heard of laser tag, you can actually see the laser because it will show and you can battle with other ships. You can battle beauty, Music, Music, Music, Applause, lasers, so only this and two others have lasers. So there’s there’s one this is the x win version like the from the rebellion. If you’ve seen the the the um, the, if you’ve, seen all nine of the movies, the six through, not the six, no, the the fourth through six, there are the movies that you see this in you see luke skywalker using and stuff like that and there’s. Also, the tie fighter with the vader’s tie advanced, tie, number two and then there’s also the the have you seen the um um so return on the jedi you can like in the end part you can see like speeder bikes going down. They also have these laters and they also run on this, and you can all battle together because see see those little two red dots right there. Those are the actual lasers where they come on the same on this side and if they touch the thing, these sensors will know and will say, you’re out and it’s very cool, and you can also.

This is actually luke’s um x wing, as you can see r2d2 right there it’s very well, painted i like this Music, so we’re gon na we’re gon na show this one one last time right before we end the video Applause Music. As you can see, that was actually a bad test run, but there’s i’m actually going to tell you where people mean all the vlogs of this so number. One flaw is that these these propellers can get dirty, as you can see here, and and also if it, if these overheat too much it won’t work too. Well, these little motors you can see inside and these are very fragile. As you can see here, this one’s been almost almost off but it’s, very fragile, but other than that. These are really good. You can take apart the motors and put new motor uh, not motors um little propellers on and it’ll actually work. So it’s see this it’s b b, a a so it’ll work and – and you can also replace this in in this part – is a battery, see it’s a battery, and you can just put that in well. I think that’s.