I know its been what, like you know almost a month since the series completed uh, but just like superman and lois, by the way that review uh finale review is out fighter verdict is out, go check that out one out. We want to do the same for bad batch. Weve got to finish what we start, so i dont really care how many views it gets. I do want to leave uh my opinion on this star wars. Content. Now i will say right away. Uh as i began. Uh episode 10. I believe it is um. I was just like man feels good to be watching some star wars. There was some great stuff after superman and lois, some up in downs there and and the mandalorian been missing the mandalorian um. So it was good to watch some some star wars, stuff but uh. Let me go ahead and get to the point. Um well do our individual episode ratings and then a uh sort of final verdict on the season overall uh, but much like lois and or superman and lois. I want to say that i enjoyed the series and i think you should watch it, but i think just like superman and lois very similar to that it is flawed, uh and really theres, only sort of one subplot and and uh. The story is stunted a little bit uh its, not the greatest story in the world, but it is told uh strongly and then theres one subplot.

That is a pattern throughout the entire series that its just annoying and uh its just uh grinding, and the series also suffers from a lot of filler episodes in a relatively short season, its not short shorting, compared to some of the other uh clone wars, content and Rebels content that weve got 16 episodes of season one. I felt like a lot of it. Uh was filler as they try to stretch out the story for what ultimately is here. It doesnt feel like its advancing the star wars, universe, pretty much at all and thats. Fine, i mean we like street level, stuff uh, but you know when its told like this. It has some flaws, but ultimately i enjoyed it. I like the bad batch team uh. I, like the people that surround the bad badge team, but i think i dont like them as much as i do. The rebels cast and their surrounding characters and the clone wars cast and their surrounding characters and the situations that weve seen in those seasons and the stories in those seasons so its solid, but not as strong as a lot of the other star wars. Content that weve got what is your guys opinion? I didnt i do like the action the animation on this i do want to visit uh clone wars and the other ones youre talking about this one was a little bit less than no this ones. I liked it less yeah this one, yes, because the main thing with me is omega yeah, it its thats.

What i was talking about it seems like she took over the squad its like hey. We have to do this. We got to do this its like. Please. We got to do this, its like stay in the ship stay in the ship negative negative. We got ta save omega yeah, just over and over and a lot of those filler episodes you based on or do. I would have preferred her to be like in the comms or do something else, and just let the bad badge be the bad bat yeah, no, its the dead badge, yeah um this one, this one, i was excited for the series i was really excited for because I was thinking we were gon na, get the a team in the star wars, universe and we ended up with four men and a baby and its a bunch of grown ups, acting like kids and kids, trying to big grown ups. But its not fair, because i want to do stuff and i want to go on the mission and and its you know you have four or five help too yeah. I can do this four grown men that are going into certain death only because a little kid says no hunter thats, not what we do its like. This is not it is. I was so painfully aware that this tv series was not for me and it wasnt. Im not the target audience. This is for people who want to introduce star wars to their kids, and i think the kids may enjoy it.

Although im of the opinion that you can show kids even something like the mandalorian and have them understand and appreciate it, yeah and it doesnt, you dont have to dumb things down for kids, and this feels like its so dumbed down and theres some incredible stuff here. The music is good, the theres some some scenes in the final episode that are gorgeous some of the best animation ive ever seen great sound is, i wont, even recommend you watch it if you, unless youre watching with kids or you want to watch something that is, I think its absolutely dumbed down for children. I dont think this is worth watching well thats. What i was saying i wanted to watch clone wars because, like that doesnt deal with the kids right, i mean here and there theres theres theres episodes that have younger people in it. You know that this obviously you know a lot of the people were younger and then weve seen them in in previous star wars content as older, but um yeah. So i mean i echo some of those sentiments uh so lets um anyways, so heres. The thing uh lets just go with the final verdict for the season as a whole, and i know i gave out a lot of seven and eights, uh and and sixes, but i think, im being i got my star wars goggles on for sure, and because i I have all the greater context of the animations or the the clone wars and the rebels, but i totally admit that this series is not up to that those now what i expected uh its better than what was it star: wars, resistance or star wars.

You know the fighter pilot one that only lasted like one season or something awful uh, not awful. It was no. It was just pointless uh, so its better than that, but you know its its not up to the level and my star wars, goggles is led. You know getting in in the way uh lets go with final verdicts of the entire season, the entire season. There were some high points, but it was mainly the music, the animation the battles, but overall, the whole story was very tropey and very uh. Inconsistent again. Omega ruined a lot of impactful moments for me: yeah, probably five theres, just an average one im. I dont really wan na see season eight or season eight season, two yeah yeah. This feels this feels like average tv, which is, which is a shame because theres. So many talented people surrounding it and its an ip that i absolutely love uh and i, like i said i couldnt, recommend people unless youve got really little kids, but even then like if your kids, arent dumb. I think that they would appreciate the original trilogy and theres theres. You can watch clone wars, you can watch rebels and i think all of those things are better than this one. So probably everything it sounds better joe. Please please watch clone wars, give you greater context for a lot of other things, but i i agree: um im gon na go with a six out of ten and its not a tough love, six out of ten, its just its just flat.

Six out of ten. You know what i mean, because, because superman and lois could have had a seven could have been better, but this one, its like im, not gon na, go back and re watch this one. I might go back and rewatch some episodes of superman and lois to kind of check and check things out, but i think ultimately i had some good ones, but thats with my goggles on a six out of ten you know, uh alex is right, go watch, some Of this, other content drew uh first before you watch uh and i know were gon na get down voted because i know to start the animation and star wars and dave filoni. They have rabbit fans right and again down voters. He praised that it was a story. Its not its not up to par with some of the greats that theyve put out so far and who and and star wars visions right around the corner. I i dont know where its gon na factor in is it gon na? Is that gon na be better than this? Is this better than that? But im not excited for season two um it was. It was too much omega. It was too much repetition and too much filler episodes for it to reach uh the night, the the the heights. Other things have and thats a perfect summary. It is the dead batch, so thats it for us here at the angry joe show and for our bad bad star wars review.

I hope you guys enjoyed and uh yeah well see what kind of stuff theyll tease us with season two in the trailer that they eventually released for it, but im not excited more rescue missions. I bet – and we know that shes not getting older. So you know that youll be more mature. Shell, be the the same because she doesnt age like they do well, maybe maybe because shes older than them perfect, okay, well see. Well, maybe thatll make things better. Okay! Well, then, uh lets go to the actual episode. So we last left off. We had an ark where omega was captured, uh by the bounty hunter uh cat bane, and then we had also the bounty hunter from the mandalorian uh and that we, the bad batch, was able to uh escape uh. Where you know, fenik is a kind of a good guy whos helping omega uh and now episode 10. We have a common ground um, and i really – and this is when i was like man – i really like the fact im watching star wars from this angle: the ground level. This is a great ground level episode its what its like for an occupied planet when the empire comes and takes things over and is giving their speech, you guys just shut the up and were were taking over and then theres some and the senator has some doubts And then he gives a speech where hes like no, i cant do this is wrong and then here comes the tank and its like.

Oh you know, this is the empire, so i i like that, and you know they leave omega behind uh again. She wants to come along. She wants to come along and say part of the team. Yeah, no yeah, you want to be a part of the team. Follow orders stay behind so shes like that gets her once where shes like okay ill stay behind um, and so the whole point is the bad badge is sent to sort of rescue the senator um via the droid uh, his droid assistant and um omega sort of Uh stays back with sid, who you know is the contractor that gives them all their missions and uh. We get a great ground level, episode of occupation, theres a tank battle, theres a tank chase throughout the streets. Just awesome, you know gunfire and explosions and stuff and yeah yeah well watch clone wars, god damn it and then sid gets watch. Sid gets omega to in this side story that nobody really cares about. She gets uh omega to play. Um dejarik, which is the actual you know, whats the name of the the chess. The digital chess chewie was playing its dejarik and shes really good at it. Apparently, and so while they are doing the mission on the planet, rescuing of course they rescue the senator. She manages to pay off the debts of the bad batch who, with uh with sid, so theres, been a lot of winnings, but they immediately forget about it because in every episode following theyre talking about like being out of food and money right, theyre, the worst yeah, You got to create some kind of tension and drama so, but the episode is basically omega continues to earn her place, and i liked it.

I really did so. I wanted to give this one like a nine out of ten, an eight out of ten, ultimately uh, because she was so sidelined. Omega was basically not a part of the episode and it was basically the bad batch. I want to go ahead and end up with a uh, an eight out of ten yeah, eight out of ten yeah. I was gon na go with an eight as well, because this ones like sure shes doing something but its kind of in the background – and this is the main attraction we get to see the battles we get to see the cool animations and all that stuff going On i was like yeah. This is what i wanted from this. What about you alex yeah? I think its a pretty good one. I like that she was sidelined. I like that, we finally get into some skirmishes and we get to see them do what they do. Um the they they kind of tease the these. These fights so much where i wish there could have been like more more tension in some of them, but yeah, i think its an enjoyable one. Im gon na give it a seven okay episode. 11 is next thats. Devils deal and what do they mean by that? Well, this is a prequel episode to uh, one of the main characters and rebels uh hera. The twilight uh who becomes a general, and we hear her name, announced in um.

What was it star? Wars uh. What was it uh? Rogue one uh and you know i i loved it because i love rebels. I love chopper choppers in the episode. You know i love chopper and era, so hera is a little girl here, and this is a story of ryloth uh. The twilex imperial occupation, so another imperial occupation, the series is trying to you – know, make a point of the empire sort of uh taking things over and um. I dont know what with the ryloth, so i guess they all have french accents. At least these particular rylons and french accents, but i dont really notice that in star wars, maybe with uh hera, her her father and mother – but you know so the sendulas basically um hera uh meets omega in this episode. So they were both little kids and i i heard alex and and and you know, groaning and oh great now we have two little kids in this. I think, but this is the previous character from another series yeah a series that hes not familiar with im vaguely familiar with. I dont i dont remember any part of it. Yeah joe was wondering whats going on hes like oh, no, please dont. Let there be two yeah well, because yeah heras whining the whole time im a kid im, not a kid. I can do stuff its like your kid shut. The up. You almost started. She was she shes, a great pilot in in in the series, so they kind of plant the seeds there that you want to be a pilot and stuff so um.

Obviously the the twilights are like theres, a little faction of them. That says no. This is wrong. Were gon na resist, we need some weapons because they start handing in their weapons voluntarily, most of them and so her uncle uh. You know her dads brother is like a leader of that and hes like im. Gon na go buy some weapons, and so he goes off planet uh crosshair is there puts a tracker on his uh. You know ship and i was like well if bmws and audis and luxury cars have these little hit detection systems, how the dont goddamn spaceships have a detector future technology. This happened a long time ago, oh a long time ago, they dont have that yet and they cant even have airbags yet yeah, whatever anyways uh, but so they track uh the the um her uncle, who buys weapons from the bad batch and thats. How we get uh, you know the meeting between hera and and omega again, if we dont really care about omega, and you guys dont really know about hera youre like this is boring, what it what is going on here. This is inconsequential, and this would happen without anybody, though, also harris starts a gets almost her whole family killed for no reason and its all convenience and its. I i yeah why i didnt like she, she sneaks on to go smuggle weapons. She almost starts. It was implied that her uncle that they sent her out on the spying mission of the the this new refinement yeah.

So she gets in trouble because and the the stakes are known to everyone, its just like look. You are this generals daughter. If youre caught doing this, you can have every everyone will get killed and then she immediately does it again by going on this weapon smuggling thing, and then it causes a bunch of people to die, to fly and all of the all of the good stormtrooper. The clones that i like are now in jail, probably getting murdered. I thought i thought that maybe uh the the the empire would show up at the meeting, but no they let the meeting go down and because honestly theres, what two a dozen rifles. I was like. A dozen rifles for an entire planet – oh three, dozen: well, they werent rifles; either they were, they were blasters and okay. So but as the ship comes back across crosshair uh shoots it down, everybody gets caught, uh and the mom and dad are the ones that spring in action instead of any kind of resistant soldiers, sort of to give them some backstory and some heroics, like oh cool, Were watching hera and oh, her parents were kind of little action heroes too um and they basically uh theyre set up for uh. You know killing the counselor uh her parents and sort of they. They turn everything against them, but hera manages to escape with chopper so and then thats it so uh. I like the episode, because i have rebel back history and i understood what was going on and you know of setting it up, but i didnt think it was as good as the previous occupation episode.

So im gon na go with a seven seven out of ten four well. This is, if you are wondering what the bad batch is like for, for someone in a vacuum. This is writing the ikes. I, like def, dave filoni and i think hes capable of much better writing than this. This is a bunch of kids, doing stupid people dying over it and, like all of these characters, that they introduce that you know like all of these nice clone troopers that are somehow they dont have the chips in their brain, even though the inhibitor chips are supposed To prevent them from like disobeying orders thats the next episode. No, the the the leader guy, is even disobeying this episode hes trying to save the daughter and stuff like that. This is just him not paying attention to the lord that theyve established. This is kids. Getting a ton of people killed for no reason and its plot driven through convenience. This is this episode was not good for me. Okay, uh joe for me, im gon na give this a six because uh not like again. This episode, wouldnt have happened if omega didnt do anything its like. Why the hell did you give our emergency contact to this girl because they need that? No exactly so youre gon na do that its like we got ta, do it its like? Well its. This is dangerous. No, we have to do it like okay, shes, a leader lets go, do it were going to defend the worst bad badge ever complaining about food hes like ill double it heres your money, no keep it right, so theyre broke and then the guys like.

Thank you. We need money, yes, just take the goddamn money, i understand what youre trying to do the beginnings of the rebellion and and how everybodys so gracious and doing the right thing, not even even if they would have been like doubles like no just give me half therell, Be some of those that dont have fulfilled? I would have been fine that dont get reimbursed for their country anyways. What about those clone troopers that are now gon na die because of them so episode 12 rescue on ryloth continues that little mini arc uh, and this is when i wanted to get into uh howitzer. Who is this? Clone trooper whos been questioning the orders, but wait a minute. Why are we rounding up peaceful people and this and that and then, eventually, in this episode, he kind of tried defies things yeah and alex is like uh its like. How is this guy doing this? His inhibitor chip would prevent him. I was like i was like no no alex. This is uh. This is before order 66. theres like wait a minute. The first episode order 66 goes down so its like. How did this guy defy his chin? Well, maybe he was a part of the same batch that the bad batch was apart or you know some of the captains i know, but they can. Okay, howitzer is special. He can okay. So how does bullseye uh defy his chip? In this episode? You mean crosshairs.

Whatever yeah hes the same has a double chip, he has a double, he has a more powerful chip and he cannot defy the double except for in this episode. What does he defy? Uh go. Go to the refinery thats, where i want you, and he goes no im gon na stay here: okay! Well, that is a small hint at what the reveal is that he doesnt have a chip. Oh so chip doesnt prevent you from removing the chip. That seems like a stupid, ass, inhibitor chip. Well, he removed he had a chip and then his chip was removed, just shut up shut up. Okay, however, no, i agree with you its like well lets talk. Give me more on how howitzer was able to do that, because the whole thing is order. 66. All of the troopers are acting a certain way, but okay hes able to defy um, because i was certain. I know the captains and some of the specialists are given certain amount of automation, uh, autonomation, essentially, and but then no because order 66., all right, anyways uh the bad batch meets up with hera to break out her parents in this episode. Crosshair is there so youre headed for a confrontation um honestly i caught kind of glossy eyed in this one uh. You know i was looking at my phone a lot and i was like here we, you know we just had a rescue mission, so now were going to do another rescue mission, so the team rescues her parents um and you know howitzer – manages to create a distraction.

Uh so that they can escape the distraction defying and not only does he defy, but he gives a speech where other soldiers start to defy their chips. I guess yeah i would have been like oh theyre, getting arrested, no, that yeah yeah, you wouldnt have the opportunity, because you have an inhibitor chip in your brain. Joe, would be like youre under arrest, hes right, arrest, perfect anyways, i dont know whats going on. We dont know what happened to howitzer. I guess hes uh hes arrested, he died, i dont know um. I think i looked on the wiki. He continued to fight for uh uh, the um. You know the vampire and his you know because they put a chip. I dont know anyways, they put three chips in his head. This time, yeah crosshair requests permission to hunt them down. So i did not like this episode. I got glossy eye. I got disengaged um, but you know it started pick back up once they were doing the rescue the operations i like operations, so im gon na give this one a six out of ten slightly above average, but loses a lot of points for kind of meandering and Repeating what what you did and not really a great resolution to the mini hera cameo arc? What would you say? Five, okay, im gon na give it a five all right, thats, just average uh all the complaints that the bad batch was having. They could have had money at least half uh.

Maybe even loans get inconsistency with this i was like wait. No that wouldnt happen half of the time. This episode im like wait that doesnt make sense, because this, what are we doing? I was like wait: okay im lost yeah. I i actually blended these two this. This episode in the last episode together so like, i think its above. This is below average star wars content. I think this is below average tv, like the these two episodes. Four out of ten yeah, okay, uh fair enough uh, the next one episode 13 infested uh. Here you get sort of a horror, kind of thing with caves and its a filler episode. Unfortunately, i i like the fact that you got these little mines and your futuristic mine carts. You know you know them 3d rides. We all used to do when we were kids. Its kind of like that uh roland shows up new character, takes over sids parlor um hes, the new honcho in the underworld. Uh, the bad batch helps sid to take it back because it helped them but its all about the money, and so they, but they help her um and honestly, i dont really care about sid, so i dont really care about retaking her for her and um. You know you they were supposed to set up sid more emotionally in the episode with the uh. You know the chess and but no didnt really work for me. So what their plan is is to steal the spice roll in spice, because hes supposed to do a deal with the pikes and they are crazy.

If you dont do what they say and give them their theyre gon na kill you um, so they steal his spice. They do this little mines, adventure uh, they say, got ta, be very quiet and thats the title of the episode infested, because there are these bugs down in the mines and if you make any noise at all, which everybody makes noise non, stop once on their way. There once on the way back and then another time they make more noise, its like please shut the up, but anyways so uh, they steal the spice. The pikes are like hey, wheres, our spice and theyre like rolling, and they smack them around, and then they show up to take over the parlor. You know they win, but rolands still there and the pikes are still there and theyre like give us our spice. Why would you enter its like watch them? Just leave just wait for them to just relax yeah but rolands gon na snitch on him anyway and say it was sad to go. Gets it so now sid owes the pikes the spice. So then they have to go back into the mines and get the spice because they dropped it on the way out, the first time they made noise with the bugs and as they pick up the boxes, they make more noise and the bugs come back and then Thats it and then they get the thing and they give the spice to the bikes and then they chop off his horn rolling yeah.

So there was one little thing in there where they try to put some characterization on roll and say: hey, maybe hes, not that bad, because hes got the little pet. This little pet rose, ruby, ruby and ruby likes omega and then omegas like well, maybe rolands. Not all that bad because ro ruby likes him, ruby is adorable. The only good part of this whole episode. This whole episode is the bad batch trying to help out someone who treated them as an indentured servant. Yeah weve already paid off the debt. We theres no allegiance there whatsoever, shes told them over and over that i dont give a about you yeah and its its all of them going now. Man like because theyre trying to be adults going well, we dont have to this is not our thing. We dont have to be here and then omegas like no hunter hunter. We got to go, do it and then they go do it and then they dont do anything in the tension. With the the horror thing i would have loved if they did some really cool things. There is no tension with the bugs whatsoever, none other than dont make noise in their maintenance yeah, and then they make noise, but they make noise like nothing. Nothing happens with any of that, so how do they beat the bugs? Well, the bugs dont like light, and they made noise the fifth time and they throw a light bomb and the bugs dissipate and they go home.

So four out of ten. This is one that i didnt, like you know i was like i can see where this is going slightly below average, its a filler episode theres its pointless. I dont care about city care about rolling. What are we doing here? Move on? What did you all think? I agree with that its a four i was hoping they would do something else with the mine or something i was like. Oh thats, gon na be cool. This is a new little underground thing. Do some tension kind of like the mandalorian did with the spiders or something something cool? Some huge is going to come out. They got to fight that, but theyre like no and one line could have kind of saved it. For me, sid could have been like look. I know a lot of secrets from you. You have to do this for me and then were square. She did just say that, but yeah, but then like omega is like no. She helped us out. Now we have oh yeah yeah. She you didnt, need to write that in why? No, you know why it was dumb, yeah im also gon na go four. I think this is a this is below average and its not just filler stuff, because theres fellow episodes of other star wars, content that are fine like this. I have problems with you set up something cool lets explore the cool aspects at least. Tell me why everyone is so afraid of these bad guys.

Like give me some more like i wanted to know, everyones afraid about them. I just realized that hey the pikes in a lot of the expanded, lore and other little things you have to read: theyre theyre, badass and weve seen a little bit of it in in other series and in this series too. But i want to know more about them: yeah they were more intriguing yeah, and so they didnt do anything with the cool stuff that they set up so its below average. Four uh episode, 14 war mantle uh rex, is in trouble on a remote planet uh. This sort of starts the final arc of the series theres three episodes left here. Uh the empire basically cancels all contracts with camino. They get kind of scared because theyre like well, you know they dont need us anymore, theyre, probably just going to come and attack us and take our technology. So lets get the out of here. Um and and simultaneously new troopers are replacing clones theyre getting recruits from all across the galaxy. We dont really need you anymore. We have numbers instead of quality uh, so they do a lot of that. So you see some republic commandos, though so you should see some cool commando, armor um and another rescue mission, uh theyve rescued rexs friend. I forget his name inconsequential. Do you know where he ends up the trainer? Where does he end up? We dont know thats what im asking like the same thing with um, the previous guy howards turn hes in jail, yeah.

No, but we saved this guy. We traded our most important figure because its surprised, the the rescue mission goes bad hunter is that hunter is left behind and they save this dude and we we ne, we dont, know where this dude is. Why was important? His involvement with rex nothing its just like like whered, that guy go so i was like what the and then, at the same time, the head of kamino is seen seemingly killed. Uh the door is closed. You dont actually see the murder, so maybe in some expanded, lore theyll do something where yeah cause. I was expecting at least uh. The laser sound theres, something whenever youre close outside of here is that too bad for disney. You cant, you cant, do that no theyve shown they should have people killed being killed. The mandalorian is on disney plus so im im sure that he got out of there and maybe in season two theyll figure something out or something i dont think it too, but or they just did a really poor way of killing him off and he actually is Dead yeah, um hope, hes dead, anyways uh crosshair visits hunter in jail. Okay, again, this episode kind of sucked. It was like it felt. Okay, it was the start of the arc, but it was just not impactful enough for me to start the arc. I thought it was average that was five out of ten. What about yall for this one? I was getting tired of rescue missions its like please, please, no, its, the third in the road or something yeah.

No, it was another rescue mission uh. I was honestly being bored with this one theres, oh just let you know joe clone wars has other things theres some pillars. Yeah this one uh was probably a four for me, its another rescue mission. I was like i dont care. I dont know who this guy is. I dont know why hes so important right and then he disappears anyways. But my question is: why dont the storm troopers use uh, that big ass ring gun the bad batch dont refuse to kill any clones or troopers, and so their gun is always set to stun because theyre the good guys troopers are going to kill them. So they could actually shoot somebody its a bigger. Oh, i see what you oh yeah, hey you guys suck yeah here. Take this one. These guys do. Stun them put them in jail. Do something else about 200 times bigger than a small little laser ball. Even if you missed itll be fine im, also going with the four uh – and this is just this also seemed lazy didnt in the the last episode didnt omega specifically say they dont. Let me fly, i dont know how to fly until i learn how to recite everything in this whole. Cockpit, yes, and then this mission shes a combat pilot thats flying all over the goddamn place and shes flying everywhere, like what the dave filoni like you were, the guy that puts in like easter eggs on top of easter eggs and writes everything.

Well, i thought was writing everything like what is happening. This is below average star wars stuff. It was not written uh by david. Okay, sorry about that had to take a phone call real, quick uh, its not dave filoni that wrote that particular episode. It was damani johnson, oh, did they not watch the previous episode, so maybe the lines got crossed there. Oh okay! No! They didnt all right, okay, so um. Let let me make sure what was your rating on the it was. What was your rating alex? You were the last four four okay cool moving on to uh episode, 15 return to camino um, this, the last two episodes i consider a single part in part, one and part two, and these were awesome. These were great uh, just some like more ground level, stuff right, uh, camino uh returned to camino, so they made a promise that omega wouldnt have to go back there. They got to go back there, but it works out in their favor shes. Now part of the team – and she can, she knows the place and can get them to the different things they found. They find a z that robot guy, that we met before hes in there and he kind of joins the team, um and then crosshair kind of uh gets them caught and catches them, but then weirdly he i didnt understand his motivation makes no sense to me uh. He gives them a chance to join the empire.

Maybe he just doesnt believe the bad bats. When theyre telling him bro uh like theyre, replacing you yeah theyre using they dont care about clones and they dont but hes like join the empire and its like. But why does it make sense? You just saw them. Do you know what theyre doing youve been there the whole time you see the transition over it doesnt make any sense, but anyway um so omega knocks out a trooper because shes trying to do something. In the background, while the team is doing that, she knocks out a trooper with you know the drones uh before theyre able to grab her and unfortunately, who triggered the training bots she didnt she didnt see. I didnt want that to be the truth, but its the truth and she triggers too many trainers to go. Oh god, and so then the team has to fight the training bots, while theyre fighting crosshair at the same time, uh before that crosshair is like stand down. You know, because i want to give these guys a chance. Theyre like negative and hes, like a single shot, kills them all. Crosshair is cool, like his skill set is cool but anyway, so then they fight while they fight they eventually win uh. This is a lot of action, so theres not much story, so if they fight they win and they str they stun crosshair uh well before that, crosstail actually helps hunter correct. They start saying because theyre a little overwhelmed by the droids, maybe so he starts fighting and instead of shooting him shoots, droid and they everybodys fighting together.

They win and it doesnt matter, because hunter is already pointing the gun at crosshair when crosshair realizes that theres. No more droids boom stun and hes down um, but just then uh up in orbit uh weve got not in orbit but uh in in low atmosphere. The ship is ordered to destroy the camino facility, because theyve captured the scientists, theyve evacuated, all the personnel that they want and fire at will says you know: uh mafia seemed pretty empty, though yeah and they kind of work. Yeah yes, theyre, destroying it its like there shouldnt, be somebody not just occupy it. Is that what youre going to know there should be some people in there, because theyre like we dont need these people only essential only but like leave a few people to make more attention. Yeah kids cant deal with that, though, like explosions, you dont have to show them that goddammit. I love the sounds of those ladies and the goddamn out of the and then the whole thing starts to rip apart. I just love hole, damage, um anyways they retreat inside. When they notice, oh, you know, were gon na get to the ship. No, we got ta retreat inside the whole thing blows up liked. The episode understood the episode and see where its going its coming to a head, but its like. Oh okay, um eight out of ten on this. This is the final one right! No, no! No! This is return part one part, one fifteen.

What would you give return to camino episode? 15., eight out of ten. It ends with the ships firing and destroying the whole place. Thats right, im, probably gon na, go with the seven on this one. Okay, alex yeah. I think im gon na go with the seven uh again it falls into the pit of uh whoevers. Writing this didnt think about anything theyre like the most dangerous four people in the in the against the entire written by matt mcnovitz. So they they, the admiral, knows that the bad batch is here and he sends four dudes four, even though they havent bothered to find look for their ship, they dont they dont do anything. I mean its just. I i loved it. It looked amazing. The music was amazing. I was looking for a hype like because its like man – this is how were finishing this thing, and so yeah its good, its a sound band said back in uh. What is it rescue on ryloth hes, like i guess, ive underestimated your friends because he caused so much mayhem yeah. But then he does it again, commander yeah. He does it episode. 16 is uh, i guess just come, uh camino lost and it is they get separated under the capital, ship, fire uh and its omega crosshair and the robot and the rest of the team and omega ends up saving crosshair from drowning as she uses her bow to Get him out and then then the wreckage continues to collapse.

The wreckage, though, conveniently manages to land on the underground tunnel to where theyre able to just cut a hole and then go into the underground tunnels like okay, but all right, fine, uh and then and then so. Then they have to get to the tunnel so that they can go up the tube and get to their ship, its just so convenient. And then a creature is seen and normally the creature is dissuaded from biting the tunnels or with the tunnels, because its electrified, but theres no power. So he starts to bite the tunnel um, but a z is uh. The robot manages to power it just enough. Theres, a just in a completely destroyed facility, apparently theres, just enough power to shock me creature enough for it to go away, but not enough to power anything else. So again another sort of written convenience thing uh. Then they use the they get. This idea to use these uh tubes that the clones are born in in order to float to the surface um, but at first its like well, you know, theres, a lot of debris coming down were going to get destroyed, but theyre going to use az to guide Them hes going to use the rest of his power to guide the thing tubes, but they foreshadow z is losing power and its like. Okay. Well, we know exactly whats gon na happen um, so they do all the tubes. They shoot out the windows and then the tubes float to the top.

Everybody makes it to the top, except for omega little debris hits it a z, tries to save her cuts. Her out uses this last power to shove her and you and youre supposed to cry for a z, youre supposed to be very sad. I mean i like a z, but i dont like it that much so i was like all right, uh so but then um crosshair ends up because he made it to the top saving az. It looked like he gon na shoot some, but no hes. He gets easy and omega so kind of saves them and um did we mention that? The only thing i could keep yeah did we mention about uh him not having the chip? Apparently he says you know were about to get there so a lot, because you were at the end. I was just saying: luckily, these they parked so far away theres one platform left. Everything else is left one separate secret. Why is there a platform so far away from the facility? Its just right inconvenience is not very its, not there its, not very good and then anyway. So then we get to that part where theyre like look join us like youre still our brother. Why are you doing this? I know the only reason why youre doing this is because of the ultra inhibitor chip, and he says no, he had it removed. Im always like this. I dont im a dick, so the inhibitor chip doesnt stop you from removing the inhibitor chip.

They forgot to inhibit the removal. Well, no, he did he. He did have an in an ultra inhibitor and then i guess he did so good at being a jerk that he asked for it to be removed or he removed it himself, but hes still injured. Hes allowed you youre allowed to remove your own control advice yeah. I dont know so cuz he did a good job so in in star wars, trying to write im trying to write. No, no, no one thought about this. You shouldnt either well, anyways. They they tell uh hunter, tells him one of the kind of dumbest lines ever because in context it makes no sense. He says we want different things, but that doesnt mean that we have to be enemies and im like in this context. It is, you do have to be, you tell me the empire and the rebellion or not right, i mean theyre, they have to be enemies, doesnt make any damn sense because he wants them to join the empire and they want him to join their family, not necessarily The rebellion, but you know their family – i mean, i guess they are full blown against the empire, but anyways uh. I thought that they were going to give them a ride. Instead they get in the ship and they fly off and and uh crosshair dies from starvation. Yeah, i dont know what happens to them: cool theres, no other ships on the coast.

They say that theres scouts coming yeah, so theyre gon na pick him up and sort of or something i dont know. I i guess you asked her. You left me why hes like oh, we forgot well hold on more bad writing. The order was given. Let the clones die, let because its like well, we still have you know clones. Let the clones die so youre telling me the scouts are going to pick up the clones. He said i said: let the clothes die. Why are you picking up this like see? They dont even care about you, theyre firing. They know youre in here. It doesnt make it its just stupid and i guess is to continue to set up the drama between cross hair and his team. Does he really love his brothers? Is he he shows signs of? Maybe you know relating back to them and breaking free of his control. Is he a real? Could they ever make up, but the problem is making that the crux of everything its just, not that compelling to me. I dont really care about crosshair that much and the team dynamic that much yeah and same thing with um omega, but heres the kicker joe. So then they set up season two because its already confirmed were getting a bad match season two, and when i heard that i was like really like, i did. I wasnt like yeah all right that bad season two i was like.

I was like all right. Basically so heres the kicker for season two kamino scientist. So then they bring the camino scientist to the base and she is greeted by another scientist with a logo on her shoulder and whats the logo from its the mandalorian. The same scientist that was in the mandalorian and they want to tie the cloning well basically its the camino cloning logo and then i think its just tying. Everything together now were tying bad batch to mandalorian and then mandalorian to the prequels, and then maybe theyre going to try to say that the emperor, the cloning that the emperor did to still survive. Somehow i totally related to all this stuff. I told you dave filoni. Would try to save the garbage that was rise of skywalker and and hes trying? I knew they would try to tie into i dont know id have to go back and watch my original video see if i i agree with it or not, but um. Ultimately, you know its the second part i gave a seven out of ten its like it was mostly just you know the right, the convenience of the i understand a few situations where they just narrowly missed and did do this, but its like it was just yeah. It didnt feel like a climax to me. It just felt like hey lets, get out of this wreckage and lets fight back and it ends they get out of the wreckage, and then it ends okay.

So what do you think? What are you gon na give it? I gave it a seven out of ten seven to ten okay im torn between a five or six, because i honestly feel this is the biggest one for me. I know i say this a lot omega, ruined a big impact for emotions or something because i think, if hunter would have been on the other side, hes like ill give you a second chance ill, save you this time or something because theyre brothers hes, like its My turn to give you a second chance, its like just at the end it could have like just because you saved me doesnt mean were brothers again, something like that right. That would have been more emotional than just omegage. Like i saved you why he saved her yeah, it should have just been the other one too. Oh five yeah uh this. This episode actually made me incredibly sad for a couple reasons. It is one of the coolest looking animations weve seen a long time. It shows how amazing this this tv show could have been if they didnt have such low opinions of children. Great story yeah. If it had a great story, if they had they, there was no tension because maybe its because they think the kids dont understand tension. There was no on screen killing there. They couldnt even do the thing where the robot sacrifices himself to save the team like in big hero, six theyre trying to go for all these different things, and but you know its sort of amazing.

We have to say, but im gon na go for a z. You know how much more written by jennifer corbett yeah well again, not dave filoni, but maybe they need better writers and stop having you know these single episode, writers, well jennifer, actually wrote like four or four or five of these yeah. She probably just thinks kids are stupid and or just dont have the emotional capacity and thats just not true at all, like you can have there, it would have meant something, sell the a d, a z dolls alex if he dies off. Of course they could, they could just sell, they could sell ruby dolls or whatever the the thing was. They could have done so much with this tv show, but they they pulled back on the tension. They pulled back on the emotional impact because they didnt want to scar the kids and they just made. This episode made me so sad because the music, the music, was stellar. The look was stellar. I know i like the team. I, like the dynamic i like so much about the show or what it could have been yeah, and this was the ultimate reminder that it will never be there because they hate children or they think kids are stupid or whatever the hell. The reason was so this one is gon na get a five, it is average at best. The writing is poor uh, and it makes me sad and i dont wan na watch next season.

Okay, i think we forgot to mention, though uh i dont know.