This is our awesome ground build. It does a lot of damage. It absolutely tears up the enemy, so lets go ahead and jump right into it. All right were going to start with. The core of this were going to start first off with the kit frame for this im using the ryzen kit frame. This is the og ryzen kit frame from the summer event from a few years ago, theres a volcanologist one they came out with, but dont get that one get this one. This is the better of the two excuse me pro tip. If youre going to re engineer, it do so before you upgrade it, because once you upgrade it, you cannot re engineer it the way it should be so always make sure you re engineer this for k perf before you upgrade it. So, as you can see, it gives me just about 32 weapon proficiency. A massive 127.5 kit performance, as well as 30 ranged weapon damage increased by the number of summer kit modules equipped, and i am using one of the summer kit modules which i will get into momentarily for armor. I am using burnhams cqc armor from the discovery reputation. This comes in two different flavors: it comes in a standard armor. It also comes in an ev suit. Both of them have the exact same stats. So i highly recommend getting both that way. You have the regular armor and the uv suit readily handy next up.

We have the nakul temporal operative personal shield. This is the best personal shield in the game. At the moment, this comes from the mission temporal front. The reason reason we are using this is the two piece agents training, so lets go and take a look at that agents, training plus two percent crit chance, plus 30 crit severity. That is why this is so good. It also allows you to get the shroud effect that the annoying and not cool npcs use when you try to shoot them. That gives you a chance to heal yourself up and let the enemy shoot at your little shrouded. Clones for ground weapons a little something a little a little unorthodox. I am using the section 31 heavy phaser rifle. This was an event reward from several years ago. Currently, i believe it is available to you in the phoenix box and the reason im using this is because this procs the covert assault drone, and you will see that in the upcoming bug, hunt that i ran so long as the secondary fire mode of this weapon Is active, it is a beam sweep that sweeps 180 degrees across the room. So long as that is active, the covert assault drone will fire, and let me tell you that little assault drone does a hell of a lot of damage and it just it just absolutely rips enemies apart and for the secondary weapon. I am using the cool temper operative assault weapon again from temporal front and again this is part of the agents, training, two piece basic you set and forget it for devices.

I am using large weakness finder. This is from your ground weapon r d, so lets go. Take a look at that wrong switch, and here it is, as you can see, exposed chance and exploit damage plus 25 chance to expose for 10 seconds, plus 25 increased exploit damage for 10 seconds. This is a hidden little gem. I dont think a lot of people use it, but i found it quite handy for this build. This is available once you reach level 10 of your ground weapon r d. Next up, i am using the large kit over booster. This is available to you in your kit and modules, r d school available at level 10 plus 25 kit performance. So the way that i have this set up is that as soon as this comes off cooldown, i smash it. This is very important for keeping your kit modules up and ready all the time all right. Next up for the ground devices, probably one of the best ground devices in the game right now, the miniaturized elachy walker, this guy hes cool. I like this guy. He does a hell of a lot of damage and he just absolutely obliterates anything he hits. This is a great ground pet. He stays in combat so long as youre in combat so itll stay with you quite a long time. Next up is the rainbow tribble. This was available to you from the summer ryzen festival. Now, if you dont have this, you got an option.

You can also use the gambling device which is available to you in the lobby store or the exchange. This gives you a crit chance and crit, but if you win, you get plus 10 crit chance, plus 10 crit severity and plus 15 dodge now, if you lose, you get bad luck: minus ten percent, crit chance minus ten percent crit severity and minus fifteen dodge. So you, if its a fifty fifty if you win or lose out as i can always say, options are a good thing and now something uh someone. I think augie turned me on to this. This is the elite power cell anti proton carrier wave. This is from your omega reputation: it adds 7.5 anti proton damage to attacks and plus 20 crit severity bonus for five minutes. That is uh. Five minutes is a long time really so yeah. This is an excellent consumable p. I think people have forgotten that this is even there. I forgot that this is even here, so hopefully you guys are going to be able to use this and do yourselves a favor all right, so lets go ahead and take a look at my kit modules im using universal kit module muds time device available to you From the discovery, reputation apply an effect lasting 30 seconds that protects you from death. Basically, this helps keep kit modules up all the time, using a kit module during the effect recharges other kit modules by 15 percent of the used modules recharge time now, theres a way to really proc this thats.

This adapt now for tactical tunes you youre going to want to use motivation. Muds motivation is the preferred method for tactical and for science, and engineering like i am adapt, is the one that helps practice so basically theres a certain order. You got ta activate it. You hit muds, then you hit adapt. You hit your kit modules youll, eventually, as often as you can hit adapt thats going to recharge these all the faster and now adapt has some very useful things on on the first affected ally, taking damage all affected, allies gain immunity to that type of damage. So basically, this is a immunity buff, the more you activate this, the more things youre going to be immune from damage from very handy in combat, especially if youre doing things like bug, hunt elite. It keeps the bug splooge from hurting. You is the best way. I can really describe that white crap that they spin on you its that anyway. Next up is the ma one of the reasons of this video, the covert assault drone. This is available to you on the exchange deploy a drone for 20 seconds that fires. Whenever you deal damage with a weapon attack, like i said, the reason im using that section 31 rifle for it is for its secondary fire mode. It sweeps the room for 180 degrees in front of you. So as long as that is doing damage, your covert assault tone is doing damage and it does damage, like you, cant believe, as you will see in the upcoming parse next up is my old standby chronoton minebear.

This helps clean up the anything that gets past. My covert saltrone, which is not much but still next up, is the engineering kit module quick fix, theyre, probably wondering why are you using quick fix that? What are you fixing? Well, let me tell you about this: damage buff and cures. Debuffs repairs, fabrications plus well. It gives a good amount of hit points to fabrication and androids, but thats, not why im using it im using it in this particular instance, because the 46.8 percent all ranged weapon damage for 15 seconds and that covert assault and that section 31 heavy phaser rifle is Considered ranged weapon also gives all damage resistance to verification androids, but i dont have any fabrications and heres the other kicker were using it for activating a kit ability instantly recharges secondary fire mode cooldowns for 3 seconds or 15 seconds. Whatever is less also 40 chance, which is quite a bit plus 30 – all damage resistance rating for the target of this. Basically, i am constantly targeting myself with quick fix, so i am getting constantly that plus 30 all damage resistance rating yeah thats nifty. This is a sleeper kit module. I highly recommend you look into it because you know what you can doff this as well. If were going to get into that momentarily and last, but certainly not least, is the universal kit module ball lighting? This is, from the summer event store these things, absolutely just destroy everything.

It comes in contact with. Basically, you become raiden for a little bit with these, for those fans of mortal kombat. All right lets go ahead and look at my skills uh. This is the same ground. Skills ive been using for ever and a day feel free to go ahead and take a screenshot right now. If you want to try this out, okay, moving on specializations now for whenever youre doing ground, you should be using temporal operative and commando both of these aid with kit cool down lets take a look at commando. First now, the reason im using this is not only. I have this braced crouch, which is a very nice a bit so as long as youre crouching youre healing yourself, if the need, if the need requires it next up, i have resin. This is the main event. This is what were using it for resilient power cells, reduce cooldown in all secondary fire modes and also quick draw all your kit abilities have their cooldowns reduced by a percentage of their base recharge times so recharge, quick, draw 2 gives you 20 resilient power. Cells. 3 gives you 25 for your secondary fire mode, recharge and believe me, you want that secondary fire mode up all the time for that section. Section 31 heavy phaser rifle that way, youre doing the absolute maximum amount of damage with your covert assault drone. Also, you have the juggernaut system. This is actually kind of cool, see i dont use it so much for the juggernaut shielding, because shields dont mean that much anger in game period anywhere theres.

A lot of things that will destroy your shields in a heartbeat were actually using. Four is the armor juggernaut, armor plating, plus ten jugger, not agar plating. One is 10 all damage. Distance rating and 10 percent maximum hit points, juggernaut order, plating, two plus 20, all damage resistance rating and 20 maximum hit points. So more no yeah. It turns you into an absolute monster on ground, so lets go ahead and look at ground trade for this particular build. I am using creative kit performance not much to talk about there, field technician, get readiness again pretty self explanatory. These two come with just about with everybody. Next up available from the exchange is or the infinity box hive mind. Two percent bonus all damage per teammate in 20 meters, so on a team of five thats 10 bonus all damage dolce at decorum s again available from the exchange of the infinity box. 10 bonus. All damage bonus swaps to 20 damage resistance rating upon being knocked unconscious, which that rarely happens. The only bad thing is that it resets on mapmove next up sniper also available on the exchange or the infinity box bonus damage for all weapons based on range plus. Five percent bonus at 20 meters up to 25 bonus at 40 meters, so yeah. This is excellent. For for a range weapon, ground build or using ranged weapons on the ground, i highly recommend this next up upgraded gear. This is from the exchange kit performance by defeating foes 2.

5 kit performance on defeating a foe stacks up to 50 resets on map, move or being defeated, techno file. This is the trait from level 15 of your kit, r d to self 100 kit performance. That is massive. Do yourself a favor get your kit r d up to level 15, so youre gon na unlock this awesome tray soldier. This comes with everybody. Five percent bonus range weapon, damage 10 ranged weapon, crit severity, adaptive offense from the exchange or the infinity box gain 2.7 crit chance on critically striking point nine percent point: nine percent crit chance becomes three percent crit severity for ten seconds, max nine percent grit severity and Last but certainly not least, space explorer is a great gig. This is from the lobby. Lobby store. This is 200 lobey. This came out with the lower decks things kit performance equal to 20 of kit readiness yeah. This is uh. This is amazing, if you ever, if you get the chance – and you have 200 lobes sitting around gathering dust – get this – i highly recommend it for the ground reputation. We are using miniaturized chrono capacitor for the kit, modulability recharge personal energy amplifier bonus kit damage that all right this has come the temporal rep. This is from the iconian rep. This one is from the dyson rep deadly aim: 20 crit severity from the gamma reputation. We have magnified armaments and, from the romulan reputation five percent chance from lethality.

As for active ground reputation, i particularly like to use one little ship, which calls in a little mini runabout. Do some damage get piezo piezo electric perimeter snare? This is pretty good for keeping enemies from running away from you and it deals some electrical damage as well: medical nanite cloud for an instant, oh heal, also for instant heal defiance, that is, from the dyson rep. This is from the omega rep and from the delta rip. We have concussive tachyon emission. This uh helps destroy enemy shields. Alright lets go ahead and look at duty officers for this particular build. I am using neil falconer. He is available from the event from quite some time ago, but hes also available to you in the phoenix box hes a ground warfare, specialist ground, increased damage versus borg. He serves double duty. He also works for space. You have clocks here and the locks i dont know mr potato head. He is my assault squad officer chance for stacking crit, crit chance buff on firing ranch weapons. You have assad, who is also my assault squad officer again, stacking crit chance on firing ranged weapons. The automated personnel unit, the apu this is from the phoenix box, doubles chance to expose target. He is extremely good for ground. I highly recommend him. We have shidjech my suliban damage control engineer. This is that dolph i was talking about for quick fix, gives a minor resistance buff to any target of your quick fix, 40 chance plus 30 all damage resistance rating for 15 seconds, and last but not least, we have this guy here.

He she it not really sure explosions my explosive, this ones, my explosive expert chance to disable weapons with chronoton mines, so thats pretty much the ground build that im using for this from here were going to go run into that bug on elite. So i can demonstrate this build. Show it off show how it works from there. We will take a look at the parts. Explanation, so sit tight, sit back, relax here comes the bug, hunt ill catch you on the flip side, up Music, Music, Music, Music, uh. So, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, my so Music, Music, Music, so Music. Okay, now that was a great run. We stomped those bugs flatter than four oclock all right. As usual, i am at james bryce, and this bill did 1.35 k now that aint nothing to sneeze at that is fantastic for just a build i put together. I didnt think i did not anticipate doing that. Well so yeah this bill got the job done kept running along with me. We have at inara 666, also known as chaos, and my good friend did 838k well done. We have the grumpy old nord, who is a fellow streamer and content creator, go check him out. Grumpy old nord, on twitch we did this live on his stream and grumpy pulled 595k thats, pretty damn good good job. Grumpy. Also long is my very good friend mikey213, also known as mad dog mikey.

Another content, creator and non stove streamer go check him out on twitch, mad dog mikey, and you do dumb old, jb sencha. Also along with this run as the papa tart, also known as big papa tart, another stone content, creator and streamer. He did 492. almost 493k and mikey here did 628k well done. Gentlemen! Well done and like i said, if you uh go on over to twitch check these uh check these gentlemen out big, papa tart, mad dog, mikey and grumpy old nord tom old jb sencha, and give him hell all right. So lets do a little deep dive into this build okay max one hit for this build was 165 726. All right. Take that back, never mind. Im hallucinating max one hit 9801 from my pets. Crontown mine barrier, 6k covert assault drone. He did you know about 50 uh 1560k, a little a little less than i would have liked him to. But yeah you got the job done. You know what i mean beam sweep. This is that secondary fire mode from the section 31 rifle almost 7 700 uh max one hit thats, damn good. That is damn good bolt seeking bolt setting. This is also the section 31 rifle that did just about 2k max one hit very good as far as dps that did about 93.93 dps being sweep did about hundreds about 175 core assault drone that didnt. That did good here. 272., 329 from the crown top mine barrier 469 dps from my pets, heres a elite anti proton carrier wave.

This is that kit module. I was talking about it. Doesnt do a lot of damage, but it doesnt have to show up so lets, go ahead and take a look at my pet here: okay, uh, graviton, spider, very ball lighting, ball! Lightning, ball! Lighting, ball, lightning, ball! Lightning, ball, lightning, ball! Lightning! When i tell you ball, lightning just hits like a runaway truck. It does a lot of electrical damage like i said it turns you into raiden from mortal kombat. Also lachie walker didnt do as well as i would have liked it to do, but it still showed up so yeah that ball lightning does insane amounts of damage for a kit module. So that being said, some final thoughts does this work out? Is it worth attempting this build? Yes, absolutely absolutely! I did one. I was 1.35 k dps with it. That was completely unexpected. I didnt do any. I didnt expect to do anything better than 800., so this was completely unexpected and yes, i highly i cant put this build over enough. Try recommend this build im going to refine this build. Actually, i want to see if i can refine this build down a little more to really do something really good with it so yeah. I highly recommend you guys try out this build and please, in the comments section below id like to hear your thought, your guys, thoughts on this build. This is a one. This is this still bill far exceeded my expectations, so yeah two thumbs way up and that print that uh pretty much does it so, like we always say around here, dont go by the book, think like a pirate and ill catch.