The discovery set. Has finished i quit doing the subscription getting these in bargains, this wasnt 20 pound. It was 20 pound, as well as the other three that are coming soon. To finish, this collection off do a 20 pound on eagle moss with 25 off so absolute bargain, seen as they were originally usual artwork on the box, yeah youve seen these before i mean i think the older these get the more box damage theyre getting but thats. Just eagle mosfet so well have a look inside drone ship magazine. Okay, first magazine, then we get around to the good stuff. So lets have a look at if that helps out a lot. No, it doesnt at all so drone there. We go completely unmanned, section 31 or control in charge. Of this. Add the phasers refractive lattice shield okie cookie. So it is dark. It is a black ship, but its a stellar ship. You couldnt see it at all, but me putting the lights on does make things go a little iffy on the lighting, so lets just cut with this for a minute yeah its a nice enough. Looking sort of wedge shaped ship, so its its yeah. My more pin theres plenty of light lits apart on these, so the bits on here lit lids front. It does remind you of some sort of weird 80s sci fi. Whatever from that front angle there i dont really know what i mean the ship itself came from.

I think that is hmm. Is it that one so the drones come from this ship, which is coming soon, so the drones are only tiny little things anyway, possibly just one man craft. If they were a crafted by a man or a woman, yes reg being covered the entire hole im really struggling with the lighting in this carriage a little its ridiculous yeah kind of showing all the lattice parts on the the hull itself. So you never realize what they were until they came, and why is there two exactly i thought theyre the same, i thought theyre exactly the same picture, theres a section on here which is added and took away there. Okay, thats a bit odd, early appearance. Yeah i mean it is the amount of them its ridiculous in size, wise yeah, theres, actually smaller than a man person reg. Yes, hmm, okay, issue 26 isnt. Next, it will be in the player list. If youre watching these as a full thing, then it is next on the get in the playlist, but unfortunately not the next to be. Oh, you can see that one already. It was actually a nice ship to these the d7. So lets get you out to lets. Get to the good stuff really good stuff, so she goes. I do like the blacks on these with the weathering effects on there. They look really good 2800. Oh thats, probably my best number ive got so far. 2008, slash a ive not got a 1701 or a zero zero zero one or a 999, or anything special about 200 thats, probably the better one.

Ive got so far with the hundreds of models. Ive got right. This would hurt if you were stabbed by it because thats quite an interesting point i mean: can you see the square patterns on here? I wonder if each one of these would come off be a tiny little drone as well. No, of course it wouldnt. So you have two big phaser cannons on the front of here. Spin it around youve got two impulse engines, blue accenting. Maybe these are ultra impulse or something double impulse. I dont know probably warp. Well, you wouldnt have thought something. Thats smaller than a person would actually be warp capable, but this discovery things happen its good with that youre not really supposed to be so size, wise, thats. This typical size, its the size of the hand that way that way it was either one or the other. With the officials, the xls yeah, i need to get more of those lets, get a little bit better in zoomed in ive. Got these two i said mandibles. So its kind of looking very much like a millennium falcon comes in stops off yeah theres no bridge over to the side. Thankfully, like dark rcs thrusters i mean all youve got. Is that the weathering pattern, a bridge possibly well cockpit, by this size or engineering, set its almost like a silent ship, where its theres no way a person could be in there or technically it shouldnt be in there, but its just run by as a drone ship By a supercomputer it looks terrible, like that looks so wet weathered, but when you look at it normally you just look a lot blacker.

I think the lights in here are taking certain bits. Out of this. A strange grid pattern two bits on the back. Then you come down to the actual back section impulse engines its spinning around, so we look all the way around this one has a sensor bank on there that you get on later. Ships i mean most section 31 stuff would have been integrated into the future into other starships coming later. I suppose they just had the first lot to unstole it. I suppose, look underneath the back end, more blue and oh interesting back to the mandibles on front. So you see this coming towards you like, like this yeah, but it it reminds me of things im sure it does. I just cant remember what i mean its not like im, not saying to stealth playing because its completely the wrong shape, but it just reminds me of something i cant think what these two on the bike were. Is it kind of like a its like a snow? Not snow speeder, a pod racer or a this is an wessels speeder from um from attack of the clones. Possibly these two bits on the back: the green and green yellow one dont know nice nice enough. Ship section 31 ships always been very, very interesting and very black before we ever met the borg, or this would connect into the starship now youll be getting to see very soon anyway. Yeah, that is nice, this nice little ship little by mean little.

This should have been a shuttle to be honest, or at least in the shuttle series, but its discovery. We are continuing once the discovery set is done with which ive only got lights. Ive got two more left to do once thats finished and done. There will be discovery ones coming into the picard series, not picard the universe series where the mixing the picard series and discovery and possibly lower decks. I dont know theres a lower deck ship coming out soon for the um, oh cerritos, which is an xl model. I will try and get all of them as soon as i can, but with money being as it is, and what has been stuck in the middle of a its, not an interesting timer. Lately, ive got a pandemic and youve got lots of um bills really is difficult with with normal daytime bills, so its its these are going to have to come in when they come in, because i have to do that. Theres no two ways around that. I am not a millionaire. I dont make a lot of money out of youtube. Patreons im, always thankful to them every single time, every single day, every single patronage day. Yes, if you want to be part of that, please get in touch. It all helps to keep the channel going, but at the minute, its its really difficult to try and keep get these at full price as soon as theyre released. So its itll happen when it happens, shall we say so never mind please like subscribe.

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