Merry christmas. I hope you had a great year. Sorry i havent been in the videos this past times and i got this from christmas today and theres lights right over here, so im going to turn it on and show you boom theres like right there and theres one right here: thats um there – and this is The um button for the controller now were going to start. I have to do that and start Music Music, oh Music, Music. So now i just landed so when the drone lands like that, then it will turn off, and this is the controller right here. Has that logo – and here it is also on the drone and theres and thats the logo, for it fn for spy, ninjas and um thats the drone and heres the bottom of it and heres. The top of it take a pause of the video so and then you can take a close look at it here. Take a look at this next. Take the side view also theres this there. It is Music, and now here we have the controller heres, the front side, heres this side, theres some buttons on here and heres, the back side, heres the side and then heres the other side. And then here is the bottom side and thats the spy ninja gizmo. Drone that i got for christmas, so bye guys always remember to subscribe turn on the notification bell and put a thumbs up on this video.