So i got this today, its a solidly built room and in fact its a solid or maybe maybe even better than um. The older um phantom 3s, which were solidly built, i think its a little bit thicker and then its got a nice matte rubbery feel to it. So you know its uh. It really looks really feels durable, its kind of hefty so its a nice drone. So i i flew it uh, the back of the condo flies. You know flies well motors are very strong and i love the props for the props. They fit 60 by 45 props. So theyre, like uh razor drones, uh, not feeling the same format as the the flycam drones like the dji is known. It looks more like a racer and it actually feels and acts like a racer when you an fp fpv racer when you fly it. So i love the props, not translucent um. You know plasticky, but sturdy props. So this is. This is good for me, because i can actually replace this with my own fpv props from before. So i have a lot of uh hq props and uh uh. You know older fpv props that are six zero, four five uh or six zero fourteen. So this will perfectly fit here so thats, good and then the controller, but the nice thing about this. Is it actually? You know you turn it on pretty quickly and it its ready to fly. You know so ill show you how so you just press the power button and thats on, and then you press the controller and then look how fast that is ready to fly so its actually quicker than the djis when it comes to booting up um.

Obviously yeah. You have to wait for the satellites to come in so theres, no theres, no gps here so outside uh, when you hit around eight satellites, youre good to go to fly, so i did it a while ago outside, but its its dark here but uh. While you test it out so its pretty, it boots up pretty fast and thats. The nice thing about this nose. No phone screen needed its got a built in screen, so you turn on the drone turn on the controller and then its almost instant and then youre ready to fly. The only thing here is to drop a major drawback is theres no gimbal, so its just a um, a fixed camera that goes up and down, but theres, no gimbal. You know doesnt really move freely side to side um, so thats uh, i think thats a limitation, but i i ordered a um runcam 5 orange, so perfect matches the color here and thats. That should you know, take, i think, better videos with the uh eis stabilization. So well try that out, but this is a powerful drone. I mean the motors are huge and then this also comes with a deep dry prop. I got one to a five inch dry prop so that that, should you know, give it more thrust uh, but you know if you want stable, cruising uh flights uh. This is really good, so yeah thats, uh thats it you know, love the controller its.

You know. Small form factor um, almost as uh, maybe similar size as the uh mini two dji a little bit bigger, but its really thin. I love it and then all the features that uh you fly with, like theyre all uh hard coded into the controller. So you have the gps mode here you have a circle flight and then atti or attitude mode um without gps, and then you have a normal flight mode and return to home. I havent tried that yet because its a condo area where i live, so i just flew it. You know nearby um did some a few rounds by the parking area, but flies flies well um, the camera doesnt take. You know good video at night, so low lights, not really good hope to try it during daytime but yeah. This is a pretty good drone Music, you know ill do ill, do a deeper review into it. When i fly it fly it more. You know, but you know so far i like what i see: uh great, build, um flies well, um and, of course, its waterproof, so yeah so far, thats it so quick to turn it off one one, quick press of a button, its off and then you turn Off the controller yep so thats it, so you have two antennas here: uh one is 2.4 gig. This handles the communication between the controller and the drone uh and then provides information on uh telemetry for the drone and then the one other one is 5.

8 gigahertz. This one takes care of the video feed uh on paper. It says it will go a range of up to 800 meters out but uh. I actually replace it with my own antennas that are higher gain, so i have uh uh 12 dbi gain antennas, which which could um um push it out to around 1.5 kilometers, so well ill. Try that out too so yeah so so far, thats it for now and then uh ill do a deeper review.