It was snowing, like you could not see across the river and not only that, then it changed the rain now it’s kind of back to a little bit of flurries it’s, very, very strange weather anyways. I was coming out here because a lot of you asked me, you know this spry plus drone. I reviewed in the summertime. They said in the winter. Can you fly it around in snowstorms in the summer? Can you fly it in rain? Well, the answer is yes, because it’s waterproof, so i was coming out here today to fly this around in the snow and the rain. All at the same time, but looks like my weather has deceived me in the snow you can, i don’t know, can you see it flopping around my face it’s just a little bit of flurries going on right now? If i get close, you might see them going across the camera. So i’m i’ll just go fly this anyways right now, because this is the easiest drone on the market to fly. You just basically power it on power on the controller and go fly because there’s a display in the controller, and you can fly it in any type of weather, and if that was water back there, i could land it in the water. So it’s a really versatile drone, so i’m, just gon na go fly it around now and show you the footage here we go all right, so let’s, just plop down the case in this note so here’s our drone right here just take off the front and that’s.

Basically, it just powered on and she’s ready to fly so i’m going to hit the power button. There we go it’s on and i’ll just sit it on the case grab the remote which is down here come on out of there. There we go, and the only thing we have to do with the remote is put the antennas on. Where are my antennas all right? We have two antennas, a 2.4 gigahertz which goes on this side. It’S well marked. That tells me which way to put them on and a 5.8 on this side, so there we go so. The 5.8 is for video and 2.4 is for the transmission telemetry, and then i just power this baby on says power right here makes a goofy sound, and i should have video on the display all right. Let me see if i can show you this in the display so here’s my drone. Looking out that way and there’s the video you’ve probably seen a reflection there we go. I don’t know how that good. That is, as i move the drone around. You should see something in the display and there we are with everything here all right. Let’S go fly this baby. Now you see on my switches, i have normal and return to home, so i’ll leave it there. Gps mode is straight up and i can fly it without gps. If i pull the switch down but that’s pretty much it now to take off just pull these uh little joysticks out down and out here we go.

Take it up, come on up there, all right! So there’s a drone right there flopping in the air and the camera, is pointing at me. So how do i look on the cameras? Everything look good it’s kind of hard with these drones, because you know with the snow and everything everything is white throws off the white balance. It can’t really make out dark i’m. Probably the only dark thing in the image but that’s. Basically it hovers there. Nice it’s been sitting there for a while all right, there’s, a big f. On my controller, i have my big bulky, gloves i’m going to hit that f and see what happens should go in the follow me mode. There we go follow me mode enabled it says right on the screen. So no matter where i walk, it should follow this controller. So let me see if it works, is it coming? Is it coming? It should be covered flop around there. It is over there yeah. It seems to be doing a good job. It’S got me and it’s following me and uh. Here i am out in the cold and like all drones, it has an orbit mode. Let’S see if it works. I’Ll go circle. Flight let’s, see if it finds the controller. It’S going that way, oh it’s got to go back first and then now it’s doing the orbit, so it’s all automatic. Just with the switches on this here device let’s turn that off put it back in gps mode.

It’Ll stop great thing about this controller. Is i can drop it in the snow, it’s it’s, waterproof snow proof, all that good stuff? Oh just make sure when you’re cleaning the snow off you don’t hit the joystick buttons let’s. Take this up over here and let’s. Just fly it slowly now: there’s no obstacle avoidance on this. So if i was going to hit that tree well, it would just hit that tree as it’s flying towards these trees here. So i have to control it myself, Music. You can see out on the ice. There’S people ice fishing right now, they’re making their little holes in the ice and doing their fishing stuff. Now i don’t know if you can hear this listen carefully, hear that buzz like so this whole uh controller vibrates, to tell me the battery’s low. So when the battery’s low, i can fly it back or i can flick the switch and go there. We go, i put in return to home, so it should come back to me. There we are – and here it comes back for landing and watch this – i can crash it into the snow because it this thing’s totally waterproof, so it doesn’t really it doesn’t really mind all right. So this is really a nothing video just taking the spry plus out, because a lot of people asked and, like i said, yeah it’s, just throw it in the snow. It doesn’t matter all these things, just toss them in the snow, yeah they’re, pretty darn, waterproof and snow proof than anything else and uh very easy.

Just one thing i like about the spry plus is that you just power on the drone one button and you power on the controller and since there’s a display in the controller that’s it and you go fly it’s that simple and uh there’s no touch screen. So you have hard wired buttons for follow me for circle all that stuff and you can move the camera up and down the only thing there is. You probably noticed it in the video there’s no gimbal on the camera it’s electronic image stabilization, but it does shoot at 4k.