It comes with two batteries: two charge: cables, extra blades, blade guards case and any easy to read manual. It is packaged well and entry priced. My video is in the basement only because it is snowing today not recommended getting it ready to fly is as easy as pushing the joystick, even while flying in the basement. It was easy to handle and with a little more flight. Time will be a great drone to capture some video through the app. If you are looking for something affordable to learn on outside, that has a little more heft than other products out there, then the d10 is for you and it won’t break the bank Music. Your browser does not support html5 video, Music, hello, everybody. If you are looking for a low price drone. This is the one you need i’ve been flying drones for the last four years, and since that i have several drones for my own. I try to check for different technologies, prices and capabilities of the drones. I usually get in my scale of the four meters, one software user, friendly, easy to understand and control.