This is a great drone and affordable for all it’s simple to use, and you can actually draw a map of where you want it to fly, push a button, and it follows point to point where you’ve designated to go Music. I think anyone would love this drone, especially at the price. Great drone got this for my 7 year old son. It has a slower mode to learn on and then go faster as you get better. It has crashed a few times, but is durable and shuts off quickly. Battery life is advertised great drone for beginners easy to fly and hovers in place using trim adjustments to counteract any drift. The camera connects to the free app to give you a live fpv view. The video quality is what you’d expect from a drone in this price range. The latency is not too high and quality is decent. Pros. Easy to fly lightweight adds to a long flight time durable with quality, rotor protectors, fun, introduction into fpv indicator light on charger when the batter is fully charged cons, fpv not suitable for non line of sight.