What happens when youre, not paying attention all right? Good luck, yeah well lets hope i can walk through the ice because its going to be kind of chunky, yeah, thats, cold, hey everyone welcome to my channel, while the suns out for a bit and everythings melting. So i have the swell pro splash drone 4 right here and im going to take it for a flight and land it in some of this melting water. So here we go Music. So since im going to be landing in water around here, i have to take the antennas on the side of the drone and put them up. So i get reception, because if you land in water and your antennas are under water, you not get much reception. So youll have a problem: youll have to go, walk and get it. If you leave them up like this and fly it normally, you dont get much range uh. The body blocks the range. So i have to keep it close to me. There we go. The sun is going out in and out its kind of cloudy kind of sunny uh, so im gon na take this up. Put the record on fly behind me here: uh land on this ice, its thin ice uh, but also theres patches, where i can go in the water. I think all right stand back here, pull the joysticks down and in it starts up. I do have the switch on gps mode.

You can turn the gps off, but ive left it on so theres no sensors on the bottom. So it does not see the ground the way it keeps itself still in the air like that is just gps and barometer. Thats, it ill keep it low to the ground and lets go going over the water all right. So let me bring the camera down a bit, so you can see more of the ice. This is the ice and well i was hoping it would be like more water. Oh, i think i see some water over there. Let me just go this way here, because you watch if i land on this ice here ill come down and land on it there. We go there, we go im out on the ice, the thin ice, and i can rotate the camera here to look in directions while im sitting there theres a leg, and i can rotate it to look in the other direction. The reason i didnt want to land on the ice too much is because theres little bits of water and it will spray up when i go to take off so here we go, lets bring the camera to the front as best i can there we go. Oh, i see some water over there melted water. All right lets go down to this. Here we go going down to the melted water whats this going to look like well. There we go so lets bring the camera up.

Lets move the camera again from side to side. Look around not going to see any fishies here. This is beach sand. This is all the beach sand. All right lets uh power it on up and take it out of there. There we go now. If you move the camera down, the water should drip off. So let me just take it up and move the camera down, get the water drip off there we go, you can see, it dripping everything dripping off and then, if i bring the camera back up, i believe it does clean itself a bit now. I do see some canada geese straight ahead yeah. I think this will scare the heck out of them if i come close to them, so yeah im not going to go any closer than that. So lets bring her down again nice and slow along the ice. I thought these birdies would go nutso but theyre theyre over there still look at that right. There, Music there. We are again nothing exciting here, go down beach sand there. We are yeah, theres the ground and take back up and then lets come back. Oh theres! Somebody! There wondering hey look at that. You see in front theres a person walking wondering what is this guy doing right there. All right lets go back up all these photographers out today, Music. If i could land this really close to those seagulls over there, they would walk around and peck it.

I bet, let me just let me see if i can get close and land it. I doubt it. Oh no. I wouldnt do that. No thats not a good idea, because the props keep turning and ill just make. You know turkey dinner or something out of them, so i dont want to do that. Lets bring it back to me over this way. Okay, lets go land, this go land and well take it to another spot Music. A lot of wind put it over the landing pad. As best i can Music there we go so hopefully, one of these cameras has me in frame were at another area of the beach were going to go fly out. There look for some water around the ice. All right here we go arm the motors and straight up and low to the ground forward im going to bring the camera down a little bit and forward there we go. We can see the ice melted right here by the shore and lets go check. It out. Lets go over to the larger area right here. Its kind of like dirty water, so lets stop around there lets turn and lets drop down. Whats below us lets take a look down there. We are well thats, not ice. All right lets. Take it back up how you doing whats that what kind of drone is that it is called the splash drone floor. Do you think its the coolest thing youve ever seen, but that was pretty cool.

When i saw you landed in the water over there, i went. Okay, thats different yeah, yeah, well, thats, all im doing im out here, filming uh for a youtube. Video and im, just gon na show some ice melting and everything happening here and youre gon na be in the picture in a second lets, just bring it around because everybodys to wonder who am i speaking with there? We are so fine, sir whats, your name, derek derek, hey, derek derrick is admiring this splash strong four. I only use it when its raining out or snowing out or the ice or the water is melting because you use other drones. You know if youre going to do cinema stuff, use a cinema drone yeah yeah, but this is fun for the stuff, like im doing here, im just grabbing some video here and im just going to go along the water, nice and close slow and then say. Oh, my god, i could well thats what happens when youre, not paying attention. Oh, you know whats, worse now is i have to walk out there and get it. You would have to have a long pole. Would you all i have? Is a tripod uh, a monopod? Oh monopod one might help a bit here derek. Can i get you? Do me a favor then so theres a gopro, okay, the ice might be thick enough. If i walk out a bit ill see. I ha. I highly doubt it though.

What do you think? Do you think the ice is thick enough, nope wow that was pretty definitive, youre, probably right at where it gets sick there? I usually have this policy that i dont talk to anybody when i film, because this happens all the time your poll is going to come in handy because your pole will maybe save me from walking the full distance jesus, oh its, going to be cold. Actually, i could hang on a sec. I could take off my lets. Do this, i have long johns underneath thatll, be better thatll, be better either, even though im going to put these down here, i didnt know, is this kind of video youre shooting yeah just play that that music at the back all right this is that is not Going to help at all just getting ready all right, good luck, yeah well lets hope i can walk through the ice because its going to be kind of chunky, oh and i sink its frozen on the bottom derek. Oh, i dont know. If i get that i dont know, at least i got your little pole to and its ice on the bottom for slipperiness yeah, thats, cold thats gon na mark leave a mark theres a dead fish, no, its a whale all right things. I do for youtube all right all right. I got you buddy. Oh, you know what derek your pole was useless, but my toes are frozen. Now i got ta get out of here.

Still got oh im missing a prop too see. If i can get that one did it shatter or is it in the ice i dont see where it went im not searching for that anymore. Thats lets get too cold. Oh there, it is now your poles coming in handy, okay, i will say my toes are losing feeling. At least i kept my jeans warm. Am i even walking in the same path. I went out its its ice below holy crap thats cool yeah. Oh, my toes are just frozen all right, so no damage other than my pride and my frozen toes everything looks good lesson. Kids dont talk to people when youre flying a drone low to the ground. Bad idea. Can this camera see that look at my legs? They are all bloody, just coming everywhere: thats the ice just chop them up with my feet too holy cow, so that was an unexpected turn of events for a captain drone video crashing out on an ice floe. Oh well! I hope you enjoyed the video i dont have much to say other than kids stay in school do not become a youtube reviewer, or this may happen to you all right, guys. Im gon na put links to this drone below it still works. Im amazed i took it out, i didnt even restart it still works, everythings good on it and uh yeah. I think its its quite solid for what it does.

Anyways links are below to this product, and i hope you enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up and ill catch you in future videos with less traumatic stupidity all right catch in the next one.