Hopefully you can see my head and this light is not blowing me out, were out here today. Theres, a freaking snow storm going on im gon na take the swell pro splash drone 4 out to flight in a snowstorm because it can fly in anything it can fly in winds. It can fly over water on water uh. The camera can go underwater, its totally waterproof, so i thought hey. This is perfect. Lets just take it out here now. The problem is the roads. Arent cleared come on 4×4 dont. Let me down look at these snow drips on the left holy cow. Hopefully, my hat cat picks that up holy cow, look at the snow drifts right there can my hat cant even pick that up wow those are pretty high. I will say thats the great thing about having a jeep, 4×4 and thats. Why i have one with a pickup truck, so i can throw all my youtube stuff in to go to places and this jeep gladiator mojave goes through the snow like stink, no problem, so you can see up front theres a few vehicles that went ahead of me. Uh theres – probably maybe maybe about a foot of snow right now, so we can drive through it no problem, but the snow is supposed to carry on for the rest of the day. So let me get to my spot and well go fly our splash drone far here we go all right.

Lets take this baby out and plop it down over here with the camera facing a little bit away from the snow and im going to power this on. So it gets the gps signal early. Okay, we should see the little gimbally thing moving. I guess i should power on the controller next, okay lets power. This baby on, i should have put you on first, its just the snow is driving me up the wall. Okay, make sure all my switches are correct: thats, correct and im in gps mode, all good. This here is going to get the satellite so im just going to plop you down there in the snow. Now the props take the snow off of them clockwise. I have to find a motor that says clockwise that says counterclockwise, so this is clockwise push that on and lock it in place there we go shes locked Music, and these are all my checks. I do with drones, make sure everythings a okay. The antennas are in the right position: the batteries on lots of battery power all right. So this beast is just getting the gps its ready to fly. I guess i need a phone. Oh crap, its in the car, hang on a second no found the phone. Its right here in my pocket make sure if you have a phone that is waterproof. This is an iphone 11 pro max. It is waterproof, except if you ever touch a phone that has wet snow on it or water.

It doesnt react properly. So i have my little pointer thing here. Connect you to that were all good lets. Go to the pro drones. You know i should have wore my glasses. I cant see a freaking thing. The sd fly thats, the one you want. Oh before i do. St fly hang on a second. I have to connect to the wi fi. So go wi fi! Oh, it should be connected automatically, so its good all right so were good log in, and i should see what the camera sees there. We are so its pretty much all good to go, except i have no glasses on so i cant read what it says for satellites im gon na go grab my glasses. All right were back with glasses. Oh i got snow all over this thing. So lets see what were at 10 satellites is good, thats good. So let me see what it says on the display down here. Yep this has got gps. Thats got gps were ready to fly. Lets see if i can play with the ev. The ev setting is too low for this exposure here, all right, so the ev setting when its dull like this and snow, it gets messed up on drones like this, so im going to crank it to like point 3.4 ill put it at 0.7. Sometimes you can go as high as 1, but ill put it at 0.7. It just helps a little bit brightens things up, so its not so dull.

Looking all right so thats good. That looks a little bit better, all right its more realistic okay. So we can fly there, we go joysticks down and in we are up flopping and lets. Take it on up in the snow, so im facing a little bit away from the snow im going to go into the snow, its all those snow huts there we go. Take it up above everything, its very noisy, very noisy indeed, shes up there in the snowstorm well bring the gimbal down theres a car coming going through the snow check him out. Hey car youre, probably wondering what is this guy doing all right higher? It is the less noise it is to the humans below back, and you can see me down here im the yellow dot down here. Moving in a circle, all right here we go here is our little drone flying in a snowstorm going forward so out here. What im flying towards over the trees and everything these are all the ice huts of people ice fishing. I dont know how many people are in them at the moment, but uh yeah. They can come out here, nice and warm put a fire on inside and do their ice fishing woohoo, that wind is cold, so im going to stay off to the side of them. In case this thing comes thundering out of the sky. There we go im just getting shots of them. As i fly on an angle theres our big fish that i always filmed down there now the cool thing with this camera is, i can look left or right without yawning the drone.

So let me go to the right and show you so theres right. Oh hang on there we go. My fingers are full of snow. So look at that im looking right, but the drone is not turning and look at everything we see. Theres part of the leg hovering in the air right there. So if you have this drone, you could fly in any type of weather. You want it could be rain, it could be wind, it could be anything and have a lot of blast im flying right into the weather right now, the snow and everything and all the snow coming down. So i dont know what thats doing to the actual lens. So what im going to do now is im going to bring it on back, because this was just a short video to show you can fly this out because i am getting cold. Come back ill, go over the huts, this time go on that side. There we go all right were bringing it back and there she is ill see if my little gopro on my head could see it so im gon na keep staring at it just to show you it flying here, so it is pretty visible with that orange color. It probably just looks like a big blob in the sky right now, but there it is coming going up up up up up there. She is baby, bring it over here. Look what i look forward.

You could just see those ice huts going for miles and miles and miles away out there look at that way back there. That is incredible, holy crap im, not flying all the way up there. All right. The snow is coming down too fast, now bring her down Music. I tell you if this thing was ever lost, youd never lose it because a you can hear it for miles. Put it over there all right so there i am looking at me coming down here. Ill see if i can keep the camera on me as you go down. Okay, so lets put it over here, so the gopro can get it Music. Yes, plop it right over in the snow there we go. I did that just for the camera aspect of it. Just to show this thing is totally waterproof, its no proof, okay, so this is pretty cool. So now we take this beast and everything is full of snow, but it doesnt matter because its totally waterproof all right guys. This was just a fun video to take the swell pro splash drone 4 out in the snow, because a lot of people ask me: can you fly it in the snow which, yes, you can fly it in the water? You can land in water. So you can fly out in snowy weather as well its not a big deal, all right im going to put links below to where you can find this baby uh everythings waterproof, even my phone to an extent except for this little spot.

Where you put your usb connector in that you got to keep dry, but everything else is good.