Rc related ive met dan of uh swell pro dan of these uh drones that youve got on display here. Can you tell me a bit about them? How you differentiate them from other drones that are on the market? Well, first and foremost, theyre completely washed, with drones of ip67 rated, so they operate and fly like any other drones, but theyll also land in the water theyll take off from the water really right. They can also be fully submerged in the water and then theyll pop up back to the top so positively buoyant, and you can fly them away again, like any other normal. So where are they typically used? Who would be your typical customer for something like this? Well, obviously, the marine industry is our ideal customer, which is where weve come to the boat show. Every year okay weve been coming here for about five years now we also sell to fishermen. They can use the payload release mechanism on the bottom here check the fishing line up fly the line out, release the bait out at sea seriously, so they will do fishing off a drone. Is that what youre telling me thats right? Yeah yeah thats it up to what type of size of this well you can. It can take up to a two kilogram, payload thats, quite so thats quite a bit yeah. You could also use a payload for a multitude of other things. Search and rescue weve got buoyancy aids here, so the salt water activated, so you hook one and then up to the payload release, release it out to somebody drowning itll, auto inflate its salt, water activated, itll, also inflate, and they can grab old and swim back to Shore, fantastic whats, the the flight time uh on the bigger one were looking at up to 30 minutes: okay, smaller ones up 17 minutes.

So the larger one is for aerial photography. I would guess and paler and carrying payload exactly yeah. I mean that this one can also be used for aerial photography, but you havent got the options that you have on this one. This ones got a high resolution camera and, like you see, and a gimbal as well, underneath yeah youve got a three axis gimbal on this. This ones, just one axis, gimbal, okay, pitch up and down that one will pan left and right independent of the drone and the camera is integrating integrated. With this one, yeah youve got a 4k video camera integrated at the front. Now, behind the glass dome yeah this one screwed in by six screws on the bottom there and youve got like i said: five different options. I see youve even got floats over there yeah. This is what we call the boat kits. You can enter what we call boat mode and it will screw onto the bottom of the drone there right you press, boat mode on the controller and then that will lift the camera out of the water and you can operate the drone on the surface of the Water and itll stop you from taking off okay, a lot of people use these to fly over to caves, they land on the water by the opening in the cave and then drive into the cave and explore again: okay, brilliant thanks very much for your time. Today.