But what we are going to be changing up is ive been asked, since we did the last splash stream. Video um had some really cool reports about it. If you havent already check that video out, because those splash drones are amazing, um and thats, the fd1 that im talking about since we did that one um ive been asked to do a review of the uh, so thats the fd1 im uh going to be reviewing The sd4 today, which is the latest ones better um, had to just do a bit of readjusting um, so the yeah, if you dont, know much about the splash drones um. Basically they do everything else. Most fishing drones do uh with the added feature um these bad ones. If they hit the water youve, actually got a shot of getting them back. So yeah really really excited about today, im stoked to be getting a shot at testing these bad boys out so yeah. Well, get out there well see how we get on um. Hopefully we catch some fish as well, but today is all about uh doing a bit of a comparison. Video uh so were going to be comparing the fd1 with the sd4 so well see you out there, im gon na go pick up some bait and then um head out to the spot, so yeah catch you soon well, um welcome guys. Today we are going to be testing out. The sd4 weve got an fd1 here with us as well, and if you havent already done, i just want to encourage you to check out the previous video of us testing out the fd1 because um i tell you what not only was it amazing.

We caught some fish, but we were able to chuck it in the water. Do the water test and uh hey? I was instantly sold on these bad boys, so today we are going to be um testing out the sd4, which is their latest drone and look ive. Never used one myself its all about testing it out, finding the best way, uh to utilize them, whether theyre user friendly, whether theyre challenging to use and then getting some baits out and seeing. If we can catch some fish which to be really honest with, you will be a bonus today, because i think its already 4 30 in the afternoon and um were out here to test out a couple of drones. So, im looking forward to it in the previous test, we we threw one of them in the in the water and um. Did the test there so again check that video out in this test um were actually going to try and chuck it in upside down and see if we can flip the thing over and get it to return home? So yeah im pretty excited about this, but lets lets start from scratch. Lets get it all set up and see how that goes. Eh right so the first thing weve got to do is put on our propellers, so um as youll see on our propellers, its got cw on the other ones. Its got ccw um. Basically, what thats talking about is clockwise counterclockwise, so um on the propellers here or the the base for the propellers youll see the same thing so cw over here cw as well, basically just giving you an indication of where this one goes and um.

Actually, its got a dot there, so im going to try and get it to sit on that dot. There we go yep counterclockwise, yep counterclockwise that one on yep solid, clockwise, its counterclockwise, its our clockwise. There yep perfect just make sure those are on perfect awesome. Um. Just the next thing i want to actually just highlight is the antennas on these drones, so they come with antennas that are completely waterproof and you can either prop them down, depending on the kind of height youre going to be using um or you can have them Facing up, depending on how low theyre going to be so, oh really thats, i mean thats a really cool feature to have and uh man. It is looking like a really solid drone, so lets move on to the battery all right yep. It seems to be in solid cool and just on the top here, youll notice that theres a bit of a latch that you turn just making sure that the um, the pointy part of it is facing the rear of the drone lets, give it a yep thats Lit up excellent, so there you go, weve got all of the drone. Um itself set up now uh and the next part is the remote control. So now this one here has a little bit more um going on with it a little bit more involved in it. So its got our gps, all of the different things that you would normally have on a drone, but im im, looking at boat mode and ive heard a little bit about these things.

Being able to launch from a boat come back to a boat and all of those sorts of things, so they have got a 4k camera on them which were not going to get into too much detail about today. But i mean some of the features on these are amazing, so hey were going to be testing them out for their waterproofing and their fishing abilities. Today but um i mean that in itself 4k camera that you can see exactly where youre going to be dropping it and all that sort of stuff. So right now lets get into the remote control. So there we go thats what it looks like when you cool sweet. So now its um weve got our props on weve got our battery in and now is the time to turn it on and see. If weve done it all correctly, there we go yep, shes, alive, youll, know shes alive. Obviously, youll hear that sound, but theres a light flashing on the top as well um right thats, just to push the hold that fire up. Okay. So there we go shes connected up to our drone. Now um and now were going to do our compass calibration there you go so you pretty much just um theres a switch on the side here that has gps. You just rapidly push that up and down um. First part rotate aircraft horizontally, all right so lets get into that all right yep now you know that thats done when the rear lights of the drone are flashing, green right now, its its shifted on the remote saying now, compass calibration rotate aircraft nose down.

So basically we go from this position to nose down and we do the same thing again yep. So there we go. The flashings changed at speed and now the remote control says aircraft initializing, so yeah thats the three stages there. The key is to set the drone um down on a um a flat surface. You want to make sure that youre in a nice um flat area, because what thats going to do is its going to set the angle for your your camera and all that sort of stuff. So the last step to that is turning it off all right. So thats turned off now turn that back on wait for that to reconnect, and then we will be good to go so yeah theres a little bit more involvement with this one. If im to be um, really honest with how you break it down and how you get it all set up a little bit more to it, but um i mean when im looking at some of the hardware on it. I do kind of understand that so theres a little bit of a payoff there, a bit more involved in the setup but um a lot more high quality gear, um that you can instantly feel uh as youre, getting it set up so right. So what were going to do while thats um doing its thing, were going to go and set up our rods? Get some um fresh bait. Weve got some fresh caraway.

Today, uh were going to get those on some hooks and were going to send them out there. Once this is all done, yep thats done so ill turn that off save our battery right. Here we go. I went to a few different um shopping centers today to try and find some fresh bait to be really honest. Im just grateful that i was able to find some fresh cahoy, but um yeah. They theyve skinned everything and um, even asking if i could have something with some skin on got the big note. So i have to break one of my rules, which is to put the normally id only put the hook through once just like that um and with this particular bait, i might still be able to get away with it, but um because were having a cot on Them on it needs a bit more purchase in the bait. So, for a few of these im going to have to put the thread the hook through twice, which just means it doesnt quite sit as natural on the hook in the current, which is a bit of a bummer but hey weve got fresh bait. Weve got some cotton well, be all right all righty. So this is where our clip is going to go in the bottom here, its a mechanical release, and basically this ones actually quite fast. So can you push that payload left button here? We go sweet, so thats all connected now, just like that always making sure that our wire, our line, our hook section, is out of the way just like that, and now so were baited up.

Um weve got all of our tracers everything set on our hook. Section all thats left to do is undo our bail arm and see if this bad boy will fly out there. So right lets go. Do that right! Right lets start this bad boy up! Okay! Here we go Music Applause. All right so well come over to our rod now now this is one of the advantages to having a mechanical release. I can actually put a bit of tension on our um lets. Go a little bit more to the left on our line like so and straighten it up. So if theres wind pushing your line to the left or to the right, this is actually really good for being able to um control that right so were going to stop it there yep. So, as you can see, if you can see in the distance um, the drone is pretty much sitting in place and im going to lock our rod in place. Just like that and you, you basically push this button here we go and, as you saw the rod, it dropped it down into the water gon na wind that up a little bit and were going to on this. The control here you can see, got our return home push and hold there. We go so on the remote there. It says returning and basically um everything on the remote itself. You push and hold itll beep indicating that youve set um whatever it is, youre trying to do and um itll then do its thing.

As you can see, i can actually hear the drone coming, which is quite cool um but thats on its way. Back now, and all thats left to do is tighten up our hooks a little bit of left hand current get that set here. We go right and just like that, shes home okay. So what im gon na do now is um im gon na manually bring it into land just because of where we originally pushed return to home its actually landing exactly where we pushed the button, but im going to bring it over here and just manually land. It Applause Music, wow and that is a landed drone, um wow man, ive ive, got to say i am really a big fan now of the mechanical release, as you can um sort of see its its quite new to me, im used to the um the tension Release where you lock the reel off it drops your gear that way, but um i mean just then our line was going out and because of the mechanical release, i could put a little bit of tension on it. It didnt affect the drone at all. Put a little bit of tension on it, control um the sweep of my line, bring it a little bit more um directly to the drone uh and then lock the drone in place. It was sitting up where, where i had put it out and then yeah when i was ready to drop, it was able to drop it.

Pretty simple, really pretty simple and now weve got five baits and a soft bait out there, soaking, which is amazing, because theres, a mussel farm right there behind us and uh yeah, were gon na set up. Another rod use this one again to set it out there and uh see how we get on so were gon na be fishing with two rods today same baits um. It is all about testing out the gear chuck a hoodie on, but were getting some good hits on the gear. Now. Oh yes, sir. Yes, sir thats, what we thats, what we like to see: oh – and that was either a good bite or the bird thats all going on, but um yeah, just while im at it slayers club gear merchandise, the t shirt that ive been wearing underneath our hoodies weve Got a whole bunch of gear that you can get on www.slayers.nz. So if youre looking at getting some nice gear um for while youre out there fishing check us out, the link will be in the description anyway right. So these have been getting some some decent bites on them um and were gon na. Let them soak for a bit because weve got obviously weve got six baits on each setup. Um. So currently, weve got 11 fresh strips of kahawai out on our target. Snapper hooks weve got yellow floating beads orange, floating beads and some without any floating beads and its really hard not to watch these rods right now, because they have been bouncing um so were mixing it up, trying different things when we bring it in well find out Which which ones are getting the most sort of success um but yeah? We are using one bait today, um and on one of the hooks.

Weve also got a soft bait, so um every time im out drone fishing now im trialing out some type of lure and uh havent had any success yet, but sometimes just a little bit of movement. A little bit of vibration in the water bring stuff over to have a look and they find your baits too. So its all good um yeah. But while this is all happening and we need to get distracted because those rods are going to just a good city all day watching them were going to go and chuck a drone in the water and uh im going to see how it goes so um. This is the sd4 come with me. Right were gon na need our remote Music. This is actually good timing, because theres a guy with a kayak just over there, so weve got gon na. Let it connect up. So here we go um. This is the sd4. The latest drone um by swap room and uh, were gon na chuck it in the water and see if we can fly it out and return it to home. So here i go, ive got the absolute worst shoes for this in the world, but its okay. Okay, you ready okay, yep yeah, well that well and truly went underwater. Ah lets give this a go right. There we go so far, so good. That was too easy a little bit too easy Applause right now were going to turn it upside down.

Oh mate. Okay! You ready yep here we go swallow pro sd 4 water test upside down. Oh man, thats terrible that felt terrible. Okay, no way, no way: Music, bro Applause, Music Applause, bro, thats, crazy – that is crazy. So here we are weve um been doing our um drone testing. Today and uh as youve seen in the video we um man, we put it to the test in the water, we turned it upside down, um able to get it out of the water, real, easy, actually real, easy to use um, and so our baits have been Sitting out there weve been getting a few bites: nothing substantial, but um, hey when youre out testing some gear and uh youve got the potential to catch fish, its its always a huge bonus, so um were going to probably um bring them in. I think theres still probably some baits on there that havent been hit but were going to bring them in now, while weve got a bit of daylight left and see how weve gone and then yeah well break down the drones just a little bit more give you A bit more detail on them: um, but yeah. So today, sd4 doing some comparisons with the fd1 uh, but just as a standalone drone, very, very good investment and um its one of those drones that i will say once youve purchased one. You do not need to purchase another um, its got a 4k camera on it, uh and i mean when i threw it into the water.

I was looking at it and i was like man that camera is actually underwater right now so um, you know, youve got that added bonus as well of being able to film not just um some aerial shots, but you also can film some stuff underwater. If you can see things happening and, and all of that sort of thing really so as a camera, drone amazing um, but also its got the mechanical release on it, which means um just a little bit more control on uh how you uh drop your baits, where You drop your baits um and when youve got that wind pushing down the side of the beach being able to hold onto your line or even using a bit of drag on the reel, what youre able to then do is control it from um pulling when, which Is sometimes an issue with the tension release, so um yeah just a comparison there. The mechanical releases is definitely something thats growing on me and um ive enjoyed using so um the the range on them. The weight the payload just miles ahead, so um yeah im going to break it break down a few of those stats after we wind in the first of our odds, so hey keep watching and if you havent already give us the thumbs up, smash that subscribe button Because uh were going to be doing this all summer long and uh, you would have seen already weve been out um, you guys have been asking questions which has driven us to get out and test out different things.

You asked about this: the splash drone, so we got out and tested it um and that that was the fd1 now were weve uh were out today, testing out the sd4, the latest and greatest and uh so far, so good, so um stay tuned and well break Down a bit more of how these drones work uh in a moment, i am missing the electric reel today, a real benefit if you can um get to a place, thats up a bit higher and you know theres some real snaggy ground in front of you, real Good to be able to reel it in on on on that little bit of height just means your gear is constantly being lifted off the bottom, quite nice, being able to fish up here im. Looking at those oysters thinking, i might need to put some shoes on in a second. What are these things it? A few baits are still not touched. Oh well, here we go. Weve got a snapper that looks yeah thatll pass as legal one snapper there um were going to set this into the bin and uh well bring in that second set, because that was getting some bites as well. But here we go, and i mean we well and truly could have left it out longer, but um we are trying to get this one filmed while its still sun up. So here we go its d4 done. The trick done the track. Lets go.

Oh, are you following me here, hey hows it going all good yeah ive been watching your videos good to meet. You hey good, to meet you right. How did you get on um? It was fine, actually um. This is my first time to use the drone. We just got one garnered and snapper: oh my god, i dont know but theres. The baits are just gone: wow wow, oh good, stuff, man, what hey nothing wrong with a gooner yeah yeah! I havent had a gurner since last lockdown wow wow, oh cool man, good, to see you nice to meet you bro choice. Oh thank yeah. Well, do both well, do no worries there. You go the old, condor ae. Holding it down, got a family out there. Fishing, nice nice to be able to give them another fish too. Hey. Can i take a picture of you going to im going to send it to my mate as well? See ya, see how this ones gone there. We go! What about nine ounces of weight on this one, so the gear um that were using this is one of my old, faithful reels. This is the final offshore. This is a 9500. You can get a size bigger, which is a 10 500, but um and thats spooled up with, i think its about 800 meters or 60 pound tesline breed um and thats, matched on a um phenol lethal top water rod, its rated 24 to 37 kilo.

Plenty linear shrink there um yeah and its its really good for drone fishing. This for sure can really put some um of the grunt in the top of the rod into the the line retrieval and then on the other setup. Over there, weve got the pin spin fisher, 10, 500 and thats on a tikka traveler 24 kilo, uh four piece rod, so yeah and thats got 900 and something meters of 60 pound tears, lumber. So 900 meters of test line break um yeah, looking forward to the summer putting a whole string of lives out there. Its gon na be some good fun cardio for the week. Well, im! Truly, oh something! Just let go thats us weve brought the set in um. Halfway through youll hear me say it in the video. Actually, i felt whatever was on there. Let go um or lets either spit. The hook well get back up there and do a bit more of a closer inspection, but its either spat the hook or um biting off one of our traces but um. I yeah definitely felt a fish that was on there. You would have seen the bites in the footage as well. I felt something come off, which is a bummer um, but thats thats. I suppose one of the things about when youre winding in uh 600 meters youve got a heck of a lot of distance there for a fish to be able to get off so um.

I do wonder whether it was a trevally um hindsight. You know thinking about one of the bites. There was quite a bit of um real, fast movement in the road tip which usually suggests trevally. So i am wondering if we had trevally on and as i was winding it in, we busted it off at the mouth because they do have soft mouths, so yeah a bit of a bummer but um hey. What a cool day we got out. Todays goal was to test out the uh, the sd 4, which is the latest swell pro drone and man we well and truly tested that bad boy out and uh. I am impressed to say the least and uh sharks we even got. We even got a snapper today, so um yeah, beautiful day um. We i left home at about four oclock in the afternoon and uh. So we had about three hours out here: um fishing away. We didnt leave the baits out there as long as we could have. As well so, who knows what would have happened as the sun was going down, but we wanted to capture this video with the sun up so um. The purpose of this video wasnt so much to catch fish as tempting as that was the purpose of this video, was to test out the drone. So um yeah were gon na head up pack up some of this gear and then ill break down for you guys.

Some of the um stats with this uh sd4, so there you go weve um pulled in our two lines: um, because we wanted to finish this video with some daylight, like i was saying earlier, um, but just some of the basic statistics on the the sd4 um. Now, im not going to get into too much of the camera side of things because well do another day, filming just that side of it, because its theres a lot to get into with these drones um, but basically uh the cool thing with these drones. Here you can get five kilometers distance um. With these sd4s um youve got two kilos of weight that they can carry its a two kilo, payload um, the they come with a thing called boat mode on them. You can get these kind of looking. They look like pontoons for the sides of them, which means you can move them around for the underwater filming um. So, like i said, well have to do a day where we simply talk about the camera aspect of the sd4, because um thats a whole nother playground. Man, but you put it in boat mode, like you, would have seen on the remote earlier on and it moves around on top of the water like a boat, so um thats, thats, pretty blinking cool in itself, but underwater filming and exploring um. So yeah i mean five kilometer distance um, two key uh 2kg payload uh, just just a grunty drone.

If they hit the water, the the website states that theyre 100, waterproof um and so yeah i mean youve – seen us put them to the test, not just the sd4, but in the previous video we we really ran the fd1, which is the original um. We ran that fd1 through some crazy tests flying it in the rain we put a set out during the rain. We had a tree blow over and we still managed to get the the drone out on those ones and um. So, basically, everything you can have play against you, we have played against us and the drone still did what it was meant to do. So. The max flight time is 30 minutes to a battery, which is amazing as well and weve just opened it up. Now we did about eight tests, um, throwing it in the water a couple of them. We filmed a couple of them. We didnt film. We just wanted to have fun because um its a its a crazy feeling throwing a drone into the water. It just does not seem like the right thing to do um, so we tested it out. We threw it into the water upside down right side up um and tried a few different things within it, and it was amazing. Another point of difference with the sd4 compared to the fd1 is the remote control is now waterproof as well so um for those moments where you leave it by the tide to go out and grab something and a wave washes in and hits the remote.

In this case, youre going to be fine, so waterproof remote and i mean weve – just opened it up. Like i said we did a heap of tests. Weve just opened it up to see how it looked on the inside absolutely dry. So um i mean what else could you ask for really uh ive got to say ive got to say they have done an amazing job. Building these drones, i dont own one um, yet i dont own one yet, but um theres. There would be nothing really stopping me if i was in in the market again to look for another drone. It did not really be much to stop me from grabbing one of these things, because that waterproof aspect alone now this ive just run through a whole bunch of other crazy aspects to it, but that waterproof aspect alone is a game. Changer um ill say with the fd1 and the sd4. The fd1 was, in my opinion, just as good a drone um youll save a bit of coin. If youre not worrying about a camera, youll save a bit more coin. Um the mechanical release you dont have to have. You can have a tension release which gives you a little bit of another savings again but um. I i would say if youre gon na get one get the mechanical release um there were a few times where my real line was overlapping and catching, and normally that would an attention release that would have released it and dropped it out a little bit shallower if It was too shallow id have to wind it in reset it and send it out again with a mechanical release, though it keeps on trucking.

So that was a real big benefit to the mechanical release, so i dont think ill be going back. Thats now got to be a part of my drone, but um that was awesome and then um yeah. I mean the minute. I set it up. 600 meters. Now these things go up. Five kilometers, i didnt say that wrong five kilometers, but as soon as i started to bring it back, i hit return home. You could hear the drone coming from 600 meters away so um. Those propellers are beast man um just enough speed on it. Like i must say, i was pushing it out there, but i had plenty of speed left on it. If i wanted to use it as well and didnt feel the need to um, i will say in comparison to the aee condor in particular, there is a little bit more stability on the gps im finding with the condor in comparison to the splash drones. So, as youve seen, im im both landing them and catching them just to show you the differences, and just so you can see uh how easy or how challenging that may be, and um its a lot easier to do on the condor. So yeah a few differences there um, but man what an amazing drone, what an awesome day weve had today uh were gon na pack up now and im here for home. So much love fam again.