That is thats, some good wind, all right, theres! Some good ones – i was fishing for bait, and i heard this humongous crack thinking. Oh no someones crashed the car or something and thats a tree. A trees come down and its basically blocking the road now um, so were gon na stay well away from it and uh. At the moment, whats happening ive got a burley uh out in the water, at about knee deep uh and theres a whole heap of bait fish around it right now were were basically one while this wind is howling like this. Where were pretty limited to what we can do so were just waiting to see if it passes um quite glad we did that made that cool, because uh it would have been nasty, bringing something back through that um, but were gon na have a just fish with Some live ease slide that out chill out for a bit see what happens. We may have to change posies. We may have to yeah well figure it out well figure it out, but were going to keep something today were going to catch something there. You today everybodys out today its even its blowing now but thats. Nowhere near as badly id still fly to whats growing up Music here at least were fishing. The drones on the 20 back feels good. We had to be patient today, um, but at least weve got some baits in the water, and now that that rains gone, we might even get into the old splash drone.

So inside here, theres a little bit of a strip velcro strap that this goes into get them in, because we want this to be nice and snug. Okay lets in front so just another important thing here: frontier, so thats thats our front. There all right keep these ones on. Apparently the goal is not too tight, but snug. So all right, thats about right. There sweet! Aha! There we go yep thats snug, so this is us today. Um were basically were basically trying to figure out how easy it is to use one of these. Okay ive done a little bit of research online, but first time using it. Havent had any uh support today, to put it together. This is us getting out to show you just how simple it is to figure it out or how difficult it is. So this is going to be good, its going to be good clockwise, so its this one. So all im doing is putting this on finding a groove pressing it down and then pushing it sliding it backwards. Youll feel it want to go so thats, thats, nice and easy to to do yep there. We go all right now. That is all set up. Let me just get a look. This is camera all right. We are set cool, oh yeah, Music. Here we go its turned on now. It says: initializing. Okay, now were gon na start doing our um setting up our calibration. Here we go horizontal calibration, rotate drone clockwise.

Now difference with this calibration in l1, as you walk around this drone im gon na hold this yep. Now it says on here weve done that it says now vertical vertical calibration clockwise nose down so there we go. Yep got ta walk around this one. Get you a bit dizzy. Yep initializing lets put that back so thats how you know youve done your job when that there is saying initializing. So let that get set. Gee ive got a bit of a daze there, all right, okay, thats all set, so its got 10 satellites and 17.3 volts on the the drone 4.6 volts on this remote control so looks like we are set to go now. Lets get our our rig set up and were going to set this one up were going to actually set this one up on our electric um tenacom setup. So a bit of uh fishing with a bit of style and comfort today got our electric reel with us. So lets get this set up and then uh well see you again real soon. So the difference with the um, the splash drone uh fd1 is thats, got a two kilo payload just over two kilo actually and so, and that wind has just dropped off completely um. So were gon na set it out with a few big baits as well. Um ive got a six ounce and a three ounce so now nine ounces of weight um, which is a bit overkill for this.

This area, but hey todays, all about testing it out so were going to give it a good test out. Um so well. Send these up two two full um piper baits, well send out um three uh of our fresh trevally baits and then im going to chuck a soft bait on there as well, so were giving a few different things. A go! Um on the other rod here that we sent out with the aee weve got six pretty much six trevally baits um with the floating uh traces, so yeah keep it changed up, keep um a few different options out there, and hopefully that means well get some fish On the on the deck so lets give it a go, lets give it a go so that should just be able to sit in the water like that. I think we all know what im trying to target with that. So here you go theres hook. Number six were gon na. Stick this on the end, its got floating beads. So what were hoping is when its out in the water, these beads are going to pick it up and even, if nothings around having a crack at our baits. This will be flapping its little paddle tail in the current and hopefully entice something decent to have a bite so were giving everything a go today, giving everything a go today. Can you hold that and what were gon na do and can you turn that airdrop switch bro? Can you push that air drop switch on the top up? Here we go hey.

This is pretty uh, pretty user friendly, i must say: okay were in free spoolie, Music. Well, flip this into like that and then were gon na air drop all right, so that should have dropped our baits returning home yep, so its on its way back now, a little bit different in terms of our aee condor drones or attention release. So you pull it it detaches. This one here has got a mechanism that you you flip the switch down. It drops your baits um. So what weve just done right now, um, you would have seen that weve weve just done our first ever sit with the swell pro fd1, also using the tenecom electric reel, which you can see right there um for the first time as well, so trialling out a Whole new system, whole new setup and um ive, got to say i got a mert um. That was that was very easy to do very easy to figure out um. I i hadnt done a whole lot of looking into these before, but ive done enough. Just to know how the system works, and so now that were out here were fishing with it very easy to use. So so far, ive got to say that that excites me. So if youve been out there, thinking about the ft 1 or swell pro the old splash drones um so far its a big thumbs up from me, so yeah weve, set that out were doing 500 meter drops at the moment um such a cool setup uh.

What im going to do now, so weve got one out um that we set out with the aee weve got one that weve set out now with the splash drone and then um yeah. A little bit later on were gon na actually chuck. The uh were gon na chuck the drone in the water and see if we can do a wet takeoff so im looking forward to that im looking forward to that were playing playing with some pretty cool toys today, um, but look at that. She was blowing earlier on, so you saw that there was a tree down over there. Theyve now moved that its all coned off, but um its a lot more, a lot yeah. So so far so good. I havent seen any crazy bites yet on the set, but hey were fishing. The the wind has not stopped us from doing what we came out here to do today. Um, so im going to get back down onto the beach, have another go and see. If i can get some live bait, ive got the slide bait set up here. In the background, just waiting for a lively to slide and weve just been watching them jump all morning. Um, a lot of them are smaller, but i have seen one or two big things: making some uh splashing out there. So hopefully we can get a lively that we can slide out as well and then well be firing on all cylinders.

So so far so good beautiful day and um, we still got some exploring to do so ill see you soon when we get a bit of action. So now the time has finally come. Where were gon na get out there, im gon na take the um im gon na. Take the drone, the the splash drone fd1 im gon na just lob it into the water um yeah im gon na just chuck it in the water and see what happens so. Um thats the big attraction with the splash drones: they are water, resistant um and apparently you can land them or they land in the water. You can take off from the water and everythings all good, so were going to put that to the test today. It feels it feels like im about to do something stupid, to be really honest with you, because drones and water typically do not mix, but um weve got to test it out. We have got to test these things out properly, so im about to chuck a drone in the water lesson. This feels so wrong. Weve got our splash drone here, fd1 were gon na literally just chuck it in the water. Here you go buddy. That was crazy. Easy! Oh my gosh: well, there you go so if you uh somehow have a mishap, which is usually user error by the way and this lands in the water. If the tide comes up and – and you know, youve calibrated 100 meters down that way – um, which normally isnt an issue anyway, it usually tries to find the remote.

You can pick it back up off the water and bring it back to yourself. Just like i did. Thats, my first time trying to catch the thing as well, so yeah very safe, very easy to use um. Oh my gosh, that was cool, that was cool and its got a camera. So the other little thing here that we havent really even talked about today is it comes with a camera on the end, and you can my understanding is. You can actually fit different types of cameras for what your needs are um, but that there ive got a burly bomb that were going to grab once the tide goes out in the water. I could land this in there to see what was going on it. So it just gives you another world of opportunity and um, as you just saw, that was very, very easy to do. Oh my gosh splash drone fd1 youve seen it now now. You know now you know how it works. Music! Oh here we go. We just chucked a drone in the water. Oh bro, well, ive got to be honest. It doesnt get any better than that when youre a fisherman using drones, so all right, im, gon na go and uh wipe this down, because that still feels a bit weird to me and then um were gon na, have a look at what our gear is doing Up the top there um chucks and we may even get a couple more sets out soon.

So what a day, what a cool little blast that has been with one of these bad boys here again, fd1 by swell pro splash drone lets bring in the goods today. Bringing the goods today shes turning to custard clouds, definitely some fish on there ill grab this one off too. Actually this is the old carrot, patchy all right. So there we go our first uh set out on the splash drone nice size, um, gernard, nice sized gernad, good snapper there, so thats um its dinner anyway. Its a feed weve got the other. He looks wildly um the weathers well and truly turned on us. Um weve just got a little bit of a break in it. Actually, its stopped raining for a little while, but um as you can see, ive had to chuck the old uh old jacket on um got to have a a blast on the electric reel. So we pulled the first sealant. That was easy. Um i mean they felt like. I was cheating on a whole lot of levels, so that came in real, quick um, not a whole lot of strain on me to be fair uh and we got a gernad and a snapper that was on the splash drone setup and then on the spin fisher. 10: 500 – wind it in yourself real. We had um a snapper on there so, and that was just that one, just legal, so um, yeah weve got three fish in the bin.

Todays objective is obviously test out the splash drone um, but also we want to take home some food so take home some fish for tea, and so far so good, because of this break in the weather were going to set the splash drone out again on the Electric reel for testing purposes were gon na set that one out again and hey. If we get enough time, we might even set the pen back out again as well so um beautiful day, a little bit of rain doesnt hurt you um on occasion, definitely uh. Definitely worthwhile being out here so yeah were going to set this set this out now um this out. So it is the first time i have ever had a drone sitting in the rain ever and i must say, like its been sitting out there and weve not even been panicking or worrying about it, so were putting it through its paces. Today we are putting the uh the splash uh splash, drone fd1 um were putting it through its paces today, and it is handling everything that were throwing at it. So uh were going to set it out again because i really enjoyed that first um trial run. Put a fresh battery in it reset it push it out there and then hopefully pull in a few more fish, so yeah. This is us right on the east coast out here at kaiowa and uh. It has been an amazing day, so well see you soon.

I mean that batterys still got plenty of juice in it, but um lets put a fresh one in here. Just again, just a reminder, front front front good to go and um you dont want this ultra tight. You want it just to be airtight snug doing it. A bit by feel to be really honest, but i mean this things been getting rained on and um. You saw how dry it was on the inside, so it is doing what it says. It does good to go. Okay lets turn them on lets, get them sussed. Get our remote sust thats the mechanism that were going to hook up our release, clip to and thats um operated, so how that works is. As you can see, this switch on the top left hand side. It says air drop. You flick that down itll release that switch like so so just check that out, just like that and thats how we um thats, how you drop your baits with the setup so very easy Music, and that goes to show you how good this gear is. Uh were out about i like this. I like this being able to just let the drone sit there were at about five lets. Go lets. Do a 600 lets. Do a 600 bro. I mean the fact that im able to just sit and stop thats a 600. There lets knock this off thats loaded, airdrop. There you go, you just saw the top release yep, so thats now dropped our baits cool come on couple of good knots, yes, thats! What we wanted its definitely one fish on there yep there he is so there you go weve just set it out, just packed the drones just over there now and were already getting some hits on it.

So set number three set number three. So just an update! The weather has its really gone to custom now um, but weve got our um electric reel set up. There. Weve got the darwia tenecom out about 600 meters, this time um, as you would have seen, but um so thats, sitting out there and weve got two piper baits two hole piper rigged so that big moocher um potential kingy. Oh potential, come past. They just swallow those things down: whole um, so weve got two of those on there and then weve got four um four good sized trevally baits cut and put on there as well, and that rod to be fair since its the minute it hit the water started. Getting hit so um and it hasnt stopped, so our hope is theres. A couple of fish on the end of those hooks were going to give it a bit longer anyway, because at the moment this weather is terrible um, but were going to give it a bit longer see. If we can pick up a couple, more six hooks means. You know potential of um catching a few more hooks, a few more fish yeah. What a day, what a day we had the wind blowing so hard to push the tree over now were out here and its pouring down with rain setting out a drone. Ah its been awesome, it has been awesome. This is why its called adventure with keys because uh we have adventures man, we have adventures.

I got ta say that were on the side of the road, nice and comfy and uh having an awesome time so were gon na have a have a bit of a snack to eat and then uh wont be too long. Well start pulling this one in and start packing up really good time to pack up soon got a bit of a mess to clean up, as you saw earlier. Can i see it on the camera yeah? You can see my burly bag in the background there um and just you know, but a real talk. You know if youre gon na do uh that sort of fishing, if youre gon na set burleys out, take your rubbish with you at the end of the day, man um always clean up after yourself. Look after what we have its a beautiful resource, but its um. Its a resource that we share its a resource that weve got to look after so that our tamariki, our children, one day, can come out here and enjoy it as well. So if youre going to put a burley up, mean awesome, take your rubbish home with you! Um so im going to go down and get that burley uh the burley bags, because theyll be uh theyll be empty. Now, just the onion six im gon na chuck them out um and then uh yeah start packing down. The gear were not using get that to try and shelter that a little bit so it dries off and then uh well bring the gear and see if weve got some good fish on there, so hope youve enjoyed it because um.

This has been an awesome day out. Look give the video a thumbs up um hit the subscribe button and um stay locked on because uh its not even summer yet and were already kicking it off so um, but just some learnings uh from today um one of the things and, if im to compare It with the condor, which is the only other drone um that i really am familiar with uh a very strong like the uh, the splash drone in the wind holds its own, like you barely notice the winds blowing to be fair, but the difference i find is The gps holding or the the way that the condor just sits with its gps is very, very stable. Another difference the weight um the splash drone was able to pick up our nine ounces of weight. Our six baits two of them were full um, piper good size. Travali bait pick that up without any trouble at all, whereas i think the condor might have had a bit of um swinging due to the weights so thats another kind of difference between the two but yeah the gps. On the condor man after today, i have a real uh new found, respect for it, uh, obviously, the the way that this was able to stop out there. You know with the condor drone or the pre tensioner, because you can actually get the splash drone with the pre tensioned um Music mechanism, where you pull the um your sinkers out or you can get it with the device that lets your sinkers go.

So you got the two options there with this um splash drone, the fd1 so thats. Another point of difference there but um the being able to have your sinkers locked, mid air ive got to say that was that was quite cool to have because um when the line started catching on the electric reel on our way out there um. There was a bit of a line overlap and, as that started to to hit the the drone was still up in the air, so we were able to stop the drone. Get that sorted. Um put my thumb on the spool just to help control it a bit better and then continue setting it out, which is something you dont have the option with the um condo. The other thing is when the wind is blowing like it has been today. If you havent got the opportunity to keep your your line, moving, quite strong and quite tight, and i could put a bit of tension on my line today – um because the mechanism had the lock on the sinkers so um. That was another cool um thing to experience. Today, uh because then, once we headed out at this distance, we wanted it at were able to drop the sinkers um by flicking a switch, as you saw earlier and um, putting the baits exactly where we wanted them. So yeah completely different style of fishing today. But i got ta say i really really enjoyed it so um.

This will not be the last time i take one of these splash drones out for a fish ill. Tell you that much right now, um! So yeah were its now um, just getting dark. Theres. Still a bit of light in the sky, but um shes, shes well, and truly dark now um and were gon na see what happens with the change of light, give it a little bit after that weve already started to pick up and uh. Hopefully, we see something big hit the line, if not what an amazing day theres fish in the bin, um amazing day out, trialling a new product, the splash drone fd1, and i tell you what theyve got a huge range as well. So if youve been in the market and youre looking for a drone, condor drone youve seen plenty of videos, weve done um with that bad boy, and now the splash drone got to say big thumbs up big thumbs up so yeah. Give that a shake off awesome. All right here we go. This was set number three weve, just left it to the change of light, so we get that um the benefit of uh change of light bite. This is my first time using a um electric reel from the from the land such a good way to go with a drone setup with a 600 meter set and um were already in the first 60 meters, thats crazy, and what you do is um ive got The drag set so that, if um, if it gets hooked on something or if it um the fish, takes off and theres some something with some size on it, it can still peel line, and if that takes place, what ill do is ill flick it out of The um electric mode and ill fight it in manually um what you would do by pushing that back.

Just like that and then winding just like you normally would just like so um, but because were doing okay im going to use the electric part of the reel. So this is the tentacom 1000 by darwah and um man thats been doing doing an amazing job today. Now, if you do feel load on the road you use it just like you would a normal rod. So your lift, let it wind down the slack line, lift wind down this neckline, just like normal, except youre, not winding the reelers. Ah, i think this has wrecked me. I think this is ruined me now. Having to wind in 6, 700 meters is um its a great way to get a bit of cardio in, but oh my gosh. That is our process. It is our process, so here we go theres, definitely something on there. It doesnt feel big, but in saying that it might be gurned, so one win. If it is, this reels got a level wind on it built in so as its bringing it in its just keeping the line nice and level, which is what you want when youre working with braid most definitely its already come in almost 350 meters. Unreal unreal, while were bringing it in ill, give you a look at the gear, the setup um. Obviously ive got to keep an eye on the gear, so just bear with me, but you plug them in the back here strapped up to the rod.

Here is a lithium battery and um. I mean this thing: doesnt even look like its going flat, so its um still got plenty of juice left in it, um yeah, so you just plug them in shes, good to go um just like a normal overhead reel, except it does the work for you, man. What a good this is a good way to go here. We go, find the filter, hit the rocks Music, youll notice, im, keeping the butt or the tip of the rod high. That is just so. The angle of my line is nice and high as well, because were up on the hill. It helps as well Laughter, okay, so lets hit the hit the rocks now and yep. I can pull that up if i needed to, but so thats about 50 meters out, which is probably where the shoreline is anyway, to be fair, um and well go down ill wind as i walk towards it and hopefully well be right there, where the fish are. So very cool way to go um. I know a lot of people probably would like to get into a bit of electric reel um sort of set up, but unsure about it im sure how it works so thats, a quick rundown. Hopefully, you could hear me over the motor but thats just a quick rundown of how these electric reels go. If i can use it first time, youll be fine, but i must say is a very nice piece of kit very, very nice.

Indeed, tanacon 1000 Applause work. It two little fellas um. They look like theyre, probably just gon na be legal, but we might put them back. Actually yeah yeah ill, give this to you thats. Okay, there you go nice little uh, snapper, put them back and uh, because mate will put that back as well. So we got two snap on that last set and um all of our trevally baits were taken our two piper baits just sitting there. So um im. Pretty happy with that im pretty happy with that weve just um started to pick up that last set and noticed that one of the traces has been bitten off as well so yeah, something a bit more toothy came through and had a go and um. That would have been the last of our valley, baits, so yeah theres, all sorts going on out there. I did. I did see some bites and thought. Oh, i thought something decent would have been on there, but um goes to show you theres been a heap of action tonight heap of action today, um were pretty much packed up now.