This is b from droner tech and i'm really excited to be sitting so far away. Even so close, i can almost feel you from this guy right here can hear and the reason we're sitting so far away from each other is because we're in austin texas, right now for the drone spin up with a ready set drone and i'm super excited it's Happening tomorrow and you guys need to be a part of it, but this is ken harren hi, ken, hey b. How are you man, i'm good man like so you're gon na, be here with me? Obviously tomorrow? Yes, what are you most excited about? I'M? Most excited about smelling each and every one of the people in the drone community, because something that you people don't realize is that bee smells fantastic, he's, a good, smelly man. Oh my gosh and i know you lied and said that i smell good too, but i know i got that old man smell happening. I know i do. Oh, my gosh ladies. This is just a piece of what you're going to be getting because you and i are actually going to have a segment where it's just me and you oh yeah, um, so yeah man, we got the teleprompters going, so we don't go off script. Oh bro it's, like there's no teleprompter, i don't know why you acting like it's, going to be bad all right, but it's going to be good, so y'all look it's going to be already set jerome's page tomorrow, so pull up i'm a little worried, though, because this This is an earthquake prone area.

I don't know if you knew that, oh my gosh, is he really? Oh? No, hang on brennan brendan hang on. This is why he has no friends it's the big one. This is why he has no friends yo the man, the legend himself, this yeah. This is you. This is kelly from ready, set drone, hey how's it going bro. This is your event. This is your third year of doing this and honestly there's been a lot of challenges. I know yeah you're, like yep yep to me, there's been a lot of challenges. I know um, obviously with covenant all that, but you still managed to get us all here. You still managed to organize this and get all these people to come already, and i just want to know what are you most excited about? I am most excited about trying this as a virtual event, because i know in the past a lot of people at the live events who couldn't attend wanted to watch. They were like. I want to see what you guys are talking about. I want to see how you're interacting i want to see all that stuff and, quite honestly, streaming was never really something i wanted to do at the events, because i didn't want to cannibalize the live attendees this year. It'S all streamed and i'm super excited about that. We have a killer setup here, um yeah, i mean we got this back here, but we also have a whole bunch of tech on that side.

We'Ve got a professional crew coming in to run this thing so that we don't have to worry about it. We'Ve got monitors, we got multiple cameras, it's gon na be really really awesome and i'm super excited to push myself to do that number one and number two to bring it to a global audience. I'M. Just excited that you got me to come here. This is the first time i've traveled since march, and i feel really good about it and also i have one other question sure i'm. Looking forward to see what your answer is. Okay, i hear that you know in the preparation meeting that we have for this, that there was a bet that was made um. You want to have anything to say about what that might be sure sure i'll i'll say it. Uh i'll i'll tell i'll tell everyone that i told these guys that we should have a good time and have a chill attitude and that if any of them could make me cuss – and i should say without hitting me or physically damaging me yeah, i didn't. I didn't say that, but but let's let's assume that was assumed if any of them can make me cuz tomorrow, i'd give them ten bucks, ten bucks, so so just for just for doing something. That would make me so mad because i i will cuss occasionally, but i like them. I like, when i cuss on my own, because i want to cuss not because i've been provoked into it, so so yeah that's an interesting challenge to give the pettiest group of men yeah yeah i'm gon na get i'm gon na get nut punched.

I have a feeling it's gon na, be just kind of we could have done this for free, but either way stay tuned tomorrow, get the link below watch it because, honestly, this man i'm here for it yo – and this is the incomparable shaunaeze hello. How are you doing brother, uh, i'm doing all right, yo tomorrow's gon na be lit. Bruh it's gon na be a blast. We are literally out here right now we are, we flew. Did you fly, i literally flew here. I flew and the airport was amazing. We risked our lives to be here. There was nobody there. There was nobody there, the fastest i've ever gotten through a check in in an airport ever no one's sitting next to me and we're going to the thing is we're going to make it worth it, because i actually am really curious. What is your, what are you most excited about for tomorrow, because i'm excited about a lot of things? What is the thing that you're like i know this is going to be? Yes, i say it lit. You know i'm excited for spin down. Well, not that i'm not excited for tomorrow. Okay, but spin down's been sort of my little like side thing i'm, helping kelly with so okay i'm very excited about that which we'll talk about tomorrow. I don't want to all right all right. Okay, we can leave that's that's, a good teaser you're gon na you're gon na want to yeah so for tomorrow.

I i'm actually i'm interested in the fpv stuff, because i don't do fpv right now, but i've wanted to forever, but i hate fat sharks. Well, you know the dji. I want to do that's the way to go. Now i do that's going to be part of what we get to talk about tomorrow is because i'm just now getting into that, are you i am. Are you doing the the dji? I am yeah i'm doing the ggi straight up and i'm using the uh uh what's. It called the simulator, so okay you've been messing with the dji and the simulator okay, so you're getting used to the feel already. Oh i'm. Bruh. I'M. All the way in like this is the way to go it's just time consuming the f the fpv stuff is time consuming because you break it, you got to repair it, you break it. You got to repair it. Oh yeah, but that's. What the simulator is. Yeah you're going to break my hand, and for me i just like have friends that are good at fpv and i'm. Just all right, cool, like y'all, just helped me yeah and that's it. So what are you looking forward to uh? The thing i'm most excited about is the hilarity of all of us being in one space, because even when we did the pre meeting just now, it was just i was just like this is this is going to be a disaster in the most it's going to Be a slow motion.

My favorite part was when kelly said over here already or whatever he said. He lifted his hand. It was like a school teacher yeah like he's, like i won't, get upset tomorrow. I won't get upset tomorrow. We'Re, all like you go get us make. You drop an f bomb. Oh yeah that's the goal so we'll be here for it, so let's get into it tomorrow. It'S good yo, not even close to the least, but definitely last we have the original. As in like the first dobo, or did you call him dobo, we just call me dobo, oh jedobo, it's, just oboe i'm sort of phasing the original, because i found out there's more dobos. I don't know which one came first, so we're sort of, like you know, it's a legal battle right now, i'm, just going to give you like some real talk right now. Okay, all right! The swag that you brought to this moment is fantastic. Like you showed up, you, like, you know what beer in hand beer in hand having a good time, we're doing it and that's what's gon na happen, that's. The first thing i said to you, i said i said yo where's you're walking around, like you literally didn't. I was like you didn't, not even hello and i'm, like yeah where's, the beer where's, the beer. I was like it's right there. We could talk in a minute. We got it. It'S like coffee, oh bro, it's, not an alcoholic, just to be clear: it's it's, not alcohol.

You think whatever you want vacation we're on vacation on vacation, it's, we're, all austin texas! Well, exactly that! Well, this is gon na be live streams; it's a mess! Sorry brandon! No it's, okay, so first thing i have two questions for you: okay number, one what's your thing, you're most excited about tomorrow: oh man um, you know probably i'm excited to talk to nerc, but i'm also really really excited to give away because that's fun, because you Could be like you get a drone and you get an action and you know you want to be oprah. I want to be oprah i'm, not mad. I mean who doesn't want to be oprah that's real. I want to network and i want a billion dollars. So it's going to be cool to give stuff away, that's, not ours, and the fact that you know it's sort of like we can still do. You can still do all this, but not have to worry about all the you know. It'S cool man, you're gon na have we're gon na have a long day tomorrow. Y'All got ta, okay, you're up baby. Also, second question is we just saw kelly, you know the man of the ready set drone, the man and he he put a. He put a gauntlet on the table. He said i will give anyone ten dollars who can make me cuss? That was a real moment. He said he said if i i'm not gon na curse.

Tomorrow, like i was already warned, they said to me: you're not allowed the curse like so i have a tab open like it's like a jar, but they have my credit card. So, every time i curse, they're charging me, like, i think, it's like three or four dollars in a service charge um. So i was like we're gon na try to make him curse like we're gon na. Do i don't care if i have to hit him with my money's over here by the way we're gon na do whatever we can? My money is right here. Kelly was trying to even just explain it. I think it's like a gift card to olive garden, possibly even a starbucks gift card i'm, not even really sure but there's there's, something on the line to make them curse. So yeah seriously it's going to be a disaster just for this alone to see what this man right here does. The dobo does to get kelly to cuss is is worth the free price of a mission it's free 99 to watch this link it's worth it 10 a.m, to 2 p.m. All day, is it 3.99 to watch 3.99? Oh it's 3.99, i was gon na, say: we'll put our paypal link in the description below click on that and support us 3.99. That means it costs literally nothing so y'all pull up the link is below and uh. You see what happens because this is gon na.

Be the best slow motion train wreck that's ever occurred. Oh it's gon na be a disaster anytime. We live stream. It'S, like you know, things can always go sideways, but then you got like some of the the goofiest people in the industry here yeah under one roof. Socially distant, of course, yeah see this. We can't even touch. I can't wait till he watches the ship. I guess it's gon na be like i'm gon na what hotel is dobo staying at quick, oh god, i'm gon na shave, my eyebrows, it's, cool, it's cool, so yeah guys tune in, and thank you guys again for watching anything where this is and as i always I don't even know what this is. We don't know what this is. He paid me to say everything.