It has then this new spiderman street, i dont know the name of yet and vulture lets get into the video okay. Okay, so there is like one bag. Two go: spider, mans golden ribs. Sorry, for my hand covering here we have the restrictions we have stickers. So i dont like stickers and last thing: is this little golden web like thing so lets get into it? Music, Music? So here we have the vulture. I really like this lego figure, its probably that best lego full trigger is i like his big glider thats, pretty cool. He has a stood shooter. He has this helmet that goes up and down. He has two faces, the other ones just not glowing green eyes. He has a crystal um. Yes, thats, not, though, lets go over to the spiderman, okay, okay, so this spiderman minifigure, i really like it. It just looks so cool its golden with black. Definitely my favorite spiderman minifigure. I have, or maybe the zombie hunter. However, just looks really cool so, and he also has the ship that i think is really cool. That also has two stone shooters and the spider man figure has this web that you can hold, looks really cool and on this youre gon na have it flying and then you can also have spider man hanging onto this web. Let me show you what it looks like okay, so here we have the spiderman hanging on to with his web onto the ship.

So yeah the ship is really cool, so you can open this up and then theres just like a little cockpit there, and then you can close it again and if we go to the back of here open this and then this a little door and ill show. You what it does, but if you cant, really see it theres a little door there that you can take out and then theres a bomb so yeah. That was my review on this set dont forget to like and subscribe. This is quickly gaming and ill.