Slingers full cinematic history, not only by bringing back past peter parkers, but in even subtler ways echoing little moments that prove how, despite all these guys different backgrounds, these dorks were destined across paths and rescue each other. So im gon na break this down scene by scene for everything you might have missed and folks. I think i found more easter eggs in this movie than i have in anything ive ever broken down on this channel in five years. Before we begin, you can celebrate spider man no way home by checking out our awesome merch at new With this amazing new limited edition shirt, one of my favorite shirts, epic hero shop, has ever made called strange entanglement. I cant wait to get mine its gon na, be my favorite christmas gift. You can get yours at and thank you to baksu for sponsoring this video more on them later. Okay, the opening marvel studios title card has been updated slightly so that, if you look closely on the whole of the r replacing rocket whos in recent mcu titles is now peter parker. The moment he came back through that portal to join cap and end game. This movie will also make grown men cry seeing spider man arrive through portals twice, so we open immediately, where far from home left off the audio of the news broadcast of j jonah jamesons daily bugle revealing peter parkers identity by mysterios doctored footage director john watts, recreated That 2019 scene to near perfect detail before ended by cutting off peters, f bomb, which itself was a callback to aunt mays final line in homecoming.

But now a car horn censors out the word and mj is once again in her joan of arc shirt. But the three extras behind her are dressed exactly like the three guys behind mj in the far from home scene, but the one major difference is that mj now wears the broken black dahlia necklace that peter bought her and venice and gave to her in london. I actually like it better broken. This necklace is the key to peter and mjs relationship because in the final scene, despite her memory of peter being erased, something compels her to keep wearing that proof that she wasnt just with peter, because he was spider man and that she will wait forever. For that. I love you because she likes things better, broken notice, how one of the onlookers says: youre just a kid just like one of the onlookers on the train says in spider man 2, when that peter got unmasked, hes just a kid. Peter swings mj through times square, where jamesons inescapable broadcast includes an image of peters, face, half covered, as it often is in spider, man comics, and they pass two billboards for rogers, the musical, the captain, america musical from hawkeye on disney plus peter lands mj on the Queensboro bridge where they are spotted by passengers on the nearby roosevelt island, tramway famous from the 2002 sam raimi spider man film. As the setting of the final battle where green goblin made peter choose between mary, jane or sather the children, and then right after getting that toby error reference, we get an andrew garfield error reference when peter thwips the manhole cover.

Recalling the very last time we saw andrew garfield on screen as spider man. This is in front of del mars, deli in queens peters, favorite spot that showed up in homecoming and in a deleted scene and far from home, but notice how it now reads del mars. Three for this being the third tom holland, spider man movie back in their apartment. It made dumps happy, oh, but then they walk in on mj and peter d. Clothed calling back aunt may walking in on peter and ned. Just like this in homecoming but john watts shoots all of this in a full two minute long. Take to heighten that awkwardness in kudos to these four actors, because the timing is so precise, like when peter fails to close the window shade the first time he then swifts it shut, which feels improvised, like tom holland, screwed up closing it the first time. But then it was just like oh peter could flip it and then they added in the vfx of the webbing after that also notice how peter wears the same. I survived my trip to nyc shirt that he wore in homecoming as he came back home after mr stark confiscated, his suit its less baggy on him. Now, because our little guy is grown up, the daily bugle broadcasts hammer away at peter. You see a daily news front, page photoshopping, mug shots using their yearbook, photos and revealing mjs name as michelle jones watson.

For the first time, adding the watson, like her counterpart, mary jane watson, time magazine calls him iron man junior and shows him crying like a baby. In touch weekly calls him too faced and then peter gets doused in green paint, while newsreel footage of tower bridge includes the ticker political turmoil continues in new asgard huh, so i guess valkyries rule over that colony in tonsburg. Norway might be a bit unstable, something we could see more of in thor, love and thunder. Investigators recovered the drones from far from home, linking them to stark giving investigators grounds to arrest peter the dodc returns department of damage, control, who cleaned up avenger, messes and homecoming. Now, led by agent clary albert cleary is the dodc comptroller in the comics. They take some evidence photos showing a framed photo of ned and mj from the homecoming dance. Interesting. How peter is not in that picture, though. Keep that in mind. We see peter star wars. Figurines theres a photo taken of the iron spider charging station without the suit in it, though, can you see all the tangle of plugs into that one wall outlet? Also, we see the edith classes that mysterio was trying to steal from him and a bunch of playstation games, because sony during the interrogation peter wears the physics or theoretical. But the fun is real shirt that he wore in spider. Man homecoming when tony stark dropped him off back in queens asian cleary, says: furys been off planet for the past year, so peter thought he was talking to fury during far from home, but he was actually talking with the skrull talos, also confirming that the dodc is More aware of furys movements than most avengers are also that agent cleary just made my list of skrull specious ahead of secret invasion, because how else would he know that stark industries, the company itself gets swept up in the investigation so uh? Oh, i guess morgan starks gon na have to go to public school.

The file photo they use of happy hogan was his look from iron man, 3 prologue in 1999, when he had long, hair and bolo tie like vincent vega and pulp fiction and blowing our minds in the first 10 minutes. They get legal counsel from freaking, charlie cox, matt murdock daredevil from the netflix series, a crossover even crazier than toby and andrew in my book, because a this is permanent. In the mcu and b, it presents wilder implications for the mcu suggesting that much, if not all, of what we saw in the netflix marvel shows could now be mcu canon and we just saw coxs co, star vincent donofrio appearing as kingpin in hawkeye and that finale Episode will apparently give us some clarity on the exact canonicity of all those stories, but to be clear, this matt murdock is the super power. Daredevil a brick flies zen through the window and he catches it with lightning fast reflexes. But i love how peters hand was also ready to catch that brick too, since he has spidey sense. Also fun fact: john fabro played foggy nelson in the 2003 daredevil cool, so they have to move into happys condo, where he swiped tonys, dumb e robot that we saw in the first iron man. Film also recovered in iron man 3, and we saw happy yelling at it in homecoming now. First on the tv there are some people complaining about the new changes to the statue of liberty, which i agree.

Why would you add cap shield? Do it also, while theyre in the condo, happy watches downton abbey, just as he did in iron man 3, when hes in recovery and by the door, he has a bunch of spare security badges hanging. This was after he lectured everyone in iron man 3 that they have to have their one badge on them at all times, as peter and mj facetime in mjs room hangs her sketches of peter with a rain cloud over his head, but also that one of coach Wilson from homecoming, why are you here? You dont even have detention. Oh, i i know i just like coming here to sketch people in crisis its you theres, also that same photo of her and ned from homecoming again without peter in it and a photo of pigeons and venice and on the bed behind her. She is reading maya angelous. I know why the caged bird sings in this conversation peter mentions his spider bite ever since i got bit by that spider ive only had one week where my life has felt normal. This is actually only the second time in the mcu that peter really referenced that bite after his chat with ned in homecoming. You got bit by a spider. Can you bite me? Well, it probably would have hurt right. You know what whatever, even if it did, hurt ill. Let it bite me: maybe how much did the spiders dead, ned betty brant hosts the midtown morning, news still a job that she apparently also balances with being an intern for the daily bugle and tick tock and she says, go get him tiger marry, janes, catchphrase or Peter in the comics and in the past films also, you can hear someone in the crowd.

Yelling do a flip just like that. Guy in homecoming, who also came back in shanghai, the protesters signs include several pro mysterio ones, one calling peter devil in disguise, so this movies premise is loosely based on the spider man. One more day, comic, nyh peter, goes to doctor strange in search of a spell to make everyone forget that hes spider man, but ends up having to turn to a little girl who has revealed as methesto to do this. Instead, it actually ends with a similar reset. As this film, in which peters identity is a secret once more, but at the cost of his relationships with mj and with his friend, it was a very controversial comic when it came out, but like many great mcu movies, it turned a pretty divisive comic storyline into A really great work of cinema in the crowd, theres also an mj supporter. This is a cameo by darnell applane, an actor and zendayas real life assistant. Flash has published a tell all book called flashpoint, which is probably a nod to the dc comics preceding timeline. Crossover event with barry allen, meeting, alternate versions himself and a batman which is being adapted into another cross franchise event with the flash in 2022.. The schools mural of great inventors throughout history that showed howard stark in homecoming has also now added the faces of abraham erskine, who is the inventor of cap super soldier serum as well as hank pym in the upper right corner coach wilson, mr dell and mr harrington Greet peter with a display case of peters academic decathlon awards and his blazer theres also a photo of peter and mj in venice, where it looks like mr harrington might have pasted himself in from one of his selfies that he took then later on.

The rooftop mj reads a new york post that is the salacious tabloid that they actually based the earlier daily bugle designs on reading peter parker and his spider minions, showing peter puppeting, ned and mj below reading his hypnotic spider senses seduced jones watson, male spiders, actually do Release hypnosis like pheromones and ironically peter, does allow mj and ned to be brainwashed, but to forget about him peter rolls over to kiss her and the textbook that he rested his head on was chemistry. I see what you did there that we wouldnt notice, but we did also written a graffiti on the background is ditko a reference to spider man. Co creator, steve ditko peter, gets rejected from college after college, dumb e, gradually reassembles peters death star until the mit one comes in and dummy just breaks it just like ned did and all three of the friends get rejected, which is a bummer, because mit is tony Starks alma mater, where he handed out scholarships in civil war and where future iron heart rierie williams goes to school. The witch string lights actually have little goatees, making them little doctor strangest, giving peter the idea of what avenger to return to, and we hear the notes of doctor stranges theme here that leads peter 21778 bleaker street. The sanctum sanctorum inside one of the shoveling apprentices is played by emily fong, who worked production on infinity war and game. Chung chi and black widow wong arrives and explains how one of the rotunda gateways opened to siberia and led a blizzard in.

We saw those gateways in the 2016 film. I will say the productions movie went to an insane amount of effort to freeze over the sanctum for just a oh left, the door open to siberia, gag im wondering with those flood waters pouring into the sanctum and the multiverse of madness teaser. This may be a bigger indicator of this reality. Destabilizing strange floats in wearing a columbia university hoodie colombia is his alma mater. We see another one of these hoodies floating by the laundry machines downstairs and hes carrying a mug reading. Oh for foxs sake. We learned that wong actually holds the rank of sorcerer supreme since strange blipped for five years since wandavision told us that scarlet witchs powers surpassed those of the sorcerer supreme. That might mean strange might be even lower on that sorcerer hierarchy than we thought it might need her help. Even more strange says that peters request to reverse time is selfish, plus the time stone was atomized, but peter says quote its not about me. I mean this is really hurting a lot of people in doing so. Peter uses the same words that the ancient one used in her crucial lesson is strange, its not about you and so strange agrees to help him using a spell called the runes of kafka. Not sure the spelling but kafka isnt from any of the comics that i know of, but what wong says the memory wiping spell travels, the dark border between known and unknown realities suggesting that to enact the spell you have to kind of bridge with other realities of The multiverse and he leaves them through a portal.

You can see that bell tower in the background thats actually in the camartage courtyard strange, explains how the sanctum is built at an intersection of cosmic energy currents that they werent the first to seek this out with walls. Thousands of years old and that they shot an episode of the equalizer there in the 80s. The spell goes crazy and peter shouts. Basically, everyone who knew that i was spider. Man before should still know. That is the rule by which characters get warped into this reality. Also suggesting that kirsten dunst mary jane, both harry osborn, several others, might have also been briefly walking around in the mcu, but also tells us that venom through his multiversal symbiote hive, mind must have known that peter is spider. Man, though i didnt know when elektro found out that peter was spider man unless theres some kind of spider man mandela effect that im suffering from its possible as this purple void surrounds them. Strange sees a glowing silhouette that looks like the glowing arms of doc ock him being one of the characters that are currently spilling into this reality. So strange has to encase this spell in a prism similar to how strange and what, if, in cases, killmonger infinity and zola ultron in a prism to contain that reality. Rupturing chaos. But this prism is a dodecadron which is made up of pentagons with five sides and five corners, because peter changed his spell five times strange thought it was six.

But if you listen back peter changed it for mj for ned for aunt may for happy and then for everyone who knew thats fine. So what was the sixth well? The six may have been a secret change by doctor strange so that he would still remember peter because he loves him at least thats. My feeling peter suits up in the iron spider armor, using extra wings to glide the bridge and inside his heads up display. You can read up in the corner edith offline, also the voices changed to mail and thats, because the dodc is confiscated and disabled. All the drone network, its interesting that they did not take this iron spider suit too, but again when they raided his place. That suit was not charging in the port, so i dont know maybe peter tried to flush the nanotech down the toilet. Now on this bridge there are a ton of license plates and i can tell you folks. I looked at all of them because john watts loves to hide easter eggs in his license plates. The only ones i could actually decode mean anything were a nissan. With s e y s, 1 dp and earlier there was an anagram book on peters shelf. So this plate rearranges to spideys plural, which could be a clue for multiple spideys being in this movie and, of course, the mit womans car is 63a5m3 or 63 asm. 3. 4. 1963. Amazing spider man number three.

The comic debut of doctor octopus, who arrives in the scene, played once more by alfred molina from the 2004 spider man 2. He looks awesome, composer, michael g samples, danny elfmans doc theme from that film and as his claws smashed through this bridge, note that the claws light up red which, in that 2004 film, was how we knew when the claws were controlling ottos brain. So this must have happened before peter converted him at which point the lights, flickered back white doc ogg brings up his machine here, his fusion device that he was working on in the movie. What have you done with my machine and he quotes his line from the 2004 film. His whole goal: the power of the sun in the palm of my hand. Now, at one point, youll notice, peter webs one of the claws to a car door to make it harder for dock to grab anything else, to throw at him doc, ock pries off some of peters nanotech, which then absorbs onto his arms. So if you remember back to the first raimi film, norman osborne was an expert on nanotech im, something of a scientist myself. I read all your research on nanotechnology really brilliant and in the sequel, octavius built his arms using oscorp tech id like to thank harry osborne and ozcorp industries for providing it, and he explained how he controls these arms using a neural link. These smart arms are controlled by my brain through a neural link, nanowires feed directly into my cerebellum, and since the stark nanotech is controlled nearly as well.

That would allow doc oxtech to be compatible with it. However, that link goes both ways, so peter is able to pair with the arms and control the arms remotely, and then otto snaps at his arm, saying, listen to me calling back what he said at the end of the 2004 film. Listen to me now then green goblin swoops in but doctor strange portals them back to the crypt, where the lizard is already contained. Doc asked strange if this is a birthday party, just like tony stark referenced, dr strajs jimmy kimmel bit when they first met. What is your job exactly besides, making balloon animals peter enlists, mj and ned ned asks doctor strange. How did you know you were made of magic because my nana says that we have it in our family and sometimes i get these tinglings in my hands. You should talk to your physician, aha and later nanas home has a display of ancient blades and ned successfully operates the sling ring, which surprises strange. So, yes, it really does seem like ned might have a future as a sorcerer in the mcu, then down in the undercroft theres, all kinds of creepy goodies, a doll turns its head at them. In the fridge are a bunch of creatures, a floating eyeball in a jar, a claw creeping out from under foil mj, finds a goatee guard. That strange must use to get his goatee perfectly shaved and then mj goes on tick tock to find people on homemade gliders, replicating green goblin, another with a frost, giant cosplay.

That reads: i am the green elf and then, at the end of this theyre finally able to track down electro, where peter also finds sandman battling electro with his suit turned inside out salmon helps peter because they were on good terms at the end of the 2007 Film but electro jamie foxx now has a new body looking a bit cooler and while dr connors later calls it out, since they didnt know each other, while they worked at oscorp in the same continuity, this new body is never really explained in the movie. Meanwhile, willem dafoe norman osborne, my favorite actor in this movie argues with his goblin helmet, just as he would in the 2002 film. But the argument ends with him shattering the helmet, but even after it shatters the goblin voice, laughs, meaning breaking that helmet did not destroy the identity. It just fused it into normans soul notice. The framing of this broken mask as norman walks away matches the framing of toby maguire peter leaving his suit behind in the garbage can in the 2004 film, but in both cases the characters get dragged back into the game. You know, as i am looking for all these details, i like to keep my snack game going, but im tired of the same old snacks, which is why i have turned to baksu. Boksu is a monthly subscription service that delivers premium, japanese snacks and tea pairings straight from japan to your door. Each themed monthly baksu box takes you on a gourmet journey through japan.

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So if you want to try some awesome, japanese snacks and help support our channel click, the link in the description and use our code new rockstars to get 28 off your subscription peter returns to the feast facility, thats the homeless center, where peter works in the comics And the games, someone tagged, the sign outside with mysterio was right in a green circle. Over peters head, just like mysterios fishbowl helmet inside norman, plays a convincing, mentally disturbed man. Saying someones at my house. Oscorp doesnt exist my son. He trails off referring to harry osborne, of course, but also telling us that oscorp at least any company named that is not currently in the mcu anywhere notice, how he wears a green coat over those purple, sweats goblins colors. Meanwhile, aunt maes costume is worth looking at shes wearing a blue jumper with a red sash that could be foreshadowing. The bloody wound that causes her death aunt may tells peter to help norman peter says this isnt, my problem, which she gets mad at him over, because it recalls toby, mcguire, peters, fateful decision not to intervene which led to uncle bens death. I miss the part where thats my problem – j, jonah, jamesons, upgraded, daily bugle show, which is really thanks to his spider man coverage now pushes supplements, which is another jab at alex jones. The chiron reads: why does spider man hate national monuments, recalling the washington, monument and homecoming and tower bridge apart from home? Meanwhile, otto octavius recalls the moment he warped saying he had spider man by the throat, so this must have happened right before toby changed him in this moment in the film these things have turned you into something: youre, not dont, listen to them.

It was my dream. Sometimes, to do whats right, we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most even our dreams, youre right, meanwhile, max talks about being absorbed into the grid about to turn into pure energy. Recalling the amazing spider man 2, when peter and gwen hardwired elektro to that grid and overloaded his chip and then lizard asks max if he dies, but he never gets an answer and thats because lizard doesnt actually die in the 2012 film. He ends up locked up and approached to join a future sinister. Six, so strange shows them the box, the machina dicadomus in latin, roughly the division machine which he could use to send them back to their universes. But peter and strange debate over this strange says in the grand calculus of the multiverse. Their sacrifice means infinitely more than their lives. The subtext, of course, being his guilt for sacrificing tony stark as part of his complex calculus from seeing 14 605 future outcomes to defeat. Thanos, if you think about it, calculus was also the type of arithmetic on he who remains chalkboard, and i just find it interesting that peter overcomes strange by doing simpler geometry. Its still super nerdy, just not overthinking it doing as much 4d chess as those guys are so peter snatches. The box and strange, pursues him trapping him between portals so that he whips his own foot. I love it, but then he brings peter back to push his astral soul from his physical body, similar to how the ancient one did to him.

However, peters soulless physical body still manages to evade strange interesting. This must be a higher form of the spidey sense, which would be a neurological reflex that is divorced from peters, conscious, mind, but also shows us how this is really linked to a kind of metaphysical magic and later in the movie. Andrew garfield, peter does say magics real here too, so he might be aware of that link as well. Strange sends the cloak of levitation after peter, giving us that what if spider man became the sorcerers supreme image from the comics that we also saw in the zombie episode of what? If i love this detail on a nearby newsstand are people magazines with liz allen, peters crush from spider man, homecoming daughter to adrian tombs, vulture, calling peter a liar showing us that that family, including vulture, is still somewhere in the multiverse and gon na show up in Morvius dont know how thats gon na make sense strange traps peter in the mirror dimension. The vfx are incredible: peter tumbles past the high line in new york city, which kate bishop actually just recommended to elena and hawkeye. He tumbles through a department store where he can hear christmas. Music playing peter tumbles toward the bethesda fountain in central park actually looks like the angel of water statue might have like. The statue of liberty been swapped out for an avenger strange traps, peter in an endless loop of portals, creating the illusion of infinite spider man as there are, and then peter recognizes from the archimedean spiral that he can geometry the out of this and trap strange in A web of math and again, if you want a way to really celebrate this awesome magic versus math moment, you got ta, get your hands on our exclusive strange entanglement shirt at newrockstarsmerch.

com norman offers to help peter saying you know im something of a scientist myself. Of course, his line from the 2002 movie, you know im something of a scientist myself, peter and ned do their recurring handshake and it ends with the sling ring sparking a bit a little sign that ned does have a kind of inner magic to him. Peter takes them to happys condo the security feed glitches, as electro passes from his interference and then auto snaps. I dont need fixing, especially by some teenager, using scraps and a bachelors drunk drawer, its not a drawer full of scraps, its a bunch of scraps on the walls of happys room. You can actually see the name slot thats a reference to long time, spider, man, writer, dan slott, peter activates, the stark tech fabricator. We saw this kind of device used on the stark jet to design his new suit and far from home, its powered by an arc reactor. This is a familiar design. This is the new element arc reactor mark 1 with the triangular inlay that tony stark constructed using the new element he rediscovered in iron man 2.. I love that this is the era of arc reactor he used because in spider man homecoming, they specifically had the mark. 42 armor that was using, that same generation of arc reactor from iron man 3 on the stark jet. So that would be the one that happy still has in his possession. Meanwhile, otto and may share some water in the kitchen.

They did briefly date in the comics. Then peter designs, a new inhibitor trip for doc, och to replace the one that got fried in the 2004 film and he puts in place these six needles that go into ottos skin and fuse with the spinal cord. I love how they use the same exact production design from the rainy films for all of these pieces of technology. They really clearly did their homework to look at how all of these things functioned. At this point, the red lights on docks, claws, flicker back to bluish white and he transfers the nanotech back to peter to give him this golden spider. Eight arms, just like his own, its like giving him a badge of honor there. Otto encourages his buddy norman that hes about to rid himself of his darker half, but norman facing away from him says just me and defoe uses his darker goblin voice in this moment, meaning it is only goblin in his mind. Right now, and so peters spidey sense kicks in, and he just kind of wanders around the condo, its super creepy and notice as it begins. The first person to appear in his periphery is norman osborne and the first thing peter says is mei its his instinct, telling him that norman will post a fatal threat to may and so peter whips norman to dummy which, as they came into the condo, you could See norman in the background casing, so goblin makes his case to the other villains.

These are not curses. These are gifts recalling the final lines of the 2002 film. The lesson that toby maguire peter learned. This is my gift, my curse when peter had to rationalize his powers as both a gift and a curse, the fight breaks out peter punches, goblin and goblin just smiles more and more, he is loving it combat is just so brutal, apparently willem dafoe insisted on doing As many stunts as he could himself and downstairs, goblins glider strikes may and now that creepy face is covered in a hobgoblin style hood and he tosses a pumpkin bomb which peter bats away, showing how this goblin is just as willing to bomb an aunt may, as He was in the 2002 film and, as she dies may says, the immortal words of uncle ben with great power. There must also come great responsibility: yeah. There was a slight rewording and thats because she said the original comic wording of the line that includes. There must also come directly from stan lee folks that hit hard so to cheer us up. Ned uses the sling ring to portal to one of the other peter parkers. Currently, in this universe, spider, man, andrew garfield, a guy, no one will ever believe again in interviews notice. The music in this moment is actually james, horners young peter theme from the amazing spider man film in 2012., and we just got to pause and appreciate how great the intro garfield era of the spider man suit was.

I mean its definitely my favorite aesthetically great shade of blue huge eyes and a true diy practicality to it. One thing that era nailed but then ned portals again and toby maguire peter parker steps in his entrance set to danny elfmans spider man theme and we got ta credit, both maguire and garfield. For so deathly. Slipping back into their mannerisms toby is preemptively, polite and dopey. Andrew is post mistake, apologetic and super chatty, and i also like how their first instinct upon seeing each other is to thwhip attack, as if the last time either of these guys encountered a doppelganger, it might have been a hostile situation. Toby peter says that he liked to hang out atop the chrysler building, as we saw his peter perch in the rainy films. Andrew peters says hed like the empire state building for the few, but they find peter on the rooftop of his school in queens its not about the view its about a refuge from his high school life. You see never moved into the city. Andrew peters starts to say he has some understanding of losing someone, of course, referring to letting gwen stacy die and he goes on to describe what happened after gwens death, how he stopped pulling his punches and got rageful and bitter. So, apparently, in that garfield continuity, this spider man might have straight up killed people, which is an insane revelation. Im gon na explore all that in another video, but toby peter recounts, the vengeance that he felt that led him to track down uncle bens murderer and how in spider man 3.

That wound was reopened with flint marco and exacerbated by venom, a critical lesson that he had to learn and all three recognized the words with great power comes great responsibility. Making that proverb a kind of constant absolute point among all the spider men they return to the high school and work together to engineer cures for all of them. I love how nerdy the second half of this movie is toby. Peter tells ned that his best friend died in his arms after trying to kill him referring to harry osborne and spider man. 3. Meanwhile, toby peter tells andrew peter that he and mary jane eventually made it work. Ned calls for peter and all three of them look up. Confusedly pointed at each other. Of course, a nod to the meme awesome and toby peters shows how his webbing, unlike the others, used mechanical web shooters comes freakishly out of his wrists. I love how andrew plays super grossed out and even when tom holland moves the conversation along, he even continues staring at tobys wrist for a beat before hes, like oh, okay, yeah. What and then on to the showdown at the statue of liberty, toby peters, back tenses up, a callback to peter herting is back in the 2004 film, which itself was an inside joke about how toby nearly sit out of the sequel after hurting his back on seabiscuit And then andrew cracks it for him for once cracking someones backbone without killing them toby talks about how he fought an alien made out of black goo, of course, referring to venom.

His eddie brock played by topper grace and setting up tom hardy venoms arrival in the post credits scene and then tom holland peter talks about how he fought thanos, and then she was like im lame. I only fought a russian guy in a rhinoceros suit course. Referring to paul giamattis rhino, but i love it. Toby peter talks him up, saying hes, actually amazing, giving andrew garfield the credit he deserves. Despite his amazing spider man era, often ranked the lowest by fans, hes still amazing and now hes got his brothers. But i love how the first time these feeders try to work together. It totally fails since they are more used to being solo acts. So, while andrew and toby teach tom how to mourn and to forgive tom teaches them the one thing, his era of spider man had that theirs didnt cooperation with superheroes more powerful than he is at one point, toby just straight up screams. How is this helping and andrew peter asks if the avengers are a band and calling back when bruce banner asked if the avengers broke up like the beatles avengers broke up, were toast, like a band like like the beatles but theyre able to figure it out and A little subtle detail here that i loved during their heroic swing tom holland, peter whips to his two brothers to sling them back up with him, so that the three of them can leap together off the statue of liberty head right at electro in sandman and lizard.

Meanwhile, you see how elektras bolts, at one point higher up in a star shape around his head, like elektros mask in the comics toby peter manages to revert thomas hayden church flint, marco. I love how the device lights up and spins the same way. The super collider did in spider man 3. Then lizard jumps into the portal with ned and mj, thrashing around that science lab evoking that school battle in the 2012 film, but then doc ock helps them fix electro and they hit lizard with the same serum gas that they used as the reigning antidote. At the end of the 2012 movie, reverting him to rhys ivans, dr connors and max dillon tells andrew garfield peter that he thought he was going to be black and that theres got to be a black spider man somewhere out. There definitely setting up miles morales to step up sometime soon. Hopefully, since we do know from aaron daviss lines and homecoming that miles morales does exist in the mcu. I dont want those weapons in this neighborhood. I got a nephew who live here, yeah, sorry miles, im not gon na make it then green, goblin dives in snarling. Can the spider man come out to play, calling back his creepy line to toby maguire peter over the phone in the 2002. Film can spiderman come out to play and he bombs the box causing the spell to spill out around liberty island. I love how the vfx caused that tear to turn something that should be in the deep background feel like a canvas that is way closer to us and in this chaos.

Mj slips and falls from the scaffolding, the framing exactly matching gwen stacys slo mo death drop in 2014, scaring the hell out of all of us tom holland, peter dives after her, but he gets swiped by goblin, so its up to andrew garfield peter to step up To catch her redeeming his failure to save gwen, but they do it in a really cool way because notice this time he focuses more on the leap itself to catch her in his arms. Instead of trying to snatch her with his webbing all to avoid that whiplash that actually caused gwen to die, proving that this poor guy has been obsessing over that decision every day of his life, and that is why he sobs and relief. Finally, we get another little source for our setup for ned when the cloak of levitation catches them. We actually get a little light motif of doctor stranges theme music. There too, get this man a cloak and then on the fallen giant. Captain america shield tom holland, peter and goblin duke it out, and it is vicious peter prepares to kill goblin lifting his glider to bring down on him the same way. Captain america nearly killed iron man in civil war, using the tool that peter is now standing on. This kid is moments away from going full john walker, but toby maguire peter jumps in grabs the glider, even though tom holland, peter shoves, that glider even closer to him.

Ultimately, he helps him see the light and to make a different choice, and so tom holland proves his change by hitting norman with the anti serum and giving him a second chance. Meanwhile, the sky opens up to dozens of glowing. Silhouettes, presumably other characters who know peter parker is spider. Man from other universes, one of them holds a spear, looks like craven. The hunter others match the shape of rhino theres. Another one. That kind of looks like scorpion im gon na go deeper into these in another video too. So peter and dr strange realize that the only way to seal up these cracks is to complete the memory wipe spell as it was intended, meaning everyone will forget. Peter is spider. Man notice how, whereas the runes before were thinner, more rushed written here they are bolder and more authoritative, like the runes cast by scarlet witch in the vision, final battle, so toby and andrew make their final goodbyes and toby says its. What we do recalling, how aunt may justified why you should help people and peter explains it all to mj and he promises he will come find. Her just reminds me a lot of that theme from eternal sunshine. How love is too powerful of a force to be bound by memory and mj tells peter that she loves him, but she doesnt, let him say it back to her wagering that the first time he can say it to her on the other side.

Itll be so pure and real that that could be the thing that awakens her and then so after the spell is complete. The world continues to know that spider man exists, but the name peter parker means nothing to them. This is crazy because it means that ned and mj still made it into mit, but with no physical evidence of peter barkers history with them. So, in addition to brainwashing everyones memories, this spell must also have warped all of reality to erase documents any kind of digital records. Any physical mark that peter parker left on the world i mean: does a guy have a birth certificate, a social security card? I would say that that should have to necessitate a new history to be conjured to replace the peter history that was erased, but – and i hate to point this out, but if you think about it, peter was often absent from his major events in his life. From his homecoming dance from his field trips from his school competitions, he was blipped for five years its depressing to realize this, but his erasure is not that disruptive to his friends lives. I mean essentially, this just means mj and ned spent more of their teenage years alone, which for mj reading a book by herself is just kind of who she is ned. Tinkering with his legos is who he is. I mean yeah its sadder, the more you think about it, but its true thats.

Why peter makes this sacrifice? Because he knows his loved ones can get by without him, and so when he finds them back in the peter pan coffee shop himself, a kind of peter pan stuck watching kids grow up and move on. Without him, however, mj still wears the black dahlia necklace so somewhere deep down. She still loves him in the coffee cup. She gives him reads: we are happy to serve you, a cup that he holds on to to remind himself to serve by the way we actually saw the sanctum apprentice with one of those copy cups earlier when she was trying to fix that same artifact. That thor also broke in ragnarok. That cup also showed up on the dashboard of the tracksuit mafia in hawkeye episode, 5 and peter almost says to mj. I love you, but he stops himself and he waits upon seeing the band aid because he doesnt want to hurt mj anymore so to protect her for now. He walks away peter visits, maes grave youll notice, the flowers cover the birth and death dates. I guess because, as tony stark observed when he first met may in civil war, we never do quite know how old mei is happy shows up. Doesnt know who peter is, but he compares this feeling to losing tony and peter sets up his new apartment. I am praying that they can find a way to make mr dikkovic his landlord youll notice. He has a ged test, prep book and thats, because this guy has no academic record anymore.

Also, we see he sets up his palpatine lego, which was the first we saw of ned leeds back in homecoming and he wears a new suit with brighter blues and swings out past 30 rockefeller center, where the upcoming finale of hawkeye will be set. I dont think well see spider man swinging into the background of that, but a guy can dream being a stranger to the community. Peter parker relied on is so painful, but it does force this kid to mature into the selfless hero that his forbearers showed him. How to be at times the life of a hero is a lonely one, but all those people are still there and they may not remember, but they still love him and one day he will find his way home. That is everything i found in this heart: wrenching and beautiful spider, man, film, but theres. So much more. I want to say about this movie so to support our channel and help us do that. Please check out one of those great merch options at that strange entitlement design is calling to you. We also got a kingpin. Inspired long live the king shirt, you can follow me on instagram and twitter at ea loss. Follow the new rockstar subscribe to rockstars for more analysis of everything marvel.