This is amazing. Ive been looking forward to this. So much lets see what we got. So you got. Three bags got two instructions number one. You got that golden web piece. We got some stickers, mostly for the spider man drone and the vulture build egg number one. We have the vulture weve got his legs torso that build bag number two, i must confess i was so eager. I actually opened this in advance and because i was very excited for this version of spider man. He is just immaculate. He is perfect in all ways. Look at that perfect super detailed print on his torso black and gold on the face black and gold for the legs, black and gold on the arms he is so gorgeous. Just this is one of the nicest looking spider man figures. I have seen in a long long time and ill link it in the description below or on the side, but you can actually take the arms off of him and the legs to make the perfect killmonger from marvel. What if the killmonger, also from black man panther, makes an amazing suit so ill link that but anyways thats the highlight of bag number two for me, bag number three! Last but not least, you have the drone dual set, and this is just to finish off that drone, hey everyone. This is kyle style, and this is my lego review for spider man no way home spider. Mans drone duel set set number 76195.

This is a seven plus set, and this is my review for it. So i just finished building this and i have to say its better than i expected. I am very impressed with the vulture and ive also picked up the vulture from spiderman far from home. In the 35 set and id say, this version of the vulture is better. Its. The wings are just more moldable, the propellers move. He looks very intimidating and very scary and hes also got the visor. Hes got the diamond from his heist: purple blasters great aviator. Looking torso jacket and just overall its very he moves and youre able to move his wings. The way that i feel like the vulture should and so theres no real complaints here lego did a great job. So a plus the print is great, even the the head piece here. I take off his helmet, so you see hes got the altitude mask. You take that off only looking smile there when you just want to set the vulture up, you got to make sure that you move the propellers and turbines the way that you want them. So you can stand up soon. Fall over hes, also just a very, very possible feature: hes got a stud shooter on his pistol there and then one of the main reasons he got this set was the black and gold spider. Man and hes also got great black and gold. Webbing hes got black and gold webs that you can use for handcuffs for the vulture.

As you see here, you have the gold webbing, almost like handcuffs golden web handcuffs and then for the spider mans drone. I just love the the black and gold contrast. The color scheme is great, the propellers i like this nice black matte, feel and then in here you can also just sit spider man down from there. He clips in close them up and yes, its an incredibly unique, build. It strays from the traditional blue and red which im actually happy that they didnt do anymore, because we had weve gotten the spider man, jet lots of spider man, bikes and cars and buggies and monster trucks and its nice to have a unique looking build. And this drone, it definitely does that, so you got some stud shooters up top here and also in the back. I dont know if thats a spider bomb or what that is exactly or if its another kind of small drone to follow someone or track somebody and yeah. I am a fan of this. If you dont like stickers, then youre – probably not going to like this because theres a lot of different stickers, i think 12 different stickers to add on so just be careful with those and these pieces im not quite sure how i feel about this. They almost remind me of like a locust from the mummy, those kind of older horror, thriller movies um, but its its actually a very interesting build, and i enjoyed it more than i thought it would uh building it, and so yeah were all for the set.

I think its great it comes with a lot of great, very unique gold pieces that you wont get anywhere else for not only for the build for the drone, but also for the spider man webbing, and you get an amazing villain. You get a great version of vulture, he looks amazing, he looks super intimidating and its 25, so i dont think he can go wrong. This is one of the best versions of spiderman ive ever seen, one of the best or the best versions of vulture that ive seen and a unique looking drone build. And if you dont like it, you can probably just sell the drone on its own on kijiji or facebook marketplace, but yeah overall youre not going to be disappointed with the set, whether youre getting it for yourself or a gift for somebody else. I would highly highly recommend this, so i would give it full marks for two minifigures and for playability, if you like, lego customs like i do. This is also a great suit with the black and gold print on the legs, as well as the arms which you could use for, kill, monger or even possibly, for iron mans, mark 41 suit. So yeah keep that in mind. If youre looking to do lego, customs and yeah, oh last but not least, were gon na, do the drop test so vulture your first just because youre the villain and make sure you got your weapons, you could be a fair fight.

So here we go drop us on my old school 70s carpet, see how you do boom. Oh shoot. Okay! Well, you did not like that very much all right, so you separated this clip, so you can see and a lot of separated and a wing, okay, so full vulture. You feel the drop test, all right, spiderman drone. What do you guys think its just going to flop well see boom? Okay, all righty! Well, not as bad as i thought it would be. Okay, so the midsection came off that clips in real nice and easy and one of the leg sections fell off. Ah, you know what vulture definitely got destroyed more than this drone duel set, which is actually quite surprising, oh and then spider, man, ah invincible.