Number 76195, is rated seven and up and comes with 198 pieces and two minifigures. Now the set is uh based off of spider man homecoming mostly because of one figure being the vulture. Who obviously, was in that? First mcu spider man movie, but it does have the spider man in his new integrated suit, which is the black and gold suit, which is uh to be seen in the upcoming movie. So its kind of a mixture of both films. As far as we all know, the vulture wont be appearing in the upcoming movie, so you know its its a bit inaccurate. In that sense you know, but it and as well the drone aspect. You know we, we didnt see any drones. Those were in uh the spider man, far from home movie. That was the second film and wasnt obviously designed like this. So maybe this drone will be seen in the upcoming movie, so its kind of a mixture of the all the spider man, films, kind of in one set which im okay with obviously uh its just not entirely accurate, but without further ado lets get into this set And were going to look at the box so, as you can see, that has some nice logo with the spider man no way home at the top. You got uh spider man in his nice suit. There showcase some of the action that the set has the vulture and spider man some nice detail on the back.

You got lego spider man against one of these push open boxes, which again, i keep saying really prefer the taped ones less likely to damage the box and yeah. Some of the features of the set to show on the back which we will get into, and that is the box now lets get into the minifigures. So to start off, we have spider man in what is called the integrated suit. As far as im aware at least thats what its called in the comics um, basically, this is a suit spider. Man will wear in the upcoming film, not really a spoiler. You see it on him in the trailer so uh. Obviously he didnt wear this in spider. Man homecoming so got ta expect that, but this is a very awesome spider man figure. The detail on printing is excellent. The detail looks really excellent. Uh hes got some arm printing nice leg, printing, no side, leg printing, which is to be expected. I guess obviously not double sided head as its just the mask very nice printing. Like i, i love this spider man figure. He does come with a series of webs that you can kind of create using this. This is the generic one that he comes with its in gold in previous times, theyre in white, but it is really cool, so you can kind of have them shooting out webs to get the bad guys and there are different ones. I do have them and i will show them off in a moment.

So here are some of the other wet uh like web, like things that uh come with spider man, so you got that guy yeah lets try another one which is smaller than the other kind of a spider spear. If it focuses there, you go and then the final two right there. Next we have the vulture and he looks really good and not as detailed as spider man, no arm printing or leg printing, just generic arms and pants, but still looks really good. Hes got his uh weapon here that hes developed with the help of the tinker in the first movie, hes, obviously stolen a diamond and or this could represent a chicari core taking off his helmet. He does have a double sided face, his other one and kind of there we go. You can see there so thats. It does have that two piece that goes into it to represent that. So you can see the back printing that he has on, looks really nice, really nice detail and of course the vulture has his wings, and these look really awesome. I got ta say i really like the design they went with now it is very heavy and you cant really stand them up at all. You need to have something like holding them up from above uh. That is like stable enough to hold them, so it wont fall forward. Otherwise just show it. You see itll just kind of lean forward which will give it a flying motion which may or may not bother you.

But overall, i really like designs. Thats a nice detail. These are all stickers, but still really enhances the set. As you can see there, there is one on the back and you know its all brick built obviously, but it looks very nice very cool design. This is my first vulture figure, so i really really like this. We have the spider man drone and it is really cool. I must say so, not sure if well be seeing this in the upcoming movie since uh. Definitely didnt see anything like this in the previous, film does have a place where you can put spider man, which i will do so its not really a drone. In that case, you know its more like a ship but thats. Why? I thats what makes me think this is just a random thing. The lego designers came up with just to have a play feature rather than just a vulture versus spider man battle pack. So, as you can see, spider mans in there, you cant see through it, but that is okay. So all these propellers can move. You got some stud shooters on the front which i wont use but function the same as usual: stud shooters. On the back. There is a little compartment which you can open up revealing. I dont know what this is. I i feel like this is supposed to represent a uh arc reactor from spiderman or after, like one of iron mans arc reactors that we see in spider, man homecoming but hard to say, thats, just kind of the look it gives the vibe it gives off me From how it looks so, it does have really one other feature, which is you take spider man out to here close it up and, as you can see, theres this uh rope piece, and this is for spider man to swing with its meant to represent his web Attached to his drone, so as you can see there, spider mans swinging along so so im sure kids would love something like this feature, its pretty basic one, but works well with spider man.

Overall, this set is a very nice and affordable set to get a brand new spider man version as well as collect the vulture. If youre a fan of the mcu spider man movies, im sure you would love this set, it has some great play features and overall, is a very nice and inexpensive set. I must say overall i absolutely love this set its one of my favorite spider. Man sets ive gotten, you know i. I still want to get the daily bugle, obviously, but im really happy with this set and its a very affordable set to get with. That being said, thats my opinion, so let me know your thoughts down below. This has been lego dynasty.