Drone duel from spider man no way home, but its practically from homecoming, because its the drone from homecoming but whatever so lets, get right into the minifigures. So the first minifigure right here would be the black and gold spider man suit, and it looks so good, especially with the arm and like the print detail and stuff. There goes my little stand hold on one second other than that uh. This minifigure is really good. Like you got the uh little symbol on the back, you got the symbol on the front and the detailing is just incredible on this minifigure. I would have liked to see a spider man homemade style suit, but this is just a mini, really nice minifigure and the little accessory that he has is him kind of shooting a gold web to capture vulturin but its weird, because he also she just shoots his Normal white webs instead of gold, but you know you know, lego love to throw weird stuff in then we have the vulture, and this minifigure looks so good. He has a little purple jewel, assist accessory along with a purple stud shooter that just went bye, bye and this minifigure just looks really nice and more accurate than the one we got from 2017, and i really like how like this its just supposed to be. Like a normal outfit design, and then you just have the scary reminiscent helmet, it looks so so good for this mini here we can see what his head looks like without the mask and breather and it looks pretty menacing with the green eyes and then, if you Switch it to the back, you can kind of see michael keatons face.

It looks way more accurate along with the back detailing. This is pretty good and you have this clear to vibrate like bracket thing and its to hold on to that guy. Next – and here we have the vulture with his wings on it, just looks so good way, more accurate than the one we got in 2017 with the flappable wings now, and then we also have like a little air turret that we can move in any place and It rotates 360 and its just so great. You have like this little wing design going for both sides with three wings that are removable turn at the bottom, along with that pretty nice wing piece. When you take it off, it looks pretty good and looks like you can add some more on and then lets switch it to the back side. The back of lego is always going to be unbearable, but this one actually looks pretty good, so you can have this little gray, cylinder disc on. I put the purple extra studs for the shooter right here, just because in the movie he the alien tech is used for the wings and the alien tag is mainly purple. So i just feel like that blends in so well with this, and it just looks so good overall and you can move this in any way you can put this back. You can move these forward like these little wingspans, its just a really plausible wing design and its so good for this minifigure, especially with the jetpack design and now lets move on to the drone.

So obviously the drones get them gon na be the main part of the set, and it looks pretty good from the front. It kind of looks menacing, and it has that drone design and up here, its actually a little cockpit. So you can sit spidey in and also you can put him in standing up, but his back has to be kneeling and we all know how toby feels after that, but this aint toby. This is tommy and we could put this up and he just sits inside of there perfectly and its like a little cockpit. Basically, and then you also have like the little stud shooters right here and we have a design for the spider man symbol right here and the wings oh dont, dont get me started on this, the thats, the bad part about the set on for the drone honestly, But right here we have a little bag design for this, for the spider drone, then over here, its kind of like a i find this funny is its like a car. You have these like a red lights, and then you also have this like a little ball in here and whats inside. If you empty it out, is a little spider drone with a yellow stud on it, and then you can just put it back in there. Then this long, yellow gold line is for spider man to just hold on to while hes in air, basically, and so you can try to web vulture up and kids are going to love playing with that, and this is what it looks like.

This just looks so good for kids to play with, like lego honestly did this for the kids and if younger me, would just love swishing in this around his bedroom, flying with the vulture and yeah, but the wings are the bad part about this honestly. So they branch out into four different directions, and when you try to spin them, they dont they dont all go together like you, cant spend them, so you can only spend them for so long like that long, like you, cant, spend all four, and it is just Really hard and these pieces they do not even do anything like you can easily take this off and they always break and its so annoying. The box is the final thing about this review and the box that just looks good. You can see the little cartoon design for like the comic books, and you have spidey right there next to the vulture, and you can have them all going up and you still see spidey then theres, doctor strange somewhere. I cant remember where he is but uh yeah. This is what it looks like you can see the minifigures, the little spider symbol, the uh integrated suit. The little marvel sign over here. It says spider man, then, on the back. Basically, the features already talk to you about its a little cockpit, stud, shooters and then basically, the main part of the set – and this is what the minifigure size looks like.

Actually ive never done this before. But lets do this one. Hopefully, you guys can see, but i put the spider man figure on here and its actually the same size believe it or not like i was actually telling the truth. The entire time, who would knew not me overall, this set, is really good. The only downside to this would be the drone wing feature with the propellers, not even spinning right and then, if you try to like push them while having your hand holding something else, it just tilts everywhere and its kind of bad, then also these like little straps Right here, just fall off so many times its kind of annoying, but overall this sets really good. Surprisingly and yeah, i would have to rate this a 7.5 out of 10..