My name is anderson and this is a lego. Marble set review, so this set number is 76195. This set is called spider, mans drone duel, it has 198 pieces and it has two minifigures. So we we can see its its its um clearly stated: spider man no way home, but its says inspired by spider. Man homecoming im, not sure why the creators of marvel and lego decided not to have real no way home sets for no way home. But i dont know anyways um. So, as you can see here, the box has the from the box on the set has two minifigures and it has one large kind of drone ish build. So this box art looks pretty good its like um skyscrapers, presumably new york city, and this whole background thing looks nice except like this is not too much here in the back its just kind of black and blue. There, oh right and we have spiderman in his black and gold suit. There looks very nice spider logo there and some of that um kind of normalized, um, comicy white stuff, so yeah it looks pretty good. I like it like how they did the effects of the blades spinning on the drone there and heres the back. You can see that here you have just the people fighting i like how they started doing this. Now you can see the little spider shooting out of there and you can see some of the things that the drone can do like it can open up in the front and it can um also shoot small studs.

So looks very nice, oh right here you have the spiderman new home logo and the spider and spiderman in lego form right there. So lets take a look at the minifigures, so our first minifigure that we have in this set is vulture and we have had vulture before, but this minifigure is way way way better, and i just i really like it. I i think it looks really awesome. I like it more if it could stay but um. I i really like this vulture minifigure um. I think i think it looks way more accurate and way more detailed um. I wish the legs had some detailing there. I think that would have been nice um, but the color was all right and he has a jewel there plus a duchari weapon um. He was not even in the actual movie, which is too bad um and then here his little mask thing. I love the visor thing its way better than that thing that they had earlier, and you can just take this whole wing thing off sorry about that um and then here on the other side of the face, you actually have um, just like a fake, an actual Face – and i love that i think it looks very nice, um and no hair piece – i would have liked a hair beast, but thats honestly, all right, i mean the rest of the minifigure is more than enough to make up for that and yeah.

If this will go down, that would be also nice but um whatever so yeah. This whole thing looks. This is very well done and then here you have the actual wings and those look pretty decent um. I think they look a little bit more accurate um. I would have liked it if they had given him those little claw things he has on his feet. I think that would have been cool, but they did not so whatever um a lot of stickers. I didnt love that i would have liked it if some of these were printed and, of course they have these little fan things. I love that and its very rotational, its very changeable flexible and here on the back. You have another sticker and i wish they could have given a little bit more thought to the back, um its just a little underdeveloped so whatever and yeah. So our second minifigure that we did get in this set is spider man in his black and gold sue integrated suit, whatever you want to call it um, and i think this minifigure looks amazing, so first of all lets get that off um. This looks so good, as you probably know, even if you havent seen the movie um, it is supposed to be his homecoming suit flipped inside out, and it looks so great. I mean all the detail: the black, the gold, even the gray um. It just looks very nice and well done um yeah.

I really. I really really love it. I would have liked some side leg printing. There i mean they even gave them arm printing. I just i really love it. I think this is one of the best spider man suit designs, weve seen in lego, so far um yeah, and they gave him these gold um web pieces, and i like that, its a its a nice touch um because you know actually im not gon na say That itll give spoilers but um yeah. This just looks very very nice, um yeah, so lets look at the actual drone itself, so i dont know why they lego did this. I mean we they could have just waited until after the movie came out if they didnt want to give spoilers to people, but for some reason we got this drone build and its not a bad build in itself. Just dont know why we got it. So the build itself, its pretty simple, i mean its just a little minifigure cockpit there. The rest is all just nothingness, and you have these fans here and i like how thats done you can spin as much as you like that pleases you and its not a bad cockpit thing its not a bad deal on the cockpit um. You can just slip a minifigure in there. You have to raise its arms a little bit of course slip a minifigure in there close it and boom its not completely covered.

I would have liked it if it was completely colored. You can still see him in there, but whatever and then yeah and as for fans here in the back, you can actually more stickers. You actually lift this thing up. Why i dont really know i mean i dont know what the point to that was, but you can actually take that out and here theres a this thing. I dont know what its supposed to do its kind of random, i think, like i, was just trying to have more things going on with the set than there should be, but its also pretty hard to get in there. I mean its with these things. Its kind of difficult so im, not just gon na, not try um yeah its, not bad, just weird, and then here you have these stud shooters right there, and here you have like a little rope thing that you can hang off this and i do like that And you can just swing spider man on it, as he goes across the thing. Dont know why he would not be piloting the drone while hes swinging, but i dont know this set is weird so yeah thats, my general opinion um thanks for watching this video. If you like this, hit, the like and subscribe button hit the bell notification and have a super awesome day.