This new spider man lego, set that i got its pretty nice keep in mind. I dont really have a good editing software right now, so this video is going to be a little rough around the edges. So just bear with me please so heres the packaging, its pretty nice. I mean i dont mind it its pretty good packaging. I mean most people dont, really care about lego packaging, but when its good, its good so lets move on to the parts you guys really care about the minifigures. This is a four plus set ill be so obviously the builds not gon na be the best, but well take a look at the minifigures first, because theyre actually really good minifigures. First off we have this mysterio hes, pretty much the same as the one. From the far from home sets uh, except for i think this prints different, i think they, it might be the same print as the first but its on a gold body instead of a green, its pretty nice and instead of a clear dome. He has this nice, blue, misty, blue and instead of a gray underhead like just head, he has a blue one and i think it works really well. I actually prefer this over the original ones. I really really love this figure. Hes got one of those junior one hole: capes im gon na. Take it off because its too hard to take off right now, but yeah hes, pretty nice.

He comes with these accessories, so its like this little walkie talkie thing and it comes with a jewel. It comes with an extra too because lego usually likes to include an extra of those types of pieces, so yeah. This figure is pretty nice lets move on to the next figure. We have nicholas fury, samuel l, jackson, the leader of shield, whatever you want to call him, i guess real leaders are probably the right word, but you know what i mean. So this is the same nick fury that i think started off in the far from home. Sets – and he was in a couple of other sets – i think i think he was in that uh big helicarrier set that i got, i think, thats. Why i have that set and i think thats, where i got him but yeah. This is a pretty nice figure. Its nice to get more nick fury figures, i like getting characters that arent necessarily the most attractive to people that arent like iron man or spiderman, or captain america. I like to get figures like this too. His printing is really nice. I wish that uh that if you can see that sorry, my camera is kind of out of focus, uh, crap, sorry, but the head printing doesnt go all the way around thats, pretty par for the course for lego, though, but overall this figure is pretty freaking nice. I really like it: okay now were going to move on to probably the main draw from every for everyone in this set black suit, spidey upgraded suit, sweaty, not black, sweet, but black and red from far from home.

This is a really nice suit, not my favorite of the spidey suits from the mcu that would go to the homemade suit. I just really love that suit and i wish wed get it within lego one day, but this this is really. I love this like theres. No arm printing, which is kind of a letdown, but i dont think we really needed it with the suit. I think the rest of the printing really is just top notch that we dont really need that white printings nice hes got a great spider symbol on him. Like great and those eyes, those are new if, if im correct, those are new, i think those are new, yeah or new to me at least because those are not normal mcu spidey, as i dont think i really like this. These are one of the better spider man figures that legos release and, second, to only id say, zombie hunter spidey from that new uh disney marvel series which i will be getting that soon so stay tuned for that. So lets move on to the builds all right. The first build is this little drone thing, its pretty cool. I mean its a junior build so its not that great or anything, but it does this. You get three of these little discs that you shoot out and you lose them thats pretty much. What lego likes to make you do lose your lose your pieces and step on them barefoot, while youre walking in the bathroom at night, but this drone its not that great of a build.

I prefer the drones from that uh, like spider man, battle pack thing and the uh other uh far from home sets. I prefer those drone designs, this one kind of sucks im, not a fan of this. I will not be using this ill, probably just be taking it apart and using this panel right here, because thats a pretty nice panel to use for something like a goober or something for your spidey. If you wanted to do like a uh, what into the spider verse like display, i dont know all right. The next thing is this little car build. I forgot to mention, but uh nick fury comes with these as guns theyre, like ray guns, i dont know why. They didnt just give him like like a normal pistol or something like i dont, know any gun, but these but thats beside the point, lets remove these so theres this its like a its a little. What like a police car, maybe i mean its got these red and blue lights. I dont remember if he uses a car like this in the mcu and or not at least i dont remember it. Has these lights on it, but its still pretty nice ill, probably use this. For i dont know my cops likes my gotham city pd, or something like that, but i mean its a junior set so its not that great uh, its a nice car. I mean for a junior or, like i said, its a junior set, its not the worst junior build ive seen, but its not the best, so lets get all these guys put in the frame.

Oh – and i forgot to mention – spidey also comes with these. You know the string piece and the cobweb piece so overall id say this sets pretty nice, i mean the main draw is gon na, definitely be these minifigures. Most sets are like that for me: theres, not a lot of sets i buy that are for the build, except for like the uh guardian ships and stuff like that from the infinity wars wave. I bought that those mainly for uh the buildings, like the the actual builds same with the uh sanctum sanctorum and uh spideys apartment from that wave. Those i bought those mainly for the builds, but also the figures. I mean im all im, a figure guy im, a figure guy, but this set id say figure wise is a plus ive got the set, for, i think its 1999 plus tax. Obviously so, and then i used my like lego vip status thing and got five dollars off of it. So if you order this on the site, its probably going to be closer to 30 with shipping and stuff – which i would say not worth it – i mean its a nice set. If you buy this, if you find this in store, probably buy it, especially if youre a figure guy its a junior set, so the builds arent that amazing, but overall this set, i think it could do with a a price drop. I think it should have been five dollars cheaper, at least it being a junior sentinel.

It doesnt, i think they could have taken this out or this out and like maybe refined something i think they could have taken nick fury out and just gave us these two and gave us like a little battle pack or something you know with with a few Drones or something for mysterio, because weve been getting a few weve gotten a few of these nick furys now and hes nice to get ill part them out for some stuff. But overall i dont think we i dont think the set should be as much as it is. I like the set its nice, but if you, if you want to pass on this, i dont think anyone will judge you unless you really want this figure. This i got this set for this figure. I got all these spider man wave sets for this figure. I have the uh drone duel next to me right now, i will be reviewing that soon. The uh sanctum sanctorum workshop is delayed or something i think it got. Canceled somehow so ill have to uh reorder that but yeah overall, this set its pretty its okay. I mean its not the best marvel set out there, but its not the worst, its pretty nice, so yeah ill see you guys next time, please be sure to like and subscribe. I know this. Video is a little rough theyre, mostly gon na be rough, because i cant find a good editing. Software and im also pretty stupid when it comes to editing so yeah im recording this on my phone at the moment.

So yeah please like and subscribe uh yeah theres theres a little spidey.