It is spiderman, spiderman versus mysterious dragon attack set. This is a full class set and it retails for like 30 bucks in a charlotte where i live and uh its just a really good set. I think i bought this on a deal for like 24 instead of 30., so yeah thats kind of the main reason i bought it uh so this set. I have no idea how many pieces, because on the box, it does not say so in this set. We have three minifigures spider man, mysterio and uh nuclear, and we have two builds. We have so starting off. We have the uh drone build. My camera is really bad and its its okay, its not its way too big for like an actual drone in the movie, but i mean its a four plus set so theres a little shooting thing. I should have just ready: oh yeah, oh yeah. It has two guns: a little thingamajiggy and yeah its its really big compared to a minifigure. So if you put spiderman here its almost as big as the car, my camera is so bad, its so bad. The car that nick fury is thats, pretty big foreign and uh so lets get to the minifigures. We have spider man so uh. This is the black suit spider man. I am sick. Why is my camera so bad focus? Can you focus okay? So this is a spider man see this is the black and red suit from five room.

I am so glad that we finally got this, and i think this is probably the best spider man we have so far. Uh the body and the legs are amazing. I think i think they should be on printing, but head is okay, but i think we should get a more accurate one. I think the one from uh spider man uh for uh homecoming is great its more accurate, but you know i know mysterio next. This is an exclusive figure to this set its really nice. I really like the new headpiece underneath its just a plain blue head, uh yeah, not well. I mean i really like the printing, its a lot better than the last one that we got from 2019.. Next up we have our nick fury. This is a really nice minifigure, but it has. Why is my camera so bad? Please focus uh its really nice, but its coming. So many sets now its just straight up insane uh yeah, its just regular nick fury so now lets get to the builds signing off. You know nick cherrys car. I really like this build. To be honest, i think its a really cute, really nice car. I dont understand whats happening on the back theres a little part, and i i dont i dont wha. What is this but uh? You know, i think it would be really nice if it had a roof, but you know yeah, as we talked about the last time about the drone.

This phone is very inaccurate and it is very big, its too big for my liking and it these little green things on the top look green things on the side, which i think are pretty what i think are pretty cool. I cannot speak english and yeah now lets take a look now. Lets take a look at the instructions, so here we have uh. This is the second book. Where is my first instruction book here? It is. I found it. This is my first time doing the review. Please make fun of me so here this is the first book i like how they actually separate it. I really like that. So here we have a spiderman mysterio with the drawing missing terribly and uh his nick fairy, with his nice car now lets take a look at the box. The box is really nice. I like it a lot i yeah. The nick fury from here is sam. Oh yeah, its just the thick side, some of the instructions are or its just the box, uh theres, nothing. Oh yeah! I really like the soda of the golden state, spider man. I still think the black suit is the best one its better. I think everything is better than that one and the black and gold one but thats just my opinion and it doesnt really matter on youtube, you guys. So what did you guys think about this set uh? I think its an okay set its really good for a four plus like compared to the ninjago ones, which is just straight up trash.

I i think these are a lot better. The minifigures are definitely the standout, especially with master and uh and uh peter. If youre interested and uh yeah, i think its a really good day, its very overpriced. I think so, if i want to get this from target when theres not a deal thats like yeah thats, like 30 bucks, and that is really expensive for the set that should. I mean has the price it has like a piece count of like a fifteen dollar set.