The name of the set is spearmans drone, duel and um. The main build is the drone, but lets take the minifigures first, so lets put them to say: lets bring in the vulture now spider man hes in his. I think this is his suit and his homecoming suit inside out um, which is right here actually so thats. How they look together, um he has arm printing, which is very nice. You can use on your iron man. Bones suits nice printing. All around i like this colors. You know what he comes with the web pieces, but theyre in the gold and so thats nice um. So yeah thats spider man now vulture. He is another build. He comes with the stud shooter, but you can make it better by making that laser thing. So what you want to get you want to do is grab a stud, shooter, put a great purple stud and a black stud and then put another stud suit, shooter purple stud and then a black sub with a hole in the middle. So you can put this gem on the end. You want to grab this piece, which was common in the avengers 2020 line of sets thats, where i got it and you just put on the side, and you have the vultures laser from homecoming now vulture himself. He has his wings and i like these wings, a lot more than what we got originally for the homecomings for the homecoming set um hes more accurate uh.

He has nice detail less thicker detail uh. Let me compose these all around turbines now. If we take off his backpack, he does have these goggles and then he has an alternate face, so he can have im kind of unmasked, but i prefer to have his green eyes out, because nice printing, he has a nice new piece. This, like pilot, mask, i think anyone just want to put him on says japan boom, you have vulture a pretty nice figure um, it looks really nice, so those are the minifigures um and okay. Now, for the main, build, which is his drone, which hes probably not gon na, have at all but uh its lego um, so you have propellers four propellers its in this black and gold color scheme. I think thats, like a camera or something in the front, not too entirely sure in the back. You have this back, which opens up to reveal a little spider drone, which is really nice um. I wish they included actually electro in this set, since we seen the trailers that spider man fights electron that suits um, anyways yeah. This has this like little string. They can its not really string its more of a plastic type. Rope thing put spider man: you can open up this cockpit and put it in there actually back down and boom its in there. Here they have some stud shooters up here. So do that probably never gon na find those again um nice detailing up here nice sticker stickers as well stickers, stickers, nice, color scheme, thats, really all for this, so its more for the minifigures um, but its a really nice set uh.