I got the damage version and i got a regular one, so yeah let’s take a closer look before we take a closer look at the drones. I fixed the mafik spidey, so he has more articulation movement in the waist area, so he can crunch all the way down. No problem at all. Get him in cool tripping poses like what i really like is the how the playstation 4 game uh. This suit looks and the way i got him posed right now, uh, sometimes when you’re done swinging around the spidey finish on the ground and when you finish on the ground, you most of the time ends up in some kind of uh battle drop down mode. Like a superhero landing and the way i fix the app articulation right now, it really looks dope, so let’s focus on it. So yeah, as you can see, the crunch like here way more movement, so let’s take a closer look at just the waist. Look at all the back movement. He has right now and i molded it so that you, when i move it around, you won’t see the difference and that’s something that i really like. So you don’t see anything on the outside is just within. I will, if you look at the photo right now, you can see i drilled the side just around the socket. I removed it and that’s the way. The ball joint in the hip and the torso can get crunched way back down.

So let’s focus you go and drop down way more and that’s, something this figure lagged in the beginning. Just look at that. If you want to, he can touch his toes right now, so that’s that’s dope, but yeah let’s. Put this aside. Let’S, take a closer look at the drones it’s a cool set if this spidey actually came with more accessories, but i think mayfax is gon na follow the new rule with the re release of items which uh gives the figure. What i think they will do is uh. They will give us a battle damage version of the new suit that he made and when they do, he probably comes with an unmasked head and maybe a drone and the battle damage uh, and hopefully they will give him. The wings i’m gon na make my own. I was busy with it, but i didn’t finish it on time for the review for the drones, but it’s coming so stay tuned on my instagram. What i did is he comes with a magnet, hence a magnet feet. So what i do is uh with magnet wire. I connect it like these parts and to the feet and in between so he has the wings here and here just like in the movie so stay tuned for that. But yeah let’s take a closer look at the drones let’s zoom in on these guys, because they actually look really dope. I know the studio did a great job, let’s focus on them.

These drones are really great, so yeah let’s take a closer look at the regular one first, and this is the one i prefer uh, because the battle damage is cool, but you have to take a closer look at how they fix the paint and the detail. They did a great great job on these drones. Just look at that. The paint everything the mold i’m, not sure they just found a hot toys, 3d scan and just printed it out smaller or they actually sculpted themself in a 3d program or something but either way it looks really really dope. Just look at that sculpt continues, even underneath. Just look at that shininess they did a great great job on the paint and the look it’s just awesome. So yeah let’s take a closer look at the top. Just look at that man’s shininess everything close look at the back, but yeah what these drones does. Do. They don’t do much no articulation or anything, nothing moves uh. Let me say i didn’t even try to move it, because when i do it’s really really tight and i don’t want to break it uh. So there’s no movement here, no movement here, but either way it looks great and yeah it’s, just some accessories, the figure missed, and now we have it so it’s great. So let’s put this this one aside, a closer look at the custom. I did just for the stop motion for the review. It looks like a molten one, so what i’m gon na might do is just paint it a little bit black with a white and just rip it a little bit apart.

So he has a some battle. Damage version uh just laying around or something in the scrap, so yeah it’s, okay, it was okay for the stop motion, but yeah not gon na use it anymore, just gon na use it for battle damage stuff. So yeah let’s put this aside now let’s take a closer look at the battle damage. One just look at that man. It looks great. I really like the regular one, because it looks really good. The painting everything looks just uh really really good, but with this the battle damage one. They did a great job, unlike planing, but i was expecting a little bit more, like maybe it’s, just the same sculpt just battle damage paint and i was expecting like some really some curves were gone or really a piece of the gun was missing, so i might Order another one and do it myself, just one gun broken or something or a piece of the uh lens is missing or something just something new, but either way the battle damage. It looks great uh, just just wanted a little bit more damage that’s all, but either way you can go and check it out, buy which one you prefer uh.