It spider man far from home, continuing the tradition that every tom holland, spider man movie would have home. In the title and speaking of continuing trends, they were still dead, set on giving us a very different spider man to where you would think. Since the last movie went ahead and took spider man out of his element, taking him to dc, he would have a movie in new york, but instead they decided to take him very far from home on a school vacation in europe. Admittedly, when i first heard that i wasnt too excited about it, but i damn sure was excited about mysterio joining the party, especially because he was going to be played by jake gyllenhaal one of my top favorite actors in the industry. Now i got ta address the elephant in the room and the review i was kind of the most scared to do was spider man homecoming because i was pretty vocal on my thoughts on that movie or some people in my comment section were convinced. I hated tom hall and spider man when that wasnt the case at all. It was still a movie. I ended up liking. I just wanted to love the character a lot more and that movie itself, so when it comes to spider man far from home. Well, let me just go ahead and let old me in one of my first ever spider man, reviews on the channel tell ya this spider man movie holy freaking spider man far from home, takes everything i disliked about what they did with spider man and spider man.

Homecoming and completely fixed it thats right, spider man far from home, was the make or break movie for me where, even though i wasnt 100 on board for tom holland, after watching this movie, i love the character and this movie to where yes, i think it still Has some flaws and a couple of missteps that we will touch upon, but man it just felt good for me to be cheering on for another spider man, so lets go ahead and hit play with spider man far from home and actually before. We even hit play on spider man far from home, since this spider man is part of a larger connected universe. We have to be filled in on what happened to him before this movie. Some people might hate the fact that you cant just watch a spider man movie back to back, and this is definitely a good showcase of why you cant do that because imagine going into far from home without knowing that five years have passed. Half the universe disappeared, including spider man himself, who dusted away and surprisingly thats, not a factor that bothers me with these spider man movies. I actually like the larger connected universe, and i already got my solo fixes with toby and andrews movies, but it was the stuff that happened to spider man in infinity war and avengers end game. That really, let me know, even though i wasnt someone who completely loved homecoming, i knew i really did like tom holland as spider man, because man hes the best parts of those movies, his interactions with iron man and helping fight off the black orders, showing hints that We would eventually see him team up with doctor strange.

I was even one of the people clapping when he finally got the iron spider suit assumed i didnt want him to get in the first place, but of course it was pretty awesome when he got it and it made sense he was going to space. But what really showed me why i love spider man being part of the mcu is because i did tear up whenever he dusted away, even though i knew the boy was definitely coming back. They didnt make this marvel sony deal for him to disappear forever, but the acting that tom holland did there and knowing the relationship between peter and tony, it broke my heart in the same way that comes full circle to whenever tony dies in front of peter. But now, knowing that we can go ahead and hit play with the actual movie here where just like in the previous film, it starts us up with setting up the villain of the film in mexico, where a rock elemental is being taken down by jake gyllenhaals mysterio. You dont want any part of this im gon na put some dirt in your eye. This is then also where we get introduced to the mentor. Mcu figure thatll be stepping in to work alongside peter parkers, spider, man and nick fury. Here i thought was kind of a lame choice. At first out of all the marvel superheroes and people you could have chose they picked nick fury, which, yes, i think, hes a cool character, but he definitely wouldnt have been one of my top five choices.

For this movie, but as the story continues on, i think he was a really great choice, at least being fake nick fury. We then cut into the students of midtown high who go ahead and pay their respects to our fallen heroes from the events of infinity war and endgame, while also making sure the audience is aware about the five year gap, where some students that we saw in homecoming Have aged out and are no longer part of this film and then some that we never knew about are now old enough to be part of this class again really weird, but i do like this connectiveness in the mcu, but one of the things i was actually Kind of shocked and taken aback by is whenever we cut to peter and ned. Having a conversation about the class trip theyre about to go on, we get the clear indication that peter parker is infatuated with mj. I have a plan. Okay, first im gon na sit. Next to mj on the flight yeah great second im gon na have the murderer what the whole time Music – and this is one of my gripes with spider man far from home, because all throughout spider man homecoming. There was never really any indication that peter parker liked. The character of mj, if anything, he went well out of his way to ignore her when she clearly liked him and was going out of her way to make sure she was always around peter.

So for the movie just to kind of right away. Tell you, oh by the way peter likes mj dont, ask why he just does. I thought was a little lame because i would have liked seeing peter naturally fall for mj throughout the course of the movie, but again just a minor gripe and with a minor gripe. I had in spider man homecoming of the movie just making the anime character. The hot character in the film far from home goes ahead and fixes that where they make on may an important member of the community who is now working at a homeless, shelter and thatll. Be a common trend with spider man, far from home, a lot of the gripes and complaints i had about spider man homecoming all basically get addressed and fixed here, where it felt like the director really listened to some of those hardcore spider man fans that were not Fond of homecoming and was doing his best to make sure that stuff gets talked about behind the scenes of this event, though, we do get reintroduced to happy hogan, who, once again, is a recurring character in the spider man franchise. One that i welcome, because i do even find it funny. The relationship youll have with peters aunt may, which is something ive mentioned in the comics. Aunt may sometimes does date. The people in peters life, but happy goes ahead and informs peter parker. That nick fury is on the hunt for him and he should answer his phone and see what he needs, and this is one element of spider man.

Far from home. I get a little mixed on because with peter at this point, everything hes gone through with infinity war and end game, losing tony stark us kind of getting a sense of his ptsd when hes getting grilled by the press here and then he has to go away And all he sees is iron man everywhere. I feel makes me understand, then why this peter parker feels like he needs a vacation and escape the suit a little bit which doesnt make me mad as some spider man fans, because i have to go back and remember even toby, maguires spider man also wanted to Quit the job and go away from it to where he literally threw his suit away and spider man here after what he suffered and gone through instead of quitting the superhero biz. All that he asked for is one week that he can spend with his friends and classmates to just be a kid again before he returns to friendly neighborhood crime. Fighting i like that. It just starts falling apart. For me, a little bit once nick fury tries to get him on the job, but well get there eventually, because then we start to see how badly peter really wants to be around mj and impress her. So i do like these moments. Music, seeing peter have those high school troubles of a high school crush and him getting jealous at another classmate watching from a distant hoping they dont get too close to each other is really reminiscent of what happens in high school because, of course, while always be the Broken record and say, andrew garfield nemestone are the god tier gold standard of chemistry within spider man characters.

I find tom enzendes relationship very adorable to where its a different kind of chemistry, where their love is a little more awkward and yet its pulled off in a way where i do feel it is semi real and it has to be. I mean they dating in real life, still the fun of being on vacation doesnt. Last long as peter is then introduced to his first elemental, hydro, man – and i do remember following the behind the scenes too far from home and hearing that the elementals would be part of this film molten man, hydro man and someone who watched the 90s cartoon series Of spider man, i was kind of excited to see how they would handle hydro man and, as we come to learn in this movie, theyre, not necessarily characters more just monsters of destruction. So, while i am disappointed in that aspect that these characters dont exactly get fleshed out like they are in the comics visually speaking, i do like what occurs here with the way that peter wants to take up the responsibility of trying to fight this water monster. So then, where we get to see peter meet mysterio here now i waited to talk about mysterious costume here in the flesh, because, oh my god, that is one thing i love about mcu spider man is, they are nailing down the costumes for these villains. I think mysterio might end up being my favorite outfit for any villain in a spider man movie, because i think its the perfect example of adapting something from the comics to where it still resembles it, but it is different enough still.

This was the real intriguing part and the thing that kept me on my toes for spider man far from home, because i was like, i know the character of mysterio theres no way hes gon na be a good guy by the end of this hes up to Something – and i think most of us knew at the time he was somehow responsible for creating the elementals. We just didnt exactly know how yet, but just like that mysterio leaves an impression on peters, classmates and the world where we see peters friends, kind of discussing more about this character here, where i do think its kind of funny that flash is still a really big Spider man fan hes all right, hes, no spider man. What is it with you and spider man? Hes just awesome, okay, hes inspiring. He inspires me to be a better man kind of like they just ignored the fact that didnt spider man steal your car. In the last movie and crashed it, my dude, i think, thats, just a small little continuity error unless hes that naive and was like spider man needed it for justice, but with the elementals now showing up around peter parker. This was a great opportunity for good old, nick fury to step in and finally confront peter for why hes been ghosting him lose the mask. Everyone here seen you without it: youd only be fainting, anonymity and breathing through spandex for no good reason and then heres, where the mixed bag starts coming in, because, while i really like the chemistry between tom holland and jake gyllenhaal like oh, my gosh them talking to Each other really was fooling me in the movie, where i was getting to a point that im, like i kind of dont, want mysterio to end up being a bad guy, because i kind of like this relationship.

The two are having, and i fully believe, the bs that mysterio was throwing at spider man, but getting back to the part that im kind of mixed on after quentin beck informs peter his fake story involving the elementals and nick fury asking peter to join them in Fighting them peter flat out, refuses it even going as far as wanting to hand off the work to other avengers who are unavailable to fury. This all seems like big time. You know huge superhero kind of stuff. I mean im just a friendly, neighborhood, spider man, sir. I miss the part where thats my problem. Well, i get that homecoming was all about spider man, learning that it is important to go ahead and just be the friendly neighborhood spider man who protects the street. At the same time, i find it kind of odd that peter would go ahead and deny responsibility of helping save the world because he really just wants to take one week off thats, where i was getting a little iffy with and im like look its cool. If you want to take a vacation when theres no problems going on that you foresee, but when one is right in front of you and youre like nah, that literally goes against the peter. Parker motto of with great power comes great responsibility that you would think after losing uncle ben losing iron man. The lesson he learned in homecoming it would be part of his mantra already and yet its not again just a gripe, though doesnt ruin the movie for me, but still even with peter parker going ahead and denying his responsibility to help out nick fury and quentin back Nick fury takes it upon himself to hijack peters school trip and make sure peter will end up at the same location.

They need him to fight these elementals, which, in a weird way, is kind of effed up of nick fury to do because he knows and elemental is about to pop up in this location and hes like lets, send a group of kids that way – and i guess Thats also where i like to think about nick fury where the whole movie, i was getting mad at myself, like mick furys supposed to be this ultra super smart guy, nothings supposed to get past him. How is mysterio going ahead and manipulating him, and then we find out at the end of the movie it aint, even nick fury its like. They really knew what i was going to complain about with this movie and they fixed it. But this leads us into probably what is the most controversial part of spider man far from home. Is the introduction of tony stark leaving behind edith these glasses that give peter parker full access to the entire stark tech, satellites, weapons, missiles, ai? And if you saw my homecoming review, you know how i feel about spiderman getting over teched out, especially with him having an ai voice like karen and now its edith in a weird way. I would semi fine with this, because i do think if tony stark died. He would leave behind the next person. He considers to be really smart, the opportunity to use that intelligence with his tech and yeah with me being open minded of peter getting this tank within like 10 minutes.

The movie wants to prove me wrong that this kid should not be a hold of this much power. Look at the baby brown ghost baby man, you missed him. It just sometimes feels like a lot of the lessons that spider man learned in the previous movie are then just forgotten so that they can do these same little. Tropes from there spider man now being forced to work alongside nick fury and mysterio to fight these elementals. We get a better idea of what kind of mentor nick fury is to spider man, where he yells at him. Youre worried about us hurting your friends. You called a drone strike on your own school tour bus, its clear to me that you were not ready for this, bringing us to some great chemistry moments with mysterio and peter parker, where in my mind, as a spider man fan im like i know this is Supposed to be the bad guy, i know theres gon na be some twist reveal somewhere in this movie, and yet i was a sucker falling for it like man. Maybe he actually is good. This whole movie thats the power of jake gyllenhaal baby, leading us to a moment where they go ahead and sprinkle in some of those spider. Man conflicts that i love to see. You look really pretty and therefore i have value. No, no thats, not what i meant at all. I was just im messing with you. Thank you, youre welcome you look pretty too.

You mean lets sit next to each other. Yeah, where all he wants to do is spend time with the girl he likes mj and yet kent, because duty calls, and he just has to stare off at them. Asking himself. Am i not supposed to have what i want what i need? What am i supposed to do? Bringing us to spider man in a shield outfit getting ready for the battle with a new element and heres, where i kind of want to talk about tom holland. And this idea that every movie he has he needs to have a minimum of like 10 suits and the obvious reason we know it so that they can go ahead and sell toys and merchandise the hell out of spider man, as it is marvels top selling ip Character, but this is then, where the movies like spider man, homecoming and spider man, far from home, feel a little too commercialized for me and im, not saying thats a bad thing, but its them. Taking advantage of that and forcing story points in there, where theres got ta, be some reason for spider man avenue sue. That makes it feel a little less genuine to me. But again, i cant even be too mad about it, because, as soon as we see this suit, we get this line. Hows, the suit uh the shoots great, its awesome, its a little tight around the old web shooter Music, leading us into a battle here where we have molten men, fighting off spider man and mysterio and visually.

I really like the effects going on here, although it feels very different for a spider man movie to have him fight just this gigantic lava monster. I liked a lot of what i was seeing and some of spider mans friends in danger. The way he was going ahead and saving them even playing along a little bit with mysterio and him bsing that hes about to sacrifice himself to end this monster. It was at this point in this movie, where i was just really wondering how the heck are. They gon na explain mysterio going back. I was totally stumped and convinced until we are brought to the next scene, where mysterio and spider man are having a conversation with each other and this entire sequence that goes down the way. Mysterio plays spider man into tricking him into giving him the edit glasses. So then, peter thinking hes made the wise decision and handing this tech off to a noble hero in a move that maybe pissed me off. But then again we did just see how reckless this spider man was with that tech. He had the responsibility to know that he doesnt have responsibility to hold on to this, but then finally, letting the entire illusion drop and us getting the reveal of what mysterios true plan is see that wasnt so hard and yes ill, be honest. I hate the fact again that they made another villain connected to tony stark, where it feels more like this.

Guy should be mad at tony, because hes, an ex employee that felt he was wrong by him. But it didnt even bother me that much because this mysterio did exactly what hes known for in the comics while he might not be a guy who does special effects for movies and then uses that to do some crime. This illusion tech idea and the way he was very mischievous and misleading with these bs stories, where i as an audience member who knows what mysterio is like and im like yo, this guys actually really charming. I thought far from home did the character of mysterio justice and nailed it, but right as us, the audience members are figuring out. The true plan of mysterio in this movie mj and peter, going on a walk, also figure out that mysterio is not the person. He says he is as well as even confessing to mj that, yes, he is spider man, as our heroes are going to figure out how they can go ahead and reverse this horrible decision that peters made. I like how we get a look behind the curtain with jake gyllenhaals mysterio in this mocap suit, the same suit that a lot of actors would wear for a cgi suit over them. I thought that was a nice touch and even seen how the illusion drones work. I thought was also fascinating and visually stunning, but not as amazing, as i think the turn of jake gyllenhaal going from this charming sweet guy who acts like a superhero into being this complete a hole.

You know, william one day after ive had to kill peter parker. Because of this i hope you remember that his blood is on your hands. That is why i love it when marvel goes ahead and casts real talent to be these characters, and just how i mentioned in spider man homecoming one of my complaints was: there was not a memorable fight scene or anything that really stood out to me where i Was like, oh, that doesnt really live up to the sam raimi or andrew garfield movies? The fights were just kind of meh. I ate my words up with spider man far from home, not only because the marketing for spider man, far from home did things very brilliantly and the only action sequences they showed was spider. Man fighting the elementals. We never saw any sign of spider man fighting mysterio for a good reason, because they wanted to play up that part. That mysterio could be a good guy for those who are unaware of the character. But i was not expecting what followed suit here and my mind was completely blown. I wish you guys could have seen my reaction of the fight sequence between mysterio and spider man and far from home, because it was just pure clapping excitement where i thought it was even clever that mysterio made spider man wear his classic suit, because no one wants To see spider man fight in a shield suit, but because of illusion tech, we can make him get in that really showing exactly how mysterio can mess with the mind of spider man and play with his emotions to hell freaking.

Yes, i mentioned in the spider man reviews that i thought the doctor octopus versus spider man, fight in spider, man 2 is the best fight. We ever got in any spider man movie, but there was one fight scene that came close its the mysterio vs spider. Man fights boy, those are the fight scenes to me that are really up there with a doctor, octopus fight where sometimes i think i like the mysterio versus spider man fights more. If you were good enough, maybe tony would still be alive and again going a little deeper on to why far from home turned me around on tom holland. In this version of spider man its not just that spider man gets physically defeated by mysterio psychologically. The boy is effed up. Are you okay, happy? Is that you is it me yeah? Of course its me stop. Tell me something only you would know yo remember we went to germany, you pay per viewed a video in your room. They didnt list the titles, but i could tell by the price it was an adult film at the front desk. You know that does make the second porn reference in the mcu spider man movies. I think someones been using that web shooter too much Music having tom holland just come to a breaking point where he just lets all his emotions out. That hes been bottling up since the death of tony stark, where again far from home, fixes a problem i had with spider man homecoming where i just really thought this version of spider.

Man was too much like iron man, and the movie directly goes ahead and says. The whole world is asking whos gon na, be the next iron man. I dont know. If thats me happy im, not iron man, youre, not iron man, youre, never gon na be iron. Man that, although i feel like far from home, is peter learning, almost the exact same lesson again to be his own hero and not be iron man. I think the message was made a little more clear and far from home that maybe thats why they needed to do it a second time bringing us to a scene where spider man goes ahead and creates his own suit to get ready for battle against mysterio and Ill say it right now: boys, the red and black suit is my favorite version of the tom holland suit, of course, im a sucker for the red and blue. But there is just something about the combination of red and black on tom holland. That looks absolutely fantastic and even the way it looks now in the spider man no way home trailers where they got rid of that black strap and its a much more clean. Look that right now is my number one favorite suit of tom hollands. But finally, this brings us into the final battle here where spider man goes ahead and decides to hone in on his abilities, face his fears and start taking down mysterios illusion tech here and theres some really great moments here.

I think for one the visuals here. Look really stunning with the lighting, but just the way spider man faces off against these drones. How his suit is also taking battle damage, something we always got ta see at towards the end of a spider man movie, but even just throwing in that little detail of spider man running out of web and him having to use his good old brain to come Up with a way to get up to mysterio Music stuff, like that, that feels very peter parker asked that im glad they threw in there bringing us to a final confrontation here with spider man and mysterio, where he hones in on his spider senses, come on peter Tingle and what is really an epic sequence, bringing us back to that cliched spider man, trope of the villain accidentally, injuring himself to where itll lead to his death in a way that, although i usually hate that trope, i think it actually works out really well here, Especially because to this day i get chills with the last lines, mysterio says to spiderman. How could you do all this youll sleep here? People need to believe and nowadays theyll believe anything now. I think thats obvious a reference to the way this movie ends. But man imagine if its a reference to spider man no way home and everything weve heard about that movie. Weve just happened to believe and like mysterio says: oh man thats, where it gives me chills having the film end with spider.

Man finally confess his love to mj, where they can be together start their relationship off all pretty much seeming perfect in peter parkers life. But, like we know anytime, things are seeming perfect for peter things, go wrong and thats where we get the cameo of jk simmons. Returning as jay jonah jameson and oh man again, i wish you guys could have seen my face in the theater when that was revealed, because the entire audience went crazy and started clapping, and that was just for one sam raimi character. It was so mind blowing and i did not even understand then how they just recasted the same actor. But i did not care because it was an absolute pleasure to see him there, but i couldnt even enjoy the fact that he was there because right away, we get the movie ending with mysterio, revealing the identity that peter parker is spider. Man and ive said this. For all my reviews, i hate when spider mans identity is revealed to so many people, but in this instance, when its the entire world and well be seeing that go down for the first time and how peter parker handles that im excited like crazy to see that And im just glad that this time around leaving spider man far from home, i was driving in my car, so happy excited to go to bed, because the last time i left was spider man homecoming – i was just kind of like i mean yeah theres, some cool Stuff in there im just very happy that spider man, far from home, knocked it out of the park made me really love tom hollands version excited for the lore and history theyre gon na throw in there – and you guys, know, weve been following spider man no way Home and in fact, the day, im posting this review is the same day: im getting to watch spider man no way home for the first time so yeah.

Those are just my thoughts on spider man far from whole. I know you guys thought i was just gon na endlessly trash tom hall and spider man, but no, i actually do love the boy as spider man and i hope he continues to be him for several more movies. Thank you guys for watching this review series. I hope you check out my spider man no way home review when thats out. I love your faces. Dont forget to like subscribe.