I am triple uploading today. Definitely uh well, maybe not triple uploading. I will upload one of these videos today, upload the other one tomorrow and then upload another one on thursday triple uploading. In a way of that, i might just double upload today. Well see what happens um, but today i have another lego set for you. Of course. I have all three, but all three spiderman no way home says i have purchased my money, my own personal, hard earned money and ive done this, for you guys once again, im very excited uh for spider man no way home. It comes out next week. For me in the states um on the 17th, i will not be able to see it probably on saturday, but i will try to see it on sunday. Um im very excited for this movie, but i purchased all three and this one is called vultures. I think drone duel, but it looks like theres vulture theres, the black and gold suit spider man. This drone looking thing so i will be doing a comparison of the older vulture that came out in 2017 and then the newer vulture that came out uh later in maybe 2018. I want to say, but this also came out um i forget: what set it came out, it might have came in with a white tiger, it was the web warrior said. I believe that this came in um im. Not actually certain of that dont hold me to that, but thats the comic book version.

This is the more caught like video game version of vulture right here and then, of course, this is the movie version of vulture right here, its the same head, sculpt on all three um, but im very excited to see this one and do a comparison, and i Also like this black and gold suit its starting to grow on me, okay, um. I also heard its the inside out version of this suit right here, or it might actually be the inside out suit version of this, which is the tech suit, but i colored it black, of course, to make the black and red suit. Now i dont need that. I dont need that anymore, im gon na throw it in the trash or actually i might give it to my brother um, because he doesnt have that, but were gon na open this and box this together, um open up – and i believe it said – was 1997. I believe um i bought this off of walmart online instead of going to the store im, not lazy, but it was 1997 for this one. So this is a really cool box. This is also inspired by spiderman homecoming. So if you remember in the scene where peter and ned were hacking into the suit you actually saw the inside is inside of that, so i guess thats inspired by that, but its also spider man no way home and then the vulture. This is a more accurate version of the movie than the suit that we got um its more brown instead of black and the pants are more of the color its supposed to be, but no claw feet.

I wish it came with coffee um. That would have been really nice, since this is a 1997 set instead of a uh. Well, it was 1997 for the other set too. I thought that would have been like 5.99 or 6.99, but no its 1997 for the other one too um im not really a big fan of spider man having vehicles once again, but it looks decent um, but i cant judge it until i actually see it. So it looks like they come with one two: three bags also a separate bag looks like for gold webbing, oh and then it comes with a sticker pack, of course, and then it comes with a manual, a big, a nice little decent manual. I like these stickers. These stickers are really nice um, but yeah enough of the box enough for looking at the packaging and stuff ill get back with you. When i get figures all right guys, i am back with the vultures so thats, the first figure that showed up in this bag. This is a really nice. I actually like this figure a lot better than the one that came with 2017 spider man homecoming set um ill. Give you a look at that one, this one black coat dark, green pants has really nice detailing right there and someone on the back, but this one wow. It comes with the air tank glass, dome, black helmet brown jacket and a lot more detail on the jacket.

There is more brown uh theres a lot more green, its a lot more vibrant and the pants are more accurate as well. I im pretty sure hes wearing khaki uh pants, but it looks pretty nice. I think it might have been green. He also has more uh blaster right there with green im, assuming the shatari uh gem. That was also accurate in the movie, so thats pretty cool uh. The wings for vulture in 2017, or more brick, built with these more weird gray, paneling. I never like those. I lost the piece that goes here. I lost the piece that goes there, so those pieces, actually i lost, which is why im re issued and bought the original set, which now is like 80 or 90, or something on the back market that i bought it from um that im going to be buying. It from, but i also added these when uh these turbine pieces that were missing and the said that i had got from the miles morales and carnage battle said what the uh i want to say, shield person that came with like a helicarrier kind of vehicle. I stole those from there and put those on there because i feel like that was missing, and then i added these pieces right here at the bottom to make it look like its like turbines in there, but it looks like on here. I dont have to do that so im glad they updated that and made it a lot better on the back.

It looks kind of boring to be honest, its really bulky um and its too weird its, not accurate to the movie at all. Even the figures not accurate, i lost the helmet that came with it. It just i dont like it, but i rebought it anyways, because i want that tech suit thats. The other reason also i wanted to get another version of shocker. I wanted to have both of his gauntlets, because thats comic, accurate and then, of course, to get another helmet for him. Um and yeah thats it for that comparison, but im gon na build his wings. It looks like a partial of them and then open up the next bag, so ill get back with you guys when im done. I feel like this one on the vulture fits a lot better um its a lot more skinny, its a lot more. I feel like it feels more accurate um, in my opinion, um. I really like the wings on this one. This is a lot better, a lot cleaner. It looks more detailed if that makes sense, it has a lot more structure on the stickers here. It makes a lot more sense, um its not tacky like the 27 one 2017, one um, but its great to have both comparisons to let you know how far the vulture as a character on this has come. Also, i forgot to show you guys it does come with two head: sculpts um, actually um.

It actually does come with the extra face. It comes with two faces um. This one is a more angry one um a more angry vulture face, and then this one is a more of a when he was getting off his wings and he was stepping down. He was smiling at the tinkerer thats. More of that version right. There um, but i really like the green eyes on this one, this uh its very nice um, its built in on there already um it doesnt just come with one face, every time that you see the vulture, it comes with two different ones. So i find that very cool, and this is a lot more accurate ill say. The only thing missing is the claw feet. Thats, the only thing missing out of this whole thing, because the coffee um other than that this is my favorite version of vulture. Today, in the movies so far as theyve done, i really like this so now it looks like i am building starting to build the drone piece. Also i didnt mention it comes with this really long: cool uh gold, web um that comes with the gold and black and gold suit. So now, im gon na build this one and show you guys what i got all right guys now i am back with you with another figure that i have, which is the black and gold suit for spider man im also using the bricks that come with it.

So i dont have to grab out something else so for this spider man. I really love this suit. The inside out of the black and red suit or the tech suit, is really cool um. I love the circuitry on the mask and everything on this. This looks really cool um, sorry about the poor, camera quality. Im gon na be buying a camera soon, but i just wanted to show you guys this. This is really nice. It comes with arm printing, not the black and red suit, unfortunately, but um. I really love this. This is really nice. Look at the back torso! Just look at that: wow, the black, the red the gold webbing on this is insane. So, as you know, spider man has to come with webbing in these sets. So he comes with gold webbing, but im pretty sure the gold webbing is indicating from the doctor strange powers that he has when i did the trailer reaction so im assuming the gold is supposed to be orange for his powers that he has but its gold. Now i have two other versions of these webs. Now: the mazda morales one no three miles morales comes with the blue, which is why i want that one as well, but it comes with the blue, but you see i have a venom one. I have a regular spider man one and i have a clear one. I have all three now im adding this to the collection of gold.

So now all i need is the blue to complete all the collection of webs that i have. He doesnt just come with that when it comes with uh, this kind of sort of almost sprawled out web, its kind of a huge web uh. Of course, the smaller version and then his handcuffs and uh his little spool is kind of shooting out with, and i have all the versions of all of that and all webs um, so thats pretty cool. I really love this suit and they did an amazing job. So now im going to build this drone and thats all the figures in this set so im just going to build it now so ill get back to you soon, peace, all right guys. I am finally back that took a lot longer than i thought it should have um heres a spider drum thing of my bobber. Is it my favorite? No but theres some really cool detail on here. Uh the propellers move, these dont um. This moves in the back. You can hold the drone the little mini drone thats in there see if i can come out uh this thing uh its yellow this time, not blue, because i have the other one from uh. The other sets but im gon na put that back in there uh thats a pretty cool little feature. You can hide that in there and then close it up uh it looks like a little spider droning from peters chest.

Uh, you can hide, put spiderman in there ill say hide but put spiderman in there make it look like hes driving this or flying it. I should say, because it is supposed to be flying put them in there boom, like that theres some stud shooters on the right here, um thats about it, nothing too crazy about it. Oh this dangles from this point right here. This actually moves up and down. You can have spider man swing off of this uh lets. Take him out of there. You can actually have him swing off of it. Let me see if i can uh put him on there. You can have him swing off of there now. You know. Have him swing thats pretty cool um, but i will not be using this again. Spider man does not need a vehicle um. I know thats not accurate to the movie at all, so i wont be using this um, but i would definitely take the web. Definitely put that into other webs that i have and put him in other collection. I have a spider man, but i wont be using this at all um. I might end up just giving this to my brother. Hes gon na have some really cool legos by the end of by christmas im going to say that now by christmas is going to have some really cool, legos um im. Never using none of the vehicles that spider man has its kind of pointless to have um.

But that is uh the drone, uh spider, mans, drone duel and thats. All i got for you guys so um.