So lets get started um. I guess we can start the figures. Heres the vulture hes lets. Look at the minifigure fest, he is pretty cool. Hes got two faces quickly. Show you that and hes using the two starting clear record, looking um the wing build on the right. Is this nice cool jet belt piece and um its the exact same on the other side, and this is probably my favorite build part of the build the whole set so now that weve got water thing that really doesnt trigger that triggers fans so well! Well! Do that after well do that last now we have spiderman hes got this white piece, which is a um, its a a hand, handy clip and piece. I dont know but um yeah, and then you need a golden stud here. That has a hole in it. So you can put this wet piece in and then a golden cup and then this its almost 360 degrees, its got these light printing and its also printing. This is all new and um, pretty cool, so thats great um now well. Do the drawing ill put him down? Music? Sorry, if you cant see the whole thing um its the same, like like its the same on that side, um and now everyones gon na be complaining. I said this in my well. Hopefully i post that video but yeah, a video which is the um. This thing is controversial um, but i said that it doesnt matter yeah and im, putting my statement here as well.

It doesnt matter um, so spiderman doesnt need a vehicle. Yes, and this matter, i like this – build why? Because its cool, not because of this stud shooter, because its just fun, its just cool to like its just fun, to look at it, looks pretty cool theres a little piece, and this yes, just like that. My favorite part, you can put spider man, so then you can put him on over right, yeah and it doesnt always lose the wing. But yeah now looks like a packaging, its pretty cool, its got fortune here, spirometer and thing and sorry, but you might have to tell your head or you just know what it says it says inspired by marvels viewers batman homecoming yes, so fortune is not in the Movie, sorry, but yeah, if you have not seen my spoiler video review and theres the back its pretty cool and i did not include the or the diamonds because it really cares and now for the final verdict. This is a pretty good set like if you like, if you want to complete your true sinister sex and you dont, have a classic vulture, which you probably do, but if you dont have any vulture then get the set. If you want the black and gold to spiderman, they can get it, and if you want both – and you want a drone like spider man, details if you dont want this to be spider, man related just go playing on it, thats what i would do, but um Yeah, this is a pretty cool set.

If you do want to get any of those things that i just mentioned, buy it like it just gets annoying on sets just so you dont regret it thats pretty cool and yeah. Hopefully you buy this.