I showed you this in a previous video, where i showed you the build of this speedy b2 frame and were also going to talk about the speedy b antennas as well. These are the new version, two antennas they sent uh one of each type of the connectors theres four different types of connectors available, and i used the antenna with this video transmitter at 800 milliwatts, which is the maximum power upgrade for this video transmitter um. Just some of the specs here, quick enough through some right here on the screen as well: uh 800 milliwatts um uh maximum power. It uses irc for the um. I guess the uh, the flight osd changing of your settings, its pretty easy to install its just a 20 by 20 board with m3 hole. Holes for mounting uh has a four pin connector, with a plug that you can just basically solder onto 5 volts ground video out from your flight controller to the video transmitter and also the line for the video transmitter control. So theres four wires, its pretty simple to wire up. There are also solder pads on the bottom of the board. If you cant want to use those instead of the plug, some people prefer those the heat sink that you see here. The gold color to you think is nice looking, but im not sure how much of a performance improvement that has in terms of heat, dissipation um, because it doesnt seem like it touches any components on the actual board itself.

From what i can tell. I think maybe they may have misaligned it, but i used it anyway: team, fine, it didnt. I didnt have any overheating issues or anything like that. However, if youre putting this into a lighter, build something smaller than a five inch like a three inch and youre concerned about weight, that heatsink weighs about three grams. So you probably should be okay to not use it and just make sure that wherever you put it into your build, just have make sure that has adequate airflow. So when youre flying around it will have airflow to cool it down while youre flying around. So i think that should be adequate, its going to also reduce your overall weight by that three grams from the heatsink so quickly in terms of performance. This seems pretty much in line with most other video transmitters in this power range. I think most of the ones ive tested are in like the 600 milliwatt range. I dont typically go much above that, so i think, were going to see more 800 milliwatts as sort of the standard now, obviously obviously theres going to be bigger ones. I think the 30 by 31 is going to go up to one watt and even bigger, so as the components get uh improve. You know the power outputs are also improving as well, but in terms of um. You know for my testing purposes and the kind of things that i do for flying im not so interested in long range, because i dont really do long range um more interested in how penetration is – and i think, thats the test youre going to see here at The end, if youre more curious about what the penetration is like at this power level, uh youll see that demo here at the very end of the video thatll, be the flight demo and ill talk about.

You know what i see while im flying around and im, not using any kind of fancy antennas right there, just using like um my skyzone goggles, with just two omni directional antennas um. So nothing really, no like fancy patching tires like that. I just want to see like what the basic you know. The baseline performance of this video transmitter is like that also being said. The antennas here seem to be decent. I i honestly like, in terms of uh the technical aspects of the antenna in terms of its frequency tuning and all that kind of stuff. I dont have any kind of equipment to test that it seemed okay for the kinds of things that i was interested in. But if you need more rigorous testing – and you probably want to check out some other channels that have that kind of equipment that you know actually look at the actual specific details of the antenna itself, but the antennas seem like theyre, good quality to me. Um i didnt have any issues with getting decent video at various ranges that i normally fly at okay. So before i announce the two winners of the speedy b uh video transmitter, i do want to talk a little bit about this gif rc video transfer. That was on here previously that you know, like i said i dont do long range or that kind of you know deep dive testing on these analog video transmitters. So i would like to give an opportunity for someone else to give this a try.

This does go up to 1.6 watts or 1600 milliwatts um. Anything above a thousand milliwatts in the us is considered illegal to use. So i did not do any of that kind of testing. We dont do illegal things on this channel, so um. I would like to give this to someone who is perhaps going to use it in a you know, in a way that it could show this in a little bit better light than i did, and perhaps someone with a smaller channel like on youtube or instagram, and You want to get a little bit more exposure. Let me know um, you know we can do like a collaboration or something like that. Mostly you know. I would like to give it to you and see what kind of testing you can do with it and what kind of performance you can get out of it. Uh sort of you know more well in you know in a different way than i used it. So if youre interested in that dm me on instagram im going to post this um on instagram as well uh to give you know someone else a chance to use it and get a little bit of exposure. And, of course, i will share your channel and the video footage of that on a future video at some point, but yeah. We can work that out in detail. So just send me a dm if youre interested in collaborating on this okay, so getting to the winners of the video translator.

The two winners are oc fpv and tom fodor. So, congratulations to those two they uh have already been emailed because uh on the giveaway form, you have to send your email in. So if you are the two winners and you did not see an email from me check your spam folder um. Sometimes those things go to spam and you may have missed it so in case you did. I double checked that, but those are the two winners. Congratulations, i will um make arrangements with speedy b to have their shipped out to you. Also. I do want to let you guys know that the links to these products are down in the video description to the video transmitter and to the antennas, along with the other parts, for this frame. Even and the link to the video for the build of this. And all that kind of stuff flight footage of this particular frame and is in the previous video that will also be linked in the video description. So again, the links to the products are affiliate links if you happen to buy anything with those affiliate links – and you get a small commission for that and it does support the channel if you do buy through those links now. I do often get questions about the links in my videos and yes, most of them are affiliate links. If you do not, you know if you happen to not like these particular products and would still like to support the channel.

I do have a list of other affiliate links to basically all the stores that i work with down in the video description, so i often get questions which you know i want to buy something and support your channel. Can you send me a link? All those links are going to be in the video description, ive been putting those in the video descriptions for a couple months now: um but yeah. I still often get those questions and if you do want to support this channel and the work i do, if you like the videos, then yeah you just go down to the video description. You can choose any of the stores that you like buy anything you like, and i will receive a small commission from those links, so hopefully thatll clear up some of those questions about that: okay, thats gon na. Do it for this video heres the fight, footage and ill talk to you guys in the next one, so im not going to be doing a range test of this dont really do any range testing. Your performance is going to really vary on the antennas youre going to be using, and i am just using some foxy or lollipop, like micro antennas, no patch antennas, nothing to give me extended range and actually flying behind me here, im more curious about the penetration at 800 milliwatts through these trees at a closer distance, and that also gave you an indication what kind of range you might expect but range is really dependent on the equipment youre going to be using and also the environment youre flying through also the quality of your receivers.

Theres a lot of factors, anything thats going to be interfering with that signal, so a lot of trees here in between where i am and the quad is, and also the lower you get to the ground, the more interference youre going to experience. So i get a lot of questions about that and i thought id get some of those out of the way here. So you guys know that yeah signal, quality and analog is highly dependent on a lot of factors, its very different from digital. If youve seen dji stuff, you dont get the breakups and that kind of stuff like that, i mean this is still fairly flyable here through all these trees and everything very low to the ground at 800. Milliwatts, so also the quality of this of the antenna. Thats transmitting the speedy antenna so were testing that as well its pretty decent its about what i expect for this distance with this amount of uh objects and trees and stuff in the way lower the ground. This is actually pretty decent. In my opinion, just based on some of the other things ive tested in the past, if youre looking for perfect picture no breakup and like uh, you know be able to go behind objects and stuff that without any with your video video flickering, then you pretty much Have to not use analog youre gon na have to go to dji, so i think theres, some of you guys that do fly analog regularly.

You know this now. If i fly closer and no objects in the way clear line of sight, as you can see, no breakups pretty clear picture as you get close to those buildings over here. These buildings here on the right are wi fi traps theres a lot of wi fi like these are like office buildings and they have very strong wi fi over here. So, as you get closer to those buildings, the wi fi is going to get or the signal is going to get degraded as they get further away, but with clear line of sight pretty decent. As i turn around and my quad is blocking, the antenna lets see what thats like not too bad a little bit of break up, but if i get low, then youll see more breakup from the trees blocking the signal. Essentially, anyway, if youre looking for range tests, uh sorry dont do that here on this channel, uh gon na have to wait for someone else to do a long distance range, just interval watts, probably with good equipment and everythings going to take you out several miles, uh With clear line of sight, but thats not what were doing here today anyway, its going to differ for this one.