Oh a this camera and, second of all, for the first time on speed, dial we're, not just a couple of blippi blippi in the past. It'S always just been audio. This is the first time that we've had actual video on it, so kind of invited this. This is cool yeah, so so we were able to. I was able to be on your show. A couple of weeks ago, yeah been we've been kind of talking back and forth. You agreed to be my guinea pig today on this thing as far as getting in and trying the video out. So from your end, when I sent you that link, what did you do just clicked on it? I just clicked on the link and as soon as it opened up it asked me, it said, enter the code in on the screen, but there I didn't have that sort of code. Apparently you must have saw me dialing or FaceTime in you and BAM in. We were in cool cool, no is actually easy, there's a little button at the bottom of the screen. That says, add viewer and I hit that and I've texted you so I've got to have your phone number that that's one of the you know. So I can text you with it, but yeah man so July 4th. You said you went out on a boat earlier today. How was found a restaurant that was out on the water nice sort of did some lunch was super hot it's, 95 degrees out.

So we thought it'd be a great idea to eat by the water and we were just bacon like it was so I'm sunburned and I didn't you know I'm, like it's super hot it's same here, so I got out this morning to fly. We were just talking about. I just got this day before yesterday, so I got it all set up yesterday and got it on the yep RC rocket here. Okay, yeah that's fun stuffed into this tiny little drone I'm crazy man. This thing this thing rocks. I actually had the analog version of this same thing and it's it's, just it's a blast. I went out this morning this the segment frame, uh, it's, well, that's, a good question it's. I know it's from gap RC. I thought they made their own frames, but it maybe that's yeah yeah, No okay, it yeah it is. I had I had the frame that was similar to that and like broken arm on it. So I just I said spirit I scrapped it. Did I crash this about five times today? One time I don't know why I just decided to punch out and go as high as I could, and then I kind of freaked out and of course, this there's this whole empty, schoolyard that I'm flying in right, yeah, and so so. I killed the throttle to bring it back down because I'm kind of, like I could see through the goggles, but I kind of lost orientation.

I was, I was trying to be a little too fancy and, and it comes down big empty field. You know lots of grass and it lands right on a picnic table. Have you used that before the the got like have you used digital before this? Only only briefly with Edie, Ricker's goggles and Kent Heron? Let me try his one time at spin up, but only that was maybe 15 minutes total before today. Alright, are you flying four by three or 69? I switched it to sixteen by nine. Do you feel like it's, more immersive and that, like sometimes, if you take a snap you're like holy crap, like I get, did I get really dizzy with the digital goggles, because all of a sudden, like I'll, forget, I feel like I'm in an avatar or something Yeah yeah and if I take a step I like whoa, I got ta bring myself back because I start getting really like nauseous man that ride I did. I did bring a lawn chair with me actually so so normally I do this standing up, but I find myself just kind of tipping over, so I brought a lawn chair and that helped a lot just to be kind of like reclined back in the seat. You know I feel like people like will video me while I'm flying they're, like you, look like you're a zombie or something I'm like Sherlock, then I'm, like all hunched over yeah yeah, your mouth kind of opens a little bit.

You know it's it's, funny terrible when you fly back and land yourself. You know you see yourself landing, it's, always funny to just see what you look like: cuz, it's it's, like yeah. I look. I look like I'm having seizure or something I want to say. Real quick, thank you to Jason man, T for the for the super chat. 499. Much appreciate it. He said drone, collabs and also Eric Eric. I am thanks. Thanks for the yeah, did I say it right Eric? I am. I hope you said it right. Tell me if I say it right, it looks like and then it looks like I owe Bob Casey a wrench, so I will give him one that's probably promised him one last time. So thank you for the reminder. So I have to tell you a funny story. I was actually testing this earlier, just I just on my own. I set it to private or set it to unlisted and was trying this out since I hadn't done the video before and all of a sudden Ken here and pops up in the in the chat and he's like hey. What are you doing and I'm literally talking about? Looking like a zombie I'm literally sitting there, like with my mouth, half open, gone mm? Hmm, you know just trying to figure out how it all works, and I guess because Ken's been on this before he got a text like he got a text saying that I was on even though oh no way, so he just was hassling me and – and I Called him up right after and he says best livestream ever I said thanks man.

I appreciate that private show man, yeah yeah, that's, sort of cool, though I can do that, though this is all new. I mean this is definitely, I think, like the sort of the future of doing these live streams like they're sort of simpler, less complicated and just go right to it almost like how stream yards does it, but I think even simpler and that's a thing too. I think that's, what they're going for is for people to be able to do this on a very quick and easy way if it wasn't so hot I'd probably be outside walking around flying. You know when it's cooled down a little bit riding a bike. It'D be fun to do a live stream from your bike or something like that: hey the four eyed canine, thanks for the thanks for the oh yeah you're welcome. I you and I emailed earlier so you're welcome I'm, so glad you're gon na be able to make it spin up dude spin down. I think we've sold more than half the tickets to spin down at this point. So if these are coming to spin down, you got to go to spin down 20 20 and get a ticket cuz. I have this down to 50. Well, the thing is: can I have to stop at 50 people because Kovan they're not going to let more than 50 people be at that facility? It'S a city facility, so basically the first 50 to buy tickets are, are the people to get to go yeah? Well, I better, I better hustle, my ass now.

Well, if you're coming yeah, I mean it's it's uh. Well, I I don't know I don't know how hardcore they'll be about that. I would imagine it's kind of thing you get a ticket for if, if they you know, if the city tells you basically I'm renting it from the city of Dillon and right, the the pavilion is on a lake. Since I went there and visited Sean, I kind of saw where everything was. A police station is like two blocks away, and fortunately Sean is friends with the cops. So he said, oh it's cool to fly here and I've talked to everybody, and, but still I would imagine if we have a hundred people there and they said only fit yeah I get I mean. Who knows you know, maybe by then things start loosening up a little bit too, and you can maybe even expand on that. Even if you sell out the initial fifty, maybe as I get the dates get closer they'll uh they'll, let you expand on that. I know here in Florida we're capped. We were capped at ten and then they said now like they wanted group advanced the hall, so yeah and tenth ten was kind of the ten was kind of the cap here in Austin for a while. I think the difference is because this is outdoors, so this Pavilion is covered and if the weather is nice, which I would think it would be, you can kind of go over to picnic tables and such and by the way, I just want to say, hey to Ryan, Gordon, thank you.

He said sick format and I know from my kids that sick means good it's, not like good man, yeah, not good, not like Oh coping format and Geeks fauna. Thank you for the thank you for the super chat of five pounds. It'S, probably worth about 20 bucks, or so I have to tell you a quick funny story since gig vana is in the UK, geeks vana is in the UK. My great grandmother and my grandmother actually are both British and my mom loves to tell the story so on July 4th when my mother was growing up my grandfather, her father said they planned this whole thing, because my grandmother, who's British and my great grandmother who's British, Were both there and so my grandfather asked my mom, who was a child at the time? It'S a long story I know hey, do you know what today is and my mom says? Oh yes, it's July 4th the day we beat the hell out of the British and my grandmother said no dear it's the day the British beat the hell out of the British because there were, there was no us at that time. There was no us whose yeah yeah thought that was pretty funny. Alright, I need I need a sound effects button. I know we got nothing, so I also have sitting right here from original dobo this case. I have not flown this guy, yet that's. My intent for tomorrow, hopefully is to get out early enough to get this in the air before gets to drive I'm, been really bad at certain things, I'm supposed to be testing right now I just you only have so many things to fly and you don't, like It'S sort of a good bad problem to have, I guess, well I'm, excited because I don't have a lot of experience with auto.

Tell I hear great things about, I tell being being a very you know, good competitor to DJ, I yeah that's good alternative for somebody who does not want to buy a DJI product. I think it's good, a good idea to have you know alternatives in this industry that somebody can go to, because when you really think about it, what brands do we have for consumers to really flock to you DJI, really right now unique hasn't really put anything that I mean it is unique, is unique still still around. I haven't even heard anything about that I've seen every time, I've gone to commercial events or I've gone to CES. They they had a booth there, the previous year this year they did not have a booth there and if they did, I missed it and it was super small, but they had one at commercial, but what's. Funny is a lot of these events. Most of the people who are representing these companies don't actually work for companies, don't, actually work for DJI or unique, or you know whoever they're just distributors that volunteer like the geek nerds was it drone drone ERDs drew nerds will actually send reps out to represent these Booths they're not really super knowledgeable. They can't tell you about anything about the truth. Just yeah they're, like you're, excited my card. Let me scan your badge it's like when you go to Best, Buy and ask ask the person at Best Buy nothing against Best Buy, but I would say 90 of the time I know more about what I'm looking for than the PERT.

You know – and I have a question like well this: will this do 4k over HDMI? Let me call my manager, no don't call your manager. Look it up on Google it's fun to screw with them, though yeah yeah, that's, true yeah, I'll, see how far I can push it. So so what kind of thing do you buy? It best buy like if you're, if you're going to Best Buy? What is what is in your shopping? Cart, it's it's. The thing that I have accidentally thrown away because I couldn't like also I like an SD card or something right right, right, I'll lose something and I call it a lose and rebuy like I'll, throw like I'll, find a cable that's. Just annoying me and I'll throw it away because it's just like I'm, like I'm done with it like I want it out. I want to clean Clemont office and then what will happen is all like two days later, I'll be like crap where's, that cable that I need and what I'll remember is like. Oh man, I threw that cable away so I'm. You know I rushed to Best Buy it's whatever I can't get from Amazon quickly or I need it right now. Usually it's an SD card is what I'll buy from Best Buy. I don't really buy electronics from there. I dont buy drones or anything like that. Not even go well sometime one time i did buy a camera from there cuz I was.

I was in a pinch, yeah yeah. That is kind of the same for me, it's like if I need something and I can't wait for the delivery time. Then then I'll go to Best, Buy and, and then appliances like I bought. I bought my refrigerator and I bought my wife, a stove. I think when we were placed anyway, you get you get points and it's all good, but it is annoying how little this the service people know there are. Sometimes there is by the way ken Ken Ken Haran asked. If you're coming to the FPV birthday party, you do you know about this um, I thought I saw him post something maybe on Facebook. I think it's it's on his birthday and I believe, it's August 24th. I can. I can double check that ken. Can you link i'll, definitely drive up there for that cuz Ken's, like maybe nine hours for me, if that? Oh so you could do it in the day pretty easily yeah. I think I could Jack up today, oh yeah, I saw that I definitely want to go say no part well it's gon na, be there a couple of other guys that I feel that would be a cool spot to break a lot of stuff. I think yeah that that facility looks amazing and the guy who runs it. I mean I watched. I watched the interview Ken did with him and it's such a nice guy, like just seems so sincere awesome.

How do you have the energy to put into that year? After year, you know and he's like 65 years old or something it is kind of crazy but it's time to be fun to fly it would be, it would be really fun to fly, and I hope he's gon na have somebody there who's kind of monitoring. All the channels and stuff so that we don't you know I'm. I if I can go it's really gon na depend on what's going on with school and work and all that sort of thing with my kids. But if I can go I'm gon na go up there as well, probably just fly and drive from yes. Whatever does this have to be calling out channels, I mean if you're on digital, I mean you should be pretty locked in. I think we can have up to what eight channels I believe with with digital, which is, which is pretty cool. Well, I was, I was gon na ask about that. What do you know about the public channel on this thing? Cuz that's, when I first started this morning, it said you were on my channel yeah it'll switch to public Channel. I don't know a lot about it. I just knew that I'm. Like crap, I don't want to be on a public channel. Somebody else is on the same channel me. I don't know if it's gon na blast me out of the air, so my thing was – and I also noticed there was a lot of interference on the public channel, so I would switch over surprisingly lately I've been getting a lot of digital breakup and I don't Know if it's antenna positioning or what but I ended up, I ended up just using like channel like three or four, and that seems to work well for me at least around here and so, and so also just on, because I have the remote here is a Proper antenna position.

Basically, you want to be straight up yeah, just like the guy at the now. I think they go out like that yeah now I have not pushed the range, though on that very far, but from what I saw at least you know from though I don't know, if it's our SSI, that they call it on digital system. It'S it's a it's about like that far sky's range sort of so that's. Why I'm like slowly but surely migrating all the quads over to crossfire just so I can have that peace of mind that I'm, not gon na, have any fail. Safes, yeah, yeah, well, and, and and again you know to be able to see the whole time with the video transmission, but also to make have that lock, solid with your remote. The video is really good and people complain about the latency, but I don't really notice the latency on there. I don't notice any sort of latency really maybe it's, just on I'm, an app to it, but it feels good to me. I feel locked in anyways. We got a new flight crew member I'm trying to mic the drone Ranger nice that's awesome. You know one other thing I was going to ask you about regarding the the channels and such is as far as the the public goes. Is that where you would put it if you wanted people to be able to watch like to do ride, alongs kind of thing, not a hundred percent sure, but it would make sense that you put it in public but I'm, not I'm, not a hundred percent sure.

I don't know how adding can did it. You know at the time when we were at spin up or spin down and they were letting everybody use it. I didn't really like pay attention to that because at the time it's like one of those things that you don't really care about, you were busy crashing your Mavic to and to the fence. I was yes, I was busy trying to like beg people for props, because I just you know I just crashed in the fence right ready, but now I'm, like more locked into it, I'm curious to know, because I also know the smart controller can output. You know, can output the signal that you get, or at least the video. I have not tried that yet. So I wanted to see if you can live streaming. I know Ed's played with it, but I just haven't haven't had the time. Well I mean it's. You know I I know one other thing. You were talking about interference, I did read. I did actually RTFM this morning before I went up flew and in the manual it says that if your unit is overheating, it'll go into a low power mode and that's when it will not you'll get a lot of breakup, so we've been flying it a lot Of heat that might be the issue, so so there's a so. I actually turn off the auto auto auto heat feature like that. You know it'll turn itself off.

I only leave that on when I'm benching, so if I'm tuning it I'll turn that on so it'll know to turn itself into a low like they call it like Pitts mode, essentially right right. So that way, when it's on my desk, it doesn't get incredibly hot. While I'm trying to adjust the pins and everything, but I turned that off because, if I'm flying over water, the last thing I want to do is it overheat failsafe and I lose that I don't goodness yeah that's difficult in water. That would not be a good way for it to go either. It almost be like no side drone. You know just kind of like I'm getting too hot I'm going for a swim, Shh there's, just no coming back from that, especially saltwater. No it's it's, like when Billy Kyle, when his sky do took a dip but yeah, I think, of his Mavic. His Mavic was more. It was more sort of dramatic. When it did it did he seek what's, Mavic, yeah, yeah Island. It was so close to the island and it just sort of you just seen it, and then it just fade it and you just knew like you, didn't see it die, but you knew it was dead that kid. Thank you well. I'D have recently sunk, o matic to cats too many aspersions about that Kenzo is the unit on a laptop fan. Why you tuned that's, actually a really good idea.

She says I should buy a laptop that's, a genius idea so actually funny. You should say that I had when I was when I was getting mine plugged in. I had it on a boar nado, which is just a round fan that has a grill on top and I just had it on low blowing up through it, and that was that was keeping it cooler. But if you don't do that or even if you do it and you pick it up, it'll burn your fingers. I mean it's it's, really it gets screwed I'm like right now: I'm, like side side searchin for a laptop fans, because I just did not even think of that. I don't know yeah I've seen people do all sorts of things like blower fans, but not a laptop fan. That'S actually – and I guess you could even get a you – could even get an external fan that plugs into USB or something right, um, yeah yeah. You can probably do it, it doesn't take much airflow to just you know, pull it. I mean just a little bit should be more than enough. Well let's see what let's see what's going on out in the chat we got agent Kay in the house. We'Ve got Bob Casey in the house. We'Ve got Gary in the house. Sunrise, water, media, yeah, that's, awesome very good to see you guys jsk Enterprise, nice to see you ticket sales for spin up are going great.

I actually have another speaker that I'm going to add to the list, probably after this show, I need to go in and update the website because last night, during first Friday, I kind of talked through all the speed spinner speakers that we're going to have we've got The president of DRL, which I'm really excited I will be speaking Newark, is going to join us live via Skype. We'Ve got the drone girl, of course, but I also have do you ever watch. Captain drone from Canada, yeah yeah yeah, so so Steve, Steve's gon na join us. I think he's gon na just submit a video but I'm excited like like I've, never had the opportunity to spend much time with him or with Russ or with some of these guys that live overseas, like like Henrik from Ferrara tech, drone media, so it'll be cool To have those guys put their perspective in the big thing I'm trying to come up with too, and you know I may need some help with this honestly – is making sure that nobody's repetitive right. I want to kind of give people topics or or work with everyone to get a topic. That'S gon na be right right right, so you know I definitely don't want to. Definitely I want to overlap. I like the lineup. I see you got Henry across Miriam McNabb. You got Felix, you got drunk girl there. Yeah I mean this is this is looking good man.

This is a star star pack line up, I think, having it in this format is going to enable more people to be able to be there, even if we could be in person. I think that there should be like a segment where it's like a sort of satellite deal. Oh, I had intended the livestream at like legit livestream it no matter what this year. I mean it. What even, if COBIT hadn't happened, I was still intending to livestream it, but, but I mean just kind of forced my hand. Obviously, if anybody watched for Friday last night, I I had a few audio mess. Ups, so I'm gon na have somebody who knows what the heck they're doing on the livestream. You know at the console kind of thing, but you know at the end of the day this was happy. This was gon na happen. You know this is sort of where things are going and, and I still think that the idea of – and maybe this is how we'll do it every year is to do the the spin up as the livestream and then do the the event. After you know kind of the meetup, because quite honestly, during spin up I'm, usually pretty stressed – and I don't get to have any fun yeah. I have fun, of course, because I'm there, but not like I – will at spin down this year where it's just gon na, be everybody hanging out that's gon na be so.

I think I think it's gon na be cool I'm excited to go to Colorado, I'm. Actually gon na drive out there yeah, I didn't say you might bring the family. I do like vacation family, I don't know if I'll actually go to the event, but they'll be sort of kicking around she. They, just you know, it's it it's, a beautiful town, it's, a it's, a really pretty town and and there's lots to do. I know urban is coming. I saw him sign up earlier. Kai'S coming a lot of the people in the in the chat are going to be at spin down so I'm excited about that it's gon na be it's gon na be a definitely good time I enjoyed it like I enjoyed it more so than they been last Year, just because it was more laid back and it was you know that was a good day, yeah yeah. That was a lot of fun. So I have a question for you: okay, cuz, cuz I've always wondered this and I think people in the audience might wonder this as well. So I was careful because I wanted to make sure I got your channel name spelled right cuz. I knew there were some capitalization the way you do it. Yes, so so, first of all, where did the name come from and second of all, why is the the last be capitalized I'll explain? There is a story behind that, so the name dobo came from.

I used to ride BMX growing up, I survived for there was. There was a period of time where I wrote it like semi professionally. Before I met my wife and everything, and when I used to wreck, I used to throw a tantrum after I would crash my like I mean I would just like. I was raged quitting every time and my buddy would say up he's turning into dobo, so it was just something he blurted out. So I added the original in front of it because I'm, the first of three sons so is original dobo, but it was only. It was the only when we were riding our bikes, we were, we were freestyling up at a store and they were trespassed in us. So a cop was there and he was right in our trespass warrants and I said, and he said to me he goes. I need your name, I said yeah it's dobo do capital beat oh he's, like looks at me, he's sort of laughing like the B, his capital I'm. Like yeah. You got that that could be capital and he wrote. He wrote me the trespass ticket, and that was what was on it. My mom still has the the trespass warrant for it, because if she was like she's like they didn't ask, you I'm, like you, didn't, have IDs back then, and that flew that was fine back in like 99 or so yeah yeah yeah. You just tell just tell them what your name is, so I always thought I always thought it was like a play on like dojo.

You know like the the idea of some sort of samurai. You know code or something like that. So then we wrote DMX that's. Pretty cool yeah, yeah yeah, I say I still. I still do it sometimes, like obviously being older now like injuries, are all over like we went like I'm dealing with like broken ribs, so that's always fun. Those really hurt they really. Those are not fun. So so, how about how about mountain biking is that something you do? I had not like yeah yeah, I have mountain biked. I actually you'd probably be good at it from your being. I did I imagine for a while. I got into it like really heavy for like a couple of years and then I sort of stopped. I had a really bad accident mm, hmm that's that's. The way every great hobby ends that's. Why we just don't fly anything don't fly anything heavier than like ten pounds: okay, no! No! No I'm! Definitely not going I'm, not gon na put myself in the drone, because I think that that's, where it's all gon na end, but no I had a bad accident mountain biking. I remember I was I didn't come up on a hill as Easter. I didn't come up on a hill enough and when you're dealing with locked in pellit pedals, you don't really have the best ability to bail. Oh, so you were clipped in and you couldn't get out backwards like this and luckily enough for me it wasn't tube, like I missed the post and just it was.

It was fate. I get lucky a lot. Wow were you wearing a helmet? I didn't have a helmet on. I always never yeah, you never know. I actually went mountain biking with the buddy yesterday and, aside from it being hot as Hades, it was awesome. It was. It was a great great ride. I hadn't been, I really hadn't been since about I don't know, March or April, so it was nice to get out, but my mountain biking, I used to do a lot more ledges and you know kind of technical stuff and these days it's more smooth single track. Stuff but it's still a blast it's, just so hot down here, like I mean it is so hot and humid it just makes like doing anything like even flying. I find myself, like you know, as a hobbyist like with with with FPV, I find myself flying a little bit bit more at night lately, just because I rather deal with like the humidity than the heat at night, yeah, yeah, well and it's kind of, like you Know Jake's alone or even Russ, who live up in the north. You know Alaska or North Dakota. I think I mean those places get really cold in the winter right, so they they have a hard time going out in the winter and it's great. For us. You know, like December, is beautiful in Texas. Typically I uh, I was arguing with my wife today and I said that I said you know.

I said why do we have the lewd word so hot she's like well it's, always hot in summer, everywhere I'm, like that's? Not true that's, not true, but then I guess it did. You know what I just need to become as a Snowbird and just just live somewhere else there's a summer and then just come back down here during the the winter months, because it's just this has been probably one of the hottest years that I've ever experienced out Here, Wow yeah I mean in Florida, is really humid too. I mean that's that's, just part of the deal just go outside you, sweat you're, like you know. Well, you need that you need to grow the mullet out because that that kind of shades the shades the neck and keeps you coming back and Florida. Man funny story, my brother and I we look a lot alike but he's growing, a mullet right now and he's. Even got like the Star Spangled, you know in bed, I don't know house, but he's sitting in a bar the other day up in Citrus County, which is just north to here, and somebody says, original dobo is trying to talk to him thinking it was me cuz. We do look alike and he said he was so confused. He didn't know what was happening. He'S like yeah. I watch your videos he's like dude. You got the wrong person, he didn't clip two and two together that he was know and then you finally did he.

Finally, did he did realize and he said no, no, you mean my brother. He goes yeah I'm Joan you mean Ken that's, my bento brother. I mean we sort of look alike, but not not tremendous. Even this, I guess somebody could mistake us, but his personality totally don't leave it for the vine yeah. I mean how often I've had this happen once or twice has somebody recognized you I had it happen once at a it was actually a bike ride. It was one of these, like 50 mile hundred mile charity bike rides and at the end of it I was just sitting there. It was at a brewery called shiner shiner at shiner brewery, and somebody like just came over to me said: are you the guy from the drone thing and I was like yeah and then another time we were having a garage sale and this guy was buying stuff At our garage sale – and he recognized me now – I was wearing a ready set drone t shirt at the time, so I kind of, but he was like. I want your channel and that was pretty cool. Does that happen on its? It has its funniest, the funniest things so when Billy and I are flying up early, we would you know anytime, it's it's, always around specific things, though, like we were flying the drones by the Ben Franklin Bridge and these guys came up to us and he goes Hey are you Billy, Kyle and it's like yeah and didn't at the time they didn't know who the hell? I was that's, fine, because you know it was like every time we went somewhere and somebody who's flying a drone or just maybe pass him.

They knew who he was so it happens more locally. I'Ve never had it happen really out of state, but it happens locally people people locally. They know you know they know who I am. They know what I do, but I did have a security guard who constantly? He will he will never kick me out of Tampa like he sees me he's like I watch her watch her stuff and he won't kick me out of the places I shouldn't be nice. He'S awesome, so he won't he won't write a trespassing ticket to no original Dovo capital capital B. Every time he sees me he's, just like he's, just like how long are you gon na be because I'm usually on a parking garage where you're not supposed to be it's like a restricted area right right, so he's like all right, he goes. I put the traffic cones back up I'm like well yeah, I mean it's it's, all about. Are you cars in trouble? Are you making a ruckus, you know, etc? Usually, usually, those kind of things are related to insurance that the property management is freaked out that someone's flying a drone. My office building is on like 32 acres, it's, a pretty large complex of office, buildings and there's. I think there's, like 10 or 12 buildings on the complex and that's, actually where we're gon na do spin up from where we're gon na livestream from because we have fiber there and a good setup for it.

Anyway. I have permission to fly because they know we do that. You know it's part of part of for video production, of course, but then I just been doing it there for so long. We'Ve been in this alphas complex since 2007. That, like the security people, know me, the property management knows me: I'd pay rent for our office too. You know some I'm a tenant there, but it's pretty nice, because if you want to be able to fly in a place that nobody else can fly in that's, one of those passes that I get that's prettier that's pretty awesome and they had this giant American flag. As a matter of fact I should have, I should have done something yesterday. I was up at work for a little while yesterday I should have done something with that flag, because it's, just so big and it's right in front of the highway. So you can I've done shots like this before, where you kind of reveal you pull back from the flag, and then you see the highway with all the cars going by that'd be a cool hyperlapse. That would be a cool hyperlapse, so you have a you, have a Medicare too, do you have one yeah and and have you done the hyperlapse on it? You know I did try one, but I felt like it was. It was a little too windy. That day was it shakey, it was very shaky and yes, I was like: why is it so shaky? I do them with the Mavic tube Pro and they come out.

Ax they're rock solid, yeah yeah. I didn't know that was me I'd love to hear in the chat. If, if people think that the hyperlapse on the Mavic air 2 is shaky because I've flown it on a couple of windy days now it was, it was a 20 minutes hyperlapse. Obviously, when it's all crunched down, you know it's, not gon na be as much yeah it's like 15 seconds or 20 seconds or whatever this is shaky. I don't know how often were you taking photos every two seconds yep same here, so that's pretty much my default, but but, like you said, I've done it so often with the Matic to zoom more often than the pro, but those always come out just like smooth As butter and with the with the Matic air, I must just get pushed around in the wind more because it just exists: yeah it's, just a little more, I don't, know that's one of the reasons why I've stopped you in hyperlapse is from drones, just because they Do get pushed around so much and you always bring it back and stabilize it like I'll shoot the raw photos and I'll drop it into Premiere Pro put a whooped stabilizer on it or something yeah. You know I'll edit the raw photos and go that route versus just using the default was. I think it a better result. Oh versus actually having the having DJI software to do it. You take the photos and put them in well.

The other thing that I've I've often wondered about if it's a technical capability or if it's a or if it's, just a decision, is why is there a lower limit of time on those two seconds because I'm, looking at a couple people to see if anybody's so Bob Casey says he's gon na try it and see hyperlapse work, great, so Steve carpenter. It might depend on the wind because when I noticed it, but why is the DJI go and DJI fly app limit you to two seconds? Why can't you do one second or half of it! Think of it! This like this, we don't know what the buffer is on. Those cameras like a my Sony and I can hold down that camera and it's just gon na and it's gon na fire off a burst of 10 photos. So if you're doing every 2 seconds, that's, probably just the limit to allow the buffer and writing. Because if you, if you're taking her photo in RAW, it has to write that image which they just expanded or sometimes uncompressed, so our SD cards have limitations. I think that's more of a limitation on how fast they can write to the SD card. That makes any sense that makes no sense. I'D. Never thought about. I never thought about that. You know. Maybe if you were doing like a smaller, you know cuz, it only does the hyperlapse in 1080. I think right yeah yeah, but you can well note you have a que hyperlapse, though.

So if you pull, if you pull the raw photos they're there a que, you can take, it fades out the virtual photos, so you take all the raw photos and what its gon na do is it's gon na be those photos are gon na be sequential right. I use Premiere Pro, so what I'll do is I'll, take all those photos, load them up into Premiere Pro or you can use After Effects. Even and I'll I'll highlight them all make up. One frame each and I'll say make make sequence from from the order of from the numbered order, and it puts them in the correct order right right. So no I mean that's how you used to have to do it right, yeah, that's, that's, how you did pretty much any time lapse. You were doing best way to do it. I said any camera still, if you have the me to do it, it's still the best way I know for a while. I was really hooked on hyper lapses. With the years of blast from the past, the Osmo pocket yeah there's yeah there's, something that I feel like we haven't seen. Really anybody talk about anymore in a long time turn it's sort of just you know a forgotten product that these guys made. I will say I will say, though, that since the Osmo action has is introduced, the audio adapter that goes on the USBC and there's a cage you can get for it, that has cold shoes on it.

That has made the Osmo action. I use that thing all. The time now, because I do too but put it on it and put it on a tripod and with the with a shotgun mic on it or a wireless, you can use the road wireless go on it and it's just so convenient because you can get good Audio directly to it, you don't have to sync sound later. Like I love Scott, I got this guy. That has a I guess. They'Ve had an audio adapter, but I feel like the audio and the images that come out of into the one don't look nearly as good as what comes out of the Osmo action. I just feel like thousand more action is like the king for like vlogging. Is that the instant one one inch or is it the? No? This is the regular one one inch. This is the regular one. I I didn't get the one inch because people were saying: oh it's, not, as you know, it's, not a noticeable difference. I don't know. Hmm, I heard that the one inch was is better in low light that that's really kind of where it were where it does best. I mean, if you're, in a twilight situation, or I saw a couple of comparisons where they shot in like a room that only had a candle or or was dimly lit, and they had the 1 inch versus the GoPro Hero 8 and the Osmo action.

And the and the other instant 360, the one with the without the 1 inch sensor, and it definitely looked better in the Lowell I mean it's it's interesting I mean I just like. I think the Osmo actions convenient I don't use. I really don't use the action on the drones, though, because I feel like I get a lot of jello, even even if it's stabilized it's, not quite as good as the GoPros in that regard, even with the Rocksteady on yeah, even with the Rocksteady. I get a lot of jello sometimes, but what did notice as though you can crash the hell out of your drone? Not really worry about breaking this thing. This thing is super durable, yeah, that's, true that's, so you don't have to worry about cracking the back screen or even the front glass it's not like that. This thing just explodes into like three pieces: well, yeah it's, almost like Lego bricks that come apart, yeah, yeah, it's it's a you know I really shot. John oz is in the in the chat and he's really the one that convinced me. I need to do more. 360, video, you know, and he's right is a huge thing, it's an extra step, but but the the hero or the GoPro max, of course, is his favorite. I know and – and i think even insta 360, the the insta 361 are the 1x. If you apply the software to it and the smoothing you can get such smooth footage out of it, you know so smoother than a gimbal.

In some cases this is my favorite camera right now, Barnes 1 is up. This is the info. I need to get one of those, so I I wasn't gon na get one of these and I was watching this guy. He does fpv he's, not everybody's cup of tea, but his name's bot grinder, oh yeah, yeah watch dude dude he's he's he's, like he reminds me of me just he's, a little more extreme yeah yeah he's funny she's mine like yeah. He just lets it all. Hang out and he's like this is fun to have these, because you could put him on like the little three inch drones and get really crazy shots. So I got one and I've been using it and I mean it's the most fun I've ever had with the camera. The motion and you really, you really can get very, very stable shots, even though you have stabilized right yeah, even if it's, not even if you don't use any stabilization with it, the shots. Just look amazing: you throw stabilization on there. You look like a pro. It blows real, steady away, Wow so so, and and originally they had a like a 1 minute limit on the footage, and now you can do 5 with a firmware update my minutes, yeah it's yeah it's a little toasty it can get toasty yeah well got ta, Be careful with that? What what does that think that might be my trip to Best Buy tonight? You know we were talking 60 man, 160 yeah, yeah Amazon are, I think they may be a little bit more Best Buy before that and throw that bad boy on here for sure make your you know, print yourself amount.

You got a 3d printer Kelly, I don't, but I know a lot of people who do yeah. I am those were the things I did. I had I went out and got a 3d printer which that's a whole nother issue. All right. You know that's that's, more it's, more of a my wife is already like wanting me to get rid of half my stuff and aren't. They pretty big. I mean the ones I've seen have been it's it's like this big it's, not it's, not not too bad doesn't. Okay, I just thought I'd try to look for things that are already taking up space and then set things on top of those things. So I'm gon na send you on an episode of Hoarders someday right with much covered by like propellers and batteries, and one of those one of those lifeboats is just gon na go up, and then it was funny all dream. He was saying to me. He goes. Oh, his space isn't very big it's like it was a mess, and I said well: okay now I don't feel so bad because my space isn't very big but it's a mess so yeah, yeah, I'm. Slowly but surely migrating everything over to. I do have a studio. Drone works built a an office and we have this massive area in there that we designed and for sound, treating so we're slowly but surely moving everything over there, but it's just the convenience of walking out of my bedroom yeah I mean into gear to film.

I didn't want to give it up, but sadly, space is exceeding what I'm capable of doing right now, how far away how far away is drone works from your house six minutes? Oh it's, not, Oh! So after after you know him being alright, let's go it's. Just you got to do it because, like we built computers and everything for the space and it's, like I mean it's, it's sort of like a dream to even have the option to do that so I'm. Just I just got to force myself to do it at this point well and I'm in the same situation with my office it's great to livestream from there, because we have fiber, because you know we have that if anybody's watching my live streams, typically, the cleaning crew Comes in good way through, and so I get, I get a lady who comes in to clean the Reno to take the trash and she's always like look what you're doing but it's it's it's, just that hassle factor of getting all my stuff together, yeah and driving To the place where I spend all day anyway, most of the time you know this – this is my home right now and I'm at home. But for this you know this, especially with this setup right using the iPhone I did not have to plug in an HDMI cord and a converter, and I mean it's, just so dang convenient to be able to do it this way, because III, honestly, I thought I Overslept and missed this, and I felt absolutely terrible because I told you I came back and I passed out.

I was sleeping yeah woke up and like I saw the tax but then I'm, like I totally forgot, that's how oblivious noise. Today I had a few to drink I'm, not gon na lie. You know, you're on the water after July, 4th happy birthday America, so I was like crap, so I just grabbed the MacBook I didn't set up anything. I think I got like one little key light. Going on here, but it's easy it's, easy it's convenient speaking of which I wish MacBooks had a better a better webcam like these things are the worst yeah it's interesting because I'm, looking at the shot and I'm using my phone and like you're you're, a lot closer. Like it's a legend in this than the phone shot yeah, so what do you think about the new parrot? I didn't really talk about that last night, um just curious 7000 right yeah, but that's that's well, that's thermals! For you, I mean any time you start involving you know, technology that you know has boson or FLIR involved, you're gon na pay a premium for that. Sadly, how much was somatic to enterprise matha to enterprise? When that came out? The hell was that that was what's. It really no, no, what the house like it was like. It was like twenty nine hundred dollars – okay, so so still still more than you would pay for yeah a regular matter too, but but the resolution on the enterprise duel is just not not adequate for for a lot of situations like oh yeah, early public safety of A you know capable yeah.

No, I I agree that that that FLIR are the the heat compared to what you would see on a much bigger drone with a much better resolution and by the way, metro drones. Thank you for the super chat good to see you bill he's, always in the house, happy happy. Fourth, everyone! Well! So so seven, seven thousand, you think it's worth the try. I mean it just still looks a lot like Anunnaki right. It still looks like a kind of plasticky kind of thing that's my thing, but I mean here's the thing like if you're a company that works with the Department of Justice or something here in the States or you're you're working with you know, government right you, you Almost don't have a choice if you want something sub 10000 because let's face it. What are you gon na be able to find there just isn't there isn't anything available commercially? That can say. Oh, I was not manufactured in China right and so so parents, a French company they are using – and you know this is mostly me listening to other drone people talking about this but they're using some Chinese parts. You know at the end of the day this this is kind of the funny thing that I that I find about this whole controversy of drones, spying on us. We all have sony TV, samsung, tvs, LG TVs, what those those aren't american made TVs right and now with Smart TVs, they've got speakers in them.

They'Ve got cameras in them. They'Ve got all that stuff, I mean if they wanted to spy on us. That seems like that'd, be a much smarter way to do it. Then somebody find their drone over the water right, it's, it's, it's, sort of a silly argument. I mean they're talking about the data and where that data is going back and forth and the reality is all right. The applications are vetted by the App Store's in which let those apps be downloaded by millions of users. If there was a threat, an even slight threat, Apple, no doubt would have pulled DJI, zap right, but then, but then they're on the flip side of the coin, it's, not even about the data or the privacy it's about people supporting a Chinese company which I think It'S inevitable, because what what what else do we have in this space? We haven't had really an American company say all right: we're gon na deliver XY and Z yeah meet or exceed what DJI brings to the table sky. Do you can't really claim that they do that, because they are more of an enthusiast company they're building things such as like a GoPro would and they're very small, and they don't even have they even have the production capabilities? And again I go back to the TV example. Name me, a good american made television is RCA. Maybe I don't even think they make big deals anymore, produced in China or Taiwan or something or I mean Samsung – is Korean yeah, I'm, just I'm.

Just saying that you know there's a lot more televisions being Boston, then then you know in terms of, and you know, it's another funny story is my parents, when I was growing up, hey Jake, Sloan good, to see you and I said hi to Thomas O'Sullivan, but It'S good to see you as well and Steve carpenter, I wanted to always. We were growing up a lot of my friends. Parents had Honda's or Toyota's or whatever, and my parents refused refused to buy a Japanese car. So you know what we had. We had friggin Chrysler k car and we had a a Ford Pinto and we had a Mercury Cougar, oh and they were terrible. They were always breaking down and they exploded. I mean the Pinto did anyway. The pickup did yeah yeah. We had one anyway, you know, so it was just one of these things where and and actually my dad still drives a Ford, so you know good on him. I guess for sticking to his word, but you know as soon as so my first car was a Buick and then I got a jeep and then I had a Mercury and then I got an Isuzu Rodeo, and that was my favorite car up to that date. Of course it was a nicest one. It was my fourth car and, and now I've had Honda's ever since then you know and Subaru, but I don't know it just seems like it seems like that argument could carry over whether you agree with it or not.

It could carry oh yeah outside of just drones. People really are focused on the drones.