This is episode 8. I actually believe can't believe it's already been eight weeks that we've been doing this, but I am super excited. I know it's a little different for anyone. Who'S new to this live stream. It is, it is definitely a different format: it's, a it's, a kind of cross between a podcast and a live stream on YouTube and so it's. Definitely something that's fun to do because it's easy all you do is make a phone call to somebody and I've really enjoyed being able to call a variety of people. I'Ve had brennan firm, drone iran. I had Newark Newark fpb, the DRL champion from twenty twenty eighteen I've had gosh Ken hearing on had had Sean oz last week and have done some phone in calls, and I want to just say: hey to everyone. Who'S joined looks like a lot of people jumping in right now. Drone shots was first thanks for being in there drone shots, jo Blaylock how's it going Joe, I think Joe and Brad Brad Alston. Both you guys were on our thing. We did last night by the way for the flight crew last night. We did a game of jackbox Phillip and I and it was a ton of fun. We we had a small group, get on and play jackbox with us and it was really fun. So one of the one of the things of being in the flight crew. Obviously it was a an experiment to see if we could pull it off, but it was a ton of fun playing jack box with all you guys.

I see Chris hope out there. I see cool vids Aysen I see Zeb meet, hey what's up Zeb meet, I see Brad Hondo. I see hey Roosevelt good to see you man. I haven't talked to you in a while I'm glad to see you in the chat, and I see Ken Haran asking if my camera's broken. Indeed, no, my camera only makes little bouncy bouncy lines that's all it does, and Kai Fredrickson I'd like to say hello to you and Kai. I used your. I used your tie, downs for the Mavic air to props today, and they were great. You know, honestly. I didn't know that they would be that cool, but for putting them in a small confined case. The tie downs for the Mavic error really for any drone. If you're sticking it into a case, a foldable drone, it just avoids the props from going wacky in there. So Tim Jackson good to see you thanks for joining DampD aerial views, nice to see you man, what a great crowd we've got coming in today and and of course, ken heron in the house good to see him, I need to catch up. If you can lots of lots of news about spin up, I want to talk to you about and lots of news that I'm going to actually put out very soon to the entire crowd, so that everyone knows what's going on with spin up. Of course, if you don't know about spin up spin up is our drone event.

This will be year, three that we've done it and we are going to be doing it virtually this year for a variety of reasons, but I'm really excited about that. Actually, but Ken's. Actually going to come to Austin and be in the studio with me, which I'm really psyched about that, as will original dobo. Maybe I think he was talking about it and definitely Shawn oz and maybe a couple of other folks, and then we are also going to do a meet up on September 26 in I guess it'll be in Dillon Colorado and if you want to join that Meetup All you have to do is: go to draw it'll, be spin down we're, calling it spin down. 20 20 calm. If you go to spin down 20 20 calm, you can get all the details about that Meetup. We are asking for a small donation to cover the cost, because the pavilion were renting is very beautiful, it's right on a beautiful mountain lake, but it's quite expensive, so just trying to help defer a little bit of that. But enough of my yammering on, I wanted to say hello to say that we've got a really special guest today, someone who I have not actually spent a lot of time talking to so I'm super excited to be able to talk to him today. It'S rust from 51 drones, so I'm gon na try and add him now into the call, and by the way there may be a change in format to this thing.

Coming up so everybody knows, this is something I'm working on this streaming platform is something I've been working on, that is a it's it's, a beta software thing, but it is gon na have some updates in the next Rev and I might be able to do some Other cool things with it, but for now it's audio only so you know if you don't, if you you're not missing much by the way by not seeing my face but let's see if we can get rust in into the call here. So I just tapped the button to see if I could get him to join Wow let's. Try it again there. It goes we'll see what Russ is you know, goodness. I got a call wall rush. You there, hello, hey, how's it going good. How are you doing I'm doing very well I'm, very excited to talk to you, man. I feel like we've crossed paths many times and send each other lots of support. You know from miles and miles away, but we've never had a chance to just sit and chat. Yeah that's right yeah, I'm gon na step inside the house here kind of break it up a little bit. I don't know what's going on. Let me get in here yeah. So this is the miracle: the miracle of radio over YouTube that's right yeah. I heard you say: you're gon na have a special guest on today is that is that coming on out from here? Oh, you know you're special in the way that people say bless his heart.

You know yes bless his heart, like old ladies say that right when they're, when they're talking about it, no man, you know I feel, like you and I are probably pretty similar. I feel like we're, probably around the same age. We both have this amazing fascination with drones. We both started just just letting our drone freak flag fly a few years ago, and you know it's it's been a good thing. When did you start your channel? Uh 2016 is when I actually started the channel. What my first video was posted in my first drone. Video was posted February of 2017, so just over three years, yep and and when you started because I've actually been reflecting on this a lot. I did my first drone video in 2014. Under the name Ready Set drone. It was the s T's proto X, nano which is a very tiny little one of the first little tiny line of sight. 30.00 drones you could buy. I don't know if you ever saw that one, but it was cool no um I got a hold of that thing, did a did a review of it and then I didn't do really anything else for the rest of that year and I'm, like man. If I had gone hard in 2014 boy, I would yeah. I would be big time now: yeah that's, right yeah. When I am and like when I look back when I started my channel, the you know, it wasn't the intention wasn't to be where I am today.

The intention was to just kind of share my experience and have kind of almost like a like a diary or a journal of my experience, learning how to fly and learning how to. Because I have always been interested in photography, videography and things like that, and the drone having a drone was kind of the next level like it was just another because there was so much out there. So many people out there doing video and photo and – and I was completely self taught with everything, video and photography I got into it. When I lived in Wyoming for a few years and okay and then you know, I started becoming interested in drones and thematic. Throw was announced, and I started doing some research and you know after some lengthy thought and research. I finally decided to get one and then just started recording you know what was happening as I was learning how to fly it and people started. Subscribing and I'm like hey, this may be I'm onto something here you know. Maybe a lot of other people are kind of the same that I was you know just trying to get into this for the first time and just learning so you know, maybe we can learn together, so that's kind of started and and and when you started you, You didn't really intend to build. I mean you've got a channel that's close to a hundred thousand subscribers. At this point right yeah I just passed a hundred thousand, so really cool, really really surprising, but yeah it's pretty fun.

No, I mean I had no idea that it would the go we're at house, so it's that's, pretty cool, and then it really motivates you when you start to see that people are buying in and their people are getting value. You know when people get value it makes you want to continue to do that and, and so it's really motivating to see that I can at least help a few people along the way. So so so now, if I can ask, are you married you have you have kids and such I am I'm married? I have three children and under the age of twelve I just got done trying to teach my six year old how to catch a t. Ball ball so nice. What? What is what is your family think about this cuz? Because I really think I you know, but my family certainly gives me a lot of opinions about it and and I'm curious what your family thinks. You know my family is pretty excited about it at first, they didn't, even really it didn't really even occur to them. What was going on and then I started to get more and more subscribers and started to get more popular, and you know my kids think it's pretty cool my twelve year old, the other two. You know they think it's pretty cool. But now, when I hit a hundred thousand, I came into my office today and it there's this huge banner that they made nice and it's hanging there's a they cut out.

You know cardboard craft paper hundred thousand and they made signs all over congrats and my fell very old colored me a silver play button and put it on my wall, and so I think they're, like I think, they're realizing they hate. You know my dad's, a youtuber that's, pretty cool, so yeah, it seems it seems like this generation. You get a lot of credibility with with yeah that's right yeah. I I've heard I've heard something that was kind of unusual. I just heard this last week that they're calling the the younger generation these days, you know there's, I guess you're you're part of Gen X, right I'm. Think you and I both are yeah – is that okay yeah, so so there's Gen Xers Gen Y. I guess there was Jen's E there's Millennials, I don't know what else but they're they're calling some of the younger kids now generation, zum, zum generation and yeah. I think about it with all the zoom call going on right now. You know that's that sort of that sort of helps, but yeah I mean it's it's. It really is pretty amazing and then you get to know people. You know you get to know folks, I mean there's, so many people in the chat right now that I feel like are good friends of not only the drunk community, but me personally, you know like folks that I would love to hang out with and have had The chance to hang out with that spin up and in other opportunities, so you know it's amazing how much it can become a part of your life, yeah, yeah, it's, pretty cool and for me it's it's, a little more difficult.

I I actually don't know: do you have a do you work full time as well or yeah? I own a video company, so so no work more than full time yeah, so it's it's, uh it's, challenging yeah. You know working a 40 hour and a lot of us do I'm. You know a lot of us people that do this work, full time, jobs as well and then have a family as well and and then my wife's, going back to school, she's going to be a nurse practitioner, nice and so we're, not there's, there's, no downtime and So so, when you, when you go to you're, trying to get a video out – and you want to keep that consistency – sometimes there's some compressor there to kind of you know, I I've never been a big fan of the of the youtubers. That say, you know just keep grinding and keep grinding keep going. You know I don't, I don't believe in that. I think you got to go to your own pace and you got to do what works for you, because otherwise, you're going to get burnt out and and people will notice that people will see that you're burnt out and they're not going to appreciate it. So it needs to be at a at a comfortable pace and you need to provide the information, but it needs to be, you know, not forced and sometimes I think, people who think they have to grind all the time.

It'S going to seem force and it's not going to be genuine, so so I try to keep it balanced as much as I can. You know, especially at this stages of my children's lives. You know you want to make sure that it yeah priorities are in order. So it's you can, if you can, if you can include them in the process, it certainly makes it easier, like my son has already shot video for me so happy having him and it's it's like a little side job for him. You know he enjoys it more than paying the lot or mowing the lawn, and I pay him ya. Know I'm, like hey man. Oh you help me shoot a video if it makes the money I'll pay for it. So it'sit's great well, that's cool. Yes, I actually start doing that. My 12 year old, he still isn't, really willing to do much. He'Ll help me shoot something else, but that's about it. He won't help us the other part of the process. So well. Have you had him in any of the videos? Like like to be to do the reviews or anything, no he's, not interested in that, I think maybe he's kind of shy and yeah. Well, not I shouldn't say that he's not shy once you get once you get to know him, but I think just him being on scene now, here's the thing we I'm, not I'm, never gon na share this with anybody's like, but we started a Pokemon YouTube channel.

A few years ago before I got into my youtube channel and it was kind of fun and he was really into Pokemon big, huge Pokemon player and card collectors like like the the Mobil 1 2, where you go around and chase no pokemons go well. We did that yeah. We did that for pizzette didn't last very long. So right we actually started just doing unboxings of pokemon cards nice. It was fun and it was a good time spent with him. But what happened? Is it turned into him too much work and and then because we would go out and we'd buy Pokemon boxes, and then I wouldn't, let him open them until we could film it right right. He was like yeah he'd, get so frustrated it and then you know just a process of filming. It became not enjoyable anymore, so we just decided yeah, quit ya know you have to you have to enjoy it and it's funny, because you know I advised a lot of people on on doing YouTube and a couple of things I've always said is: it has to Be something you really feel like you could do for the long term. You know, and and fortunately for me, aviation drones, radio control, all those things really kind of none of those I feel like will ever get old for me like I went out and flew today and I had such a good time. My wife and kids are out of town, and so the house to myself had had the whole day to go fly, and I was just like.

I was like just by myself flying doing some different tests and shooting some video, and it was a great day. I mean I really enjoy it and I I've been doing it since 2014 and just haven't managed to you know, get tired of it yet mm hmm and what I found is and I'm the same. I think you're. I would say that I'm, not quite as passionate like that, as you are, because you're definitely the Godfather of the drones right now in the community. Why? I appreciate that got another like in the way that I could have someone offed. If I wanted to like yeah exactly if Chris Hope, if Chris Hope, just or Steve carpenter just takes me off one too many times exactly yeah Chris I'm, coming for you, what I you know, I kind of look at it where what I've gotten I've kind of Gotten more into now is the process of of making the videos like, like the drone, has become kind of the tool to make my YouTube videos, and so just that background with me of making making videos for so long and now I finally found something that is The my favorite part of making videos of the process of creating something, and so you know I don't, I don't – think I'll ever get to the point where you know I love watching. You know the big, the big youtubers, like you know, McKinnon and Peter Lindgren and Daniel Schiffer, and all those guys yeah.

I love those. I love those watching those sequences and those stories that they tell, and I don't think I'll ever get to that point, but that definitely inspires me and – and I want to use my drones to make that process happening like I always whenever I'm doing something like that, I always want to make the drone part of the process you know and at the biggest part of it, and so you know, I've really gotten into trying to explore different ways to get to, as close as I can to making creating content like those guys but And – and so I think you know where you're the you're flying god, I don't know how much how many drones do you think you've flown over the years I I'd say it's, probably over a hundred, I mean it's yeah it's a lot. You know, if you count all the toys ya, see I've flown eight iPhone 8 drone that's. Yet no, you don't show you the choice. No, not really I mean I phone a couple of little toys, but but I do wan na I really. I really do want to try fpv. I just think I think once I starts oh, that might be days. It might be dangerous because I won't go back, but I I think it looks so fun and I've never done it before. Never. I never had a pair of goggles on in my life, so we can. We can talk about that.

First of all, doc Murdoch who is in the chat right now, is an amazing fpv pilot and builds drones and all that so he'd be a good person to hit up. If you need advice, but I will say: um there's a question from Shane with r ER V, the Johnston's Shane wants to know when you started your YouTube channel 2016 December of 2016 is when I started it and what was your? What was your first video about? Well, actually, it was a little bit for that. My first video was actually how to build a pinewood derby car yeah. My son, my son, did help with that one. I helped him build his pinewood derby car. That was actually the third one that we had done and we just recorded everything recorded the process and I think it had like 77000 views. I was doing really well and, and Ken Haran talked about it one night on his life, so he he asked, you know what was your first video and he showed it and the very next day I got a copyright strike from one of the song artists that, On the music that I had used, oh so, what song every oh gosh I don't know I I don't even know where I got this song. It was probably on. I think it was down cloud or something like that, but it was it wasn't like a pop song. This was a this was a this was a song, you were, you know just as a background yeah.

This is just a no name, small creator, and I think somebody must have been listening. He died or something, but it just. It was such a big coincidence that all of a sudden, the next day after Ken hair and talked about it, I got we got a copyright strike, so I D monetized it and I actually privatized it because I was so mad that that person decided to the Copyright strike me so so it's still on the channel, but it's private and what did Natalie know and I think now you can go in and actually just mute, the music like just mute yeah. You know the cow like. I guess I could do that yeah. Definitely. But so I have a question the rest. You said you helped your son with the pinewood derby car now now yep. How much did you help? Because I can remember when I was when I was a Cub Scout. My dad was very involved, but he made me build my own pinewood derby car, like like. He helped in the degree that he taught me about graphite, putting graphite on the on the windows. That was, that was the big thing, but but other than that I built it myself and then several people showed up with these amazing Pinewood Derby bars and I was like dude. You didn't, build that your dad built that so ya know you want us elves. Well, the first year I did everything he did the sanding and a giraffe riding the second year.

He did some cutting. I actually used a box cutter and he had did some of the cuts. He did all the sanding I and, and then you know the fine tuning stuff. I did of course, and then the third year he did probably 50. I did 50, he did all the painting and everything so and then and then he quit does that's kind of disappointing. But but the cool thing about our about our pact was we helped. We also had a parent category, so I built my own car as well and when I grew up I mean I was a Eagle Scout, so I am an Eagle Scout, so I built cars, so I kind of knew what I was doing, but so I built My own car, what I did is – I took my car from when I was younger and I kind of revamped it a little bit redistrict redistributed the weight and painted it up a little bit put new wheels new axles on it, and I I was slower than My stock than the one I made when I was a kid, so I thought I was going to improve it, and here it got worse. It was slower. So I didn't win anything there, but so I've seen some videos about Pinewood Derby cars isn't there, a specific place like if you put the weight further forward it does better. Is that right or further back, I don't, remember that's, pretty good it's it's, quite a balanced mark.

Rover has amazing video on it and I followed to a tee. What mark Rober told us to do, and we still didn't do very well, so I did he did when he did win Scouts choice and one year, and then he won best overall design one year. So we know how to paint a car. We just don't know how to build them. So now you live in Minnesota right. I live in North Dakota or north dakota. I'M. Sorry, you know southerners get the get the north a little makeup, but yeah, but but I've seen you out on a four wheeler. Are you you came out in a space where you can fly pretty easily yeah, I wouldn't say easily. I I live on the edge of town. That kind of a nurse like, if you would say if there suburbs, in a town of 50000 but yeah, I live on the edge of town. So I do have some space and typically I'll Drive I'll Drive out of town to fly because there is a private Airport, just a guy that has a top duster that lives. Oh, I suppose about three or four miles away, and so so it is, you walked here and it always gives me trouble so but uh, but I can fly, I can unlock it, but sometimes it just doesn't work so but yeah I live. I live out of town, so I have some. I have some space yeah yeah yeah.

Well, I mean that's, not a very densely populated state. Generally right I mean, if you go out a little way right, get out into areas with lots of space and that's. Always a challenge for me is is finding a good place to go fly. I see Felix from quad copter guide in the chat, which is awesome Felix and I got to hang out over in Germany last year and man I'm. So glad we went to Germany last year. We had a good time and Felix was such a good host. He he took us around and showed us some really awesome places to fly over the take and say I I was gon na just tell Felix. I watched that video just recently, but you know you really do have to be so careful with where, where you fly just to do a couple, things a to be safe, right, that's, the primary thing, but also be just to make sure that you're you're not really Putting yourself in a position where I I'm, not a guy, that enjoys conflict. You know, I mean some people. I think I think some people like it. I saw the video where you had the interaction with the police officer and that you know then ended up being really good and I'm glad you posted it cuz. I felt like you, you kind of showed people how they could interact with the police officer when they're winter flying, but, ultimately you know it's.

It is more and more challenging to find good places to fly, and so for me, I'll take a special trip out of town just to go fly somewhere. That I feel like is, first of all, a beautiful place to fly, but second of all is a safe place to fly. You know and it's not going to not gon na get get on anybody's nerves, so anyway huh a little bit of a tangent. So so you said: you've only flown six, six stones or eight drones. How many do you say um yeah eight, I think eight drones and most of them are DJI what's what's, your favorite, my favorite problem, Mavic air. I really not because yeah it is. I mean the Maverick you Pro definitely low light bigger sensor. I just I really didn't realize that until last night and this morning I was trying to get some sunset sunrise stuff and you can't do it with the Maverick air you can't and so I'm I'm. Really hoping I don't know if they have, they probably do have pretty well, probably has some gradient filters, but you're gon na need gradient filters on them advocare to get to get a nice sunset sunrise. I have seen some, but the Maverick pro can do it like that, like the the dynamic range is a little bit better and low light is so much better on the Maverick Pro but right overall overall, I just love how the Maverick air 2 flies.

I love how it can, how it controls and how it reacts, how it feels when I fly it, I love how it sounds. I mean it's like super quiet, yeah it's, not quiet. The original Medicare was such a such a piercing kind of I mean I loved my original navigator, but I remember just every time I put it up in the air, it sounded so white I'm noisy and it was at a pinch at a frequency yeah. It was a sharp frequency, so so submatik air too so that's, actually what I was flying today. I was flying that and the Mavic mini down at my kids old school and I was doing a bunch of hyper lapses and it was a nice day for it, because we had some clouds and it's this real, pretty country road that I'd go off of. So I can get some of the cars going by as well as the clouds going by and such and yeah. I, and I did some stuff with a pass today – that I had no idea that a pass had improved. That much have you really played with a pass. I mean it is. I have yeah when I was party amazing, playing around trees in the backyard and yeah. It was it's nearly as good as the sky. Do I mean there's only a couple times where it actually got stuck and it couldn't get around the branches, but yeah really cool and, I would say, I'm very cinematic, but it definitely does a good job of avoiding things.

Joe Blaylock says he loves the sound of the original Mavic air and – and I will say, if you're, if you're, trying to announce to the world that you're flying the drone then definitely original navigator. But but I was gon na say: Russ here's, my here's, my tape, because I have asked I do and I've done. I haven't done any videos on it, but I've done a lot of flying with it. As far as I've used it on a skateboard I've used. It on walking I've used it on a bike. You know just trying to see what it does with tracking. I believe, if you're going faster, the sky do actually is way better. The Mavic air too lost me when I got going faster, like it did. Fine. If I was walking or going slow it would, it could navigate through stuff, but it didn't it didn't think as quickly as the sky do does now. The sky to you has a lot of other issues, but but as far as just like, if you're, if you're trying to follow a skateboard or you know or bike, then I feel like the sky. Do is gon na do a better job personally right, yeah yep – and I am I did tracking with my four wheeler on the on the MAV ago, 2 and 31 to 32 is where it loses me. It can keep up at 31 miles per hour and then it did you put it.

I think. Did you put in? Will it travel? I do I. I didn't try sport mode, so I need to do that. But, but I thought 31 was pretty good. No it's that's, not bad at all and and you're talking about just on an open road, or were you going through stuff like under trees and stuff like that um? No, it was just on a little trail. There was a couple trees and the the way, but it didn't affect it just kept. It was just straight line, so, okay! Well, I might my experience with it has been. I guess I had low expectations for a pass compared to the sky do, and it really is very good. I walked through this clump of trees, where there were little tiny branches in every direction, and it ago she ated its way through perfectly, which was pretty awesome. Yeah all right, Hanson McDonald's is asking what's your opinion on the best drone for the price. Do you have a guess, Hanson? The question is: what do you want to do with the drone right? Are you looking to do photography or are you looking to do? You know I mean quite honestly. For me, the syma x5c is the best room for the price is 30 bucks and it's a ton of fun, but you know you're not going on video with it right any any thoughts on the best rooms well for the price. Overall I'd say maverick air 2, but a lot of people are 800 there's.

Still a lot of money for a lot of people, so yeah you know nomadic mini, does a great job. I think, with the recent updates and the ability to change the camera settings definitely makes it a much better camera drone than it was when it was first released and but yeah you're talking about 30.00 drone, which is a fun drone for that price. My gosh, but if you want to get you know some high quality video, then definitely gon na get up something like the Maverick minis yeah. Well, the the syma x5c is the toy drone. I always recommend it's a line of sight, drone and it's really good to learn because it does not have it. Doesn'T have hey. I see mr. Georgia boy in there. It doesn't have the GPS right, so it is a. It is a line of sight drone that you can become a better pilot with now Joe Blaylock is saying that he used the original Mavic error to hurt his sheep, and if you haven't seen Joe Blaylock's channel, you really should go check it out because he lives In a beautiful spot, he's got sheep that live in these beautiful forests and he uses a drone with him all the time and they don't seem to really mind, but maybe the Mavic air was the one that would get him around and then and then I see That Hanson, the original person asked about the cinematic shots or the best run for the money.

I would agree Hanson either the Mavic air 2. If, if you can swing the price, if not the Mavic mini is actually great for that and you can buy the fly more combo for less than the that less than the I even buy the fly more combo, I believe for less than the Mavic air 2. Without extra batteries, so oh yeah, yeah, yeah and then dr. Murdoch is saying you can. You can set the syma x5c with fpv camera for 30 bucks yep, you absolutely can and it rips in that way. I'Ve had velcro too little camera to it before. So. You said you were thinking about doing some fpv rest. What what you know, what what are you thinking or are you thinking about a tiny loop or something for outdoors or you don't know? Yet I have no idea where I would start. I have no clue where to start so well here's the thing I have, of course you probably do too. I have some DJI credit and I really like the look of the DJI fpv setup. You know and then so I would. I would want to get that because I wouldn't have to spend any money. I already have the credit, and then you know whatever I could put that on and use that with would be what I would go with but but, like I said, I have no idea where to start, I know I've been watching original dobo and his journey go Through his journey and also drone supremacy, he's really turned into FTP, and – and so you know, I kind of I asked Mike from drone supremacy.

You know he gave me a couple of ideas on what would be good first girls, but there's, something I need to take some time and put some research into it. You know it just got so much right now, it's kind of down my list, but but I think it's definitely gon na rise up to the top here pretty soon. Well. Well, one thing: one thing you know: it's kind of: if you go DJI with with the GI system, then you're you're, going with the digital system and and the quality is a whole lot better. You, you are a little bit more limited in the types of drones. You can actually well the in order to drop to fly with the DJI system. You really need a bigger drone. You can't fly tiny loops with it so here's. What I would suggest is, I would suggest, getting an all in one kit, Emax make several the the tiny Hawk series. Also I've, been flying a lot of newbie drones new, be drone. They know one called the bee brain, they have an all in one kit. That is definitely a good start. It has the goggles, it has the drone and has the remote control and it's already bound. Now the the the thing you know you need to start to learn about doing beta flight and some of the ways to set up the drone and change the settings and stuff like that. But one of those kits would be an easy way to get started and definitely less frustrating, I think than trying to start with something that is too complicated.

Now the thing is, if you start with the DJI system: you're never gon na want to go back to analog. I mean it is so much water and and the problem at that is again there's, no tiny loops to do digital. Yet so, if you want to get into flying tiny loops, which I would recommend they're a ton of fun flying around the house – well it's all analog. So so I don't know: Emacs is a sponsor of spin up this year, which I'm really excited about and and newbie drones has been a great. You know it's been giving me stuff to test so any of those tiny boot company, it's, really good and, as I said, there's a lot of people here in the chat dr. Murdoch, especially who know fbb really well so so so you I believe, have agreed to Do a presentation for spin up this year, yeah if you haven't, I just I just committed you to it: didn't yeah yeah, so I know you've never been down for spin up down to Austin before what what have you heard about it what's your what's, your impression Of you, I don't, have you seen any videos or heard people talking about it or but what's what's? The impression of someone who's never been, I think, it's a great thing because it brings people together like it. You can watch videos all day long, but but being able to interact with the people and learn from each other is uh is definitely great concept you know, and the traveling thing is, the thing is, is the hard part for me? We we have so much going on all the time it's hard to get away so I'm kind of excited that it's going to be.

You know just online this year, because I can participate and and not feel like I'm missing out so I'm looking forward to it. No, I really appreciate it and one of the things I've tried to do because I've had some great speakers. That'S been up, I've tried not to be repetitive, you know and have the same speaker after year. So so, like everybody who spoke it it's been a year. One none of those folks spoke at year – two. It was all whole new set of speakers, so there will be a lot of new speakers a year. Three, of course it will be virtual we're gon na livestream it on September 12th. If you don't already know about it, then definitely on September 12, bookmark that mark your calendar be sure to tune in on youtube. If you want more information, you can go to spin up 2020 dot com and then also just for everyone who may or may not know we are doing an IRL or in real life, get together in Colorado on September 26th, which is going to be actually kind Of September 25th and 26th we're have a barbecue we've rented. This pavilion that overlooks Lake Dylan and I was reading on their website. Lake Dylan is one of the only or one of the highest altitude, deep water lakes and that in the US, so it's a deep water lake, it's it's at 9000 feet or something like that, and this pavilion overlooks it.

You can see the mountains off in the distance if you want to come to it. I hope you know. I hope you can there's information about it at spin down 2020 calm and if or if you go to spin up 2020, you can also get to spin down so anyway hoping that people can make it out there, because it should be a pretty fun fun thing. We'Re gon na actually do a live stream from yeah. I see dr. Murdoch saying saying that he's wanting to participate in spin up but also spin down we're gon na do a live stream from Sean Oz's, tattoo parlor, so he's gon na he's going to be giving away lots of free tattoos. He hates it. When I say that actually he's – not really so so everyone get their 51 drones tattoo. That night yeah that's great and hey, I want to say a quick hello to Rick Alber, who is in the chat right now. Rick has has, I know, had a few health issues lately so I'm really glad to see here him here in the chat. As I said before, rick is a great friend. Everyone in this chat and everyone in the drone community. So it's awesome to see you there Rick but here's. My big question that I've been wanting to ask all night Russ how'd, you name your channel what's. The name mean well: you're gon na have to watch my live stream coming up here and then the next week or so I'll talk about it there, oh okay, the number one it's the number one question I get asked for over the past three years and so I'M going to talk about that, I here's a little promotion.

I hope I can allow yeah I'm just gon na do 100000 subscriber celebration. Livestream haven't decided on a day yet, but but yeah I'm just gon na do some giveaways. I have some sponsors for the acts and have some including DJI as one of them DJ's. I offered a little package, so nice and and we'll just talk about. You know my process of having a YouTube channel and we'll talk about how I came up with a name. What else oh I'll reveal my new logo. I got a new logo coming out, so that'll be exciting and yeah. I got that one yeah right. I got some merchandise. Finally, people asked for merchandise all the time you know I used to sell just my hats and I used to do that myself well it's, getting to be too much. I can't be shipping hats every day, so some I'm going with you, know the teespring stuff and some nights for that got a web site I'm, starting because I really want to start pushing some some real estate stuff here in my communities. So a guy that has been doing real estate and our communities is moving. I guess, as I understand, and so you know he's there those realtors are going to need some somebody to do it so well. Yeah so I'll be doing that some evening, probably in the next week, it's not for sure within before the fourth of July, so awesome. Well, we host melt with fly natural set isn't.

It obvious he has 51 drums nope, so so yeah. He said earlier he's only flown a few drones, so that's that's. Why? I? I thought it was like an age thing. Maybe I don't know I I know I don't not there. Yet, okay, all right all right! Well, yeah, I mean there's, the wood we'll all want to tune in to the live stream to to learn more about it. So what are some things for people? There are a few people that I know are in the chat who have been listening. Who are you know, fans of your channel who want to know things that you are excited about with regard to drones? Coming up, you know for the rest of 2020. Do you have any predictions about about new drones coming out, or I know you also were really big on the remote ID. You made a really good explanation, video of that. Well, you know what do you see? Where do you see this community going and how can everyone who's watching right now help steer in the right direction? Oh my gosh! Well, I would, I would say, to help steer in the right direction. Just try to fly safely, I mean so many people it's. So easy to not, and but I you know, I just think we haven't seen anything mind blowing from anybody. I mean DJI just gives us these little improvements here and there, and – and you know when you see the reviews, especially the early reviews, you know from some of the bigger youtubers they're all like.

Oh, this is the most amazing drone ever yeah I'm. Not really, I mean it's it's a little bit better than what we've seen but it's, never just something just totally like mind blowing, and so I just want to see somebody come out with the drone that were like wow I mean flight time is amazing. You know if you could get up to 40 minutes of flight time and and you're getting. You know I'll tell I'll just doing a good job, but they just keeps having so many little problems from what, if from what I've seen you know, but but the Evo there really looks cool and heavy flow I'm except yeah that's. How I got one ego: yeah! No, no, no, I I don't, I don't think I'll get one okay, but but what I want to see is I just want to see a company and, and preferably a non DJI company, come out with something that um that would compete. That would actually just like really compete. You know people talk about, I'll tell competing, but it I don't think it does. Yes, I think TJ I just have spec so hold on the market, and you know DJI gets a lot of negative press from all the privacy things and the government banning them, and things like that. I really think they're getting a bad rap and people will argue against me. People say: oh, they are spying on us and you can have that opinion.

That'S great. My opinion is that they aren't, I mean if people are, if you want to spy on us, they can spy on us with their phones. You know our phones are whoa. Well. I'M, here think about think about your TV to all these Smart TVs right that have the Internet and all these yeah. I mean I, I kind of agree with you, and people and and people would be very disappointed if they spied on me, because I lead a pretty boring yeah, not much disease. I know exactly what do you got to hide so anyway, I'd like to see something that just you know, doesn't blows us away that we couldn't even think of but um what else possible? Really I mean, if you think about it, like the sky do to having having spent some time flying it and seeing the way that it just whips around and and does follow you in such an amazing way. It'S, yes, it's, a shame that the other parts of it aren't better. You know as far as the right, the Wi Fi versus kind of a knock. You sink competitor, but I mean I unfortunately, I it's just like cellphones, I don't think there's gon na be this revolutionary thing would be when the original phantom came out. That was that was the first one that everybody just went holy moly. This is because I think I'd seen from home, build drones before that and it's just like when the iPhone came out in 2007 right, it was kind of like nobody had ever seen.

Something like that. I guess there. I may be a point where Jones, maybe you know, maybe they don't need propellers anymore, maybe they're, maybe they're, driven by those you ever seen those Dyson fans that don't have yeah yeah yeah, maybe there's a drone driven by something like that at some point, but but Ultimately, dialect groans yeah, I think it's gon na, be, I think, it's gon na be incremental. You know, I think it's just gon na be a incremental kind of thing. Hey and Metro drones just sent a super shot. Thank you Bill. Much appreciate it man. I love the fact that there is a core group of people that hop on this live stream every week, and I really appreciate that and I will say that there has been a big kind of uptick in the views on these things. I noticed I don't know if you guys watched like with Newark last week or with Sean or some of the live, where I've taken calls, but I've had I've had a pretty good. Some of these. Some of these have gone over 10000 views, so Russ, maybe you'll, be the next, the next big one, but so as far as as far as your thoughts, you know kind of kind of closing out on what people should look for in a drone, because I do Get asked a lot what's, the best drone you mentioned that you really like the Medicare. Why do you like that Journal? Why do you feel like it's, a good value? Well, I like, when people ask me that what's the best drone, the first question I ask what's the best drone for you.

I mean it's it's such a personal thing, and you would know this better than I because you've flown so many different girls and you would. You would have a better idea in a better response for someone that asked such a general question. I mean by saying what's the best phone I mean it's, you can't really generally say, but in my opinion and all the drones that I have flown since I started the Mavic Air to provides so much for the money that you pay like. I I paid five hundred dollars less for my maverick air than I paid for my maverick pearl three years ago and right right. I got the five. I got the fly more combo, but I mean five hundred dollars less and look at what you're getting you know. 4K, sixty and you're getting 40. It makes it big so sort of photos beginning a much longer flight time, it's, quieter, it's, smoother, it's, just better connection. I mean for five hundred dollars less and so that's. Why? I like it so much that the technology is improving at such a fast rate and and they're able to do it at such an affordable price that I mean for someone looking to get into it of you know if we would have had if the Maverick Pro Would have been far more combo at that price? You know three years ago my gosh look where we'd be now so that's. Why? I think for the money that you're going to spend, the manicure is the way to go, and now, if you're looking to become a professional, you know, then definitely you need to look at something a little bit better.

You know like the Phantom 4 pro or b2 or the even the Maverick to pro it gets you there, but but I think for the general population for the majority of people that want to do the same kinds of things that we're doing and maybe do a Little bit of real estate work or a little bit of 3d mapping, or something like that. You know yeah the flight time. My time on the Medicare makes those things so easy now now here's. An interesting thing is, is I I'm not a huge fan of DJI pilot of the or which one is the so? Did you have pie waters at the DJI fly? Sorry pilot is for the maddox winter prize right, so DJI fly it's it's it. You know. I guess you're used to one thing right, so I'm used to DJI go for, but I think it'll be interesting. When the Mavic air 2 can work with the smart controller right cuz, then the software becomes less of an issue. It'S it's one I would assume. I would assume it would be you wouldn't have to download anything onto the smart controller. Maybe you do. I don't know I'm hovering every time they come out with a firmware release I'm. Like is it time. Is it time because today I had both my Mavic mini and my mavica or two in the air at the same time? Well, guess what I only have one phone, so I was flying one of them.

I was flying the Mavic mini just you know just line of sight without without the app hooked up to it and it was fine. You know it just kind of hangs out one place. I was just basically circling one drone around the other, but but but have you thought, have you flown with the smart controller? Yet no, I haven't um, oh yeah! No, I have no says it's so awesome, but it is like here's what I'm going I I am so excited. I'Ve been an Android ever since I've owned a phone and I've recently been flying with my iPad pro. I finally spent some money and got an iPad pro and I'd loved it so much and I love flying with it because it's so stable. I have had no issues at all and when I fly with my phone I have so many occurrences where something crashes or something you know skips or like the connection is just off or whatever, and what I fly was I've had throw I'm like it's it's it's, Perfect and then, when I start doing other things with my iPad is everything's so efficient like today I was playing with my insta 360 one hour and I was trying to edit the footage on my phone. I have a Google pixel and it just kept losing connection. So what I did is I connected it to my iPad pro boom I mean just instantly yeah and I get edit.

I could edit instantly so definitely more horsepower, of course, in the iPad pro, but it just makes me think that thing works so much better with iOS and I'm really considering switching to an iPhone and – and I wish that the smart controller was iOS rather than Android, Because I just think all of DJI drones work better with iOS. Let me let me let me give you some. Let me give you some information, or at least my opinion on that, and that is i i've I've been I bought. My first iPhone was iPhone one in 2007 and I Android just confuses me whenever I try to use an Android device. It confuses me, however, for the smart controller. It doesn't really it doesn't really matter, because the smart controller is purpose built to fly that fly. That drone I've used a smart controller, probably a hundred times or more – and you know 300 batteries or more, and I have not had any problems with any crashing in the smart controller at all. It'S it's purpose built right. So so I agree. I I think part of the problem. Isn'T Android, I think part of the problem – is that I think that DJI is supporting iPhones better than the supporting Android phones right mm, hmm yeah. I think it's, a software right there they're putting more money into the iPhones, whether whether you agree with that or not that's what I think they're doing, and so, if you own an Android phone and you're trying to fly with that, you're gon na have those issues.

If you own an iPhone you'll have fewer issues, but I will tell you with the smart controller as long as you keep the firmware updated and you do all the updates. Whenever you have to it's very, very, very, very reliable, now doc Murdoch is saying: don't get an iPhone X. It has issues with the display going dark as it gets warm. So actually, I do have an iPhone X, iPhone 10 and I have had the problem of where it's gotten, where it's gotten very overheated and actually shut down on me, because it was overheating but that's, not what I wanted well it's, not what I was flying. The drone that was when I was using it actually, I was using it on my bike. I had it in a little case on my bike. I was using it like track miles and do GPS and stuff and the case had a rain cover on it. Um. But yes, the iPhone 10 will overheat so but you're not gon na.