You know this. This show afterwards, so quite a quite a change of pace too, because this is super easy. All I have to do is hit a button on my phone and start talking and I'm on live versus, setting up cameras and setting up drones and setting up all that kind of stuff. So just want to make sure everybody can hear me out there, hey what's up Roosevelt good, to see you drone shots, Brandon rain good to see you hey Sean good, to see you trill hello, good, to see you thanks for joining. I thought I saw Joe Blaylock in there earlier that's awesome third eye view from Killeen Texas, it's, pretty hot in Killeen Texas right now as it is in Austin and hey AJ Franklin thanks for joining the flight crew. I just saw you jump in so thank you very much. If, for everyone who doesn't know, if you are a member of the flight crew, you get a free ticket to spin up and now spin up is an event that you can watch for free. So you don't really need a ticket, but if you do get a ticket you can win prizes and that's that's the big difference between a regular ticket and somebody who just wants to watch all good both sides. But the prizes are going to be pretty amazing and the ticket price is actually pretty cheap and actually, if you just join the flight crew and you get your free tickets, then it's that's all good, because that's that's, actually the the cheapest way to go and there's.

Also there's also spin up heroes who will be kind of helping at the cost of the event but I'm, not gon na sit here and talk about spin up too long. I am going to talk about Roosevelt mr. fly natural, who just hit me with the super chat. Thank You. Roosevelt I'm. Sorry, you missed last night, random family man, I see spin up is a event. This will be our third year for doing it and super excited and newark FPV. I see you in the chat: hey how's it going no I'm gon na call you in just a second, so no worries there and I won't be my normal number. It'S gon na be a different number, but for everyone who doesn't know we have newark fpb who's going to be joining us today and man we've got a lot to talk about. I promised it might keep it to an hour plus for everyone who is watching after this art code. Drone solutions has his livestream, so I'm gon na try and finish up right around 6 o'clock central time. So if you want to jump over to art coast channel, you can so let's see if I can bring in mr. mr. Newark Allah, who is waiting patiently here, let's see, I just hit the little button there. Oh, oh, I think I just I just got just hit it and then I come up. This is such a weird thing to be doing from your phone, but it's pretty cool too all right now, it's ringing let's see if we get it.

I see two little dots and yellow that was ball. Hey. This is Pizza Hut, we're. Looking for your house, we were trying to bring you your delivery. Did you get that guy gluten reaction, the gluten free pizza, a man who likes his cider and his pizza Lewton free? How you doing man great? How are you fantastic, very, very well I've, been, I have been using Co vid as a reason to get really good at tiny, whoops, or I should say way better than I was at tiny woops, so that's been really good. Yeah thanks well – and you know now that it's hot flying inside is a good thing, but getting out for some early morning on the bigger bigger drones. But I saw you had a newbie drone. At one point you had the which one was at the B brain yeah I've got a couple of them. Actually I have both the d brane bro, which i think is the brushless one, and i also have the brush this one actually might have. They got two of them. You notice. Do you notice a difference between the brushed in the brushes? Oh yeah, absolutely the brush life is too fast for me, for, like tiny, wolf style tracks, right like when your cuz, you know, if you think about like, if you think about how your perspective on a drone like what your flying fpv never changes right, yeah like If you're flying a five inch or a or a brushed quad like it's, all the same like scale, speed so like when you, when I'm flying a five inch quad on six foot gates, it's the same as flying a brushed quad on six foot gates right, it Would be the same thing so like when you're flying a brushed quad as fast as you can you're still having to hit these gaps that are, like? You know two feet across right like that, so like so for me, I have to go slow with with tiny whoops because I'm not used to that scale.

Speed factor thank oh yeah, know it and and I've I've heard you say, and maybe it was gap. It says smooth is fast and fast is smooth right, yeah, yeah, absolutely gab, saying um well, so so I'll back up a little bit for I'm. Assuming I made the assumption that everybody knows who you are. I did do a live stream last night, regular one via video and told everyone you would be on today. Newark is a amazing member of the FPV and drone community in general he's, a great creator on YouTube and it's funny, because I used to just kind of think of you as a drone racer. But now, I think of you as a filmmaker. I think of you as an interviewer, I think of you as a social media guy, I mean you're doing a lot of stuff. These days, how's your life been for the last two years, it's progressively getting busier and busier. It feels like um, the yeah I've been trying to push on three different avenues at the same time, right there's, yet drone racing and one aspect so like competing in the drag racing league on NBC and all that I've got like contract filmmaking, so you're using drones. On sets and working on commercials and all that kind of stuff or documentaries, and then I've also got the content creation side and, and just like you YouTube videos all that I'm gon na trying to push each of those pieces of that whole puzzle independently.

Because I think that each of them kind of informs each other right, like the more that I go drain racing the more calm I am on set under high pressure situations and true the more I make you know, YouTube videos, the more I learn the more I Have opportunities to bring something to Sattar to erase, and you know each of them, you know, builds into the the overall, not just newark fpv brand, but who I want to be as well. It just says, as a working professional, so that's been fun and continually busier. Could let you know in order to push each of those things you got to find how to one up yourself each time, so it becomes challenges it's, good, well! Well, as busy as you are, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to this audience today and and to do it in this format. You know it's kind of funny because I still have my quote: unquote normal jobs that I've been doing for pretty much since I got out of school, but now I now I do this side thing. Could you could you imagine trying to explain to your grandparents or your poor, your parents, you know what you do for a living like or even explain if you could go back 10 years and tell your tell your future self what you'd be doing for yeah your Past self, what you'd be doing for a living? Would it blow your mind? Absolutely I mean there.

There was no point like it. Actually, I was lucky enough to capture the moment on video, where I realized that I might have a shot at being the best at something in the world like I had kind of before drone racing, like resigned myself, to just be an average programmer for the rest Of my life, instead of deciding to find something to attack and to really be good at um, so it's been oh yeah, I'm there there was very there's a very clear point where I went from no, I could never do that to. I could have to go for this. You know, and and that's one of the things about drones, whether it's, fpv or camera drones or RC in general, is, I feel like it, gives a lot of people an opportunity to do something that you don't have to be. The world's greatest athlete right you don't, have to be tall. You don't have to be short. You don't have to be. You know you really just have to be able to focus and have a passion for it and that's. I think that's why people love this. So much absolutely it's extremely a meritocracy. You know there's right, no they're, not there's few other things in the world. Where you know, once you put the goggles on everyone's the same person right it doesn't matter, you know what your race is or your background or your Creed. Like you know, we all share this kind of common narrative of you know, flying drones and crashing drones and building drones, and once you once you fly once you hear someone fly like you know all of the the story that they've been through the trouble that they've Had to get to that point, and that brings people together, absolutely man and and and we need more of that right now for sure across across the whole world.

I would say so so. Let'S talk a little bit about the DRL sim racing Cup. You'Ve been participating in that and how is how is it different flying on the sim, and I know the physics on the Simar amazing, because I've I've done it. I, as a matter of fact, I don't know if you saw this, but I had my son. Do he wanted to do this ten days of an hour a day on the sim and he went from not being able to fly unstabilized acro mode to to like he went from like seven minutes I'm sure you know the map, the the ship yard map. You know the one he it took him like seven minutes to do the ship yard the first time and now he's doing it in like 50 seconds so yeah yeah, I mean it's it's, just it's, just amazing how much! But how is it different for you? As you know, more of a IRL in real life drone racer to do the to do the sim yeah, so just to kind of start out with a couple things on the so we have the DRL simcha presented by FanDuel. Alright we've basically been filming. This whole series for NBCSN, so we you know we're, filming races in this and we're, putting it out on NBCSN they're, putting everything on FanDuel, seeing guns that on all of the races and everything that's going on in them and like it, win real life money on It but then you know what is even more exciting to me is that the the the pilots are not taking any winnings or proceeds from these races, but instead the drag racing league is making donations on our behalf for kovat home to direct relief.

So you know not only is with an opportunity for us to, you know, create some entertainment and these strange times, but we're also finding a way to have it make it make an impact in the world around this beyond that that's awesome, though, that all is, you Know that you know that's the goal of it, but on our more micro level, like you know, you take we're, basically taking 12 of the most competitive people in the world and just like compressing them into the simulator and now you're, saying like alright, that you got A race – and I mean it, it feels like an annual event right, like everybody is taking it extremely serious or you know pushing as hard as we can like you know, at the end of the day, we know that you know it's, you know we're not doing It to further ourselves – and so you we it doesn't – have a little bit of fun with it too. So you know throughout the series, you'll see it's kind of really giving our stuff and ribbing each other a little bit more, and we talked to each other during the races trying to get each other to messed up and stuff. Like that it it becomes there's different kind of mind games and what you're you see with are all flying, because you are wearing headphones and directly wired into each other's brain so be able to kind of talk, trash and and trying to get your competitors to make Mistakes, oh yeah I've been watching I've been watching on I've, been watching on Twitter actually and it's it's it's it's amazing, the the production I have to say to the DRS production team does such a great job of the real races, and now this this feels like You'Re watching a real race and it's cool, because you're racing real Maps right.

These are places where there have actually been real races, which is super cool, yep yeah. But we also get to take advantage of the fact that we are in a simulator and make it a little bit more. You know you think, like a normal TRL map and they kind of turn it to 11 that's kind of the style of maps that we've been building for the film in it. It'S been really really fun to fly them. Yeah I'll tell you last summer I had the opportunity to go to Munich and I went to the BMW place where you guys had raced, and I was I was just kind of. I was standing in different spots, looking yeah yeah. This is where they raced, but now, when I fly on the DRL sim and I fly the BMW facility it's, like I it's so realistic for having having been there, you know I'm, like yeah. I know exactly where this is it's really cool ya know that, like that's, that blows my mind every time I get on the simulator it's like wait. I stood right here like I know exactly it. It'S pretty bizarre II it's, not the kind of dick pic to like find the things that, like the doesn't, decide Adnan to add or do right and I'd like yours like wait, there was definitely a light pole right here. That was all you think. Everybody that's. Why? In the film that we could get that easy now yeah, you know, you know you want you want it.

You want the game to be fun, not so not so impossible, but it's been a great. It has been a great opportunity. It has been a great opportunity to being home more often just to throw that on every so often and play, and so for everyone who hasn't tried the DRL, sim and there's other great Sims out there too don't get me wrong. I know people get kind of a little protective of their favorites right. I really like living on territory, yeah yeah yeah. I mean they're all really good, but I like the DRL sim because of the fact that I watch TRL and so it's fun for me to see this and to know that you know I'm having an experience similar to you guys. You know, because you know I'll be honest to you guys this pilot, so hey so so speaking of speaking of flying fpv there's there's, a video that's been out for a little while now, but I just I've always wanted to ask you about it and I never Had the chance that flamethrower video right to blast a flamethrower first of all, just to do it not not to fly through it but to hold it, is it hot? No, no, I mean, like you, feel, like a heat wave like so like if you so what I tell you is well from seniors. I'Ll put a video out. What was that back in like November or something a flamethrower and it's from the company called throw flame back on and they make a they make flame throwers, but they sell to about half of them for, like fire departments for training, a quarter of them to like Special effects, departments for movies and them quarter of them say rednecks and they we basically shot the flamethrower off and timed it with a flyby of the drone, and I used the drone to film at 120 FPS, which is you know, four or five times slower.

Like you could slow it to four or five pumps low and normal and you've made these really cool shots that actually ended up going viral, which is really really nice yeah, but uh. But I got to shoot the flamethrower as well, and so basically how the flamethrower works – and this will help as well I'll explain it it's, basically just filled oh there's, a one canister filled with um, basically just straight diesel, and you can mix other things into it. To make it a little bit more like sticky, well, I think most predators, diesel gasoline in the tank and then there's another co2, pressurized tank and then there's a butane tank. The butane is just a pilot light. It just lit so that when the diesel passes over it that light ignites the diesel, so that's kind of been aerosolized and all the co2 just creates pressure on the and diesel main tank, and so it just shoots out as like a liquid stream. So, to be honest, shooting a flamethrower feels very much like shooting a really big super soaker. Oh really, really like it's kind of got a little bit of uh does have a little bit of kick to it. It'S it's a kick isn't it like give you like. A if you take your hose, you put like the like the pointing as well like the jet nozzle yeah yeah, like that, is like that kind of pressure. Okay, good because it's not like craziest rhythm explode out it just lights on fire after it leaves the device it was.

It was such a long flame. I mean it looked like it was 20 30 40 feet. How far does that thing what's the range on it? I think the I think he said he can get the range somewhere between like it was like 40 to 70 feet somewhere in there, depending on the the fuel mixture but yeah. So I think that day we were shooting it like up closer to 60 feet yeah and if you guys haven't seen this video it is, it is really cool and it's also pretty amazing that the drone was able to survive the passes and – and you know the The biggest thing to for me was the timing right. You had you had to hit the timing just right each time, so I know you probably did a lot of takes to make it work like that, but the footage where you actually nailed it was pretty sick. It was we, we thought it was gon na look cool. It was what we kind of thought to be like yeah, that's kind of cool, but then we we played it back. We were like, oh my yeah yeah yeah, I know and – and you know, it's it's kind of its kind of a little bit annoying for other youtubers. When people raise the bar like that right, I mean it's like alright. How am I going to top that house? Anybody get top that it's yeah, so so speaking of topping and speaking of like bigger opportunities, I noticed I actually made my family sit down and watch well.

Let me back up for a second. We have subscribed, my family has – and this is because I didn't want my kids just watching trash TV all day, but we subscribed a master class. Have you ever seen master class? Okay, alright, I've seen stuff I've not had a chance to watch any of them. In particular, it's it's, very cool there's, you know, subject matter world famous subject matter experts in all different fields. Right I mean they have. One of the guys is actually Aaron Franklin who's from here in Austin Franklin's barbecue did you did you have a chance to try? Franklin'S barbecue, by the way when you were here, I don't think so, hey. So, if you come back to Austin, we have to go to Franklin's barbecue it is, it is it is, it is the best. It is honestly and I think part barbecue is naturally gluten. Free right, oh yeah, cool yeah. The only way that could be is the thought. Well, Franklin's Franklin's, you don't even need the sauce. It is just amazing, but but anyway he does. He does a module about about making barbecue. You know and it's it's it's uh it's it's, really, I mean it's way more involved than I would ever do, but it was fun to watch her anyway. Neil deGrasse Tyson does does a topic module about kind of reality in physics and astrophysics, in the universe and all this stuff, and he is such a good speaker and you had the opportunity to go, fly a drone in his office dude.

I was so I made my kids watch that because we had watched the master class with him which, by the way, if you do watch one of the master classes, his is a really good one, but we watched that of you flying in his office. Were you just nervous thinking that you know probably those models and those those awards and all that stuff he had around were we're pretty irreplaceable man? If you had, if you'd got a little nutso dad, you know, III did have that thought. But what was funny was POW kind of like laissez faire. Neil was about it and – and I say I addressed him as Neil because that's how he wanted to be addressed. I don't okay I'll, be the doctor Tyson, but you meet him he's, just like hey I'm. Neil you know, and then you say: oh it's nice – to meet you dr. Tyson and he's like no, no it's me, I go yeah call me mr. Newark, please yeah yeah, you would be flying and he's just like. Oh make sure you go over, hang out by that original. You know XYZ, painting and I'm, like, oh god, no, no we're gon na be a little more careful tonight. He'S like I was fine. We get oh, like no. You can't that's like well. That thing were you through: it flew it into the bag at the end, right done. That was Neil's idea hundred percent on a percentage idea.

You would have made news if you had hit him if you, if you had hit Mele deGrasse Tyson with a drone that would have been yeah Nash, national news for sure. But fortunately you were flying. It looked like a squirt. Is that what it was yeah yeah court – and you had you had Andy sender with you? Yes, yeah Andy lives in Manhattan and the Hayden Planetarium is just lost in Central Park and and actually what I don't think I don't know if we showed it on camera. But me and Andy did like four or five practice runs to make sure that we could get that kind of stunt down before we had Neil in harm's way, yeah yeah well well, yeah, that's, that's, always smart, and you know you said it a minute ago and I hadn't really thought about it, but the fact that you've flown under these high pressure races, it really does. It really does keep your nerves calm when you're in a situation like that I'll bet. Oh yeah, absolutely like I mean you know when we're flying it's just it's just another day at the park right as soon as I take off like we're, just having a good time. Okay, I'm. Talking to me Oh or ribbon about what's going on and having fun – and you know it's it it's. If you, if you end up having you know, stress in those situations and you're bound to make a mistake, so you might as well find a way to enjoy it right away and and when you're flying in those situations, especially with a squirt and and by the Way, I just probably is right before Cova did.

It was kind of like early March. A buddy of mine is an amazing mountain biker. He wanted me to chase him with with. I have a squirt yeah. He wanted me to chase him with it through through pretty low trees, and I was nervous about that only only because I didn't want to hit him. There were several other bikers there etc, but it was, it was cool. It was really fun. I did a I'd say I gave it a solid b minus as far as my cinematography goes, but you know the shin drones that has those ducted props, so you're pretty safe. As far as hitting things right yeah. I don't worry too much when I'm blind it's. Obviously, take precautions make sure everyone's informed like what is the interest about the drone versus you know what its expectations are and and be very deliberate about the steps of planning a shot right, like I don't, usually just like, if I'm going to be flying around people For a particular shot, it's not gon na be just I'm just going to take off and go rip it like it's I'm, going to communicate to everyone. This is the prod, so what's happening. This is where the drones gon na go and what its gon na do. This is how I want you to interact with it and like and make sure that you know all the soft targets are aware of the process and what's going on, so that they can also help make decisions about everyone's safety.

So so in that case, are you typically flying angle horizon Accra? What how do you fly when you're indoors, like that? I only ever fly a crow? Okay, okay! Well, I thought you. I thought you told me once that you did tiny whoops in yes, that is true. I do do like like brushless or sorry brushed, tiny whoops. I will fly in angle mode because the bouncing you you always end up bouncing off case with the tiny whoop. So you wanted to just the help you want the computer to help you get it back in some order. Correct yeah, I would say ninety ninety percent of people that do like tiny whoop racing like where it's like in a bar or like, like those really really tight courses. I'D, say 90 of those people fly in angle mode, okay. So so so if I joined a tiny loop race, I wouldn't get, I wouldn't get laughed at for flying in angle or horizon. No, no. The people that fly in acro mode in tiny loops are the ones that get laughed at okay. So so speaking of I have, I have an invention that I probably shouldn't say out loud because somebody's gon na do this, or maybe somebody already has, but if they haven't, maybe we should find someone who can call it the the Newark tilt shift or something. Okay. You ready for this okay, why doesn't? Anybody have a drone, or maybe they do so.

You know on camera drones, you know on automatic or whatever you can roll a little wheel and then the camera tilts up and down right. You can tilt it straight down straight up well, of course, on a racing drone you're stuck with a fixed angle of the camera. So if you're flying slow – and you got a severe angle, you know all you see – is a ceiling if you're flying fast and you got a you know, you know the deal and I'm telling this for everybody else. What about an automatic automatically computer controlled servo that keeps the keeps the camera level all the time but yeah? I actually did that for a video, maybe three strikes ago yeah I took a little a little servo and I hooked it up to keep the camera. I put it, I made it so it leveled it on the roll axis, but actually even Andy Shen has a frame and, like 3d prints mounted to do it on the the pitch axis as well, or even you do one or the other, and you can actually Wire that all into you, gon na, have beta Fleiss predict what that angle is using a function in it called and stabilization. Okay, so that that would be a that would be, I feel, like you know, especially for more novice flyers. That would be such a such a nice thing to have right. I mean just just to have that camera I don't know, but I yeah you don't think so well, but you guys think about the downsides to those like you.

You lose a lot of durability right because you're, adding more steps, you're, adding more pieces, you're, adding more complexity, you know. So, if you know, when do you crash you're gon na damage? This thing – and you know all that kind of stuff and it doesn't like especially for a beginner like it's, not preparing you for that spatial awareness right so, like you know, if you can learn how to fly with with no assists you're gon na, be more equipped To slide better, adding in assists later it's kind of, like you know, getting the training wheels off, yeah, you're, more competent and you're able to do more stuff. Does that make sense and and well and and you know that was it's funny – you say that I I agree with you there I mean you know that there's even the question at what point? Are you even not flying anymore right? I mean you know there. There is so much automation in camera, drones that you know you're you're, you're, telling it where to go you're. I guess you're piloting but you're, not necessarily flying you know, or I don't know, but you're. Could I ending your command? Yes, you know at some point: it'll speed, voice drone get a picture of that gon na I want. I want directly wired into my brain there. You go Oh human computer interface, where I can just like think and imagine the shot and have it do it and it'll do it super smooth until until it doesn't and then your and then your brain fries right yeah something a good way to go there.

You go well so tell me a little bit about that oil rig that you that you shot on that that was abandoned and what were you? What were you flying to record all that? Yes, so I got to be a little bit careful. I can't say who the client was better. The production company that I was with was a company called tax, gas and they're. This awesome little immunity on that little production company that goes around and shoots for military style, tactical kind of companies so like okay in endpoint. For example, makes optics for guns, and gore tex makes gloves for combat situations and sort of stuff like that. They also partner with defense, contractors and stuff like that, and they just basically what they do. Is they go and find these ethnic locations and film and shoot you know really cool content in those spaces for each of these companies that they're working with oh yeah? So they brought me along to fly fpv, to add to kind of their repertoire of the footage that they're capturing and one of the locations that we fix was a oil rig that had been abandoned for about. We went up into the galley because they just left everything there yeah and the galley. The cereal boxes expired in 2015. So so so you know, and again I I'm not asking you for details that you know that I wouldn't want you to share, but more I'm, more interested like what what body of water was that with that the Gulf of Mexico or was that? Where was I um that's, one of the things that I can't get close? Unfortunately, okay? Well, it was salt water.

Can you say that it was definitely thought water, okay and then, and then I was just curious? Did they eight? Does the facility just leave like a ladder there, and, and so you can just land your boat and just climb up into it or how does yeah so what we did we well, I think the original goal was actually to get a helicopter to bring us in, And out because there's still a functioning helipad on the roof Wow, but that didn't end up being an option and they they wanted to do that because they were gon na get a Blackhawk and like use it to. You know purchase some shots and stuff like yeah yeah, but no, we just you just pulled it. We pulled the boat up to the bottom of the oil rig and the the ocean was still swelling up and down, like maybe 10 15 feet, so you would actually have to. There is a platform that you could jump to and you'd have to wait for the boat to kind of pass through that platform and make the jump but we're also making the jump with like 20 Pelican cases right was right, it was it was quite an adventure And you know the others raised us know that I'm, not by accident. Anyway. Okay, we had a some of some of the shots that we did were with like tactically tactical diving teams and one of the charter. Deck cams was doing some spear gun fishing and stuff, which was pretty badass but yeah, and then there was just a set of stairs that go from the bottom, all the way up to the top.

Well, I have to say that was really really impressive flying and you know in my limited fpb experience. I know for me like making those decisions as to whether I'm gon na go through a gap or not, and what gap to go through is you know I don't have that sort of? I guess you know it's kind of like second nature muscle memory for you, but all a lot of below tape, yeah and your flow. You know as you're going through I I'm, like he's, not going through that he's, not oh shit, he just did it. He just went through that you know and I'm, just like wow, I mean that that to me is is uh. That was that, if you guys, you know for everybody watching right now, if you haven't seen what's, do you know the name of that video it's just uh? It has a record oil rig. I would say: search Newark go Platts like geo PL AC, like gas and oil platform; yeah it was that was that was that was pretty cool, that's that's, a fun one. I guess I'm kind of like listing my favorite videos of yours and asking you behind the scenes. So so luckily I want to say about that. Really quick is the you know that process that thought process that you're talking about where you're like he's, not gon na he's, not gon na he's like oh, my god, he did it. That is like exactly what I want.

People see right, that's, that's, the that's, the story that I'm trying to tell with these videos cuz. I want to kind of draw you and draw you in like he's, not gon na. Oh, my because, because that creates engagement, I create something exciting in it, and it tells the story of that flight and that's so that's what it's all about man I I'm I'm, really glad to hear. You say that you had that experience, whether you're watching it. Oh, it was, it was my son. Actually he was the one saying that he was like he was like he's, not going. Oh, my god. He sweat three got and yeah so and and now that he's done a little bit on the sim, like he kind of knows like he knows, that's that's not as easy as it looks. You know and you're flying were you flying a squirt there as well. There were you know in the video I posted there were some squirted, some five inch. Okay yeah I mean it's, not a tiny drone, you're flying it's, a decent sized drone that's going through these yeah these gaps. So did you did you ever? Did you ever like whack into something there's? Are there any outtakes from that uh yeah there's plenty of crashes, but I mean they're, you know it's, you kind of like line up for the shot, do the shot and then any time I messed around afterwards and that's. When you usually make Thomas make a mistake or two rounds, but yeah, so I mean there's there's plenty of bumps and it usually it just ends up like being like.

I bump an arm with the duck and it just kind of spins a little bit. And then you know you keep flying, but it just ruins the whole the flow of the shot well, it's, it's, amazing, to see, and and again you know to your point about being a professional, drum pilot being a creator, and then you know having the ability to Get hired to go do these things, I mean how many people can say they've done something like that: that's that's, pretty awesome. That was one of the coolest days of flying I've ever had. That was good yeah. It was good the cool back. I do want to switch over and talk to you a little bit about a non drone related thing that I've seen you seem to take. Take a take an interest in and that's powered skateboards yeah now we're talking I'll tell you I'll tell you so I got my first powered skateboard sent to me, but you know by a company which was awesome a couple of years ago and it's like magic. I mean when you stand on it and push the button, and it goes it's it's, pretty amazing how it feels now, of course, you're taking it to a different level than just a you know, a hub hub, motor or a belt motor driven skateboard. But what what did you like? Have you done those before? Is that something fairly new for you, a brand new I mean like I've, ridden Electric skateboards and they're like a little little.

I guess what are they call my last mile electric vehicles, you know here and there, like especially like the you know, bird feeders or whatever that are yeah, yeah, downtown's and stuff, like that and I've always loved the experience and I just kind of started yet going Down our rabbit trail after I built my my jet powered electric skateboard right. I won yes, yes, yeah, so my my buddy runs a company where he's making some kind of cool experimental drone and he had a bunch of these leftover. Electric ducted fan jet and I took four of them and they each do like 13 and a half kilograms, or something like that, which is a ludicrous amount of power. It'S, like 20 27 pounds, yeah about 25 rounds, yeah yeah, so we're talking like 80 pounds of thrust from these four motors, and I built a box and stuck it on the back of a skateboard and, like you know, made a jet powered skateboard to move around To cruise around and I fell in love with like how I felt riding that, even though it was a terrible invention and like it was just in ambition and loud and an awkward to use like I was just like. Oh yeah, I like this, so I kind of started going down the rabbit hole of okay. How do I make an electric skateboard from the ground up using you know kind of drone parts like right. I did mine with X clock batteries instead of like right into fifties or whatever, and so eventually ended up, making a pretty beastly board well and – and – and I will say too because I you know, my experience on Electric skateboards – is just off the shelf Electric skateboards Yeah, the the pomelo – and I had this one called on Park and what's, really cool what's, really cool about the on Park, is they've decked it out with LEDs.

So if you ride it in an evening or at night it has like headlights, it has taillights. It has, and it has LEDs that you could push a button on the remote they'll change colors, so you can drive along anyway, get them under light and and it's it's crazy, fast, like it's way faster yeah under light. So you get them. You get the kind of this glow, so you look like you're flying yeah, but but here's the thing and I'm curious. If you, if you find this to be the same, it's it's, actually pretty tiring to ride an electric skateboard for a period of time. Do you find that, after, like 15 minutes, your legs are kind of like oh well, it's, my back yeah it's, really tired. I don't know why yeah back calf, but that was only does it, especially if I take it like on a trail it's like I'm snowboarding, like it right right, cool I'm, getting a workout, great, yeah and and and it's funny cuz. You know you see these people who are commuting on these things. You know uh, it does 18 miles or whatever I can't imagine, riding 18 18 miles on. I can't imagine riding 18 miles on one of these things and not wanting to like fall over dead. I'Ve got a super chat from El smeghead. Thank you very much, five pounds from from the across the pond. Much appreciated what were you guys? I, when I, when I was first testing mine, I took it for a full battery depletion test to see what the range was.

I think I got. I think i did a full 17 mile ride. Yeah it was great I was like this is awesome. I could get all over the place on this thing and, like there was like for a few weeks, I didn't I didn't even drive my car, like I had just gotten a brand new or not a brand new but new to me, Mercedes, CLS 500, that I Was like now, I want to ride the skateboard. What was that was that your was that your one one, the dr l championship car? No, no, it was anyone. It did not cost very much money. Let'S put it that way. Yeah it's actually actually broken down right now, I'm, looking out the window at it goodness, but well, you know the other thing that you've done a few times that that I've actually been trying to replicate a little bit. I have a few. I have a few RC planes and I that's kind of how I got into this hobby was flying RC planes. When I was a kid my dad and I built a few balsa wood RC planes. Now those were globe plugs and gas powered motors, and you know yeah they'd fly for like two two minutes or three minutes before they run out of fuel, big big, big, totally different kind of deal yeah, but but a ton of fun. I mean I remember my dad and I it was. It was definitely the build crash, repeat kind of thing or build fly crash repeat, but now, with these with, with kind of the foam planes and stuff like that, it's it's, much easier.

First of all, they're easier to fix, they're easier to to get in the air, and a lot of them have stabilization built in. But what seems to be the fun thing is chasing them with drones, right trying to get trying to get right around and going through. The air I know, you've done that a bit you've also flown some Jets. What what do you? What is your? What is your opinion on fixed wing flying fixed wing, fbb, insects, uh well, but my first, the first part of my opinion is that I'm really bad at it. So I I like being bad at stuff, because I, like the process of improving, so I've, been really enjoying just learning a new side of the Hobby, especially I'm, also kind of like starting to tinker with RC cars a little bit too. Just because I want to you know I like that challenge, but yeah, so I've got a few different models. Now, like I've got, you know the turbo timber from Horizon, which is like, looks like a Cessna to grabbing thing. I actually just just this morning, actually floats on it, because I meant, like my family cottage, for the weekend, nice we have a lake and I'm waiting for the wind to die down, so I can go try that out with the pontoon, so that should be fun. I'Ll be filming a video don't worry yeah, that's gon na end up in the drink. I think the and then I also you were you mentioned the jet.

The jet is uh, oh boy, the Viper ETF from Verizon hobby, and that thing is amazing, like I've. Never flown something that, like a fixed wing, that flies so like locked in, is that and then I took like the SP like took out TV with the DJI fpv system, and I put it where I could like see the cockpit I don't have a spell. Like I'm going and the cockpit and and in it it's so so satisfying to fly it, you know just when you're you know doing, you know what would be like a 5g Bank turn. Over top of you know a couple of the neighbors houses or whatever, like one of the most gratifying experiences. I'Ve had enough TV. So so you there's a reoccurring theme here, because I remember the interceptor, the Emax interceptor. You you created a little cockpit, where you could see your hands right. Yeah yeah, it looked like you were driving a twitch which I thought was hilarious, yeah yeah. There is something about it when you can actually see like a little bit of the hood of the car or the nose of the plane or whatever you're a shot. It just gives you this perspective versus just just like you know, with like a camera turn where you're just seeing the scenery and you don't really get any of the drone itself and that's. Why? I think putting 360 cameras on top of drones is so much fun.

Oh yeah, absolutely it's more immersive than you know, it's like there's a time in a place, obviously for having a completely unobstructed view. But if you're just having fun right, like you, might as well kind of trick your brain a little more into into the experience and just having you know it be part of the the journey. Have you seen this thing that I've seen some folks doing this? Where they're taking they're taking tiny, whoops and they're, putting the I remember the name of it, they little tiny, insta, 360 camera, the one that only decreed go: yeah yeah they're, putting that on tiny whoops and getting these just crazy shots. Have you seen this? Oh yeah? Yep yeah I've been playing around with that for a minute now. Newbee drone beat me to the punch with it so good on them because they made some awesome products for it right. Oh yeah, they have like some 3d printed stuff that holds it on and all that stuff yeah. Actually, I think that was the first place I saw it was was on their website. My only hesitation on that honestly is the is the time limitation just seems like that would be a bit of a hassle. You saw that they increased that time limit to 5 minutes right. No, okay, yeah! It takes my money our product now, so they affiliate link later so basically, basically, basically now with the 5 minute – and you know – you're not going to get more than five minutes on a newbie drone anyway or a Emax tiny, hawk or anything like that.

So so, basically you can do one battery per shot right, yep exactly and you can. You can probably shoot like seven or eight five minute clips on the it's. A 360 go yeah, okay, really good stabilization as well: yeah yeah it's an awesome product. If anybody, I know a lot of guys in this in this chat, fly like to fly tiny whoops, you know kind of as a starter fpv, but it's. Definitely the footage in it that five minute is is a game changer. For me, I'm gon na definitely yeah. Send me send me a link, and I will I will go check that out now. Do you have a favorite, tiny woop that you know is your go to the newbie drone be brain Pro. The I prefer brush should brushed right over the brush list for a tiny whooping, but like if you're like, if you wanted to like kind of extend it outside a little bit that got stuff that I would go brushless well, it's it's. You said this, you know it's kind of where we started in this conversation, and Ken Haren just gave us a 10 super chat. He wants to know when you'll be back on. Tnl can I'd love to come on anytime. So so I was gon na say about you were totally spot on about flying brushless versus I'm, sorry brushed versus brushless with tiny whoops. I received a couple of the e backs: racing drones and freestyle drones, where, where the, where you put two 1s batteries together on them, I mean they're, just they're, just crazy, fast it's, like III, really, you know I had a lot of people because I actually did A review on what was the it was the freestyle that just came out the time loop freestyle, so I got one of those I loved it like.

I really it's really made me a better pilot also because now I can fly that like I'm, getting better at that, but what that does? That makes me better at flying these smaller slower ones. Basically, we after you mess with the really fast ones, and I say really fast, you know it's all relative, but for a tiny movement fast, you know after you mess with those a little bit. I find that when I go back to like a tiny Hawk s or something like that or a tiny Hawk, you know with the ducts and everything it's it feels it feels like a sedan versus a Ferrari. You know sure yeah I don't get in drive. Many Ferraris, I you know I'm, not at that level, yet yeah! Well, you know you know, you know I just sold a 2010 Subaru, so yeah. I think people think I think people think that YouTube make YouTube, but all youtubers make crazy money, but yeah there's. A very cute, a very small subset of people that are like that. Well, I know I know that I had hoped so so I'll just give you a background on this. First of all, what do you think of this format? It'S kind of an unusual YouTube format? I love it a lot it's um, the audio, only kind of makes me worried a little bit here and there just like not like because uh sometimes I wonder if people come into YouTube or not coming just for audio, but I also like that.

It'S a radio kind of thing to where it's you chit chatting, and it makes it really easy. I don't feel set up a bunch of cameras. Do all that stuff well and and that's that's, exactly the that's exactly the sort of purpose of it is, is it's very quick and easy to do I mean imagine if you were on a road trip and you wanted to livestream on a road trip. You could you could do it, you know, while you're driving, I mean you know yeah I'm, not gon na ask if you're wearing pants right now, but you might not be, and nobody would know the know, the difference right so but but know what I was gon Na say in terms of this I had hoped so so I've done shows where I do. Where have people call in? Unfortunately, I can't have you and a caller on at the same time, but I was hoping to have a new people ask questions over the chat. So I'm, just keeping an eye on the chat right now and Ken Ken Haran did ask about you coming back on now. The right answer, the proper intent coming in and you know, plugging in his own show that's that's the real gentlemen's move there. Well, you pay didn't go, but the right answer. The right answer for that Newark is that you know I'll come back when Kelly co host when Kelly Shores it's a code. So you know there you go just yeah.

You know what you don't wan na, be stuck with same some lame co host that doesn't even fly drones. Man, I mean you know, come on so any so let's see we've got Ken. Ken'S got a bet of a hundred dollars. He could he couldn't take off and land in a crow without crashing I'm editing. The video he's talking about Dana Dana Williams is his normal Coast. I got a home Dana, William, the singer, Dana Williams, the bet he's in the band Diamond Rio. I believe he's a he's, a bass player for the band country band from Nashville, actually very good guy I've, gotten to know him over the time and and I'm not I'm, actually not dissing on Ken here ins, co host on what what do you know about? If you don't know much I'll keep it brief, but what do you know about spin up? I know enough to know that it's, a drone convention and that I've tried to make it, but I haven't made it yet you did. You did record a message for me for the first one, which was awesome. I think that was right around the time we met, and first one was first one was actually at a baseball stadium at the Dell diamond minor league baseball stadium in Austin, and it was awesome because we got to fly everywhere in the stadium like we had fbb Going we had oh inspires in the air, they were probably twenty five drones in the air at one point, which was was really cool and no no crashes, so so that was, that was really cool.

The second one was here in Austin. It was actually at a the Boy Scout headquarters, but this third one is actually going to be virtual and I don't know if you know this, but DRL is actually sponsoring the third one there they're an official sponsor of it yeah. So I didn't know that you, you might get hit up by by Melanie to do something for it I'm very confident. I will and I'm very confident, she's, probably listening to us right now, so Melanie let's make it happen. Yeah awesome, awesome, no I'm. I'M super excited spin up is you know, with kovat and everything we're doing it virtual this year, I'm gon na have a few folks down in my office. I have a studio like you know my facility, where we do what I do. My normal work with it's got fiber optics, so we can do a live stream from there all day. But then we're gon na bring in guests bring in guests remotely, but yeah I've had an astronaut that spoke. I'Ve had a lot of software developers and industrial drone people a guy who's, a military contractor who is working for a company that did an autonomous, autonomous landing with a drone on a moving boat, and he talked about that last year. Wow I had do you know: Jason Shepard, with remote pilot 101 Jason spoke last year, he's speaking again anyway, oh yeah, it's it's, a great it's, a great crew of people that speak and so definitely we'd love to have you on there and Tim Jackson Saxon.

If spin up will be virtual, yes, spin up is going to be virtual and then afterward, actually Newark we're going to do an event to get together in Dillon Colorado, two weeks after spin up where we're going to get together in person and have a barbecue and Fly over a lake and vilain Dylan's about an hour east of Denver so or west of sorry, so the east of Denver that would be beautiful, it's near its near Keystone, like the skier they go yeah, I think I've been there actually or at least driven through Or right past, or something I've been in Keystone, probably five or six times yeah yeah, no it's we'll have that up there anyway. I'Ll keep you apprised of all that.