I am a little bit late, getting this thing up on to YouTube, so I think I might have to wait a little bit to see if a few people hop in, but I wanted to just spend a bit of time with you guys and do a call In show today and see, if maybe some folks wanted to call in to me – and we could talk about drones, we could talk about our current plans for the for the summer. What we're gon na do, where we're going to be going? What drones were gon na? Be flying hey, I see Brandon rain and Geeks vana, hey guys, thanks for thanks for hopping in good to see you guys and Trump hello Trump good to see you and you you've, been on the last couple weeks and I certainly appreciate it and there's John from Mappers, hello, good to see you all right now, it's, looking like a few people are jumping in so, as I mentioned, it's summertime and we're doing something kind of crazy right now and I only say crazy because of the state of the world, but I am with My family, driving up to my wife's parents, house up north to kind of give them a place to stay out in the country away from folks for the summer. So, every summer we make this drive up here and my wife and her parents and my kids and the dog and myself all come up and spend some time and then typically, I go home for a good chunk of the summer and then come back up at The end of the summer, so right now right now, I am in a hotel room and we are on our way.

We'Ll actually arrive at their house tomorrow and kids are really excited because they're going to be able to play in the water. The house is right on some water I'm, always excited because it's a beautiful place to fly drones, but you know I just was kind of curious if other people are taking trips this summer or if they're not so I'm, going to open up the call in line Which is two five, six five, four, oh eight, two four or five. If want to call and be on the air, I really don't have any of the any agenda other than just saying hello to everybody kind of seeing what you guys want to do for the summer. I will also just continue to gush a little bit about the Mavic Mavic air it's. Pretty awesome, I've I've flown it quite a few times now and I'm looking forward to actually taking it to some places where I get some really good footage. Most of my flying. So far has just been kind of test flights flying it around my neighborhood and around the field near my house, but I've been quite impressed with how well it flies. I see Philip is out there. He says eating so can't: listen easily tommcatt, UK from North Wales, UK good to see you out there. Tomcat thanks for listening. So Philip is only a casual follower. Well, if you're a casual follower, that's fine man everybody's welcome here. So if you want to call up the whole weight, the way a college call up show works is I've got to have collars.

So someone call me at two five, six, five, four, oh eight, two four five I'm sure it's I'm sure it's toll free Shaun from geeks vana called once, and he called all the way from the UK. Shaun I'd be curious if you got a big phone bill for that call or not. I don't know if that's that's funny, because it seems like phone bills are kind of one of these things of the past. You know, actually, it seems like you – can call just about anybody anywhere at any time for free these days, but I could be wrong and we've got Ian Reed from South Wales. How are you and a ceiling fan unnamed youtuber? Is a ceiling fan thanks for being here unnamed youtuber good, to see you so sean has a us package included all right. Well, well, Sean! Then you should be the first one to to dial in because I'm lacking in phone calls. At the moment, two five, six. Five: four: oh eight, two, four five what's on your mind in the drone world. What do you want to talk about? What do you want to rant about? What kind of things are going on in your neck of the woods? How'S it going with isolation and all that stuff. Those are the questions. People want to know so somebody's wants to call in Philip. You can call in John. You could call in Kenny Newton Las Vegas Nevada. How are things in Las Vegas? I hear you guys are reopening.

I imagine that's, also gon na be a little bit of weird experience a little different than it was in the past. I have always enjoyed my trips to Las Vegas and hope that I can go back sometime, but probably wouldn't do that until things are a little bit more normal. But you know every place has its charm and Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, also one of the things I've always wanted to do around Las Vegas is actually go out into the desert and do some flying, because I think that would be really cool. All right, I've got my first caller I'm gon na see who it is so stay tuned, hello, Kelly, its Shawn, hey Shawn. How are you hello, Sam I'm? Good? How are you excellent, excellent it's about midnight, your time, isn't it or or even later it already I've? Never the clock actually: 11 o'clock, okay, so you're you're I'm, actually in the Eastern time zone right now so it's five hours different rather than six normally I'm in central time zone. So so how's the weather there in in in England today glorious glorious that's. What yeah about 25 degrees centigrade a very light breeze and lots of lovely sunshine is it's. Actually, ironically, it was rainy and cloudy right up and to the point where the UK went into full lockdown rate released the day after we went into lockdown. It has been pretty sunny since, but now now we're coming out of those those measures.

Thankfully, as the peak seems to have passed, we are now getting to enjoy a bit of it, which is lovely well, even even in full lockdown. You were you allowed to go out and exercise like if you wanted to go for a jog or a walk or something that was okay, that's right, yes, absolutely, but but unfortunately, because we couldn't carry out any any non essential travel. Many of us couldn't fly our drones yeah, which was, of course, you know, it's, not a big deal for them for the bigger picture. Of course, sure it was still a hardship which it was. It was a wonderful day. Yes yeah. I think my Medicare 2 arrived. The day after lockdown lifted nice have you flown. It was amazing timing, amazing timing, yes yeah we're, both I've shown you several times. You know absolutely incredible, drone very, very happy. I came from the Medicare one and the other. The other drones I've got the the parrot and a see the bebop those sort of things, so it was quite a big jump in technology. Well in our enjoyable, the the parrot anafi. I I liked that drone a lot. I thought it was really fun to fly. It definitely had this, this sort of tilts that it would do when you would get going fast and you would yo and turn it would actually roll as it flew very reactive yeah. I always felt like it was like a dragonfly, yes, it's, a great analogy, extremely responsive to to any kind of controller input and, and – and it was it was something really different again from the navigator one.

It had a very different feel to it, whereas with the Medicare one of the secrets of things like the connection issues and that's, one thing you I always felt like. I had to be careful flying that drone. Yes, be very aware of what was going on in case. There was a connection issue or something, but would be an FBI if I felt a little bit freer, although of course, without the a pass or anything like that. It was it was, it was also a little bit scarier right right, well and – and it did have – and I think we might have talked about this before – because one of my favorite features was the tilt up of the camera. The fact that you could go under a bridge and tilt up that always that it was always plenty, but let me ask you sure, though, I've been enjoying the the 24 degree tilt up on the BA. I think that's quite a nice little feature it is. It is it's it's, something that it's something that a lot of people don't. I don't know if people like to play with that, but I kind of find it fun, especially if you're flying forward had a good flip and you tilt the camera up. You can actually kind of almost like a fpb drone. You can put that angle on baby. Yes, yes, that's yeah yeah, then our flying field actually much the amazement of our 3d flies when they see the fare to flying across the field a great pace yet so so I have a question for you, though, Sean as far as a drone that I always Wanted to fly and I never had the opportunity and – and I still might you know – I'm not I'm – certainly not lamenting.

I get to fly plenty of drones, but the the parrot bebop did did did what did you I've not really ever spoken with someone who owned one? What did you think of the bebop and because it's four years old, now three years old, it's been around for a while yeah that's right I mean I, I started with the first Bebop as my first ever drone, and so so when the bebop 2 was was Available it felt like a natural progression to me and, and it had to say, it's a really good drone, it's extremely stable. The connection is fantastic. I still had B. Did you see the really large controller that yes? Yes, I still had that from my first bee. Bop'S and they made that compatible with the bebop 2, which I, which also made an affordable, upgrade for as well, and so it was this huge controller, but it had a very, very good signal and yeah. I mean it's it's a it's still now, if it wasn't the fact that it's limited to 1080p, I would still fly it more than I do. The the free flight software is very good. You can do waypoints and and basically plot our entire routes, including where, where you want the camera pointed at what height and at what speed you want it to travel between the waypoints is it's got some very good software with it. So now on on the bebop when you're flying with your because the controller has a screen built in right, is that correct um? No, no! You actually put the tablet in the middle okay, there's a tablet hole there's, a space for it there.

It goes okay, exactly! Yes, because so so, are you familiar I'm gon na go I'm gon na go a little on a tangent here, but but part of what made me want to do, the the bebop was there's a YouTube channel called dude perfect and have you ever seen him dude, Perfect, okay, they they have a whole episode where they – and this was this – was a few years back, because it was still sort of a novelty. A lot of people haven't seen it. They do drone racing in a in a football stadium when they write the bebop poo. Yes, it was B, but I did too, and I thought I thought wow that's that that's the episode that made me really want to fly a bebop too, because I remember seeing it and thinking wow that's what they picked and – and I don't think they were very Good at it, but a good time for sure no to be to be fair. I think I think, obviously that was perhaps some form of marketing hook up somewhere, because hell yeah, although it is a very sporty drone, it isn't it isn't naturally suited to the racing arena, shall we say, but but the the performance they got out of it was Was certainly convincing on camera whether they used an awful lot of different cuts or anything I'm, not sure, but they they certainly got it to to actually race around the circuit, which was which was quite yeah.

Well, yeah, as you said, it may have been a combination of some good piloting and some good editing right, that's that's. What most of my videos are? We all need that we'll need a great, so so the other one, the other one Sean. If you, if you've, never seen it – and I think it I want to say it – was either Top Gear. I think it was Top Gear before they switched to the Grand Tour on the DRL. The drone racing league did a did a thing with Top Gear. Did you see that one where, where they flew through an AB and AB unch of a banach or notes during a smash up Derby, I think okay, yeah well it's it's, that right yeah? If you have it, if you haven't seen it it's it's, actually a really cool segment with with it's it's funny, because none of the stars of Top Gear were there, it was just sort of a Top Gear. Drl co sponsored thing featuring, I think jet was, I think jet from the DRL was, was one of the pilots that flew in it. But my son and I, as part of our part of our quarantine, we've, been binging. The Grand Tour I don't know do you watch that show it on. I think yes, did you see the one where they were in the boats? To be honest, I gave up about 65 of the way through the episode.

It did lose my interest a little bit unfortunate. Oh goodness. Well we enjoy it, we enjoyed it because it seemed like they were in real danger, but I agree you have to be. You have to be in the mood you have to be in the mood for it for sure and it's a very well crafted show, and then those three together are just extremely entertaining. There was just something about that particular episode. Perhaps it's just cuz I'm boats are probably about far away from any kind of distress. I have so perhaps it's that I'm not sure well, that's, true it's, you're self, aware Sean and that's that's very important. So so what one more question Sean because I've got another caller. I can see in the queue, but I have a question for you of the of the original three and I'm gon na assume that you've seen them. But I could be wrong. The original three Nick Frost and Simon Pegg movies, the the Shaun of the Dead Hot Fuzz and the worlds in Monaco trilogy. Yes, yes, do you have a favorite of those three. I have to say Shaun of the Dead policy, because my name is Alton yeah and that was just extremely well put together. I think Hot Fuzz was was awesome. I wasn't a huge fan of of World's End yeah yeah. I I think it missed a couple of beats. I think they tried to go in a little bit too sci fi some of the things like when they when, when the apocalypse happened and they were escaping in the car that felt very hot fuzz that felt very Shaun of the Dead.

That really did that really hit the mark, but I think there were a lot of scenes in that last one which which which didn't unfortunately but then but yeah they the first two were were a travesty, fantastic. Well, I and I agree with just the editing style. Edgar right just as this, the most amazing edit, so it brought for all of you out there. I know we're on a bit of a movie tangent, but if you haven't ever seen, Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz there's a lot of cursing. So you know if you're offended by a lot of curses buddy but but it's good natured person yeah can their Kelly anxiety's British people casting is never as bad as well. Sorry good to hear from you, hey, listen! I'M gon na tell you this again: I'm gon na keep telling you this until it actually happens, but I have a printout of questions sitting on a credenza at my house. Oh well! Well, no don't! Thank me until I've actually done it, but I haven't forgotten about our little side project, so I'll be in touch about that. Thank you. So much for for being the first caller take care, and I probably – and I will even you soon all right – let's see what's up next, all right take care all right, so we've got another caller let's see who's on the line here: hello, you're, on speed dial With ready set drone Wow grown, this is the already said.

Drone is these? Is this the outdoor is? How are you doing Phillip, so I could tell by your snarky your snarky sassy sassy tone. Yes, that is correct. Oh, oh, that is an excellent point that the hole should be the show or something like that I'm gon na well. Well, I appreciate you sticking sticking through it I'm gon na I'm gon na actually put it out there and see if there's anybody, because, because I'd love to hear it, if anybody can record the hold music on their phone somehow and play it back for me, play It back or or call in with another phone, so I can hear what it sounds like because I really people have talked about this music more than once and I've got to hear what it sounds like. But where? Where are you Phillip you in the Northeast we're? In Ohio, really, okay, and where is Kings Island up near the Great Lakes area near Cincinnati? Okay, we it's funny. We were in Ohio last night, we were in near Columbus. We we are. We are driving to upstate New York, as as I mentioned, and you know you, you know this drill, I've done it for the last few summers, and so we were in. We were in Columbus last night and we are in Syracuse tonight and then we'll be up at the st. Lawrence River tomorrow night yeah. It is yes, I have had Skyline Chili. It is.

I agree. It is actually very it's. It'S it's a different style of chili for sure, and I think that is sort of a Cincinnati thing right because they do they do have it in that. You actually do have it in Columbus as well, but I think Cincinnati is kind of famous for it. So yeah, so I definitely need to chat with you this coming week about first Friday. If for everyone who's listening now, I hope you can all tune in next Friday June 5th. It works out that it's sort of a little later into the month, but we'll have First Friday. I do have a winner for the Mavic mini. I do have another couple of giveaways I'll be doing, and I think I'll finally have my act together with registration and everything for spin up. So all that stuff will be coming up on first Friday, questions answered mystery solved. Dreams, dreams made sound good, Philip yeah. Are you gon na be in a good place? I do have somebody else on the queue, but do yeah you'll be in a good place to do to do first Friday, on Friday, a better place than here. Okay, all right, all right! Well, thank you for calling, and I will look forward to speaking with you this week. Oh I'll fill you what's, going on all right. Yep drive safe, bye, all right gon na go over to the next caller let's see who we got it's ringing hello, you're on speed, dial with ready set your own.

Who is this hey Kelly, its Mel hey? I recognize you're one of those blooming you're. One of those people that you won't have to say your name I'll pretty much a pretty much know your voice, uh yeah, most likely that's. True, you do have a good voice for radio and a good face for radio. As we've all said, well we're we able to record the were you able to record the music. I was and I'm trying to see if this well, I don't know how to make this. I don't know how to make this thing. Wait all right playing it back, but there's no audio on it. So let me let me call you back again in a minute and I'll get this audio file transferred over to the computer, where I'll be able to play it for you. Okay appreciate that all right now, in a minute, okay, I'll talk to you in a sec. Mel has taken one for the team and he is going to call us back and let those of us who have not ever been on hold on this program. Listen to what the hold music sounds like, but in the meantime, I'm still waiting on another caller. I see, while I'm waiting I'm gon na give some shoutouts to my man. Chris hope I see Chris Hope out there I see Shane with we are V the Johnston's Shane. Have you been doing to Marvin, I hope so hope you've been able to get out, although I know that the places you generally spend your time or quite beautiful.

So maybe you don't need to travel. Who else is in the chat here? Let'S see we got Charl Maier thanks for being there. We got agent Kay agent, Kay mystery man. I would love to speak with you agent K, good to see you here, because you have those symbols there, after agent K and I'm curious what sort of symbols those are. So if you want to come out of your hiding in your mystery, please feel free to call in at two five, six, five, four, oh eight, two four or five I'm looking for the next caller and, as I said to everybody, we will be doing first Friday. Next Friday, which will be otech drawn media, hey good, to see you, we will be doing first Friday next Friday, which will be June 5th at 7 p.m. central all right, I've got a caller let's see who it is all right. You'Re on speed, dial, what's ready, said you're on who am I talking to you you're talking to Jim Breen in Savannah Georgia, hello, Jim? How are you I'm fine? I like to thank you for all the wonderful videos I've watched of you on YouTube, and I I just have a couple questions for you, one I haven't been flying them for about a year. What happens is I got into it and really got hot to trot, but for the drones – and I had several different one with the problem I'm. Having with them is that I got ta buy a just numb living room that are not working it and I wonder if you know you have some information on how to repair it and repair them, because that's been a problem for me and also maybe you might Recommend some drone of that you know it's not in the high dollar market for newbies, like myself, sure sure.

Well, so what you know let's get specific which what is what is wrong with one of these drones. Give us just let's. Just talk about that's what I can't figure out, I think it's, probably the motors it like it. Instead of taking off, you know like it should, it starts spinning around and I figured well maybe one of the motors a shot of something, and could it be the first thing I would guess, could you have one of the props on upside down or backwards? Like could you have you know that the props, the propellers have pushers and pullers and if you put a pusher in our spot, it'll make it go kind of crazy? You think that might be an issue. Well, I I'm glad you put oh, because I I'll have to check that yeah. That would be one thing to check in and I'll tell you that the the trick generally with most drones, is that the two diagonal propellers should match. So the two that are diagonal from each other should match and then the other two diagonal should be the opposite from those first two and they should match as well. So if you notice you just kind of look at the way, they're curved you notice, they want to be the same direction. So that could be one thing you're right it could, it could be a motor. It also could be something else Jim that is I've noticed before.

Is you want to make sure that when you, when you turn the drone on depending on what type, it is a lot of drones, calibrate during the first few seconds that they're on? So if you turn it on and you're holding it sideways and it's, not, you know it's a it's, a toy. Typically, a toy drone will do this, but they need to be sitting flat when they're, when they're turned on so basically turn it on set it down. On a flat surface right away and then try to take off if you're, holding it sideways, what'll happen with certain toy drones, then it'll think that sideways is actually straight so, instead of instead of going level it'll try to go to that sideways position. Thinking that's, what straight looks like? Does that make sense? Yes, it does yeah. Thank you, yeah yeah. Well, what what type of drone is that the one that's going all crazy on you well that's all different models. None of them are really expensive. They'Re. All under 100 bucks – I think one of them is ours, see there's an RC, yeah I'd, say I'd, say there's a real good shot that that's the case that a you might have a prop on backwards or upside down, so check that B and then B make Sure when you turn it on to set it down on a level surface and just let it sit there for a minute and and and and let it you know, they do all those beeps and Boop's and everything let it do all the beeps and blips while It'S sitting flat and then try to take off that might help tremendously well.

Thank you very much, yeah, no! I'M. I'M. Really glad so. You asked for a recommendation. I'Ll tell you my absolute favorite drone to learn how to fly because it's now it's better for outdoors but it's, the CIMA sym a x5c. If you get a syma x5c they're there and honestly they come with a camera, but you don't even need the one with the camera. You can buy it without the camera. The camera is no good it's, not it's, not going to get you good footage. What it's fun for, though, is it's it's a very lightweight but still fairly powerful drone, and so you can fly it in a little bit of breeze outdoors it's, very responsive. It hovers really well it's. The drone is the drone. I always recommend if somebody wants to learn how to fly start with that before you buy an expensive one, because if you can fly that one it's harder to fly than an expensive one, you know what's what's funny about it is when you spend 500 or 1000. You end up with with an easier to fly drone but it's also it's. Also, you know more dangerous if you crash it so so I'd say the syma x5c about 30 bucks on on amazon. Well, I'll check it out. I have to ring up the phone. Yes, I have one of the videos I really loved was when you taught the brand new guy, your net would throw him before yeah the mountain boy that was the syma x5c.

That was the drone we were using actually so yeah. He. You know that guy is. He was an intern at my company and he he's he's, very, very handsome dude. I knew I know his mother, like that's that's, how I that's how I knew him he asked if he could intern at my company anyway um. He is now in Los Angeles and is in several commercials. I see him on TV pretty often so yeah well. Thank you for the call I've got some some other folks in the queue so I'm gon na jump over, but I really appreciate you calling in and listening and thanks for doing that, peace and blessings. Okay, looking for you and let us know in the chat, if the, if the recommendations work to get your drone flying okay. Thank you very much. Take care bye, bye, bye, bye, hello, caller you're on speed, dial with ready, said drone, Who am I speaking with hey it's, Mel it's? Okay? Okay, do you have the music for us? I do. Are you ready? Okay? This is the hold music for force now. This is not just for speed dial. This is for anybody that uses this system, but let's check it out. Oh Bret, are you hearing it? No I'm? Not. It sounds like nothing. Oh goodness, we do not Wow I'm wondering if it's like, if I've got a noise cancellation going on or something because I can hear you just follow it done.

I got the phone on speakerphone yeah and I got the well. Can anybody in the chat hear that get anybody in the chat hear that that music, the Mel's playing or is it just playing in in Mel's, head hmm? Well, we might, we might have to. We might have to go to a different system. Maybe maybe maybe I'll have to do it or something no there's. Not I can't hear it is there another way? Is there another way to connect the audio to the call? Well, hey Mel, actually, actually, while I've got you, I just had a caller on a moment ago and you may have been doing something and you might not have heard that. Did you hear my last caller that I was speaking with yes about the drone that yeah? I said it was flipping over um, so I I suggested to him that it might be a calibration, meaning that when he sets it on the ground, he needs to make sure it's sitting flat. You know when and that's true with Laroy drums, and then I also suggested that props propellers might be either damaged or in the wrong way, any other any other thoughts of what that could be in case he's still listening, the one the one that I had was Especially being a toy is that it has to be perfectly level when it calibrates the IMU, yep, yep, yep and – and you know, what's funny is actually or a lot of people might not know this that sometimes sometimes well.

That always happens immediately when you turn it on or plug in the battery. You know like especially with toy drones, as you said, but also a lot of them have a stick sequence like if you pull the stick down into the right, both sticks down into the right or something like that it will calibrate that's that's. Another thing you can do a manual calibration on those things and I say manual you just you tell it to calibrate once it's leveled, so that's another thing to look for on that yeah and if, if the battery or something on the bottom prevents it from sitting Level, you can actually set it on the top of a plastic drinking cup or something like that where the we're just such level on the chassis instead of sitting on the battery right right. So the battery is kind of sitting down in the cup or something that's. That'S, a good idea: yeah yeah, unlike putting your car on the lift, you don't, think you're going on a lift yeah. Well, so so so that's no that's that's great. So I hope that I think his name was Jim. I hope that helps him out. So, Mel speaking of drones, that don't fly right, how's it coming with the the Mavic Pro platinum. It is currently in Grapevine Texas at the DJI repair facility and then to tell me how much it's going to cost me to fix it. So you did you sent it off yeah I sent it off Thursday, they sure Wednesday.

They should have got it Friday. So so, when you, when you, when you opened it up I'm, just curious what you know, what did it look like inside? I had opened it partially and had a fan on it for a couple of days, hoping that that would do the trick. What did you see anything that was obviously wrong, or just just to walk that? Why I spent it in, I didn't see anything that was blatantly obvious, hmm, yeah and – and one thing I learned I mentioned this. Actually I think I might have mentioned it on on speed. Dial is when you pull when you pull one of those covers off. There was a multi pin like like a multi pin ribbon cable that that comes off and it's a real bear to get that thing back on. I don't know if you noticed that well, it depends on on how you pull the covers, but yeah there's, there's, uh there's a lot of stuff that can come unplugged. If you take things apart in the wrong order. Yeah yeah, I went a little. I went a little willy nilly with a little haywire on it, but it's all good. Well, I appreciate I appreciate you trying to record that for me Mel and I I hope. Well, I have the audio file. I just don't know how to play it on your show, because of the way you're doing your show yeah, I don't know either man.

This is this is all new uncharted territory. For me as well – and I will say, we I've gotten great support and feedback from the folks that you know the tech people that are the coders that are making this software. So thank you guys for dialing in. I think every time someone calls in there they're analyzing the quality of the call and they're just kind of seeing how how it goes. Yeah I mean there's been a lot of certainly a lot of people. That kind of don't, like the audio, only format, and I agree with Phillip on a couple of things that that it should be if you're on, if you're on hold, you should be able to hear the show number one and number two number two that I really Think this would be so much better if you could actually close the YouTube app and continue to listen to it, which you can't do. If you closed the YouTube app, it touch the audio which kind of sucks, ah yeah yeah um. The other thing would be if they could do anything about the latency because from the phone call to the output on YouTube to the to the end user to the end end listener is 30 37 30 seconds yeah yeah, but that's that's, true of all, live streaming. Isn'T, it I mean isn't. That kind of well depends on depends on. Your connection depends on what you're, using to stream with and all that yeah yeah all right.

Mel I've got another more folks in the queue so I'm gon na jump over and see who's up. Next, I appreciate you calling oh it's good to my voice. I I put the recording through my headset, so that it would be good audio and I flipped the bone on speakerphone and I stuck the headset on the phone and I'm. Really sorry, you didn't hear it but that's what I was trying to do. Well. Well, actually, hey Mel just can you can you text it to me or and I'll tell you what I'll do I'll play? It I'll play it during first Friday. Next week, okay, hola I'll, get it sent to you somehow yeah, just Dropbox or your Google Drive or something all right, yeah all right, man well you're doing all right. You taking care of yourself best. I can yeah. I can well having spikes down here, but oh well, yeah yeah! Well, just you you you, you take care of yourself and be safe and you know the last thing. Last thing we need. Is anybody in our community getting this craziness so right, but but we're a bunch of smart dudes, so I don't think that's gon na happen. Smart dudes are smart, alecks, bye, Kelly, all right all right! We got another coming up hello, caller! You are on speed, dial ready, said your own thanks for calling who's this hey thanks for having me this is Tim four eyed canine I'm.

In the chat any time I can see you just had a quick question about battery storage. I have an evil one. Okay, about six months old I've heard a bunch of different things about storing it. 25. 50. My main question is: if I were to stored for a long period of time, you know over the winter, for instance, here in Colorado, gets unable to fly for cold weather. So sure what's the best percentage, I guess to store that and and also well. I guess I'll, ask you another question: if you want to answer that yeah well, yeah, let me let me give you give my best shot on that and I will tell you this is this: is one of those hot button topics that a lot of people a Lot of people have opinions on so you know I I think I think there's a range of good answers. You know I don't know that there's a perfect one, but my what I understand is that you want to be around 50 to 60 on storage. You know for a period of time that you want to not ever run it all the way out and – and I think, with the Evo, as well as with DJI batteries. There'S there's intelligence built in so you can't run it too low. You know it's gon na it's, going to shut down before you can run it too low and then that that you do, but you do want to occasionally run it down below that 50 to 60.

You say you don't want to just always run it to say 60 and then recharge it. You want, you want to run it down to that. You know 15. 20, every once in a while, just to kind of keep that range now. I know that was more true of older, older batteries, nickel metal, hydrides and stuff like that, but but I just feel it it's still a good practice, but I think I think the answer and let's see how many people in the chat here either agree or disagree. I think the answer is 50 to 60 percent for for long term storage. Nice. So if I fly the drone down to 20 25 percent, when I get home, do I have to charge it back up to 60 percent and then store it or do I what I mean is 247, so Super Kick any drones is saying, can you draw the Same Evo batteries automatically discharged after seven days, I change that in the yards all the way to zero I've noticed that if I charge a full battery and then it rains for three days, I notice it starts declining to about 50, and then it doesn't really drop. Very fast after that, yeah and – and I think that sort of makes that case of wanting to store it around 50 percent right yeah, it doesn't drop all the way to zero, which is what I thought it was discharged all the way to you know 25 percent Or 13 percent or some and then just but it holds around 50, so it's, like I say when I come home and I know I'm not to apply for a while drop it down to if it's 25 percent, I always fly, tell them around 25 20 percent And then I come home so put them on the charger charge them till they're 50 percent and then put them away what what what I'd say with the Evo, probably charged them to a hundred percent and then and then just letter software.

Let the software do its thing, let it let it take it down to to storage because have you have you played with the settings in this in the app at all, and I have you have a choice of I think six days, it'll start decreasing five days. Four days I think, it'll, you know you can pick anywhere up to six days and it'll start decreasing. I just didn't know what it did. I knew it like random down to a certain point, but just from observing it usually takes it down to around 50, and then it doesn't decrease, after that it just sits in the bag for I've checked on. You know I haven't flown for a month. At some point, I try and get out more often than that but there's times when I'm, just too busy and a month goes by and I see and they're still around 50 yeah. I think that tree, I think, that's all charged, but not all the way, but I think that's, where they want to be. I think I do think that I think that forty to sixty percent range is kind of where they want to sit, and you know what what I understand is. If you leave them too, full you've got a lot more chemicals in there and that's when you'll get the kind of puffy swollen batteries. If you leave them sitting for a long time at a hundred percent right and I'm just reading a few more of the chats here, it says: Mavic Pro batteries will discharge it no more than ten days out.

It says it also has to do with temperature, yeah and that's. Another thing, too, is definitely, if you're in a cold environment in Colorado. Do you keep them in your garage or in your house or where are they? No, I keep in the house house to use around seventy during them. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. No, I think I think, if you've got your, if you got your, if you've got your app your Evo app set up to discharge them down to 250 percent after six days, I think that's, fine, well you're, gon na pick the percentage you can pick the days Of how many days before it starts depleting? Well, I guess I guess, if you're never knew, if you're gon na put them into storage, though then you might want to just have that be as soon as possible. So if the, if the shortest amount is three days then set – or you know or whatever, that is six days three days set it to the shortest period that when it will start dissipating and then just chart charge it back to 100 and then it should and Then you might just you know after three three days or, however many you said or six days go in and just is there a I've only flown the Evo that would twice that was that would count as another cycle on my battery that if I were to Charge my battery go, fly, bring it down to 25 percent, come home charge it back up to full, just the letters store that would carry that's that's, probably true, probably true, you might be better up, then.

If you're concerned about you know count of your of your batteries, which which is legit, because you know those things only have so many so many cycles in them. Maybe the thing to do then, is, if you know, you're gon na store them for a while. Try to only fly them down to 50 percent and then just then just leave them. You know where you were you get on that two out of four well, it depends on how many batteries you have right. You got enough batteries, you can do it. I got three but yeah. Well, so what part of Colorado are you in I'm in northern Colorado, Longmont about twelve miles north of Boulder nice nice, and is it still kind of chilly up there? Is it starting to get warm, no, no we're in the eighties lately yeah it's it's summers coming not only last three months up here: I'm from Florida, oh yeah, yeah yeah! Well, here we got four seasons: it's beautiful my favorite seasons coming up fall I'm gon na get this thing up in the end, get some colors of the trees from a view I've never seen before. Well, except some well, you know. I do believe that in either late September or early October, we're gon na do a meet up in Colorado outside of dill really somewhere somewhere outside of Dylan yep. I know we're doing it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, exactly exactly that's that's he's gon na help me with the location and all that stuff.

So, are you familiar with spin up the event I've heard of it online no legit on my first drone back around Christmas and we're gon na do spin up virtually we're gon na do spin up virtually this year, but because of corona and travel and everything on September 12th, which is a Saturday and then we're going to do an in person meet up at the end of September or early October, there's a if you've ever been to Dillon there's, a lake it's kinda nice called Lake Dillon and there's a pavilion that you can Rent and it's all Class G airspace, so you can fly there, and so we are gon na rent that pavilion and do the meet up at that pavilion, it's just a matter of the the date that we can do it. So I hope you can make it down it's my point nice. I will definitely try just put them if you put those links somewhere I'm, not near my computer now, but I'll get back to it and I'll link yeah. Well, I'll. Tell you what, if you can't, if you, if you've, never watched before or even if you have watch before first Friday, first Friday of every month, I do a livestream like an actual video stream, and this this coming Friday. I'Ll have a lot of details about spin up, so if you can watch it live great and if you can't then then check it out on demand.

I have one other question, though, before I let you go. What'S what's, the for four eyed dog thing mean before I'd pay 9. Alright, hey yeah yeah, I own I own basset hounds and basset hounds in my life they're better than people, and I love them to death. So I've had it all my life and I just love to show them off. I I haven't. I have a 30 second video on my youtube channel. I was gon na start, a YouTube channel regarding dogs, but it's kind of got a little bit of drone footage and I deleted some gaming footage ooh. I don't know what I want it to be yet but I'm just yeah more. I know more into the dogs and anything once I start breeding him that's my dream, its Bree bass, nice. You know many years ago I co wrote a song about basset, hounds and and I'll tell you what I'll tell you? What, if you, if you stick around and keep commenting on my live, shows and such at some point, I will sing that song about basset hounds. Yes, I will play it and sing it. Oh it's it's it's it's, all about basset hounds in my underwear, not really sure how they got there all right to you. I got another caller, so I'm gon na I'm gon na. Let you go and jump over, but I appreciate the call have a great night. Thanks for your turn, okay, take care, bye, bye, all right, we got another caller coming up here.

Let'S see hello caller. You were on speed, dial with already said drone how's it going. Oh hey Kelly. How are you today I'm doing? Well? How are you I'm doing? Well, thanks for asking I figured I'd, give you a call in been a fan of your channel. I think you've done a really good job of being an ambassador of the drone community and the hobby and yeah. It was my day I get to spin up and preciate the offer to everyone and just had some affairs. I was a just unavailable, but I definitely would like to come out meet you one day or I'm in the Phoenix area. If you ever come out to Arizona, it's, really yeah it's, really a great area to fly, drones, yeah um, I just feel like we have no end. I mean I've been flying Matt I mean I've been flying. Dji drones now trees for 3 years, and I mean literally, can fly with never having, I mean never encounted in Phoenix I mean it's rare and we have extreme temperatures or I mean excluding the summertime. I mean conditions where Florida Tyrone is is cuz I'm from New York. Originally I just and I'm like. I grew up right next to Kennedy Airport and I just compare my experience that I've had here to where I would have grown up and I'm assuming we would. We would have probably been able to fly like where I grew up.

I grew up on Long Island right next to Kennedy Airport, but like the first town like it from the from the from the Detroit Bay Bridge and Tunnel cities, and you can see like all that. Come back in the 80s. I recluse kid in the 80s and I remember like seeing the Concorde fly over the house – oh wow and yeah. It was great and I always I mean I think. If you would, I mean, I think, if kids in the 80s, I mean, if you, if you had to ask how most of them who were into aviation like if you ever, could imagine some type of a flying object like in the future. What would it look like? I think a lot of people would say: probably the Phantom it could. You can conceive like a camera on that kind of an object but I'm telling it am an America mammoth design of an aerodynamic. I mean I think in the 80s like where the camera system like it has, I mean we would be just hard pressed to imagine something like oh and I hundred percent. I I've thought about that so many times, because you know as a kid I flew a little bit. I flew radio control airplanes with my dad and we would get maybe a couple of minutes out of flight of a plane and then it would invariably crash like we were. Neither of us were very good at it.

We enjoyed building them, but but just to think oh no it's, it blows my mind if I, if I can go back and tell myself my you know: 15 10 year old self, what I'd be doing with with drones and and stuff today I wouldn't have believed It yeah I I'm amazed. We were such a pivotal time at this at this moment, but we should be really wrong. Really in you know, should enjoy the technology. I mean it really is um it's it's, fantastic it's, it's, it's, addicting, it's, it's, productive and it's it's, leading the uh it's. What I mean a DSP is, I think, in my opinion, is going to change aviation and tirely. Where I mean to look at today and roan and the past couple years, like being able to have the control that we've had over a drone, thank you is, on one hand it's it's nice, but, on the other hand, the safety aspect and perspective. I think a DSP is going to create just this automated flying environment, where every aircraft is going to have exact positioning systems to combat and sort the risk of having an air accident where yeah. If you look great, if you look at, I mean, if you look at the technology with with a pass, I mean they're, just these aircrafts are just you could be flying. You know having your hand on the stick, bolt go forward and not knowing that you know what the exception I mean.

Who knows how precise it could be? Even with the bird I mean just having the ability to just dart and thwart and avoid objects, I mean I think, it's going to be much safer to have that kind of technology than on the ground, or you know, anything's, possible, rocks or wildlife to just show An intruder, a self driving automobile I mean, I think an aircraft in the air is much safer and I think what the probability of an accident is going to be. It is statistically Solar means the smallish, but I mean I think, it's an entire it's. An exciting point I had a friend of mine, we were just talking about, it were for collective reflectors and I had a complete collection of memorabilia from the 80s, which I never still have. I, like my baseball cards that I said, I'd, never even open. I never even opened them. I mean I brought. I brought like this. This set from 1989. I still have it, I mean it never opened it out of the pack didja now red tops our FLIR or which upper deck, which we've done Russ, not not appreciate. I'Ve done resin and the spheres don't less trash boxes case in a FLIR set key, so there's, like 15 sets in the case of the queer 1989 set and then there's 20 dunross boxes. Racks boxer, like you, buy in the stationery store that is bought from my stationery store. I bought it from a local stationer, and so I was just right down that road.

Never a bubblegum in them. Damn dumb Joe, the doughnut unrest don't have no the tops had the bubble gum, the donors, don't have the bubble, gum and the FLIR just are the set cases it's all sealed. They never opened it and it has quite a thats the year, like Randy, Johnson, being Iraqi, can't, repeat, jr. being a rookie, because you don't know what cards are in there. Well, the first case you do know regards but said cases it's dead, oh all, 500 cards or whatever. However, many there would be the entire class, the entire in 1989, quite beyond every player in the enemies release so it's a exactly 500 cards, but the the the racks boxes. No, I mean they bitch, it could be. I mean, if you think, every box could have a Ken Griffey jr. and of Brian and a Randy Johnson rookie card, which is possibly what people think rule of thumb. I mean in the way in the in the for your set case. You have 15 sets, so you have 15 of Randy Johnson and ken griffey jr. and Greg Maddux for those it was anything well and it's kind. When I'm back in the day was a little bit different. There was more of it wasn't another was an auction based market, so there's a more dispersed market and you have grading and it was just easier to get a little bit of asymmetric information. So the prices were a little bit higher, but today it's it's it could be worth a good amount of money.

I don't know I mean I probably just bequeath it to relatives, and you know just hopefully the you know in generations, that'll be where I mean when I collected in 1989. It was just allowance money that I put away. Well, I always talking with a friend, and we were just thinking where would the original Maverick Pro be worth in the future? I feel like technology technologies I mean I have. I have an original phantom, one that still flies, and I it's funny. I actually sold it to a friend of mine for 300 bucks a few years ago and then he sold it back to me for 300 bucks. He was like hey. I never fly this, you want it back. I said yeah and I said, and I said how much he said: well. 300. 300 bucks. So but I have a quick story, I mean okay. I think I think you're right, I did I'm sorry. I interrupted. I just wanted to stay on topic, but I think when you look at the Maverick oh, I have another pro at DJI right now, that's going to be returned to me brand new for my chair refresh. I had a little bit of an action, and that was my. I had like a lot of flights under my belt, but yeah Arizona where I live: it's 110 degrees and yeah the operating temperature. The operating temperatures of DJI products is all 204 degrees Fahrenheit. Now it just so happens that fly.

I learned my lesson to not fly drones in extreme weather environment. I just if there's anything that people can learn – and I spoke with EJ I about this – is you know this park is, is his is a workhorse you can handle it, but the manner Pro and I think the reason they changed.