So thanks, everyone for being here I've got the wonderful pleasure today of bringing in a good friend of mine, a guy that I really find extremely entertaining and quite honestly, I think he has the potential the looks, the charisma and the the kind of creativity to be A very big youtuber, his name is Chris Rollins and he's done a lot of really cool stuff on his channel recently. He seems to be focusing on some science, he kind of stuff. So if you're a fan of that sort of thing, he's, definitely someone who can help with that real quick. Just in the chat can you guys? Let me know if I sound. Ok, I'm I've got my computer muted, but I've got my phone in my ears: hey what's, up guy good to see you coast to coast. Drones thanks for being here. Is that me good to see you, oh by the ways that me died? I I will I'll reach out to you separately, but good, Thank You, Kai and and by the way, Kai is the one of the newest members of the ReadySet drone flight crew. The flight crew is is a group of folks that support the channel, and I really appreciate that. So, Thank You, Kai that's, why he's got those cool wings next to his name in the in the chat, hey, I was by drone what's up Greg good to see you and it sounds like Chris. Has his makeup finished so I'm gon na go ahead and give Chris a call and see if see, if I can get ahold of him so let's see if this will work once again and it for everyone who hasn't who hasn't been on one of these before This is a kind of like a podcast like a combination podcast and live stream and it's, something that I've been trying to do every Saturday.

This will be my fourth one in a row. I'Ve had be from drone ER Ken Heron and then did a call in show last week call in show great. I really enjoyed it. So thank you to everyone that called in last time, three bade or 3b aid I'm, not sure what it is, but thanks for being here, Lyon, L yeah, thanks for being here, flan Ella I'm gon na call Chris right now, let's even get hold of it. Oh well, mr. Rollins, hey, hey how's it going hey pretty good, just trying to keep a nine month old entertained right now, all right! Well there's, lots of ways to do that. Maybe maybe sawblades or you know, rockets exploding rockets, there's, there's lots of using bleach fire and endless possibility, like the four food groups right for babies right right, so so a nine month old, daughter dude, I mean that is I think. Last time I talked to you, I probably haven't talked to you since you had had the child. Is it pretty awesome, it's? So awesome I mean seriously like you know, every day, she's learning new stuff – and you know you can probably hear in the background you know she she learned to crawl about a week or two ago. You know, and that was life changing just because now we've got to put everything about two feet off the ground right, so yeah, it's, it's, so awesome she's. You know she recognizes us.

You know like different than other people like she distinguishes like hey. This is mom and dad so it's, just every every little bit of it, it's just special. You know well that's, awesome and and I'll say as the father of two who were in high school now you got to really cherish that time because it goes by. I know this sounds cliche, but it goes by so fast man. Next thing you know, she'll be driving away. Yeah yeah I mean I feel like like you know my wife and I it's. You know at the end of every day, we're exhausted, we're ready for her to go to sleep, and then we sit on the couch and look at pictures of her. You know what are we doing, but then you were like. Oh my gosh look a month ago. She had so much less hair or yeah yeah. I wasn't eating women eating pickles her and a picture of you and a month ago you had so much more hair right right. If you were wrinkled, do you wrinkles, no dude you're? Looking good your eye, I did my homework. My homework today was to watch to binge watch a bunch of Chris Rawlins videos, which was a blast. Oh wow, yeah, dude, you're, looking pretty cut is that from carrying the baby. Yes, that in you know not being able to go out and buy junk food. Ah, oh yeah, okay, yeah! Well! So I I see that I see from the topics of your videos that, having a having a child being a father has not made you any more cautious about life calculated risk.

How I tell my wife about it, I do see a mask. You know some gloves. So so tell me about tell me about that saw blade flinger for everyone by the way, real quick for everyone who doesn't know this is Chris Rawlins he's, a fellow Texan, just a bit east of me here in Texas, which you know Texas, is a big state. So that can be a ways off. He spoke at spin up in our inaugural year, the first year he's been to Austin a few times and we've hung out and he's he's just a. I honestly believe one of the most underrated youtubers out there in terms of his I'm serious man. Your videos are always very entertaining very. I don't skip very much in your videos and most of the time I skip a lot so, but but if you haven't gone and watched, there are two videos that we're talking about or one right now is he made a that. Flings saw blades. So you know, rotary saw or spinning saw what are those things called. Uh Gil Thomas skill saw with it and it looks like a a batting machine or a pitching machine right, yeah and, and it was he did, he did real life fruit ninja. So anyway. My point is, you know if you haven't subscribed to Chris Rawlins, I highly recommend you do and watch that video, but I think I know what the problem was with that thing why it wasn't cutting through cleanly.

Do you do you suspect you know as well? Um yeah yeah, I mean operator error. I think it sort of always my going problem, no well so in the slow mo footage which, by the way, was amazing, and I want to talk to you about your slow mo camera, because I really want to get one I've been shooting a lot with my Phone but there's only so much you can do with your phone, but in the slow mo footage you could see that the the blade wasn't turning it was just kind of flying through the air straight in most cases, yeah yeah they're saying that every time it's in All that had came down to how I fed it into the machine so tip. I was trying to feed it off of one side. You know so like you're saying it would give it some spin and help it stabilize and cut and the ones that did really good. I got it in there correctly, but then and like you know, as Adrenaline's going and you know, batteries are dying I'm like go. Go you know and yeah. You can definitely tell some of them shoot out just with zero spin whatsoever and that definitely messed him up quite a bit and the blade actually seems to like flex in the air just a little bit so so guys just for everyone. Yeah, that was shocking. Actually he was he was shooting this at fruit, so he had a pineapple and an apple and and a can of fruit and so it's kind of real life, fruit, ninja, but yeah man.

The thing you would think, because you really can't bend one of those with your hand very easily right. I can't you might be what well you see it kind of doing this flex in the air. I mean that slow mo just just makes everything, and I think it was on the last one where it hit the watermelon or the or the can or something that the the saw blade just seems to to hover there in the air for a long time. It was just kind of like hanging out one spot. I was like how is it doing that yeah, it's, it's, it's, crazy I've, really fallen in love with shooting high speed. You know like real real, like not cell phone high speed, but true, you know three thousand four or five thousand frames per second and it's it's, just fascinating the stuff that half that you don't even realize you know I mean you're, looking at fractions of a second Drawn out into minute and it's so much happens that the human eye you know can can't perceive what what what camera are. You, I think, it's a sony, but what is it? You'Re using it's, no it's called a Chronos o Chronos yeah and their cameras are just numbered. They don't give them names or anything but it's, a Canadian company and yeah. They make their it's a it's sort of all in one. You know you you've been around when, like Ken Haran, and I were using, that higher speed, real big, expensive rigs that you have a computer attached to it and all this other get yeah yep, and these the one that I'm using is like all in one it's.

Just a self contained high speed, camera and and the window and went out like that, what's the max frame rate, forty four thousand frames. What I mean I mean is anything even worth watching at forty. Of course I mean you know what I mean. It must be like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! Finally, something happens. Ya know it gets pretty boring, pretty quick. We did my buddy and I did it in I. He punched something and it was the most boring punch you've ever seen. I mean it was a the camera records for seconds at a time and just in little chunks, and it took, I think, four seconds in 40000 frames. I can't remember the math on that, but it was like a 27 minute clip or something of a single punch yeah it gets. It gets ridiculous up at that beam. So at that point you probably have to speed it up a little bit to make it watchable right yeah, I mean you at that. At that speed you can just go to the highlights right right. So what did he respond to boring stuff? Well, I mean just uh just a dummy, but it did. There was a so here's punch of you yeah, so so just to see it just to see like the just to see the impact or what kind of thing well yeah I mean he was doing a little video on this camera and he was like let's crank.

It all the way up in in we realize as well. You know there's what's. The point we need to a punch is nowhere near fast enough. So yeah I just punch him in the face and like 3000 friends and it's pretty cool because I mean you can see the fat in the face sort of you know it moves as a wave across you know from the left side to the right side. You can see the pain kind of well look in his eyes, it's, okay, so so it's funny you mentioned that, probably four or five years ago, one of our clients was a security like a network security company software security and they we did a video for them. Where we did slow motion punches on people like high frame rate punches and it and the caption would be like just when you thought all of your IT was secured and then the then the fist would hit, and it was. You could see that yeah. I was. I was one of the subjects and I've got kind of a China face, so I mean you totally could see the ripples in my face. It was, it was funny yeah we were. We were blowing up cigarette lighters or lighters just a little just a cheapo one. Kids, you get a gas station, correct our little plastic ones, yeah yeah and like we were, we were, we set a candle next to it and it was shot it with a slingshot.

And you know you see this little fireball. But then, when you, you know, you shoot it at 5000 frames per second, you know all of a sudden. It becomes like this epic. You know, you know you just see the individual particles igniting and expanding, and I mean everything everything looks cooler in slow motion. Well, let's talk about your sodium sodium rocket because a slow mo on that was astounding. I mean like some of those shots where you just see the the flame bursting look like a little little Hiroshima like a little nuclear blast, yeah yeah. That was awesome about what that was one of those deals where I've spent probably week getting all the pieces together and kind of planning what I wanted to do, and then you know you you, I brought in my friend to help me film and then you just Kind of pray that all that preparation, this whole thing actually works. You know and it worked out and I was I was giddy for for about a week. Well, the results I mean the the video itself was, I mean the way those things take off. So again you know if you weren't here five minutes ago, when I said the scope go over to Kris Rollins on YouTube and subscribe. I think there's you know Kris Rollins is not an uncommon name, so you're not looking for a basketball player you're not looking, for you know a defendant in a 1962 murder case you're, not looking for you know the vice president presidential candidate you're, looking for Kris Rollins, A youtuber and go subscribe because his stuff is awesome.

So so tell me tell me about your direction in the channel I mean it does seem like you're kind of going in this sort of experimentation like kind of science. Chemistry kind of thing is that is that what you're doing yeah, I am I'm still incorporating sort of you – know the filmmaking type stuff, a little bit less explanation and obviously drones because that's definitely where my channel started from but I'm, you know I'm just sort of Implementing them, for you, know, unique shots, and you know for for the creative purpose, I'm, not doing a whole lot of like drone reviews or anything like that right now. But the awesome thing is is like with when, when I started doing a couple of these experts more of these experimental type things I realized really quick, like you know, it's really it's so open to to just kind of anything that I happen to think of at Three o'clock in the morning that I can't sleep, you know I'm like well. You know what some high pressure propane in my doorbell. Thank you much on a future video or anything, but that is coming dude. How are you still married that's? What I I have not met your wife, but she must be like in line for sainthood right now, honestly, I don't think she watches my channel she's, a nurse she's, pretty busy yeah with that, and the baby yep usually she'll, find out about stuff that I've done By the somebody either yeah or somebody at work goes: oh, my gosh have any hair left.

What did he do well? Well, I believe you're not explained. I remember too, when you had the gas power blower in your house. You know blowing blowing fumes all over the place yeah. She never found out about that. One. Oh okay, well that's good that's good. So all she has to do all she has to do if she's mad at you is go to your channel watch. One of your videos and immediately she has stuff on you. You know so that's that's a pretty good position to be in as a wife. Well, so remember when I let you write, write, write! Well, you do have a kid now, so you can't do that anymore. So so right exactly, you did have a drone shot in the sodium rocket video. What what drone was that? Because it was a really cool shot of the rocket going up from from high up above, like you know, you could see it on the ground that you could see it take off. What were you shooting that, with the Mavic to probe that that is, I mean? I that's my go to for just about everything really I'd love that thing yeah. No, it both both the the pro and the zoom I'm still I'm, really gon na be surprised. I mean, I think, the only thing that DJI could do at this point. Obviously, there's always the better camera there's more flight, time etc, but I think I think, if they are able to put some of that vision, sensing that the sky do has on something like that.

Oh my god, I mean that thing would basically take over the world. Yeah, I agree, I mean I feel, like we're kind of getting to a point where the the advances are going to be just increment. Instead of you know, like yeah, I remember I had the the phantom one gon na it flew away. I had the phantom two and it lasted for a pretty good while and then I I missed the three, the four and I went all the way to the Mavic Pro and I was blown away. I mean just blown away at how the technology had changed. Well, you went from you went from a phantom to to a maverick maverick Pro yeah yeah it's, a big that's, a big jump. Yeah, I mean I'm kind of stingy like I really I don't have to have like the latest and greatest you know, I'll write it out as long as I can, and so when I made that jump I mean like I let go of the controls and the Thing just hovered there you know it detected, the ground was shocked. You know on the on the phantom on the phantom one in particular, it had gyro assist other than some really vague GPS function. That didn't really do a whole lot yeah and then you had to put a GoPro on it and then hit record before you took off so yeah. I end up with these big 15 20 minute clips, but you couldn't adjust the exposure.

You couldn't adjust the frame, races, yeah it's, just well yeah, no gimbal. It was just. It was just attached on the phantom one yeah. Well, I I went and bought a cheap Chinese gimbal off eBay. Oh no and uh yeah. It was less than ideal because, like it, would it would just spin like if you hold the top down it would tilt down, then go all the way around and back up around like it was. It was unbelievable to switch over to like the the Mavic and have all of the things I had wanted. You know with being of a full control of the camera, you know full control of exposure and – and you know the gimbal operates. How you'd like able to operate? You know you're, not worried about jello effect, you're, not getting props in the shots anymore. I mean it was yeah, big, big, big jump and then of course now you said you have a phantom 2 pro, which is is about as good as you can get without. You know, spending thousands of dollars right, yeah yeah for sure I had a. I went from the Mavic Pro, which I I crash, and so I bought a phantom 4 Pro and I did I my whole thing was I. I love the way that the Mavic Pro flew. I really never really cared for the camera. I just never. Even at 4k it wasn't super sharp. They really have a good depth to feel not depth of field dynamic range right in and then I got the Phantom 4 Pro and that had that one inch sensor and I loved the image and I hated the way it flew.

So, with a correct, when the Maverick 2 pro came out, it was a combination of us like both the things that I wanted. It was a an amazing flying drone with this great camera on it, and I mean I when the first time I took it out, you know, and I had like what is it like a 27 minute flight time I mean I instantly I was like well. This is it, I mean yeah yeah. I could. I could stay here for a while yeah you can put that thing up in the air and and then do what you need to do to get the shot set up and launch your rockets or whatever, and then so. So you had mentioned to me a while back this idea: do you mind sharing it with everybody that you know you and I talked about with taking a drone across a state or something like that? I always thought it was a good old man going back on the vault here. Yeah yeah is it? Is it something you would still consider doing, yeah for sure for sure? So when so, just to let everybody know um, my thought was my well. Let me jump back even further. My original thought was flying a drone across the country. Kelly convinced me: why don't you try flying across the state first and see you know how that works out, and that was good advice Kelly. I wa well I'm glad to hear it good, so yeah.

So what I mean I I wasn't wanting to build a drone to make it all the way across the state, but I essentially I'm fine with, like you know, taking off flying as far as that matter II. Will, though, landing swap them out, and you know just basically chasing it down the highway or Road? You know all the way across State, and I god I mean like I've gotten so far as planning a route. You know looking at airspace, you know finding a route that was which, which state were you looking at Texas – or, I remember you know, only know, Montana Montana, okay, less populated, more, more, more isolated roads, etc. Very open airspace, no airports, very, very small cities and it's. Almost a straight shot: yeah I'm looking at a map right now, but whatever that, whatever that there's a highway that goes basically east to west in a virtual straight shot, and so that was my goal. I had a buddy. He was getting this like a camper van rental company that was going to loan us a van, and they were you know, we're gon, na kind of document. The whole thing like a sponsor Jim yeah – I mean even you know, just having a nice van, that you can sit upright and you have a bunch of gear in there and fit a couple of people would be really helpful versus just doing it. In my car um, but then you know, then my wife got triangles like candy for a while.

Well, I still think it's a cool idea and I could definitely see it being you know. I also wonder if there is a Guinness Book of Records for you know. Well, of course, longest drone flight would probably be something you would do with the fixed wing, but but something where you know we're, basically continuously swapping out batteries and going a distance who could be a Guinness Book of Records. Cuz that's always a fun thing to try and do right. I mean I remember when I was a kid: do you ever had that actual book like the physical Guinness Book of Records? Did anybody in the chat chat have that book? Remember that there was always there were always two pictures. Well, there were three pictures. I always remember. There was the tallest man standing next to an average person. There were those two two really really rotund, guys on riding on motorcycles on mini bikes. Remember them. They were like the world's fattest guys and then and then there was the woman with the fingernails and her fingernails were like curling around, and I would look at that as dread. I would get the heebie jeebies every time. I'M curious. If anything, the chat remembers. The World Book of World Records – because I remember wanting to be in that so bad, but I never do what for yeah I've got one right here, literally on my coffee table 2001. Really, yes, so so open it up.

Let'S have let's, have a random world record. What'S, a good random world record. Okay, well, let's, see we're talking about Jones let's talk, it let's, see, let's, see if there's anything airplane related longest rail network, me, I'm, gon na, say busiest intercontinental routes. I want to say the last one I have is from like the early 90s, too so I'm sure a lot of that has has over overgrown now it's gone past, oh yeah, yeah, I'm. Sure I mean this is back before you know. Social media was even a thing I'm trying to find Mike. You know longest flight or highest waits a total party ain't one they switched over to like the highlight and it's, not the complete right right. It used to be like only some had pictures and then the rest word, but Tony tropic drones says I worked on the largest turntable Piper Aircraft, oh so so he must have been. He must have been on the turntable rotating the aircraft it to work on it. Wow that's, pretty cool cool good. To see you Tony good to see you no. I just saw a metal jump in here so so any any that you're finding let's see don't worry about relevance. Well, here we go here. We go smallest camcorders, a Sony, CCD cr1. Five inches by two and a half inches, I feel like that's, pretty big yeah. It is pretty big for today, though, here you go biggest TV in the world.

Eighty eighty five inches wait, wait what doesn't seem right? 2001. Well, I don't know man. I remember back in 2001, uh just flat screens were a big deal, I think. Well, they didn't exist in my life that's for sure. Well, it's definitely it's. Definitely one of those books that I feel like had to change and probably with social media it's a little harder for them to have that wow factor, but oh yeah, but hey. If we can may set a world record by flying the drone all the way across the country I'm in that would be really cool yeah I would love to do it with was just a group of guys. You know it's. Definitely the kind of thing you can't do by yourself, but I'd love to do it with just a bunch of drone enthusiasts. You know I, whenever we were at spin up that first year, and you asked me that same question when I was on stage Billy Kyle came up to me after he goes, which one are you gon na use, and I said I'm, not really sure you know. If the de Matic only does you know 40 miles an hour, that would take an eternity he goes well. You know the inspire to does 65, like I've heard that, and I don't own one he would say. Well, I own one. I would I would let you use it. I said I want you to think about that really hard before we talk again Billy tire let's talk about it, he's a good he's, a good guy for sure and Kai says he's in.

I think we have a few people from the from the chat that might be willing to participate. Ultimately, the thing with that, though, would be logistics right. The actual doing of it would be kind of tedious, I think, but pulling off the actual logistics would be. Oh hey, we had somebody just just join. I gets Keeks Bona, although the yes, it is geeks vana. Thank you for joining the channel. I appreciate that so Chris in terms of stuff on your channel. What are you planning to do for the next? A while um? Well, I I'm in the middle of filming a video I come with the other day. Some was part of it and then the machine broke. So I had to expect yesterday I'll Drive around all over town looking for parts, so I yeah, I think, I'm pretty much got that ready to go I'm revisiting a video. I did a couple months ago where I was trying to find what is that top speed that a bike wheel can spin, oh yeah yeah, that will that wheel on your on your pitching machine was kind of coming off. It looked like very much so, and so this was about five or six months ago, and I built this rig and it did okay, I spun a wheel up to about about five hundred miles an hour and it didn't fail, and the problem I was having was Like the chain and the bearings were all like burning up and stuff like that, so I were you, you were spinning.

You were spending it on the bike like like it was too thick. It wasn't on a bike, but on on the drivetrain of a bike like that, you said gears and change and and derailleur, and all that right exactly and that that was my big fail point because it had the bearings melted. The chain was trying to fling off and so yeah. I was the big big cluster, but so three vis I'm revisiting that I've got built a rig. That kind of eliminates all of those fail points, and I would film the film the first while I was trying to film the whole thing a couple days ago in the rig broke, so I went to the store bought some parts. I think it's ready to go. I was going to try to film it tomorrow, but my parents are coming in town for a week so that video might be pushed back for another week or so. But so are you still? Are you still driving competitively didn't? You didn't. You do some racing back in the day, yeah back in the day and just before the pandemic broke out, okay and and so what kind of what kind of car does your team have? I mean your you part of a team or tell everybody a little bit about that um. So we do endurance racing, which is 24 hour races. You know obviously everybody's heard of like the 24 Hours of LeMans at spirit, just obviously not on that level.

We'Ve got a 2001 BMW, 330 CI, which is which obviously the inside is just gutted. You know crowbars and everything like that, and so with the way we do it is like we have a it's three of us it's me and two other guys, and so we share the driving for 24 hours, like you know, hop in for three hours. You know hop out, other guy gets in and goes for three hours and the other guy goes and then it's my turn again. You know we just need you. So eight eight eight eight rounds. Basically I mean because it's 24 hours eight times three. Yes, wait. Not eight rounds each, but a total of eight eight rounds at right hours a day, yeah and as long as nothing goes wrong because, inevitably you know you'll get you'll get into your second stand and you get tired and you'll clip someone or you know someone will Clip you or something breaks and is it? Is it typical yeah what's the what's the length of the course you're, typically driving on that situation, the last one we did was where you live in Austin at circa, the Americas really, how long ago, hmm bad January! Oh nice, everything tenant with all this getting locked in my own house. It was oh, my my that's messed up right now. I actually had an opportunity and I've got a little bit of footage and a couple of my videos about it to fly at Circuit of the Americas.

I flew my phantom for out there for BMW, so they brought their dealers in. They brought a bunch of cars in from you know from all over and they brought the dealers in to do hot laps with the BMWs, and I got the film ok, yeah yeah. It was it was, it was this. It was funny. This is really funny that you tell me this so the local here in Tyler's, BMW, pilot pilot Texas, is where I live. Sabine. W Tyler is one of my clients. Ok – and I remember I have seen your footage from that event because I went up there one day we were filming a little test drive out of a car here in town and they were like check this out. We have to go. You know drive these cars and Austin and I was like wow. You got a nice ear and everything yeah I didn't know that was your. That was my drone yeah yep. It was so there's there's, a company there's like a automotive marketing company that hired us, and so we had. We had time lapse going. We had a bunch of GoPros in the cars we had the drone drone. Of course they had their own drone. It was kind of weird I don't know why they they hired me. I guess I don't go well. I thank you. I don't think their drone pilot was actually part 107, so that might have been part of it, but yeah it was.

It was so much fun. It was like okay, don't fly directly over the cars, but otherwise go crazy. You know – and so so I got to circuit circle that big tower out there. A few times I got to, I got to obviously just kind of drive all around the track and kind of wait in these big turns and wait for the cars to come by and chase them with the drone, and you know these things weren't going. They weren't going as fast as a Formula One car by any means, but they were going pretty fast much faster than the drone could keep up. So I would have to do like a combination of a combination of chase and yaw enough chasin yo, Jason yeah. You start, you start moving way before they get to you, yep by the time they're passing you you've kind of rotated, 90 degrees or 180 degrees. So you can kind of follow him. It'S a go by it was. It was such a blast. It was I mean I was I kept saying to myself I'm getting paid to do this. I can't believe I'm getting paid to fly a drone and chase race cars. How fun is this: it was a blast um, so so funny that you shot that footage yeah. That was, I think I think I shot that in late. Late 2017 was when I did that so that's about right, okay, cool! So so your team, your your racing team that's on hold right now.

How is life and Tyler been with kovat and stuff? Um it's been good yeah I mean my city is about a hundred thousand people, so I mean it's already kind of a quiet town, but you know also being a small town. People get a little antsy, really quick, where they're going. Why are we doing this again? We'Re not Dallas, you know we're, not we're, not New York. Why are we you know why can't I go get a burger, so there is kind of a little bit of that that vibe, but you know all in all, it's been really good. You know we've started August here in Texas to you, know: we're back open a little bit: yeah yeah yeah small capacity yeah. So you know I mean they're starting to get their their businesses back open. You know I've got when my friends owns a brewery here and you know he's he's back open if the gyms are opening slowly, so it's certainly kind of just starting to feel like it's kind of back to normal it's. But you know it's it's, still the hole. There'S a it was like a 5050 split of people who are, you know not doing anything in not not going out at all and then the people that really pretend like this whole thing's not even happening it's kind of bizarre well, yeah I mean being in Texas And actually same same thing, friends that you're in the restaurant business that want to get back open.

I understand that I kind of think that this weekend, being Memorial weekend is going to be a big kind of kind of tipping point, and by that I mean in in two weeks. You know they say that the sort of incubation period is two weeks so in about two weeks I expect that will either see not a whole lot of change or a lot of change, and you know, hopefully everyone will react appropriately to that. You know if it's not a lot a whole lot of change. Then, okay, great, you know this is let's proceed, but if it is a lot of teams – and maybe we need to pull back – but you know life for me and I think probably for you as well as far as going outside, you know flying my drone. None of that has slowed down, that's all stuff I've been able to. As a matter of fact, I've had more time so it's it's been that's that's actually been good. Where is that piece of land where you filmed? We filmed some of that stuff, especially the rockets and the and sawblades the the rocket was filmed at my in laws house. They live in tiny, tiny, little town of like 40 people south of Tyler, and then the saw blade was filmed on the property of another youtuber buddy of mine. His channel is called the for the good of the land, no cool Justin mayro and he's got 300000.

Subscribers – and he does some really cool like he – does a lot of tool – restoration, oh wow, and he really gets into like the history of it and he he lets me film out there with him and he has actually helped me quite a bit. He contacted me when he found out. I live in Tyler, who looks hey you're doing some cool stuff. I noticed you build a lot of things out of wood that's, not good. Ah he's like let me let me let you use my welder and my angle, grinder and you know my drill press tells what so it's been it's kind of been a godsend. That'S probably saved my life because awesome I don't have access to those tools. I just I can't drop money on you know: you've got 80000 worth of machinery in the Edit shop what's up yeah. I saw the thing you had built to that. You know out of when you built that thing out of the baseball, the the pitching machine. That was super cool mm yeah. That was, you know. That was a that was a big step up for me on on the quality side, because did you ever see a video of the spinning axe machine? No okay, well it's it's made of wood, not not probably the best thing I could have used but it's what I had access to, and that was before. I met you Justin from this other channel, and that was like this big huge to reach out to mean, like listened so, maybe don't use wood, no it's, just a safety thing saying hey! You know if you're gon na use an axe attached to a to an engine that spinning really fast, maybe maybe don't, build it out of wood and that's.

You know it. Obviously I was like wow you're, sick, smart. So what about building restoration, a tool, restoration tool and machinery restoration? He gets really into the history of the tools and how they were used, and he teaches people how to do the same and he is really good at his craft. He just he knows. He knows that world and plat it down, because I'll call him, and I was like hey – I want to want to build this like I like what you want to use this, because the tensile strength of this is that in the other and what we'll need to Do is we'll need to you know tap this into this out of such and such angle. I'M like this is great. I will have to check that out in 300000 subscribers yeah it's up there. You know some of the videos that seem to do the best. That I'm, always amazed by our people just doing like laving work on on a log or people doing you know taking old lumber and building something cool out of it. People love that sweating. They do. They do. I think, it's. I think there's this fascination in people of like the lost craft, that you know, i think in our minds. We think everybody used to know how to do this and nobody knows how to do it now. You know well it's, it's, it's. Definitely something that i think when you have an audience and you can teach it it makes it.

You know, makes it worth the time because you spend you spend hours and hours building something that you could potentially buy fairly cheap ID right and so right. So just to build it by itself, it's like is that really worth the time but to build it and then you know show it to thousands of people, that's that's, pretty cool yeah, and i think i think particularly you know when everybody stuck at home. You know people are looking for stuff like that to just so you know, even my wife she's, she is looking on youtube to find. You know, find a new hobby, something she can do at home. You know, and you got guys like like justin who were teaching people like hey, look i like he did a video that was really cool. He. He had gone to a garage, sale and found a five gallon bucket full of rusted tools, and he just like you know, kind of like a barn find video and he he brought it home and he showed everything. But I got this whole bucket for 8 bucks and it's got. You know this was cool, bowie knife and it's got. This saw and it's got all these things and he just went through each one step by step. First, my my daughter is found the pickle and yeah he did, and I mean you know it didn't. He adds his own. He doesn't just restore him, not not all he doesn't just like restore him just to just how they were sometimes they'll.

Just add a little flair, you know add a little little acid edge to kind of add a little bit of you know little spunk to it. Wow yeah, it's, really neat yeah cool. I will do a lot of stuff over store for museums. Actually, oh yeah yeah. I mean, I guess if you know how to remove the rust and sharpen things back up, and I mean that that's. That is super cool and it's it's funny because there's this balance you have to have between between hanging on to stuff. My wife and I actually spent some time working on our garage this morning, trying to clean it out a little bit and there's. So many things that you that you want to clear out because they're just taking up a lot of space but then you're like wow. This is such good. You know material like lumber. For example, okay I've got all this lumber in my garage and what am I gon na do with it? You know I mean when I need it, I need it, but but when I don't it's just sitting there and so it's it's a oh and actually Chris, I actually took down the cedar tree on the side of my house not too long ago. How and – and it was such a straight – the the main trunk of the tree was so straight and, and you know it's probably I don't know 15 20 feet long, just big straight piece of cedar that I actually kept it like.

I got rid of all the branches and yeah everything, but just kept this trunk of the cedar tree. So I have this. I have this trunk of a cedar tree in my backyard but I'm like what am I gon na do with this. You know make a bench: what should I do? Do you have any idea, you see those well. Have you seen those videos, the guys that'll like take raw wood and they'll, make like don't put resin on it. Add some color, oh man, you should really look good. I'M, not sure what the souls like resin wood table as something like that, but they'll they'll take the live, edge and fill it with. You know different types of different colors of resin and it makes some really beautiful furniture that's cool. No, you know, I have thought about a bench for the porch right, something because I mean if I could just kind of cut off like a section and make it flat on the top and then and plus cedar is, is bug resistant, so it you know with What but that's one of those things like you know they. I was like what do I do with this, because it's such a pretty piece of wood, it smells good, it looks great, but you know in today's modern world. It is a shame that we're so disposable, including drones, right there's, so many things that we we just get rid of. So I also sort of when I crash a drone or an airplane.

I have a couple of RC airplanes that I've crashed. I try to salvage the parts from them, so I have this big rocks of like propellers and motors, and you know push rods and and servos and all this stuff that's, like am I ever gon na, do anything with this but it's. You know I just can't get rid of it that's funny, right before I got into drones, the guy I was working for he goes hey. I inherited the storage unit from this guy that I didn't really know very well, but usually in the RC airplanes can egos. If you can get all that junk out of there he's like just sell it, I mean keep whatever you want to keep or whatever and, like I wish I'd had the mind to think to keep so much of that stuff. I opened up the storage room and there's about 50, complete RC planes in there real and they were gas powered like like glow plugs yeah the old school. Yet also was it nitro you stood ya know I had. I did have a gas powered RC plane, it was, it had a little piston engine, just one piston, the one up and down right and and you would you connect it to a fuel tank and you had a primer and you had a glow plug. I mean it was a big deal to get that thing in the air right right, and so these were all the radios on all these were the old school crystal.

Oh with the criminal we headed yeah, and so I don't even know if it'd have been worth will be using them anymore, because you know now everything just binds you don't have to right worry about that kind of stuff anymore, but man yeah. I keep thinking about it now, like, oh, my goodness like he had. He had like landing gear with suspension that retracts like up into the just can't, was just lying around. You know he probably he probably spent years of his life building all that stuff. You know. Oh, I mean he was, he was like a he had. He had retired young. There was a multi millionaire. Never married had lots of time. You know just love flying never really cared to fly. You know airplanes like like real airplanes, but he loved model airplanes and he just left behind was insane collection, and I really regret not taking opportunity to hang on to a couple of those piece. Yeah yeah, I mean at the very least you could have filled him with some sort of explosive and and slung shot him into the air, and you know made. I know you know: yeah it's, it's, it's, a it's, just a balance between disposability. You know efficiency and then trying to trying to reuse things, but I know for me too, even with drones, right I'm, I'm really trying to do a good job of recycling. My drones that I'm, not using anymore to someone who might want them.

You know so that's. Why I give a lot of them away or to to to use them for parts or another drone? You know there's a lot of times. I grind it, especially with fpv drones. A lot of the propellers are cross cross, functional how's, your husband TV. These days. By the way, have you been flying at all whoo, I haven't actually gotten that thing out and probably seven or eight months, so I would say I'm, probably pretty rusty it's. Just so you know I can take the Mavic and just unfold it and go yeah, and you know it's there's, so many so many pieces to get a FPV up and up and going, and I feel like every time I fly my car. I need to tune it or something and it's just there's a lot that goes into it, but you're never you're a pretty good ftp pilot. I remember you know seeing you fly for the first time and being like wow Chris. Chris knows what he's doing here I mean it's such a rush right. Oh, it really is it's like controlling your own roller coaster. I mean it's, really really fun it's, one of those things yeah Arikara and I would we haven't in a while, but we used to a couple nights a week. We would get on one of the simulators and you can fly together. You know, and we would we would do that and I'm so much braver in a simulator with we all get a little reading, which sim we're using uh is it time lived on.

We were using liftoff, yes, okay, cool, but we haven't done in a while and then in in then he and I met up and we were we were flying. Where were we doesn't matter um, but yeah? It has gotten o sanely good. I don't know if you, if you watched his progression, I mean he's so smooth yeah and he he's so creative and his flying. Well, I I just back in February, got to fly with him. I got to fly. Oh that's right. You guys went up to winner from Colorado in John's place, right, tiny, whoops, together yeah it was, it was a blast and yeah I mean I was trying to. I was trying to do this thing where I flew through Sean shop, and I tried three or four times and then two bumping into the wall or knocking over some of his stuff and then Edie just nailed it. The first try so he's, of course, he's. A very good pilot and – and I will say to Chris, you know one of the things about the sim is you can take a lot of chances and you know if you crash all do is flip the switch and then you can go back to right. I'Ve been playing applying the dr else, what dr else and recently and my son i don't, have to saw this, but my son did a 10 day challenge where he had. He had never really tried it before and for ten days he practiced for an hour.

He couldn't fly and accra. You know in unstabilized mode at all, at first and by the end, he's doing you know dives down the side of buildings and all these cool stuff i mean just an hour a day for ten days, did the trick. Wow awesome. I haven't heard of the challenge that a video that you put up – yeah yeah, if you did just just go on my channel you'll, see my son, my son, doing that for ten days in a row and basically just okay getting like I, he he couldn't even Really control it without stabilization at first and by the end he was being all my times and so and – and I think I've told people this but I'm – pretty excited DRL is actually sponsoring spin up this year, so I'm hoping to get some access to the URL Pilots as well as yeah as well as some cool swag, maybe passes to some of the events I don't know you know it's gon na kind of they don't know how it's going to shake out yet this year, as far as I live, let's go but also I'Ll plug real, quick DRL is doing kind of a cool thing on Saturdays they're, doing actually simulator races between you know. You mentioned about racing with Edie on the sim or just flying together, they're doing it with their professional pilots each Saturday. Ok, things like six weeks. So it's on NBC si RS n Sports Network and and and Twitter.

So if you go to the drone racing league on Twitter, you can watch. I I watched it last week. I didn't watch it today, but it was pretty fun if you know I was like these guys. Are you talking about ripping up the sim there they're doing a good job? Hey that you know the the thing that I I had bought a fpv quad. You know crash it a whole bunch and there thank goodness they're, really tough. Then I figured out hey, I should go, get a simulator and I did the simulator for probably over a month and I went back out to fly for real and I realized really quickly. One thing that a simulator doesn't do or doesn't teach you to be aware of the battery life cuz. You can fly oh right right right indefinitely. I think you can in that that I think that's a setting you can do, but, but generally, why would you you know it's like what I want to have to change batteries? You know yeah. I mean because I was like three minutes and my drone just literally fell out of the sky, and I realized very quickly that that was a handicap I had built into myself. No it's it's um they're they're a lot of fun and I know every time I fly every time I fly fpv, especially if I'm flying without stabilization on, I feel, like I become a better pilot overall. You know that that pushes me beyond well, Chris man.

I am so glad to catch up with you. It'S been way too long. You know I it has been too long. I know you have obviously having a new child is a big deal, but you know I want to thank you for joining today. I also do you know Dino about spin up, yet you may not have heard I haven't really enough. I know I heard any details yet so details are it's going to be virtual and it's going to be on September 12th and okay, we're gon na do a virtual spin up and then we're gon na do an actual meet up in Colorado in late September. Early October, I think we're still trying to there's a pavilion that on a lake that we want to rent – and I think, Shawn's looked into it. The date we wanted was booked like somebody's getting married. So today, okay, you know the opportunity would be participate online and then, if you really want to meet up with everybody, come to Colorado in early October. Doing so, but yeah I mean you'll do live through YouTube or no it's gon na be it's. Gon na be YouTube, I've been so you know, I know you have worked in video production for a while, as as vine, you know my company, the thing that's really kept us afloat right now is doing live streams of company meetings, people kind of confuse what zoom And live streaming is because there there's similar but they're, not the same thing.

It'S like a sports car, late, family car. You know what we're doing is really high production value. Good cameras. You know picture in picture where it's appropriate playing back videos, adding graphics. All that kind of stuff to our live stroke, that's. What I intend spin up to be is it it's gon na look like you're watching a TV show. You know what but I'm excited because obviously we'll have the chat. We'Ll have the participation and I'm also hoping to have some folks in the studio with me in Austin, so it'll be some live people.