It is time for speed dial Saturday afternoon 500 p.m. Central, and I know that I saw several people in the chat they're getting ready, hello, Mel 480. I did go look at your Instagram and it looks like you had a fantastic dinner last night, hello, Tim Jackson, hello, Zeb, meet welcome our G homestead. I don't know if we've met before coast to coast drones in the house, Bob Casey in the house. Well, we got a good crew here today. This is this is looking pretty awesome, cliff totin there is a Totten I don't know, but welcome everybody lb max aerial visuals is here. Thank you. Third eye view has been here for a while Bob Casey. I think I said before a few new people got wrenches, so thank you guys for tuning in. I was handing out a few wrenches a few days ago to people that I've seen jumping in trail PE or Trump. I you were the first one in so. Thank you and hey Kai good to see you. I know you emailed me earlier Kai and I have not replied so apologies for that, but I wanted to just say hello to everybody and happy Saturday it's a very nice day here I don't know you know if you weren't busy looking at a Tony good to See you if you weren't busy looking at Mel's, overly soft pasta sauce, then you might have seen my Instagram last night we had a big lightning storm last night and a huge, huge amount of thunder and lightning here in Central Texas.

As a matter of fact, I think I saw someone in here was from Killeen and I think you guys must have got that last night as well too, but yeah lots of lightning. It was a pretty intense, but it kind of blew out all the heat it's. A lot cooler today, a little windy, and today I finally got to fly my Mavic air for the first time. I actually flew it a little bit last night, but I flew it some more today and I got ta say I didn't. I didn't want to love it. I really didn't but hey Marcus Grande from good to see you thank you for joining. I really didn't want to love the the Mavic air too, but it's pretty pretty awesome so anyway, today I was hoping that we could do a little bit of call in you know. Just have you guys call in. We could talk about drones, talk about Mel's secret sauce for his for his pasta, talk about just about you, know anything that's, that's, family, friendly and something that works for you know in the drone community. I would make a few suggestions number one I'd love to talk about. If anybody watched the DRL today, they had a race with some club, several of their normal pilots racing and using the DRL sim. Now, if you haven't watched my son's DRL sim video, he killed it after ten days of practice an hour a day, some days more, but at least an hour a day.

He went from barely being able to fly in beginner mode to just crushing it in Pro Mode, which is unstabilized acro mode on the drone and we've had a great time with that. But what's going on with the DRL is every Saturday for I think for the next six or eight weeks, they're going to be doing live races between their professional drone pilots in the sim, and you can watch it on Twitter and you can also watch it on Nbc Sports Network – I think it's NBCSN, which I'm never able to find it. I'Ll be honest. Watching videos on Twitter is not it's, not really my favorite, but it's. You know it's the choice that we have, but it was really cool. Today they have a new pilot. He absolutely dominated he qualified in the sim and then he actually will get a contract with DRL to race, for this season doing the real races. So anyway, I think there is there's a phone number that I put into the description, and it is, let me see if I can find the find the phone number hey. Thank You, baymax Arial visuals for the sticker that this is, I think, either the first or second. Actually, I think maybe geek Spana did one before, but this is one of the very few super chats that I've received on this format. So, thank you usually what I get is and and thank you guys for nobody putting in a thumbs down.

Yet everybody seems to like the thumbs down these audio things it's a little bit of experiment, hey geeks, wan na by the way geeks wan na. I owe you a, I owe you a thank you for putting the number in there Tim. I owe you a video and I will get that to you. I'M gon na record it soon, and I will get that over to you. So let me see if I hit this button here, alright I'm gon na take a call. Alright is somebody there yeah who is it? This is Abby Mac, hey! Thank you. Thank you again for the super chat. Oh no big event. I didn't even know why he got this number up here: I'm, trying to do 10 things at once on my computer, no, no worries well, this is this is Holly, I said. Well, let me call this number and next thing I know. Oh, this sounds like a telemarketer: oh no wait! This is a call in show. This is a call in show, so so the way this works. This is an experimental piece of software I'm using that is sort of like a cross between YouTube, live and podcasting, and but last two weeks ago I think you've seen these two weeks ago I had Brennan be from droning on and then last week I had Ken Haran and this week I decided just to just to take calls so you're you're, the first caller this week.

So what would you like to talk about? Okay? Well, your live. Your live on the interwebs there's '. You know watching. I can see my voice bursting here in this circle of the phone around it we're in the middle of it yeah the trick the trick. Is you got a mute, your computer, so nothing, nothing, nothing! You want to nothing. You want to or a question you want to ask or anything. Well I got you sure you mentioned about find your magic pair too, and man dude you're good. I mean if you haven't, loved it already you're gon na. Take it to bed with you. You know it's actually I'm sitting out in my backyard I'm looking in my kitchen window and my wife is listening, so you know she's gon na take she's gon na have a little bit of offense at that, but it's, okay, I will tell you yes, I I Have to say, I did not want to love that drone. I was like you know. I'Ve already got the one above it and I've got the one below it. Do I really need it, but but it's just it's, so quiet it's, so smooth it's it's, like just this perfect size? You know it. It really it's it's such a big improvement over the original Medicare to the original Medicare as well. I should say yeah so so, and I haven't looked at the footage. Yet what do you think of the footage? I'Ve seen other people's footage, but I haven't looked at mine.

Well, that's, just it though, I've been working on my footage today, so I haven't looked at anything ah I'm uploading that as soon as I drop this call so I can go eat some dinner excellent, excellent. Well, I will go check it out. Thank you for calling hey, no problem, thanks for having me on big Crete. For me all right, I'm gon na see, if I can get somebody else on, take care all right. Let'S see, if you see, if I got somebody else in, had call no no that's, not it anybody. Somebody give me a call. It'S not gon na be much of a call in call in show if I don't, if I don't have another call here very soon Mel I feel like. After all your over there, it is 480 yeah, 400 AGL for a 20 super chat, Wow. Thank you and and and Mel if you, if you called me too, that would be even better, but but I really appreciate the super chat by the way Mel did you get? Did you get? I know you got it, but have you been able to work on the the Mavic Pro Platinum? I was just curious if, if that's back in works and and thank you for the couple of MIL, I appreciate that my my wife, like I said she's watching she probably hasn't, read the chat yet because I can see her she's got her computer open and doing The dishes – oh here, comes somebody.

Alright, we have a second caller for today. Who do we have this? Is that Cliff continent? Oh hey cliff? How are you I'm doing pretty good, how you doing I'm doing very well? Where are you located? I am Mario Florida area. Oh, how are things in Florida today little rainy, but you know we can't complain. Okay, he will care what's going on yeah, well it's kind of funny, because you know I've heard I've heard different versions of that. I hope that is the case, but I will say that in Austin it typically by this time of year, it's really hot and right now – it's not I'm sitting outside I'm, not sweating at all, and anybody who's watching my videos knows: I'm generally, a pretty sweaty dude. So so, I'm glad, but but uh but yeah. What what kind of drone do you fly or do you have any? I have a couple yeah to the Center for pro two's right now. I have the magnitude Pro and the member to zoom together and I'll. Tell you go to on tree where the pro version is be a success. Okay, on pre order, so is waiting for that to finally get here. But can we turn that out, though, but yeah don't? We do our real estate stuff area in summer, and I know I can't fill in yellow, so I was gon na shoot around the areas outside of the park, so this is so beautiful at Montana and Wyoming yeah and when I think Evo 4.

So with that that great wanted sense there on its own, why I haven't! Well, I have an Evo question for you, but you go first and then I'll ask you my Evo question after you broken just recently that are tell, has or have have had a pack on quick release, folding props and it had that patent for quite a while And they have a lawsuit against DJI now and they are trying to ban the import of DJI drones because they supposedly break that artell patent, Wow yeah, so that's one like that. Just kind of hit you hit it on another website today, but the only the corn somebody looked at it and they're looking at it right now so it's, something that might actually happen. The hotel might hit DJ and I person for years and years of damage we don't know yet, but I try not. You had known anything about this about so so I did hear something about this via a comment in my in one of my videos. Not too long ago, and – and I was kind of like wow that that seems like it would be a really huge, a big deal in the drone community. If that happens. But I do think that I do think that's the kind of thing where there has to be some. I don't know there has to be something that supports the fact that so many people have already invested money in these drones right.

So if all of a sudden DJ, I couldn't import those props anymore and – and we start breaking props, you know who's gon na lose, the consumer is gon na lose. In that case, right I mean a girl. I would, I would think no, I I don't have any insider information about it. I did. I did like I said, read about it in a comment on one video and and then you're the second person to bring it up. But ultimately, I can't see how I feel like the genies out of the bottle. As far as DJI goes with with their drones here – and you know, I know, they've been sued before they're they're, the big guy they're, the ones you know they certainly have some. They make great products overall, but they're also the ones everybody's chasing and targeting – and I think it'd be a really bad PR move for for autel to I mean, in my opinion, to to shut them out of competition right. It says III see where they're coming from, but to me that would just kind of make me dislike Lots just like. If I tell tried to shut out or if DJ I tried to shut out or tell I'd feel the same way I'd be like hey. You need the competition. You know competition is good, so I I don't know products, but they probably just want to check for each other say: hey want damages, we'll call it even that's that's the law right and, and certainly Chinese companies for a long time have been famous for kind of Skirting patents and copying things, and but you know, that's why we can all afford these drones right at the end of the day, that's.

What makes them you think about the tech in this? If this were this were 15 20 years ago, the tech in this would be millions of dollars for something that does what these drones do and and of course, Tech has gone a long way, but on the flip side, it's also become so much cheaper and I Think part of that is because you know like it or not. Chinese companies take ideas and often copy them in a slightly different way and then make them much cheaper by you know all the ways they do that and and I'm not. I don't want to get political honored I'm, just saying that you know we're, the benefits are the consumers and a lot of in a lot of ways and I'd hate to see. I would hate to see us lose the ability to purchase parts for existing drones or all the excitement that comes when there's, a new drone coming out, whether it's an auto, tell drone or a sky do or a DJI. You know it creates a lot of buzz and it makes me happy when new drones come out quite honestly sure. Well, so I have a question for you regarding hotel on so your you said: you're getting the pro version right, yeah, okay, so why is the pro version 6 K and the the non pro version 8 k? Is it sensor size? Okay, so I've got a video when the Mavic pro 2 came out.

That discussed it got a lot of it got pretty pretty out there even d3. I saw it also contact me on it, like that. Did a whole pixel peeping deep dive into the way that DJI read that one inch sensor and how Alliance gifts or pixel been basically subsamples and yeah. I got a lot of traction and guys got picked up by a lot of other YouTube channels and publications and stuff, and I got contacted by you, yeah I'll tell about it, but it really just goes into how how that filter on the Navi to pro is Not being read properly, oh, I did see. Were you in a garden in the air. Your drones were on the ground: yeah yeah, okay, okay, that's me that's me response from that and I even got a response from e3 and I got a response from. Ah, no I'll tell contact me quite a bit about ask me a lot of questions about it, but but yeah it did catch a lot. I think I might've been the first person to really raise the flag on on how DJ I was not scanning that sensor properly real only scanning a section of it in the middle of it in each cubicle of high quality load and then we're subsampling is full Width of it, which really makes it the fov mode so anyway, I am I going all that because it gets really really technical, but I can tell you that reason why I'm going after the the autel Pro on this and it could kind of get back to Your question a little bit is: it uses the brand new, not so much brand new but it's the highest end.

One is type sensitive Sony, mate, it's, gim, expert 83 Manomet Center is like the Ferrari of one inch type sensors, it's literally the best one on the market, the fastest on the market and I'll tell is reading the entire width of that Center. Properly is 5.5 K on the other 16 aid, but but there, but I've heard this I've actually heard that there a K is not as good a quality because of the way that it it's a smaller it's, a smaller sensor: okay, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, So that is in the corner. Court 8k is really a it's, not an H, a sensor at all like not even close to they a sensor. It is actually what's called a it's, an AMX 586 made by Sony and both the that the DJI air 2 uses. It as well as the aka, auto and cell phone cell phones are also using. It too is a quad bear image sensor that actually has four pixels under one color filter, instead of having one pixel under one colorfulness, so you're, basically dividing dividing by four so you're getting one for yeah exactly you have 12 million color filters, 12 million, only 12 Million, but for photo sites or capacitors fit under each one. So you're burning up four of those pixels under one color, so we can really only allow 12 million colors through it. It can't allow 48 million colors going in loud 12 million colors through it, so that no sony designed that not guys, for I hope, I'm, not like getting too technical here, but Sony designed that sensor for extended dynamic range it's called they basically use a dual timing.

Exposure timing trick between to the of this of the photo sites and to the other photo sites at different timing. Basically without getting too technical, I probably are not getting crazy, but it's just designed for increased dynamic range it's, not there for increased resolution. No one would ever be for, but what both of what the cell phones and drunk companies are now doing is they're trying to sell it. As a forty, eight megapixel sensor, which I guess legally speaking, I guess maybe you can make that case. It is 48 megapixels, but with only 12 million color filters, it's right go. We can't resolve more than 12 million colors. So so, basically yeah I mean it's a little bit of a marketing ploy or a lot of a market it's a lot of buzz. A lot of it, but, but so then so then tell us about the 6k that's that's you're saying that is that's a that is a traditional what's called square pixel image and that actually has one photo site. One photo bucket, you can think of under each filter. So it's got 20 color filters and 20 photo buckets, so it's a true 20 megapixel resolving image sensor: okay, that's, the five, the IMX 383, so that's that's. Why that's a more expensive drone that's? Why that's? Why it's more expensive camera it's got larger photo sites? So those buckets taking more light per pixel and it's definitely a much higher end. You know higher higher end imaging system.

So so I guess I guess the you know. The question then becomes because for me right now, I'm really making a pointed effort to shift everything from 1080 to that I shoot from 1080 to 4k this year and and I'm talking about for YouTube what what what's the advantage of shooting in 6k, I mean. Why do you feel, like your 4k footage, is gon na look better because there's, a 6k sensor? Well, a couple things one you're gon na over and when you over sample 6, true 6th 8th and by the way the I'll tell Evo the is 3 because there's not really a 6k sensor, it's, actually a five point. Five k right: they round up it's, just like 4k gon na be on 30, 3200 or whatever exactly, and they stretch it quite a bit on that one. But okay, fine we'll, just skip past that. But what does a lot for over sampling? So when you down scale let's, say 6k, we down 6k to to this full readout to 4k. You get more detail in that 4k. Okay, hey just like down scaling 4k, just like down scaling 4k to 1080 yeah. Okay also, now do have a little bit of cropping room, so you can actually take a fork, a crop of your of your footage and slide, and that way right right, right, your image and give you a little bit of play to reframe your decide. How huge of those files gon na be I've never shot anything bigger than 4k, so I'm curious, I mean: are you talking about here there's a bit rate so don't think of it in terms of frame size? They keep it in terms of bitrate size.

Now the DTI is all doing 100 and now we'd have 120 120 yeah yeah, but but think of Internet technically speaking, that's really what makes the size of your file it's the bitrate bit megabits per second, as opposed to the frame itself. So I think I'll tell when you're not tell do it if you're also doing 120 on there 6k. I believe it is 150, but I think it's 120 on there 6k, so it won't be any larger in file size, a frame size, yes, but the file size. No because it used to you know a bit right: okay, okay, so so that's, where you get your bigger files, is like 120 versus versus. Like some, you know, some of the older drivers are 60 or or 40. I know megabits per second, exactly: okay, okay, so it's really bigoted bits per second that actually still up the file size and and how much compression you're using and is really one exercise itself on. The frame you know can be compressed with all kinds of different ways. So you can get different. You know different file, sizes, yeah, yeah and that's, okay. So one more question since, since you we've obviously struck some gold as far as what you know about this stuff: h.264 versus h.265. What do you think about the difference in those two? As far as you know, module okay, so I work for a company, a global media company. I can't be sure, but I can tell you that every summer we have a ton of shows on shark 20 years and we've done a lot of testing for satellite broadcast.

On on East 264 reverse' days, 265 right and people say that a 265 is twice as efficient as 264, but it's really not quite that much all right. What happens is in small bitrate. Yes, h.265 is quite a bit more inefficient in a smaller bitrate, but actually increase the bitrate on both of them. They said they'd be gains in efficiency, start to reduce at that point, and they become more and more closer to each other. So in a hundred or 120 they're about the same yeah, exactly so the higher you go on both the closer they get to each other. As far as quality goes so you, so the games are luck but the further down you go well then yeah h.265 pulls away. So it really all depends on the bitrate that you're talking about, but I can also tell you this. There is a penalty for having compression that is, that it's that efficient in that high is that it's, your processing power time, dpu, processing power right right, four times higher than h.264. So for me personally, I'll take a high bitrate high bitrate 264 over a high bitrate 265 any day because it's, a faster codec hcy live it's, slower, it's, just great it's, great but it's slower so yeah, yeah, yeah that's that that's my opinion on that and we've Done a lot of lab tests on that, so against the for satellite broadcasting. Well, this is this is great great information.

I'M. You know seeing a lot of comments of people saying you know. Thank you for kind of explaining some things. I'Ve got two other callers in the queue so I'm gon na I'm gon na jump over. But I really appreciate the call and and and I'll go back and re watch that video. I remember seeded awhile back about about the Mavic Pro and and yeah. You made several follow on videos to it because of the attention it got, but yeah that that's yeah I'm, not gon na start a whole new channel pretty soon on the very first video. So it's not going to have y'all so he's old eyes and I'm gon na get more into doing this kind of stuff in the future. So you can you'll probably hear about it. I mean I'm gon na take things apart, really really big as they come out, but no no, it was. It was good stuff. I think I think the audience. I think the audience appreciates the information. So thank you for the call and I'm gon na jump over to the next caller and take care. Okay, all right, bye! All right! Let me see if I can answer the neck hitting the button hello. What are you doing? Kelly, hey Mel, you got a mute. Your computer yeah I'm a mutant mutant, the audio on the other one. Now let me tell you about this little thing called vmix, I'm gon na tell you how it works.

Do I know I said. Let me tell you about this little thing called V mix: I'm. Gon na explain how it works to you: it's it's, an inside joke mill, huge uh, huh Jeff mell spent he'll spend a whole afternoon one day, taking me through how V mix works and then, basically, I figured out that I don't have a PC, that's worthy in Front of it so Mel are you there? Yes did you get? Have you got the you got the Mavic Pro Platinum? I did. I got the Pro platinum. Look for everyone all done for everyone, that's unaware I put a pro platinum in in the drink. I guess about three weeks ago, testing out some landing gear, totally my fault they were. They were well designed landing gear gentleman from Tennessee, no less, who sent them to me and I basically flew it on a windy day tip the drone over. Basically, the the landing gear is what held it up and kept it from sinking right. You saw the video Mel, and so so when I pulled it out of the water going to the bottom of the lake right when I pulled it out of the water, it was still, it was still. The battery was actually still on. I think at that point. So I turned everything off tried my best to dry it out, cracked, it open, you know, took out like 40 two screws and and pulled it open, put a fan on it and finally gave up and sent it to Mel, and he is going to try to Revive it for me, so that's that's, the back story, that's right, we're, gon na and i'll – probably pull the covers off tomorrow and just make sure everything's plugged in good and everything's connected good um.

To be honest, I haven't had time yet this week to mess with it, and I was gon na get into it today, but Newfoundland drones was having trouble live streaming from his phantom 3 standard, and I made an appointment with him for this morning and got him Live streaming from his drone, so nice he's in Newfoundland, he's two hours ahead of Eastern Time, so he's probably going to do some. You know weekend sunrises and things two hours ahead of everybody else on a phantom 3 standard, that's right Wow got him live streaming from his drone on a phantom 3 standard, that's fantastic. Is it now that's using lightbridge, correct um? No, I think the Phantom 3 standard is Wi. Fi, oh well. Ok, so it's using Wi Fi. So your range is not going to be as far as you can get with with a Mavic or a or even a light bridge drone. But but what was right? Basically, did you have to go around the DJI Go app and does that use just regular go or go for it uses the regular go and, of course, when we well, he said he couldn't livestream said it kept. Just you know failing to connect and this and that so I started with the very basics and made sure that his YouTube channel first was verified. Then I made sure that he had live streaming, enabled on his channel and he did um. Then we tried doing a direct to YouTube, live stream from the go app and Google said that app was not recognized.

So we used rtmp and I showed him how to put the URL in and add his stream key behind it, and it explained why he needed those two things and as soon as he did it, he hit go, live and it went live right. Then, when we were still on on voice chat on the computer and he went live with it right then so nice we know it works and he was beside himself excited. So that was way. Cool yeah, that's, awesome well and – and you know what a nice opportunity to help somebody else out too, can now go out and create, and you know I mean you know me when it gets down to the nitty gritty of the nuts and bolts I'm all about It yeah yep yep. No, I know and you're you're in Arkansas now not Tennessee right correct. Did you get a big storm last night um not last night the night before it it came in pretty heavy yeah. We had a. We had a really big storm. Last night, lots of tree branches fell down and my daughter actually caught this really cool lightning shot, which I posted on my on my Instagram, but I mean it was pretty much. You know those nights where the Lightning just doesn't stop it's just kind of constant. That was what was going on last night here and it's beautiful today, Sun Sun is out it's cool, no humidity, but it's windy, it's still really windy.

Today – and I was I've flown my Mavic air to a little bit, but you know I want to fly it in little: less windy conditions, I'm, still, I'm, still on the bench about pulling the trigger on that um. I'M. Thinking about it, but I've got some other financial obligations that I should take care of and said. Well, so I'll probably do the right thing you know, but um I'll be. I would really like to have that drone. If you, if you, if you so, I mean I I'm, actually I've really liked my Mavic air for a while. Just because I felt like it was a sporty little drone it's fun to fly, but I am I'm ready to sell my my last Mavic air. I had I had two one that sent to you as subscriber of the month, which I think you still have dude. I think you have it. I think you should sell it and, and then – and you know, sock that money away until until you're ready and get the Mavic air too, because the the improvement is so vastly different. Now, it's, not gon na, be something you're gon na go out and fly professionally. You you might be able to do some real estate or a wedding with it, because it is really quiet and the flight time is amazing but I'm thinking from now on. You know I travel a fair amount or I did before Cove it anyway and for work trips.

I think that's gon na be my go to going forward. It'S it's, because I love the mini don't. Get me wrong. The minis great, but the mini doesn't, have the flight time. It doesn't have 4k. You know I'm. I'M. I'M thinking you get kind of doesn't have IQ thing: doesn't have aa Q, sync that's right, that's, right I'm thinking you get that sort of perfect Goldilocks. You know it's it's it's, not the Mavic to pro or zoom, which are expensive and a little heavier and a little bigger, but it's still, you know from what I've what i've seen so far of other people's footage. It looks pretty amazing. The only thing in, in my humble opinion that DJI missed the boat on was the shutter. If they would have given the Mavic air to a mechanical shutter by in front of that sensor, they would have had the absolute perfect consumer drone that could do really really nice photography. So so they, you know, the ability to stop motion is extremely important. So, to really get a really good photograph, you either have to have a still subject or a still camera right. Having both be still is ideal, but at least with the mechanical shutter, you could still be in motion, see a shot snap, the picture and actually get what you saw. You know what I mean: oh yeah yeah. I I have the I have the phantom 4 and that mechanical shutter makes a huge difference when stuffs going.

I had a chance to fly at. I had a chance to fly at Circuit of the Americas chasing racecars around a track, and that was that was amazing. You know, but but the footage with that mechanical shutter – I I think it's not only better for stills, but I think it's also still better for or each individual frame of video you don't get that blur. You get a crisp frame each time, but you get crisper training next room but here's. My question Mel is: is that a size? Is that a size thing, meaning a size thing within the camera and they wanted a small camera. They wanted it compact. They wanted. It lightweight and, and so the camera on the Phantom 4 is quite a bit bigger physically. Do you think that's the difference like to have that mechanical shutter and there would be difficult on such a small camera number one and then number two? Why would they want to cannibalize their their Mavic 2 series right? I feel like the probably kill order or the Phantom tube right right right. Why would people buy those anymore if this thing has higher bitrate and a mechanical shutter, now it's got a smaller sensor? You know there's that but but um yeah it's it's a weird little game. They have to play right there trying to they're trying to fill in every single possible space on the board, but not overlap too much and well – and I was in actually a conversation about that earlier this morning, with the with the larger drones, the inspires and the X, series, cameras and things and those all have mechanical, shutters and they're just phenomenal, but they are quite a bit bigger and they're.

Quite a bit heavier um but ya, know. Overall, I think the air 2 is, I think they hit the sweet spot right on the head. I really do, and as far as the technology for a mechanical shutter in that, in that case um, I would counter that question with they can put an entire supercomputer on the head of a pin. Do you really not think they couldn't make that a mechanical shutter? If they want to do you know, yes, yeah that's that's a fair point. This is a fair point. You know it's all about the cost and here actually I'll go ahead, but hold that hold that hold that, but one second, I need to interrupt. Can hearing, and normally I wouldn't do that, but you know for him to call you fat on screen, really auto costume much more than two dollars. Well, you know, I think he meant to spell it as fat. Pha T right, that's that's. What the kids say. Oh, is that what it is? Okay, we'll go with that it's it's funny many years ago my wife and I came up with a few nicknames for ourselves and one or one of our and and some friends of ours. One of them was fat possum, but it was pH 80, which I found out later. I found out later that was a record label it's a zydeco record label Fat Possum records which, which is pretty cool – oh my god you're kidding, but but oh here's, my here's.

My beef, Mel and and then and then I'm gon na I'm gon na, let you go exactly two more in the queue here's, my big beef honestly – and this is like a tiny beef and it's a big beef at the same time with DGI right now, I Don'T know if you've taken those little the little sticks out of your controller like unscrewed them. They are all friggin different. They don't make them. I can't be standardized on one crew that goes into every band controller. They should make them all interchangeable. I agree, and that is a huge, be hundred percent right now I was using another one about that. I'Ll give you another one on me. The latest firmware update on the smart controller does no longer allow you to livestream from the smart controller. If I can't live stream from my smart controller, if I sound grade to the previous version of firmware, it works just fine. I just dated never wear on my smart controller today so now I'm going to hear that um I've switched back and forth a couple of times and it's. I don't know what they changed in the firmware update for the smart controller, but it it makes a hiccup when it comes to live streaming so because I'm 107 I'm supposed to keep my equipment updated at all times, right right right, so I left the update. But I still like the live stream from the drone, so what I'll do is I bought a six foot, lightning, cable and I plug that into the iPad, and I let the iPad go live and I just pair drone with the regular controller yeah last Sunday.

Last Sunday I was out at the lake with with my natural and Matt first, two and Brent was going to make it, but he ended up not making it, but anyway, I grabbed everything out of the case and set it up turn the drone on. I got the iPad flying I'm ready to go, live and I reach down to grab the sticks and there's no speaks in the controller. Oh, I got a pull the handles open and in dirt the sticks out real, quick and screw them into the to the dimples. On the controller, because I was like well, I don't want to fly without the sticks. I really kind of want those and yeah have you ever tried to do that? Actually, just just you know kind of putting your thumbs, I mean you have to be a real thumber to do that. Actually, pincers pincers could yeah. That would be such a huge problem for me be another plumbers and yes, so it would, it would be. It would be a problem all right quickly, everyone everyone in the in the chat right now, just just type in thumb or pincher. I want to feel like. I know you guys pretty well. Can you don't need to because I know what you see just just who all geeks, Fano mappers Ray Kelly, grumpy vlogger, Bob Casey coast to coast, hey bill, thumber, alright, yeah summer thumber, all right, Marty's, a pincher raised in Peru, pincher yeah! Well about 5050! It looks like, but you cannot fly without sticks if you're a pincher I'm just saying yeah it's, not gon na happen, yeah yeah didn't can fly with his feet.

One time with his toes, I think I saw my beard and and got a lot of backlash. Hey what's up art go good to see you art. I got two more in the queue, so I want to keep it going, but I appreciate the call. I hope you enjoyed was that last night's dinner, or is that for tonight your your that was tonight that way tonight: hey yeah yeah, so so you're, one of those guys that eat your dinner at 445. Um. Well, just admit it! We what we tend to eat early, because typically we go to bed pretty early because we get up so early, so yeah and with pasta. If you eat that late you're not going to sleep it doesn't matter. If you got to work the next day or not, you know true, I'm, not judging I'm, not judging well Mel. Keep me keep me apprised of the little platinum that could, and I appreciate the call and and as I said, I promised you it will fly again and it will. It may fly out the window of my pickup at 60, but it's gon na fly one way or the other have a good night. You two hello, hello, you're on speed dial. Who do we got? My name is David Tucker. I was wondering um hi David how's water, which would be acquired and Merrick many are the Medicare. Oh, that is a fantastic question. Um I don't know yet, because I haven't I haven't actually I've only flown the Mavic air, two with the Mavic air and it's way.

Quieter than the original Medicare, I know that flight path, that's Aldrin from flight path, did a big comparison of all the DJI drones and took a decibel meter and kind of measured their their sound levels. So if you wanted to find out, you could go to its f ly. T PA th flight paths YouTube channel and he has a comparison. I my guess, though, honestly I'm gon na guess it's the Mavic mini. I think that thing is so small and lightweight and those propellers are very thin. You know this. The the the quietest drone I ever flew was the parrot anafi, and that thing was just like whisper quiet compared to every other drone. The Mavic mini reminds me a lot of that in the way that it flies so so I wish I could answer your question. I should know that if you days – because I just got my Mavic air or two but they're, both pretty quiet but I'm gon na say Mavic min he's – probably quieter. What do you have a drone guys? Where would be a good first time? I would a hundred percent say you know it depends on what you want to spend, but if you're gon na get a first time drone the Mavic mini fly more combo would be my recommendation because then, because you'll get three batteries with it, you'll get a lot Of spare props you'll get everything you need and the price is still less than buying a mavica or two by itself and it's.

A great drum to learn on now. Have you flown any like toy drones or anything like that? Yes, I spent a lot of time trying to get out trees. Okay. Well, I also really love the. I also love the what the heck's it called: the syma x5c that's sy ma x, letter x, 5c it's about 40 bucks on amazon and for learning how to fly it's a really great drone, it's it's, not an indoor drone it's an outdoor drone, but it's it's Got enough power that you can fly it in a little bit of breeze and you can definitely learn how to fly line of sight. It does not have GPS but that's good, because you learn how to fly it and then, when you get a gps drone that cost a couple hundred you're a lot you're a lot more confident with it. So if you haven't liked, if you're still putting them in trees, I'd get a syma x5c, because it's it's really controllable, it can really maybe part of the reason you're putting some in trees right now is because they're not the best drones, syma x5c don't worry about Putting a camera on it, it comes with a camera, but the camera is not very good. Leave the camera off of it. Take the landing gear off of it, make it as light as possible practice. Flying that thing I have a video it's, actually called five skills. Every beginner drone pilot should know, go watch that do those five things and then after you're, pretty decent at them for a week or so then order your your Mavic mini fly more combo that's my prescription.

Okay, thank you. You'Re. Welcome, thanks for calling take care. Oh, you know what I've got another color hello. Who do? We have well hello Kelly. How are you doing hey? Is it Steve, no it's how people would recognize me as being these aerial views? Yes, yes, excellent! Well, I appreciate the call. How are you today, you know I'm listening in so I third column won't, it be too bad of an idea. Well, I appreciate it. I know I know we've been some of these calls going kind of long, so I appreciate you staying on hold. What are you flying these days? Well, first, off yeah let's talk about hold buddy, you need to change the music okay. So so I don't control that, however let's say the the the people that make this software because I'm beta. This is beta testing right now. They actually are listening, they listen to every show. I do, and so hey folks, don't like to hold music got to change it there. You go it's, not horrible, but it is repetitive yeah well, especially when you're on for a long time but but yeah. What are you flying these days? Well, primarily, I Wyatt Bantam for probes too. You know I have two of those and then once in a while, we get the occasion to fly that big bad boy. Mitrice 210. Oh it's, a thermal camera, oh I've, seen one of those man. Those things are. We had one of those at the first spin up.

Actually, we had it in the Dell diamond and it was cool because we had it up in the air and we had a monitor set up with a live feed from it. So you could see everybody's heat signature in the stands. It was a cool day in December beautiful day it was probably in the 40s or 50s outside you know, jacket, weather and a clear sky, and we set up that monitor and then Brian's a guy who was flying it. He turned it around and you could just see everybody's heat signature over in the stands. It was cool app. Absolutely I fly with the XT too, so we got. You know what! What of what a FLIR camera that yeah, it's amazing, so so I've ever experienced personally, the only FLIR camera I've ever really played with is the one on the Mavic to enterprise, which I know is not really the best FLIR camera. Is that a fair assessment that is a fair assessment, but then again once it's about application and what you're expecting to get out of the imagery? Okay, you know you're in the field and a search and rescue situation that Enterprise is awesome because you can get it up in the air in no time your idea and they'll pick up people easy enough, but with the xt2 now it'll pick up. You know half of a person or a foot of a person hidden by bushes or whatnot, and you know that's where that technology really comes in, but primarily we do rough surveys with them.

Oh okay, so so you're looking for looking for like escaping heat or cold. What what are you looking for in that believe it or not with the thermal camera technology out today, you can see through the very various layers of most commercial roofing, so yeah I'll see if a roof is retaining water between the layers, Wow yeah you're, getting a Penetration if your HVAC system is leaking somewhere in between the layers, it really comes in handy, and it is a cost saver too, from having somebody go up there and have to expect it in person, risk somebody on a roof and so forth, rich damaging the world. Absolutely, and – and you know you know, what's funny is I you know it's cool here for May and in Texas right now, where were you located? Well now I'm engaged barrel Tennessee, but I spent a lot of time in Nashville, okay, okay, well, so so it's cool here. But I will tell you even on a cool day when you get up on a roof man, the temperature goes up 40 degrees or 30 degrees. I mean it's it's such a huge difference up there and so so being able to put a drone up to do that kind of inspection makes so much sense versus putting people up there. You know I I I just feel like it's dangerous up there in the summertime. I don't know how those roofers do it anytime, you put in a guy on a ladder and you can spare put in a guy on a ladder I'm.

All for it. I fell from a ladder once and really that's my leg up. Oh No! Well so so have you ever been, you ever been and have you ever been to Europe or Scandinavia? No, but I would love to go if you want to take me well, I will tell you: I went in 2017. I had the chance to go visit. My my wife's sister is married to a guy from Norway and his family took us around all around Norway. It was fantastic, they showed us the whole country for most of the country had a car lined up for us from one of his friends a you know, same car I drove at home actually a Subaru and and took us all around, but the reason I'm bringing That up is in Norway. A lot of the houses have plants on their roof, like they have a layer of soil grass a little little. You know taller grasses it's. It makes a whole lot of sense for insulation right. I don't know how they deal well. I don't know how they deal with drainage and stuff, like that. I guess that's, something you have to figure out, but man it seems like our roofs here are just such wasted space. They just sit up there and bake in the Sun and if you could put either plants or solar panels or something up there, I don't know I love when I go by a downtown area or even an industrial park, and I see stuff on people's roofs now, Especially if I'm flying my drone and I'm looking looking at the roofs, it makes me happy to see people using roofs as something besides.

Just a big. You know Sun reflector, absolutely you know, roof space is very underrated and you know we are starting to see more usage of it with rooftop, decking and so forth and patios glad you mentioned solar panels, because thermal technology will tell you if a single cell on a Panel is bad, nice, Wow and, and those things are getting more efficient. Now right I mean solar. I don't have them on my house: I've thought about it, but I'm waiting for that time, when the cost to return is a little better because right now you still got a way to before you get your return right. Sure. Well, it's the storage that's! Really the issue when it comes to solar power, I think even if you've looked into it, you would agree, you know you want to be able to produce it and keep it right right or I do anyway. You know, but you know, let's get away from that. Let'S talk about what the FAA said on Thursday about 2021 for remote ID yeah, you think of that. Well, give me a summary. I want to make sure we're talking about the same thing. Well, you know, as we all know, they picked 8 companies to work out. You know and work on advising the system and so forth, and they didn't include a single drone manufacturer right. There is like Amazon and Google and all the big tech companies right. Well, as a drone pilot, I would say these are the access side of drone piloting.

You know the people with the money seem to want to steal our airspace. Yeah yeah, I mean here's. The thing is this: this seems to be an ever changing landscape. It seems to be something that you know. The FAA makes an announcement, and then six months later or even even six weeks later, things can change dramatically. I mean look at look at well. Obviously, the whole world has changed in the last six weeks. Right, I mean we're in a really different spot. I I feel like right now, actually because of what's happening for for this kind of communication right here we are we've got a group of us in a chat chatting together. We'Ve got you and I talking live we've got more people queued up to come on and talk. I love this right to me. This feels like hey, we've, just broadened our world a little bit and I don't know I'm off topic, but what what I'm saying is? I I agree with you that there should have been some other players involved in that, but I also don't take anything that's announced like that too seriously, because I feel like it could change very shortly. You know it doesn't, it doesn't feel, like anything sticks for very long in my opinion – well, I'm, not even necessarily against remote ID I'm, really only against certain aspects of it. You know I don't think everybody known you know where drone is in the air.

It is a safety concern that we should have agreed agreed. What do you think about the tech done on the new tech? You know that talks to airplanes on the pneumatic air? Well, I actually already have that technology built into the MT 10, okay and it's. That was that something that came with it or was that something you had to add. Oh no, that came in the M 210. Okay, well and that's, a much bigger bird right, so that's that's great, because that could really do some damage. Yeah it's a giant bird, but no that technology built into that system is excellent. It tells me when there's anything coming near my airspace, because it's not really about their airspace. It'S about my airspace cuz, I control my airspace, and so how often do you get alerts like what's, the what's, the range on it is it miles? Is it is it meters? What is it in terms of like? Are you constantly getting alerts not constantly, but you know, depending on where you're flying, if you're flying around one of the highways of the sky, yeah it's picking up a picking up at the plane at 30000 feet, it doesn't affect my flight. I nowhere near that, but it's going to tell me it's there yeah, you know that's that's, just that awareness, I will say even for me. I know I know when I'm flying and I like to fly lower I'm. Not one of these guys.

It likes to go way way up in the air unless I have a reason to do it, but but generally all hear a plane, motor or a helicopter motor immediately try to locate it visually right. I'M. Gon na see, if you know, where's, that coming from and look to where it is and then kind of make a determination of which direction it's going and whether I need to bring my bird down or not and most of the time I don't right. Most of the time it's way, higher and it's also funny too, because I think people often misconceive how high a jet an airliner is in the sky, based on looking at it going over. You know because they're big they're big machines right it could look like it's it's, pretty low when and reality it's several thousand feet in the air and you're, maybe 200 feet in the air. You know there's a huge huge cap, but anyway I'm glad to hear that you enjoy that and that you've used it and that it's worked for you. Invisible illusions are our hazard of flying drones. You got to be aware that there are visual illusions, however, and I apologize to the chat I'm just listening to the show I'm processing. Some pictures for an art show mosaic. I did of a quarry earlier today, nice and it's work. We haven't had much work, so this is important, but I really wanted to hear the show because I love your shows.

I appreciate your video. You took us with us up. You took us on that vacation. I do. I do really appreciate that. So go ahead. Good Thursday night, when Ken show is on, I had two Chinooks go above the house.