So for everybody who is new to this, this is a brand new format. This is audio only and it is kind of like a podcast, and today i have the very, very uh good privilege of talking to a good friend of mine who's, been in the drone community for a long long time and has been uh doing a lot of Cool stuff with us teaching us a lot of new things and doing a weekly uh show called called uh thursday night live every thursday at 7 pm central, and my hope today is that we can actually tune in and chat with. Mr ken herron about thursday night live and about what um, what the show means to him, how he pulls it off a whole bunch of stuff, like that i'm, very excited about talking to him about these things. I feel, like most people don't understand quite how much it takes to to make a show like that um happen. You know as far as the logistics and the planning and everything goes on in the background to make it happen so uh for everybody who's here. Thank you again for joining and i'm going to go ahead and reach out right now and see. If i can speak to mr heron, so let's give him a call now let's see uh i'm going to add this call here: i'm i'm still kind of uh working on all the logistics here of how this works.

It'S it's a beta software that i'm using for something that's kind of a cross between a live stream and a live podcast let's see if we can get mr heron on the line. I hear it ringing now ken told me that he was in uh in nashville and he was filming today in nashville, so we'll see well, i did. I did text him earlier. Come on ken we're dialing, for you buddy and uh. Am i dialing the right number? Let'S see hey everybody trying to get ken uh can let's see ken herron on the line so uh i don't know about you guys, but today has been absolutely gorgeous here in austin we have had this kind of like fall weather all day. Today. I actually got on my bike today and actually um rode out a few minutes ago. Well, i got back probably about an hour ago rode out with my skydio, and i will tell you the way that thing follows is just off the charts. Just absolutely amazing. How well that thing can follow you. I mean it's it's, just something that i didn't expect it to be quite so good at now it did get stuck a couple of times. I did have a couple of issues with it: getting uh stuck behind some trees, but i didn't have any issues with it hitting anything. I didn't have any issues with it having any other issues other than just getting stuck once or twice when i kind of would make a sharp turn seems to lose you when you go into this sharp turn situation so i'm trying ken one more time, and if I can't get old again.

What i might do is uh open up the phone lines. Ken it's, a great day of pizza hut, may take your order. Please yeah side leg, two large pepperonis with extra cheese. Please, oh, you know there's going to be extra cheese. When you talk to me, hey buddy, how are you pretty good? Am i one of those cool dots on the screen? You are you're the dot on the right, you're, the you're, the one with the phone in the middle, or it could be a break yeah yeah, and whenever i, whenever i talk it moves. So if i go it moves to my voice. Huh it's, like a pulse, you could be like a human beat box but here's. The weird thing is i'm i'm talking uh on my phone, so i've got this thing going and then i'm watching also watching the chat on my computer, so they're out of sync. So it's this whole time space. Continuum thing, oh dear! Well, so you said you're in nashville today i am in nashville i'm, actually sitting next to the world famous dana williams, say: hi: dana williams, hey daniel williams, hey dana williams man. I haven't heard that i haven't heard his voice in a while how's he been he's, been on tour, no it's not been good man, yeah there's, no touring right now, man yeah any any virtual shows like like doing things uh, you know doing songs online or anything Like that, uh we've been doing uh, trying to put a few things together, but uh hadn't been doing a whole lot except just sitting around crying because we have no money.

Yeah yeah, that's kind of i guess touring is pretty important for a working band isn't. It yeah, i would think it is yeah yeah yeah, well good talk to you, dude yeah, it's, good talking to you dana for everyone. Everybody wants support, dana and stop him from crying. Go, buy a diamond rio album yeah or make a legal download of his music. How about that oh yeah, i guess they they don't, really sell albums anymore. Do they i'm chilling my age uh? I i'm sure i could do you have any vinyl of yourself in the house i'm sure he does. I have a bunch of vinyl yeah. I have all my parents old, beatles records, which i imagine are worth something they're. They were played a lot, so they're not like mint, but they are. They are like original pressings of sgt peppers and um and abby road and the white album and all that good stuff. Well, you know there are audio files out there. That would argue that the frequency response on vinyl is much better than any cd or mb3. You could do it's, richer, it's, definitely warmer. No, i i man, i'll, tell you i'll, tell you a quick story. I was in uh england, uh it's been a few years, probably about 10 15 years ago, and i was at my second cousin's house and he had his parents had a pool table or i guess they call it snooker over there.

So we were playing snooker and getting snookered and having a good time and we they had a record player, but all they had were old old records. I mean like from from you know the 50s and 60s, and so we just played old records and played pool, and it was the sound on that like every time. I hear a record scratch now, i think of that day and how fun that was here's. Some uh here's a fun fact for youtubers out there. Looking for copyright free music, i found out that their music made before 1925 is in the public domain and doesn't need any kind of permission. So you can go back and get those old hello use them in your videos for no problem that's. What everybody needs? More of is the hell of my baby, hello, my darling songs. You know and we all need that yeah and maybe like a whistle a whistling solo in the middle of it, you know or or a jug a jug solo yeah, my grandpappy. He was a great jug player. He was a jug session player. He would just sit on on bands and play that old, jug yeah yeah. My grandpappy was a washboard player so uh. Maybe they got together. Ah yeah, we got ta look for those old sessions. What the heck are we talking about there? Well, so well, i mean we're talking about music. The thing that helps us get by during this whole thing, but i know i know what people want to know ken.

What people want to know is they want to know the the real ken herron they want to get into the the meat and potatoes of who, this guy, that they let into their house every thursday who activates their alexa, who um you know makes them laugh? Who takes their super chats? Um man? I mean i've known you now for what three years i think and i think uh dana's son was with us the first time we met wasn't, he that's right, yep yep. We we got together, dylan flying but yeah i mean dude. You have done one heck of an accomplishment. I i have to say i'm, i'm, i'm, very proud to be your friend and proud of what you've done, because you've just you've taken this show and you've made it a regular thing every thursday night that people can count on and again. I think right now, during this this time of year, people need that they need that regularity. They need that um that cheer up that's something to look forward to and you don't have to go anywhere. You don't even have to get dressed right. You can just tune in and have a good time um is. The show, is the show what you imagined it would be two years ago, when you first thought of it. It actually is i'm very proud and very thankful uh for my audience. I'Ve never take anyone for granted. Sometimes when i uh look back at the show – and i read all the chat, i watch the show again myself afterwards, i see people in the chat saying show's about to start best day of the week and all this stuff.

I'M. Just so proud that i'm able to offer this little get together for people in our community and uh it's, it's, it's, really it's. Just a show you watch every week, you know, but to me uh. It takes a pretty much every waking moment of the day. To think about what to put on there and then two solid days of getting it together and editing and all that stuff, but once it's all together, i've loaded the gun and we're about to fire it at 7 p.m. On on thursday uh then that's when the fun starts for me, then then i'm, the ring master and uh. It just goes from there it's, so much fun. The show could be five hours long, but i i at some point have to stop because i don't want to keep people in sweden up until 6am watching the stream plus you tried, plus you tried to do it for five hours and wirecast wirecast quit crashing. So really, you know there's that issue yeah all the technical stuff aside, um yeah, when i started i was actually using obs for the first two or three shows, and i found that that wasn't gon na cut it. So i knew that i was going to commit to this every week, no matter what the secret to any success on online uh, certainly with a regular weekly show, is people are habitual watchers. So if i missed a week after after 145 shows now, if, if for some reason i just didn't, do it one next week, people would think i was dead.

So i knew i knew i was gon na commit to this and that's when i upgraded to wirecast and that's what my tumultuous relationship with wirecast and uh everything she is a. She is a fickle beast, isn't, she, oh my goodness, and just all the problems continually. You know people think of live streaming like oh just pick up my phone turn it on and baby bop there we go like like this like this. This is literally like yeah. What i did here – yeah yeah, yeah, well and there's – nothing wrong with that. I'M sure. You know this is solid gold, entertainment but uh. The type of show that i wanted to do, the type of prepared sort of variety um morning show disguised as a drone. Show that i wanted to do would require a lot more show prep, so that's that's the route i went since i did come from radio and it was a pretty lateral move just to incorporate a visual element in my uh presenting. Well, let me let me ask you this uh in your in your heart, you said 145 shows you've done. Is that right, yeah every week without fail, uh there were a few times where it was close. There was one where i was in the hospital and all uh doped up on morphine, but i managed to do one then yeah yeah. I remember that, but i remember that how uh? How do you? How do you define like what makes i mean i'm sure you can't say because i've done, you know i do a live stream every month and have done.

I don't do nearly as much as you i couldn't handle it right. I just don't. Have i don't have the patience or the time i love doing it. I get a big rush out of it, but you know there are those weeks when or those months when i do my first friday and at the end of it i'm like wow. That was not great, you know, i had technical issues or i forgot somebody's name or i you know i couldn't dial in whoever i wanted to and then there's weeks, where it's fantastic i'm like wow. That was such a rush. I leave on a high and i have that high for, like 24 hours um do you sometimes have really good, shows or really bad shows? Well, i i think i think any show where people are being entertained is going to be a good show. You'Re always going to be your own worst critic, uh there's times where i i'm, the only one that will notice a little trip up or missed something or other missed beat but um for me. I'Ve been doing radio shows on the morning for 34 years, so um to be able to continue to do a show of similar type on youtube uh. It means the world to me because if you're, a professional drummer and your band breaks up, you know then you're saying you know what what are you going to do for your thing, i was able to continue uh and and now full time, youtuber uh doing this, Show type format, along with the other videos, so i'm very, very grateful to everybody who watches and takes something away from the show and gets a little bit of entertainment and distraction out of their hectic week.

Can you think of uh? Can you think of one of your favorite episodes like like maybe uh, who was on it or did something something really crazy happen on an episode that you could share um? You know any any thoughts on that. I really like it when stuff happens. Naturally, that's not planned uh a line or something takes off in a different direction where we get on some weird tangent and then something just happens, that is magical and you think to yourself. Oh, we couldn't have planned that. So that was pretty good, not even one particular guess: there's been a a really a nice cross section of of people on there and i've had people who are not necessarily drone people or photography people on there. But do you keep a log of all your shows? Do you like, do you? Do you keep a you know like a a spreadsheet or a google doc or something that lists them, or do you just kind of do them and then once they're done they're, i just yeah, i used to do a prep sheet. That would list all the things that i planned on hitting during the show, and i would give that to guests and they're like oh, this is kind of how the show is going to go and it turns out it never would follow that exactly now. I know greg coonert, who also does the show free plug for you greg uh drone uh yep.

His show is very, very planned. Well he's got ta hit this. You got ta. Do this i'm only gon na do this for three minutes. Well, uh! I couldn't do that kind of show, because i tend to follow and put the spotlight on the entertainment. You know if we're doing something with ashley and it turns out to be funny. You know you just stretch it out a little bit like like she's drinking a little wine yeah. You never know like you're, not gon na you're, not gon na put on a on a prep sheet like uh all right at 7, 47 ashley takes another sip of wine, then she's going to be tanked and admit that she sold feet pictures to bring yourself through College, you know that's not going to happen, but as far as archive uh i'm just putting them out there – and you know that actually brings up an interesting question. Uh about legacy on youtube. And if anybody listening knows or if you know kelly, but do videos live forever on youtube if uh, suddenly i got hit by a an asteroid on the way home and i wasn't uploading anymore. How long would youtube yeah yeah coming so so two things number one um you actually should have, because i do have this um. You should have a person that if, if the account goes inactive for six months or you can set the time you say six months or a year um you should you should have a person you can make it me.

I could make it you we could. We could be uh uh, dead, dead, youtube buddies, but um let's not call it that youtube zombies um, but no, no, you should have a person. So so i actually do um right now, right now, it's my wife um, but if, if my account goes inactive for six months or a year, she'll get an email automated with all of my information that says basically here's the keys to his account um number one, But number two um there's a guy and i'm trying to remember what his first name is: he's a drone guy. So maybe some people here in the chat will remember his first name, but he, his um channel, is called blue falcon project. That'S blue the number or the the color falcon like the bird project, and he has done a bunch of videos um and i think he passed away in a motorcycle accident in like 2018, maybe 2019. And so, if you go to blue falcon project, which i've i've watched a bunch of his videos, they're very instructional it's, a lot of fpv stuff like setting up fpv quads building, fpv quads um sounds like a really nice guy. You don't ever see him he's i'm. Trying to think if most of it's, just like a camera down aimed at the quad but uh, if anybody, if anybody uh knows of the guy's name anyway, he he has all these tributes on his channel about um about him.

Like people just saying hey, we miss you rest in peace and you know i'm i'm not being glam about it at all. I sincerely yeah. You know. I sincerely feel bad that this happened to this guy, but yeah his his channel lives on and i don't know um will somebody in the chat? Do me a favor and look up blue falcon project and see if you can find his name, but anyway, that that's a little bit of a doubter note, but but it does it it lives on, feel it good. I was wondering if an account was inactive for a certain amount of time, if youtube would just delete it, but i would hope that that would not be their policy if there's great videos out there, but somebody forgot to have a dead youtube. Buddy uh we've got the hashtag dead, youtube buddies, going right now, that's going to start. Oh, my god, people are people. Hashtagging dead, youtube buddies. You know i actually saw this in the new youtube studio just two days ago, where you can assign a manager type person to your account and give them certain visibility or whatever so yeah yeah. So you can you can do that um. You can do that um. You can you can actually do that. That'S that's been there before the new youtube studio. So if you have somebody who's like a social media person or you want to allow them to upload, etc, um that that's all good um, but but i do think there is a setup.

There is a setup in um somewhere in the in your settings where you, you basically name a person. If your account goes inactive that will take, you know, be able to take it over and okay. The reason why i mentioned this is the reason why i mention this is because uh i i have no children that have showed up at my door yet and uh. The videos are gon na, be pretty much my legacy. I mean you know when i go when they hopefully i'd like to think that someone 100 years from now can look back. Look at this old, this old, lousy. Looking 4k video look at this thing. You know i i think that they would still be accessible. You know yeah and uh audi is saying that blue falcon project is active, yeah, that that account is still still running and again uh. Not you know not being disrespectful to this guy at all. I i his videos are very helpful if you're doing fpv but ken, i think you're kind of beating around the bush just go ahead and ask me i'll, be your successor, okay, um! Now, if, if, if you suddenly die in mysterious circumstances that spin up um, you know i i didn't, do it but yeah i don't want to give anybody there's, no money involved. I don't want to give anybody mo um motivation. I i think i think i think, uh. I think that that person takes over your account, um yeah, okay, so somebody's telling jc culpepper was a guy's name.

He died in june of 2017 um from from blue falcon, but no i i think i think i mean the thing is here's here's, why i love doing youtube from a monetary perspective. It'S a lot of work up front right. Can you you have to build that audience? You have to build that following you have to build the content, but then once you get it going it, it will continue. I mean i've done i've gone a month before not not too long ago, without publishing a video, but but it doesn't really impact my monthly um, the kind of flow of it. You know what i mean: it's it's, a machine that once you get it cranky and it cranks for a long time, it's like a flywheel that's turning now over time, but but um anyway. My work ethic is if a few days go by and i'm, not at least working on the next video i feel guilty or like i'm, not doing anything. You know what i mean right: oh yeah, yeah, all right. One thing for sure on, on the on the on the morbid side: before we get off the morbid tip, yo uh, there is one more thing that you can do to assure youtube immortality and i've done. This i've talked about it before and that is to create a video that says if you're watching this then i'm dead, and then you just post date it as far in the future as you can and then what i what i do and i i need to Update this video because i made it about a year ago and uh, so you know, if you're not around, to keep post dating it, then it will post, yeah and uh or if you forget, i mean wouldn't that be funny.

If you just forgot. Oh, if i forgot – oh my goodness supposed to do something that would be horrible all right anyway. Let'S not talk about this what's that no, no, so so here's here's. The question that i was hoping you could answer for the audience. We'Ve got uh 50 folks watching right now, um just you know in in a sentence or two what's. Your advice for someone who wants to be um once wants to do youtube. You know, and and because i get a lot of comments and a lot of people saying: hey i'm starting a youtube channel. What drone should i get or i'm starting a youtube channel um? What what should i talk about? But what what do you think is a good way to get started get i get asked that question a lot, and the great thing about youtube is that um everyone has the same opportunity for success. One of the things i would say the most important thing is probably repetition: um set to set a goal, whether you're going to post once a week twice a week, whatever be sincere, be yourself: uh don't, try to be a casey neistat or a pewdiepie, or anybody Else that you've seen on there be yourself because people can tell if, if you're not comfortable in front of the camera or whatever you're doing if you're just doing you know, you have a nail painting, channel, uh and your hands seem insincere.

People could pick up on this. Wait. Wait. Did you see my nail painting channel? Are you? Are you making fun of it? I i didn't. I didn't want that secret to come out this way and i apologize. I didn't know if you were making the announcement yet on that thunderbird six is says you have to have good hair. So so here we go. I would actually. I would actually counter that with my hair thunderbird six, i mean you know i'm, just saying i don't have much of it. You just have to you have to you, have to love what you do and do what you love. You know what i mean like if you, if you love making popcorn necklaces and you have a popcorn necklace channel, i mean that's, really neat um, but you would probably corner the market on on all of the popcorn necklace. Loving people you'd be the number one popcorn necklace channel on youtube, that's a goal that that'd be it. So if you love doing that, then it will show in what you uh create yep. No, i i i agree with you and and, and i will say i love drones, i mean i love the technology. I'M. Still, every time i put one in the air i'm still fascinated by it um i sometimes i sometimes i i there's a double edged sword to the name of name ready set drone, and that is it it's great for drones.

Um, the the problem is, if i do anything outside of drones – hey geeks, uh vana just gave me a super chat. Three pounds: uh hey. Can you do the sound effect for me? You go. Thank you. Thank you, uh that that's actually, the first uh that's. The first super chat i've received in this format, so geeksfona you're making history. Thank you thank you, but but no um. What i was going to say is i definitely i definitely um i i i wish. Sometimes i had a venue – and you know it's a matter of maybe starting a second channel, but to do other things besides. Besides drones, you know um just just random stuff that i think would be fun to make videos about, because i often get those kind of videos. If i put them on ready to drone, they get they get a lot of uh thumbs downs. You know it's like why are you putting a video about nail painting on here so that's why i started the channel okay and yeah? You are my successor. If i die you're going to get an email about that nail, painting, channel and okay, i need you to keep it going shepherd it along. Please i i i am, i am honored and i will branch out into toenail paintings. Oh wow that's, the next step. Yeah. Oh yeah, but you're right about the the channel name. Uh i mean that's. You know i hate admitting.

You know the the the drones uh like anything else, that's really popular uh, it's gon na be cyclical, uh, there's, gon na be peaks and valleys, and it comes and goes with technology and releases and everything there's gon na be a day when drones are as innocuous As microwave ovens and uh uh uh ready, set microwave, oven, uh wouldn't be a popular channel. You never know you never know man uh you're, making that popcorn in the microwave oven for the necklace with a drone with the drone that's it. But you know for for me that's why i i kind of anticipated, maybe uh one day, hopefully um, being able to keep a few subscribers if drones fall out of favor for some reason, uh and – and i haven't named my channel – the dronie drone drone channel. You know it's still right right, you can't, handle it, and here parents herons will always be popular unless they go extinct right i mean, if suddenly all the herons died. Let'S say that they catch they catch the bird flu or corona bird virus or something then we might be in trouble and can hear you know herons, although the search for them for a while will be really high. It is fortunate that my last name is actually something that flies, and i have a channel with something on it that flies but uh on the reels. If you're really wanting uh to decide to name your channel, which is very important, you will have an advantage uh.

If you name your channel something that describes the channel like you did yeah true, you know i just did my name because it's hard for me to forget my name so that's. Why that that's a goal i i i'm gon na i'm gon na uh. Try to make you forget your name at some point, ken that's that's, a goal for me: um i'll tell you what i'll tell you what happened with mine uh briefly, is i just i just i own, probably i'm sort of a domain name hoarder. I own a lot of domain names and i've sold a few of them over the years and and made some money on them. Um and i just was like searching domain names and i saw a ready set drone. I actually, i actually registered the domain name before. I even made a video or even thought about making a video. Then i was like hey. I was i had a drone at that point um, but i, but i made my first my first drone video about the uh. You know what, if anybody, the first person who can name the drone that my first video was made about, i will send a ready set drone t shirt to them. So if someone in the chat can name the the i think i've asked this question before. But if you can name what my first uh drone review was about, i will so i'm going to keep an eye on the chat here, but yeah again.

So do you want to let's let's, destroy your chat, real, quick! You want to destroy your chat. You ready! Okay, everybody right now say pick me um phantom 3 standard. No, i actually never owned a phantom 3. um. Thank you! Thunderbird six! Oh goodness, they're starting here comes the pygmies. You you, you guys are doing it. I'M. Sorry, all right! Stop it! So so ken uh let's talk a little bit about virtual spin up this year. I think you know it's going to be uh done online i'm, hoping that i can have some folks live. Not you know, live with me. We'Ll just have to see how things are at that point. Right i've got a lot of positive feedback from that, because i think people are a little concerned about travel um but but uh yeah. I i see this as an opportunity i feel like if we can bring together several people with with drone channels, as well as people who live stream into one place. Um we could make a really strong, showing uh and and my goal my i'll just put it out there right now is a thousand concurrent viewers. Have you ever had a thousand concurrent viewers, no that'd be gone, that'd, be awesome. I think you've had i've seen you hit six thousand out 600 or so oh. That was a good day. I don't know what i was doing. I wish i could wish. I could recreate that.

You know something like that happens. You'Re, like you, want to chase that dragon again, i want to recreate that magic um somebody i had on what what which one was that the 66600 estes pro i got it by the way uh sd proto, the geek savannah, got it geeksvana um. Please email me uh kelly, ready, set drone and and uh remind me and i'll. Send you a t, shirt and give me your t, shirt size and your yeah okay, now we're getting a bunch of answers: uh, owens, workbench, you're! Second, sorry, uh geekspan already got it but um yeah. Do you remember john, as a super fan when you hit that 600 um, when you hit that 600 that day uh? What was that? What was that like? I, i think i i oh it was great. I mean the larger your audience, the more energized you are at least that's the way it is for me um, you know, i'll put on the same show for 12 people. You know that's not the thing, but i mean when you know that there's that many people watching like, oh, i better not screw up now. I think when that happened, it must have been when mr steele was on, because i had a bunch of his fans. Yeah yeah that's, awesome yeah. I i remember that show actually that's awesome. Speaking of of fpv just got back i'm in nashville today, hanging out with dana williams and his son, jacob and uh i for the very first time, followed and tracked a fixed wing airplane.

With my fpv drone, oh sweet, was it fun, it was. It was terrifying, but it was fun. Is this your dji rigged up one? Is this the one that has the dji goggles connected to it? No uh? This is my uh 6s crossfire 5 inch beast so analog analog, analog, goggles or analog transmission. Okay, wow yeah, no that's that's awesome, so you were able to track it pretty. Well, i mean the good thing about airplanes. Is they tend to fly in a straight line for the most part? You know so they're not like making random movements who was flying the airplane? Was it dana? It was jacob jacobs, dana's son, jacob yeah. The video had a surprise ending. So, okay, look for that soon on the channel sweet! Well! Well, so um! So it is. It is very nerve: wracking um flying fpv i'll. Tell you a little thing. We'Ve been doing recently is my son and i have been playing uh the drl, the drone racing leg league simulator um. He put in an hour a day for 10 days in a row and when he started he couldn't fly in acro mode at all. You know he had to have the stabilization on and now he's just killing it in the freestyle screens he's flying through tiny little gaps. You know looping around stuff, making 180 turns it's it's, just absolutely amazing. What 10 hours of practice will do? That'S, the video right now is is kind of that evolution of him from can't even take off and fly to being a pretty good uh simulator pilot right now, it's different it's, not quite the same, but it's a great way to practice.

Yeah. I was just gon na say: uh simulators are great to just get the mechanics down uh, but for me, uh, having actual consequences makes me laser focused when i'm flying an fpv. You know some people just throw them up and dip you do and through holes and all this stuff me i i'm at the point now where i can kind of get it close to the ground. Just very basic going next to walls and stuff can't do tight little orbits, yet i know how to dive uh tall objects. Now nice, nice, yeah what's, that i've tried that and not been successful, really um. How do how do you keep it? How do you keep it in a sort of vertical position or nearly vertical position to go down like that? Oh, you get you get near the thing you throttle up and then uh at the eight and you throttle up and you bring the throttle down very quickly and then at the apex. You know there's momentum involved when you're going up, you can throttle down and you're still going up a little bit in that little moment in that little arc, and you can feel it in the goggles that's when you turn and face the camera down and just let Gravity take you because you're not really piloting it all that terribly much when you're going down next to a building or something at least that's. The way it is for me, maybe somebody else, that's better at fpv can explain it better, but that's where i'm at right.

Now and so it's kind of just following oh it's, just following nose: first it's it's falling nose; first, yes, it's it's, um it's directed falling controlled, falling isn't that just life. You know you know that's what life is about. That should be a t, shirt controlled, falling love, it love it well. Well, i i will say too um. As far as my fpv experience goes, i have very limited experience with the dji goggles, but i have been flying more i've been doing a lot of tiny loops lately because they're so easy to fly in the house or in the backyard and stuff like that. Um and – and i have to say my my skills on that – are much better, but then i flew with ed ricker up in colorado. Back in i guess it was march, and you realize, when you fly with somebody who really knows what they're doing uh, just how you know just how much you don't right, yeah that's, true, but have you? Have you flown a five inch? Yet? Oh yeah, oh yeah um, i have, i have a few i've, never flown a 6s uh, the biggest the biggest one i've flown is a 4s um and – and i think a 6s would actually kind of scare me a little bit. Do you feel like that? Extra power is good, i mean it feels like here's the thing you just cover so much ground so quickly. Yeah it'll get you out of trouble quickly, but it also gets you into trouble uh.

If now i was using default rates for a while, because i didn't know anything about pit tuning or anything like that, and somebody gave me a really good set of rates and it's nice night and day i mean now, i feel like i can really do some Stuff, so once i figure out what i need and i get that dialed in and you know really fiddle with what i call um uh beta fun, which is just a misnomer, because data betaflight yeah at all no it's. Well, i think i think it is. I i do i've been i've been playing with it for a while, and i started using cleanflight originally and then switched to betaflight, but but definitely there's. It goes really deep right, there's a lot you can do with it. I'M, just doing the basics in it, but but once you kind of understand it, i can remember having trouble setting up drones initially and now i kind of understand the steps you have to take to set them up so it's. You know just you just have to master one skill and then move on to the next. That kind of thing you know: it's yeah, my my skill, my skills are uh building and fixing one and then flying and then beta flight. I just beta flight to me is like having to eat your vegetables before you can get dessert right. I don't like it. Oh there's, dang vegetables, dang vegetables, have you had a chance to play with the mavic air 2.

A lot of people are asking about that. In the chat not yet, but there is a viewer that offered to let me fly there, so i'll i'll go out and do that whenever they get theirs, but i don't think i'll buy one only because i don't need one yeah. I mean what i mean. I mean what do we really need guys? I mean that's, that's that's, a big word right yeah. I mean i'll review it sure but uh, i guess some people. I guess i could buy one on amazon right, review it and then send it back. If people do that, is that done? Well, i i will tell you, i think, with drones on amazon or best buy or whatever there's a restocking fee, so you're going to pay. You know 15 of the or 20 of the cost of it. So you know if it's a thousand dollar 200 bucks, so you know but to rent a drone. You'Ll probably make that much in the in the views right. I'Ve got one coming so so i don't know why. Um – and i you know i'm not i've – had a lot of people ask me. I wasn't on the pre pre release list this year. Um, i must have been naughty. I got a lump of coal in my in my youtube sock um, but i do have one coming um. I do have one coming uh from that i purchased uh. This should be here next week and i'm excited about it.

I'M gon na do some reviews with it, but i think what i'm gon na try and figure out to do is all the questions i've been seeing that people aren't asking online. So one thing that keeps coming up is: does it work with the original dji goggles or the re goggles right um? Another question is um. Are the props the same as the mavic 2 series? You know it would would be pretty cool if they used the same props, so you could. I i do wish you know. Dji would would sometimes stick with one thing for a while, so that you, you know, if you have 20 of these props, you wouldn't have to buy 20 more yeah, i mean uh. Look. The best drone in the world is going to be the one that you own. I mean that's, always going to be the best drone in the world uh. If, if you have a drone already, it makes great videos, you know, and you can fly you're used to it. You have all the accessories and stuff for it. Then you don't need the latest and greatest thing unless that's, what you're into if you just have to have it just because it's new then sure get it, but practically, you know i'm sure there's a lot of dudes out there that have wives they're, like you don't, You already have a drawing you don't need a hello don't. You know the idea of ideal number of drones to own.

Does anybody know the ideal number of drones, it's, it's, n, plus one? Where n equals the number you already own yeah right right, but as as far as the the mavic air 2 goes uh i'm, with a lot of people out there. That are a little upset that bought the mavic 2 pro that only shoots. Uh 30 frames. 4K right, you know what i mean and, and then because you know dji can just do a firmware, update and make the mavic 2 pro do 60 at 4k right, i mean that's what they do. They hobble their their drones uh until the next greatest thing comes out and then, like oh yeah, guess what it has x, ray vision too yeah. All we had to do is do a firmware update. You got the x ray vision, firmware update, that's that's, a good one yeah i mean that's that's kind of lousy business practice. You know that when they did that with the phantom 3 professional, i was like okay, okay, so you could have had that the whole time. Okay right right, no it's it's, definitely um. It is definitely a game. You know and and just like just like phones, right phones do the same thing. They come out with a new version that has a better camera or or whatever, and you have to figure out what you want to do. I i do kind of feel like that the air is going to be a great drone for travel, because i feel like it's the quality on it is going to be good enough.

That um, you know you could take up. You could obviously take a mavic 2 pro or zoom with you, but but the air is smaller, lighter um, i don't know i i it's a great first time drone if you don't own any drones and you want a dji drone that's great get that i mean The the mini's a great entry drone too, but if, if you're going to be doing professional stuff uh, you know semi professional, maybe some real estate stuff, then you get the the mavic air too. What you'd like what you thought was a better first drone, the mini or the the air 2.. Well, the air, too, is is probably going to be the better machine, but but for the range on it for the for the money with the mini, you could get the mini extra battery. You know, it's it comes down to what you want to spend. You know sort of that cost, but i agree with you. I think i think you're going to make a big leap between the mini and the the air too. The air 2 is is not professional grade, but it is definitely a lot closer than the mini is right, and you have to remember if, if you own a mini, they're great but sometimes there's, windy days, yeah yeah, that's, true and it is, it is as light As a feather very much yeah and the other thing just on the firmware tip, yo uh that's, a little lousy on the part of dji, is uh the fact that they made the smart controller compatible now with the with the phantoms or what they they just made Them compatible with uh, with a firmware update with what remind me of the the fan, the phantom 4 v2 yeah.

It can fly that's right, but but it's because it because the phantom 4 v2 uses ocusync, not lightbridge yeah. I think that's, why right? But they could, but when they released the smart controller, they could have had it doing that, the entire time right, it's, like they're, holding back yeah, yeah right or or maybe it just takes, you know – maybe maybe that's harder to do than we think um it's it's. Funny because i i've actually talked to people about um something related but different, and that is like when a video game comes out on a certain platform moving it to another platform, it seems like moving it from playstation to xbox or from steam to whatever would not Be that hard, but i've talked to developers that say no. It actually is it's it's a it's, a lot more involved than you think and maybe a better analogy. Maybe a better analogy would be uh airplanes and there was a comedian. I can't remember who it was. Maybe somebody in the in the chat will remember: there was a southern comedian who did a bit where he got on a plane and they asked him what his weight was and he said well, why are you asking me my weight and the hostess the attendant said? Well, we have to know how much fuel to put in the plane – and he goes well fill it up. Laughter, don't skimp on the fuel that's, not something we want to do.

Yeah don't be skimping, be over the ocean go well. I didn't give you my my right weight so that's why we're plunging into the atlantic? Oh goodness, but you know what you know why he survived, because he had his tray table up and his seat back in the full, upright position so that's right and is and and yeah that's. Actually, your thoughts as a flirtation device. That'S, a quote from a weird al, yankovic song, i don't know. If anybody knows are you a weirdo fan, i would think you would be sure yeah. Have you ever heard albuquerque by weird owl, deep cut yeah? It is a deep cut yeah. So so it is. It is a it's like a seven and a half minute long song that tells this whole story about him going to albuquerque um. You know if you're driving back to uh from nashville tonight and you have a music service and you can get um weirdos albuquerque, throw it on. It is so entertaining it's, it's, hilarious and it's it's, a great music and lots of guitar solos, and i mean it's. Just over the top, so all good is it like that song uh? Was it alice's diner or you know what i'm talking about we're at the talk scenes like there's, this old boy and he left down down by the bridge and he went over to this place and yeah alice's restaurant. You can get anything out there that's his restaurant uh yeah.

That was that's. I uh. What is it called uh? No, no copyright right that might be public domain. At this point, hey, let me ask you a question: uh yeah for real i'm going to ask you a youtube question: okay, um get me, have have the hashtags in the title been effective for you um, i don't know i don't know i don't know if they, If they actually do anything, i think they they sort of help people identify what the video is about. Um and you're. Talking about where you can put three hashtags in the description and they'll show up at the top of the screen. Is that what you mean that's right – and i do know that you can't treat them like tags, because they're they're clickable and they will they will group you in with you can't. I mean i put my name in there as one right uh. You know group you in with other categories like other other stuff. Well, yeah, it wouldn't be exclusive on you, it's like a search term like hashtag, clickable, yeah, hashtag, popcorn, necklace, that kind of thing yeah all right, hashtag youtube, buddies, um yeah. I i i kind of question i don't know i don't know if they do anything or not, it seems to me like, if you're a larger youtuber, you should at least have them there. Just for looks to look like you know what you're doing with your channel right because – and i haven't done them that long, i i put them in – i generally put them in um and it's weird, because i think you, i think you do a comma or maybe You don't do a comma.

You just do a space it's, it's, um it's. I always get it wrong the first time and then they have to go back and edit my description to get it to get them to show up. But i'll tell you i'm gon na. Tell you a little trick that i did the other night it's, i say trick. This sounds like i'm tricking, the audience it wasn't. That way i did. I did something the other night that that just um spiked my views for about three or four hours um. I had okay, i had a little um uh scavenger hunt in my videos. I don't know if you stayed on my last live stream long enough to see this or not but um. I had a scavenger hunt where people had to find clues in my descriptions in three of my descriptions and and yeah uh, and so people and you've told me before about like your playlist, with all your videos and kind of you know putting things at the bottom Of the description people were looking for the for these three clues, and i noticed after my live stream, always gives me a little spike in views of course. But then, after that, i had a big spike that lasted a couple hours. It was people going through all my videos looking for those clues by the way for everyone who did that um. Basically i got uh. I said i was going to take the top 10 or the first 10 uh correct answers.

Um, i got a whole bunch that came in overnight after the after that, and i cut it off at a certain point, but i basically sent everybody well, not. Basically i did send everybody an email back who is in the drawing. So basically i have now um. I have every a group of people who completed the task, who will be in the drawing for the mavic mini, which i will announce the winner on june. 5Th i'll actually do the drawing on june 5th so, but that was um. That was, that was the. That was the um thing was, was um oh somebody's asking what the code at the end was it. I guess i can say now: it was rsd ready, set drone um, which philip kind of gave it away on the show he was like, oh god, that's that's. So obvious, like oh man, would you uh yeah, no clues man, but no, it was. It was rsd and it was in three different videos. And so, if you, if you went to those three videos, you'd find those three letters and and so i'm actually planning for a bigger drone, giveaway i'm planning a more elaborate uh scavenger hunt. So i think that'll be fun but yeah. It was cool to see that big, big spike in views. Let me ask you one more thing here: uh. What is the name of the software that we're using to make our little dancy circles here? So this is beta software and i actually can't tell you the name i'm under nda right now, with it um it's being tested by a software company um and – and they asked me to use it.

But don't really talk much about it at this point and i actually what's the idea behind it. I mean because it seems counter intuitive to have a non video uh platform on youtube, which is, are people open to this? What do you think in the chat you do you like this? Would you prefer to see my beautiful face when we're talking it's just i mean i'm all about radio i'm, a radio guy i'm used to doing non uh imagery on video, okay, so else megh head says. I think the circle should be knight rider voice from kit. That'S, pretty good uh, yeah that'd be good, so ken what's, your opinion of it, but before people start answering what's your opinion of it. What do you? What do you think of this? Well, it would i. I would think that this would be handy for people who, because it will use less bandwidth clearly and if, if you're, listening to a channel discussion on in your car or something where you can't, uh you're doing something else, you just want to listen and and and Here'S, a dynamic that i'm sure that the software company keyed in on is, if you and i were having this conversation was video. It would be a different conversation just because of that element um. We have to be a little bit more descriptive than things we're talking about uh right, and i know this full well, the radio, just audio and video on youtube with audio two different, diametrically opposed uh, entertainment, animals and uh.

You do act different when you're being interviewed on the radio than you would be in front of a camera, and so maybe that's something they've keyed in on they've certainly done their research to see. If developing this would be advantageous so well, they have a lot of other test. Uh beds out there. Other things than you doing. We'Ve got two we've got two um two comments, one from sunrise, water media. He says don't change, tnl, keep it keep it the way. It is and uh same thing. Bob casey's got the hashtag tnlstrong, so uh yeah everybody's doing tnl's diagnostic, but but no in all in all seriousness. What this is. I think that um, there is a realization that, obviously youtube is extremely popular um and that podcasts are also extremely popular, and what they're trying to do is come up with a way to kind of meld those two things um. So so, for example, if you were driving – and you just wanted to listen to something – this is great – you could listen to this show and not not not be tempted to watch right uh if you were doing the dishes right walk. If you were on your bike, if you you know all of these things, you might be doing where you'd be listening to a podcast. This is an opportunity to do something like that. True, so that's that's, the that to me, is the upside for the for the viewer, the upside for the the content.

Creator is it's it's dead, simple right, i didn't spend a whole lot of time. I texted you a few times with a little bit of information. That'S all the prep i really did, and then i uploaded a thumbnail right and in the description and and that was it and and then i just hit one button on my phone i'm literally calling you.