We have absolutely beautiful weather this whole past week, it's been sunshiny, it's been great, flying weather, i've, actually gone out and gotten some really really cool shots of some flags that are backlit and some artwork uh, big, murals and stuff, like that, it's been fun, been flying. More good to hear and just a quick explanation to those on both of our channels: we are simulcast on ready, set, drone and oz by drone today. The reason for that is because someone decided the time's changing and we changed in america first and uh soon. You guys are changing. We had both of our shows. At the same time, we thought well, why not do it on both channels? Why not it kind of made sense? It totally makes sense and it's a weird thing. I didn't realize this until greg explained it because they're in the southern hemisphere, right now it is fall or fall, fall in the u.s and spring in australia. So we actually get further apart on time and then we get closer together on time versus moving the same direction, so uh yeah it was. It was kind of a nice thing tonight that we were able to hook up and also don't forget in two weeks. Well, next week will be first friday, but in two weeks we'll have our global fly in and we're gon na start that early we're gon na do it at 4, 30 u.s time central time, so that uh, hopefully i can get out and fly or more people At least can get out and fly before it gets dark because of the time, change, yeah, absolutely and here's, a big hint for everyone, android flyers.

In particular, we want lots of android flyers because there's a weird little bug in ios at the moment where you can't change the rtmp url. So all your android guys get your phones out and get one up on the apple lovers. Yeah yeah we'll have all the android uh crashes instead of the iphone crashes yeah absolutely before we get into um the the main part of the show we've got to talk about the new drone don't we the new phantom 5. Well, i was just waiting for you to go and you know not say that other word that we can't talk about, but we will talk about the phantom 5 we've got some photos that have been leaked now for those who've been in the drone scene for a While you would have heard of asita lv who who's someone on twitter and he regularly has photos and diagrams and schematics that look like they're hand scribbled, but they often are very, very close to what actually ends up coming out of dji and he's linear leakier than A german: u boat! He lives in china and um he's in a lot of the chinese forums, but let's just have a look at the very first photo. So we've got the traditional phantom x frame, kind of design there and some detail in there. Um then we've got a camera assembly down below yeah looks familiar and we've got some retractable landing gear, so so uh.

What was the? Was it the um? I guess the inspire has retractable landing gear right, yeah, absolutely um, yeah that's that's. That would, i could see the upside of that, but i also think the complexity of that and the possibility of breaking them goes way up. Yeah look, it does, but by the same token, the phantom itself um versus the inspire, the the inspire is reliable but it's more complex as well. It is, it is uh, but you know again the big thing with the inspire is: you are absolutely not going to get the landing gear in the shot when you have a dual operator right, because the whole thing is being able to have the second operator rotating The gimbal so independently of the of the of the aircraft so that you can get really good shots. Well, there is the question the 64 000 question. Will there be a two operator version in a phantom 5, where you can actually have someone doing a full 360 rotation on a phantom? That would be way cool. That would be really well. You know that kind of cannibalizes the uh kind of cannibalizes what they have on the um. You know, but by the same token, it's um it's a different marketplace where hobbyists who can't afford to get a real inspire could say. Well, i can have an inspire light. Let'S call it for a minute, the phantom 5, if it had that capability, but not the same high, end cameras that are available on the inspire the fandom style cameras.

That would be, i think, a good middle ground yeah and the ability to switch out cameras and and uh do – i mean there's. There are a lot of advantages to the inspire um. I know also that um panasonic just came out with the micro four thirds box camera that is supposed to be compatible with uh, potentially with the inspire at some point is what i've heard yeah absolutely and speaking of the inspire before we get into the news. I'Ve got one more quick little video clip and this one's just for life it's not an inspire, but it is a larger drone and it's, something that was sent in by one of our viewers in discord, and i just thought: let's have a look for a laugh Here we go one more time. Please there was something bleeped at the end of that i swear there. Was that just hurts? You know you know the other. The other thing about that is too. They didn't mess around with crashing. They they, if you're, going to crash crash quickly right and they they certainly did that i mean. Has anyone actually got a guinness book of records, um commentary on the fastest crashes in history? That would be a good one to look up. That would be. That would be one of them. You know when i first started trying to fly fpv and taking it out of stabilized mode. That was generally what my flights look like.

It was just like up and then over flip over and then i got ta go retrieve it. So i know what that's like yeah okay well before we do anything else, let's get into some news and, as always, um on os by drone. The news that we have today is brought to you by air data. Uav. Is your drone healthy or about to surprise? You on your next flight don't, wait to find out discover under the hood information and review the early signs of problems before you take off again use a discount code ozbuydrain20 for a 20 discount. There is a link in the description on my channel. Do go and have a look at it. You can actually get a free version as well. If you're a hobbyist, you can get a lot of information under the hood, particularly if you're flying um, dji equipment and some of the other larger manufacturers. Does it work on all all djis like on across the board, or is it just for like um dji, go4 drones, uh go4, definitely i'm, not 100 sure on go3 um, but certainly everything go for the newer stuff. I haven't had a look to be honest, but i would be surprised if they hadn't already integrated that as well um yeah i'm, going to give it a try, and i certainly want to try it with dji fly and see if it works with the air too. That would be cool if it does there's two ways that it works.

You you can either get the dji cloud based information connected into their platform to to ingest the data. That way, the other way is there's, an app that will get the local data from your phone and then the slide across yeah yeah, very cool that's, awesome, yeah, okay, well, let's get on what we're going to do today is a couple of news stories and then We'Ll go into some other stuff, but let's start with our first one. This one i've titled the dart drone. Now, when conducting environmental studies in hard to access locations, scientists will often set up wireless networks of small data. Logging. Sensors deploying those sensors can be difficult or even dangerous work, although drones have been experimentally used for the placement of these sensors, the deployment methods have involved, dropping them onto the ground, or sticking them onto vertical surfaces using an attached appendage, such as a mechanical arm with Those limitations in mind the team at the imperial college, london created a dart shooting quadcopter. So this is something that i think is way cool and if you could have that in the pub and go having it doing laser targeting at a dart board in a pub, i would be up for that. That'S. A new sport forget about the environmental stuff, it's really really cool, but this is a sport. So so so it looks like the electronics are built into the dart. The darts seem to have processors in them.

I believe so yeah so it's a small data logger. So it goes and providing temperature humidity um information out of the tree. The actual data, i believe, is able to go and monitor the health of the trees there as well and that's way: cool and it's a really cool use of drones. But again i want to take one of these into a pub and shoot it at a dartboard. There'S got to be a sport for that wow, yeah yeah i mean or or you know, maybe you could uh take it to uh on safari and you could tranquilize big cats, you know or if you're a veterinarian use it for that yeah wow, that that is. I i'm really amazed that the um that the quad can maintain its position as well too, with that much thrust out of that spring, i mean it looks like a lot of a lot of shock, a lot of power going out yeah, obviously but it's um. I i i think the trigger is going through the drone, so it's preempting the shot and preempting the forces associated with that, and also i just wanted to tell you real, quick, uh, stingray aerial solutions just mentioned that um that air data does work with dji fly. So you can check it out. Um yeah i'm excited to try it. I mean honestly, i have some. I have some um quads that are several years old that that i really worry about sometimes so that would be nice peace of mind, yeah.

Absolutely okay let's move on for for the moment, though, our second story of the day. This is a partnership that i i'm happy to hear about. Parrot drones. The european drone specialist has revealed that its latest enough usa uavs are now compatible with pix4d software. Pix4D is a professional photogrammetry and drone mapping company that offers a host of software solutions that use, of course, uavs in recent years. It has worked alongside parrot to develop the software solutions. The programs are specialized for autonomous drone flight planning, offline map generation, automated inspection and more all of which will now be compatible with the anafi usa. That'S, pretty cool that's, pretty cool and – and you know i haven't heard anything from parrot in a while – did – has parrot come out with any new, i mean they had the parrot let's go. So this is just a brief little video on that. What is new, coming out from parrot short answer, don't know and it's funny too, because the anafi really was a bit of a precursor to the mavic mini. I mean it. It was that kind of lightweight um. It had this very same type of propellers. The split propellers that were really light um it was, it was great i like that. So this is some stuff done with pix4d and i want to share with everyone who doesn't know. If, if you haven't used pix4d, there is the ability to get. I think from memory a 14 day, evaluation copy of the software and you can build a 3d map of your home, your property or whatever it is that you're interested in doing you go and put your drone up whether it's a fandom or now a parrot and Go and take the photos and it'll do that photo stitching and produce some absolutely stunning 3d models of those things for you and, and i think, that's gotten much easier to do than it was even two or three years ago.

You know the the software i i have played with it a little bit, but i haven't played with it recently and from what i understand. Uh making those types of maps and models is much easier because the software does so much more of the work. It does absolutely okay look that's, interesting uh. The next one we've got on our list is um what i call a stock drone. Now you know you think of stock car racing we're, not talking about racing here flying drone startup. Where says it will enable better inventory, counting in warehouses by improving the artificial intelligence capabilities of its small aerial vehicle thanks to a multi million dollar venture venture capital. Backing announced recently according to where the self flying drones saw through the warehouse collecting images of pallet locations. Data from barcodes and other inventory information. They then return to their nest inside the building where they recharge transmit the data to the cloud platform and, finally, the processing engine analyzes, all of the imagery distills the data and provides interactive reports to inventory control teams. Amazon would absolutely love this let's play so at where we deploy self flying drones inside of warehouses to automate their inventory tracking, increasing their efficiency, their overall accuracy and helping to solve their labor problem with cutting edge, robotics and ai. So the wear product has three components to it. The first is the data collection phase that's when the drone flies autonomously in the warehouse and captures all the imagery of the bin locations.

The second phase is the data processing phase. Once the drone finishes flying it returns. Some to its nest, while there it starts uploading data straight to our cloud, where we can start to process it. We apply our algorithms and machine learning to it and the third phase is the report delivery. This is when we distill all those insights that we make i'm sure we get the idea of what's happening there, but i just wanted to have some of the vision of the drones going and flying and doing that totally autonomous flight capturing the barcodes, the information and Sending it back to the mothership really cool, so so so you know that's a skydio2 in the in the shop. I wonder i wonder if it's a drone agnostic or if it if it has to be a skydio or if it could work with anything. I think they probably selected the skydio because of um its camera capabilities, um that's, just my gut feeling. Obviously your gps denied insider warehouse, so that would kind of make sense. Oh you mean the onboard cameras for navigation, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. No, that that would make total sense because there's so many things you could run into and skydio generally doesn't run into stuff, um, yeah, cosmos jones said: uh bye, bye humans, you aren't needed anymore. I think i think that's been the case for a few years now. We'Re we're, really at this point, just a liability on this planet.

The machines could run it just fine on their own yeah welcome to skynet. We are absolutely there. Today, we are there. Okay, now we've done a few news stories, and i mentioned before that we're going to pause the news and go into something else, and apparently the guest on the show today is uh me it's great well, now, we're switching over to we're switching over to the uh Speed dial mode and i kind of thought it would be fun to interview greg, because so many of us know him from this show uh, but we don't really know much else about the man. You know i feel like he's a bit of an enigma and a bit of an anomaly so he's doing all the switching tonight i mean this literally is coming all the way from my house to to sydney and then back out across the internet on two channels. He'S, a very, very technical guy, so the first thing i wanted to ask you greg is: what do you do when you're not doing live streams and when you're not flying drones, what's your what's, your full time, day, gig or time? So my background has been i.t and computers forever and a day in the beginning, i had a bulletin board service way back before the internet was invented so ebs. I had a bbs and i had 40 phone lines in my parents house, in the living room in the family, room and racks of modems, so i've i've been involved in that kind of stuff forever and a day, and you know that grew into my i.

t love. Most recently i worked for verizon. I was actually looking after verizon asia, pacific for their cloud data center and security, business, everything post sales, but i'm in the um enviable position of being semi retired as what i'll call it at the moment. You know when the right gig comes up, but for the moment i've also got my own business. I look after think of it as my own app store. Um i've got an app store for people that want to have their servers in the cloud so that's. What i'm doing as well very cool, very and as far as as far as your uh kind of appreciation for drones and getting into them? What was what was the thing that started you flying and wanted to get into doing, especially oz by drone starting the youtube channel yeah, if i could switch the camera right now, i'd. Put the camera on to put my wife who's the producer on the show and put her face up she's the reason i got into it she's the reason i she gave me my first drone she didn't she did. She got what was it i can't even remember the name of it now, but it was a little hundred dollar kmart drone uh. No, no, no gps! No, no, nothing and i did deliberately learn to fly it without stabilization, because i wanted to make sure that i wasn't just using the the tech i wanted to fly it without any of that, and so i learned those skills had a bit of fun with it And the problem that i had with it was very simply range.

It got to a point where it went to meet its maker and it kept on going and going and going and was were you were you over water or someplace, where it couldn't be retrieved correct? It went into bushland actually and uh we looked and it was unable to be found. It was distant, bushland, okay, so so now, it's, probably in some kangaroos uh, some kangaroos. What do they call a kangaroo house by the way? A pouch yeah well well, yeah that pouch is there, but what do they call where the where all the kangaroos live? I don't know i've, never thought of it. To be honest, you know, like a wolf wolves, have a den kind of thing um. I don't think they go and build a dam they're out in the wild they're out and they're just now, huh! Well, okay, let me ask you this um. Can i just continue just one second, because the second part of the story is funny having lost the drone. I went and bought another drone and it was one that had a return to home function, so i thought well i'm not going to have that problem again, but the return to home function. I found out only works if you press the button before it goes out of range and i lost that drone on its maiden flight wow. Okay, so that must not have been a dji because they were but but so you had to push the button while it was still talking, in which case you don't even really need return to home.

Ah that's philly – okay, well remind me not to buy that drone, but but i did. I did want to ask um if you look out uh your window or you walk outside how common are kangaroos just generally around you're in a pretty suburban area right. So would you see a kangaroo on a daily basis, walking down the street or hopping down the street? Well there's, a few people that are hopping mad that i run into, but no kangaroos, no, the closest you get to them. If you go on a decent drive, you know that's a couple of hours out of the centre of sydney. You will see kangaroo roadkill literally. There will be kangaroos on the side of the road that have been um hit by vehicles, um that's, the most that most people see kangaroos unless they're out in the bush regularly. So so so they are wild. They do live out and there's a large population, for example, uh right behind me this window, i could look out most days and most days, i'll see a deer walking by and that's our neighborhood kind of where we live, but deer are very common. Is it kind of like deer in the u.s kangaroos uh yeah, but your your population is spread out a lot more, i think than we are so our i'm, a sydney based person, i'm 30 minutes from the center of sydney by car um it's like you're in The middle of new york and you're 30 minutes out of new york you're not going to see a deer either.

But if you go a bit further where the population is less dense, then you might see a kangaroo absolutely i i i want to come to australia and i want to see a kangaroo. But of course we do see, drop bears drop, bears you haven't heard of drop bears. Am i going to ask you what to drop, bear and you're going to say something funny well lloyd. You can tell them about drop, bears can't. You yeah uh, hi, kelly lurkin. In the background uh well, a drop bear is a type of koala. They tend to drop out of the trees and attack unsuspecting people walking by really they cling on to your face. They'Re klingon you've, seen you've seen the alien movies they're kind of like that. They suck onto your face you've got to watch out for them. Wait. Are they as cute as koalas, though oh yeah, i mean, but you should hear the noise they make. Oh that's, like being attacked by baby yoda i mean come on. Treetop flyer says: kangaroo. Roadkill is my favorite thrash band, pretty good uh, so so, okay getting back to drones for a second uh greg. What is your all time favorite drone like if you could only own one, if you had to get rid of every other one which one would you want to keep and one you don't, even own i'm, gon na be boring with you. I'Ve got two drones that i own i'm, not a drone.

Collector um i've got a phantom 4 pro. I wish i had the v2 rather than a v1 um and i've also got attelo. Those are my two drones and i enjoy the phantom because i love its camera and originally i used to do a decent amount of um, photogrammetry and commercial work with it. But the market for that kind of work has kind of dropped out, so it's more just um. I enjoy it for fun now, but i, like my drone, i i love the fact that you say photogrammetry too: okay, Laughter, uh, photography, no it's a different term. What is photo stitching doing, mapping the stuff with pix4d so doing commercial work where you're photo stitching all of the stuff together to build 3d models and stuff? Look at that. I learned something new um treetop flyer says autel evo2 as his all time: favorite i'd love to see in the chat what what people um think their all time, favorite drone would be. I think if i had to, if i had to only keep one now, it really does go back and forth between whether it's an fpv or whether it's a um, a camera drone camera drone is gon na have to be the the mavic uh two pro and Fpv, i think, really would be the gep rc rocket it's, just such a fun little park explorer, and that leads me to my next question for greg and i just answered before we before you ask the question.

I would still pick the phantom 4 pro over the mavic 2, simply because of the mechanical shutter that's, an important factor and and and it does make a difference, especially with fast action. You know those kangaroos hopping by quickly or those. What do you call them? Drop bears, you know, you're, not you're, not going to catch. That drop bear mid, mid drop. If you have don't have a mechanical shutter so, but also for doing the photogrammetry work. You cannot do photo stitching work as accurately using um something without the mechanical shadow. Fair, fair and – and i think i go for the convenience of the of the mavic 2 – the the small form factor um yeah, so so so that leads me to the um to the uh question. Aside from your first drone that flew away, have you ever had a really epic crash? Yes, only one only one epic crash, i was, i was in a park, and i i came across this guy that was playing with rc cars on the ground, and i thought this would be fun that would be really cool. This would be fun to do some um, some photography chasing his car and then we that was going well. I got some good footage out of that and then we went into racing his car because he was making bets with me on um the fact that he could go faster than me, and i said, okay i'll – try that i could get the speed all right, but It'S the braking that's, a problem, yeah and and the turns and the turns.

I got to think that when he we were doing, we were doing straights that's fine, but the problem that i had was, if i didn't want to have the thing at you know 400 feet. I wanted to have it at a altitude that you could actually see the comparison yeah and i misjudged the braking distance required to stop it before crashing into trees. At the end, oh yeah, yeah, yeah uh, i mean dji drones. Do generally was. Was it your phantom? It was, and i had kl djrk refresh and thank you, okay, okay, good! You didn't have to explain to them what happened or anything it was just. It was just covered yeah. The only thing that wasn't covered was the battery, which is something just out of interest. Did people know that dji care refresh does not cover your battery there's an interesting fun fact. Did you destroy the battery in in the crash? It was cracked and bulging. So yes, oh goodness, oh goodness, yeah well uh. I could sort of understand that i mean the batteries are over a hundred dollars each typically and so to include that you know i guess: they'd have to have a higher price point for it or something like that. I'Ve had pretty good luck with dji um with dji care i'm, also going to mention something that i read today that uh apple, just actually, i don't know if you have apple care or have ever with an iphone, have ever broken it and turned it in with Apple care they have actually just for.

I don't know what reason, but they now allow you to tune or to bring in two um two cases per year. If you have applecare used to be limited to one every 12 months now, you can do twice every 12 months, which is pretty cool, yeah that's, that sounds cool um. What else have you got for me? Have you got anything else? Well, i guess uh. I i'll put you on the spot here, because there's, probably a few folks here in the uh in the chat that would would be interested um if you are not producing a show and and not um, doing anything with drones and you just because you know i Find myself in this position every so often and you just open up your phone, your tablet, your computer and you turn on youtube. Whose channel do you watch or what do you like to watch on youtube um? I watch other droners, but i'll share one that people might find amusing. I don't have you guys heard of a town in the u.s called leon valley, no that's news to me: uh lloyd. You heard of that one nope never heard okay leon valley is a small town in the u.s and it's a channel called justin pulliam. My producer's writing something on paper, but i can't read it oh and the other thing i watch is the other thing that i watch is uh what's, his name mouse, trap monday or something i can't, think of the name but sean woods.

He makes mouse traps and it's just interesting to have a look at some of these old historical, actual mousetraps, like yeah, like for real for real matter. Okay, so he was fun this morning. I watched one this morning and he had something in his house and um. He had a um electric mouse trap and um went and caught the mouse. Does it see the growth 30 seconds of 5 to 8 000 volts of electricity? Oh so, when you say electric you don't mean like an electric mechanism, you mean a no that one was designed to wow. I can only imagine what a mouse looks like after 30, 000 volts of electricity that's got to be the other thing that i'd. What are you talking about? Oh yeah, the other thing i watch is mousetrap monday, mousetrap monday, um what's. It called the marble machine. No forgotten i'll have to check this one out too it's called wintergarten and um he's a band, and he made a machine. That'S got these marbles in it and it was a wooden base machine, the original one and he's making a new one. That'S um, you know more industrial in its build and design and it's got little pins in it kind of like a midi song track yeah. So the marbles actually hit the hit the pins and make a sound well, the pins trigger the marbles to drop and they drop on a xylophone Laughter wow, but he's also got drums in it.

He'S got an electric bass in it that you, it actually plays the electric bass as well it's, just incredible winter guy. Did you ever see? Do you know who herbie hancock is i do he? He had a song called rocket boom bam bam. Laughter. Did you ever see the video for that song? It was all these weird uh kind of um, crazy, steampunk kind of things playing the music but um yeah. Well, so, can i ask lloyd the same question? Lloyd, uh. I appreciate you said that you watch me. I i appreciate that lloyd but uh what what is what's a what's, a channel. We should all check out that lloyd, the grumpy vlogger recommends oh wow uh. Maybe we haven't heard of a channel you haven't heard of well there's uh, wendell, wendell's music live, i think, is the name uh. He i really enjoy his stuff uh. I watch so many things. I can't give you a name right now. You caught me off guard. I wouldn't expect to be honest and for everybody who doesn't know lloyd is actually a really fantastic musician and guitar player. I'Ve i've heard him play a couple of times and have always really enjoyed these. You have some things on your channel actually of you playing guitar yeah from way back when i forgot they were even on there, but yeah and i'm just learning to play my newest guitar, which is a three string cigar box.

Oh wow, electric yeah, yeah it's got an amp about oh it's, it's like a 25 count or a 48 count square box. Uh made a cigar box and it's been electrified, so the amp is built into the the amp is separate. They have a piezo pickup underneath uh the strings uh on the in the cigar box, and then you just plug it in. I could plug it into even my big amp back here. If i wanted to and uh i play it with a slide or or chords, either one it's, because it is fretted, some of them aren't, but and so it's only three strings: three strings yeah tuned to an open g, gdg and uh. So anything that has a g in it, you just drum open and it will play right right or you can cord up on the 12. You can slide up to the 12, which is your yeah. My mind just went blank anyway slide up to the 12th fret it's a favor make make a video or or or put that on your live, show sometime i'd love to see you play that i'm thinking about i've i've been that's. What i've been doing i've been so busy taking care of judy? Lately i make it a practice every night to go in there and sit down and play for 15 minutes. Just to you know something i've always done, but i got out of the habit of until i got this thing and it's it's a blast to play, building muscle memory exactly since we're talking since we're talking about music, i do have to share very briefly our regular Co host on oz by drone john is um.

His band played at the opening of the sydney olympics and that's, something that i think he's quite proud of. Yeah swing. City is the name of the band, and the um interesting fact is: you've got the musicians and then you've got john who's, the drummer. I was going to say he's just a drummer. I i heard this joke. What do you? What do you call a drummer who just broke up with his girlfriend he's homeless, homeless, yeah? How do you tune a banjo with wire cutters, Laughter um? Just let me finish um briefly on the other channel that i started with which um leon valley, um, the the channel name, is called justin pulliam and um he's. What you he calls himself an independent journalist but there's been stuff going back and forth with um alleged corruption in that city, and he actually goes and records their city council meetings. Some people might think. Why would you sit and watch a city council meeting but it's like it's it's, a drama? It is better than a soap opera, watching these guys, it's just insane, but anyway, i'll that's, one of the ones i do watch fairly regularly. Well are either of you guys going to watch or anyone in the chat going to watch the mandalorian season. 2. I think, starts today. I'M. I'M. I'M excited absolutely. I just saw the advertisement for today and it's like yes season two. What is this like? The mandalorian mandalorian it's uh star wars, star wars, show on disney plus it's between, i think it's after uh return of the jedi is when it's slotted and before uh, the the force awakens the force awakens yeah it's somewhere in that that's like 10 years.

After return of the jedi kind of the empire's taking back over so so so i got to just say this: real, quick, lloyd. My absolute favorite is the two stormtroopers sitting on the speeder bikes. You know when they beat up baby yoda in the bag, but oh, but the the the dialogue between those two is just so funny. I mean it's, just like it's just they're, just two dudes sitting there talking and you never think of stormtroopers as being just guys, but they really are yeah yeah they're. Just a couple guys and you really don't even realize it until like you've watched the uh force. Awakens – and you said right right, yeah that guy come out of his yeah yeah he's it's a person under there – oh my god, yeah most of the time. I thought they were robots for years, yeah yeah. You know yeah that's. Definitely on my agenda for after the show is to go, go watch yeah, that's what i'm gon na be doing too episode, one um and, and then i guess, one last question for uh for greg greg, um what's. What is halloween like in australia? Is that like pretty much like it is here, or do you guys do stuff like crazier stuff, i can say when i was um young enough to theoretically be going out to that stuff? There was nothing um, but i started seeing halloween stuff when my daughter came of that age where she wanted to go out and do stuff and they are starting to become american.

Is that is, is halloween an american thing? Yeah it's, not an australian thing. You you'd have some other, some other bizarre name for it and it would involve uh, vegemite and kangaroo meat right, probably yeah yeah. It sounds like uh audi made a halloween video halloween drone video, so i will go check that out um after this, so yeah that's. Those are kind of my questions uh. I i feel like. I know you a lot better now. Greg it's been fun by the way. One other thing i'll share with you that you wouldn't know about me: okay, um, in a past life, i was a um musical director at a theater company, and i was the guy conducting the band and doing all of that kind of stuff as a part time. Hobby as well, and my favorite show that we've ever done was little shop of horrors that was so cool nice. Nice feed me seymour feed me feed me blood uh. So so do you play an instrument or are you? Are you the conductor um? I was playing keys and conducting at the same time so keyboard. I used to teach music years ago, years and years and years ago, wow all right old, uh, old old instructor greg. He would slap you with a ruler if you didn't get the chords right. That was how i actually met john. I was at band camp and we were having sitting having tea and scones on the lawn and the next thing you know the students didn't know this was going to happen, but the teaching staff had it all arranged.

Um john morrison and james morrison. This is how i met john actually came and landed in a helicopter on the lawn at the place where the the campsite was happening, and everyone knew these guys. John john and james were pretty famous museums and yeah that's. How i met them later on john started using my bulletin board service and we became mates through that and the rest is history uh. You know someone pointed out that a very popular um costume in the us is crocodile dundee. Oh actually uh, i i've dressed up as steve irwin a few times so just just for fun: crikey that's, not a knife, that's, a knife, that's mixing the two together, absolutely and speaking of um speaking of nature and crocodile dundee. Our next news story did you like that transition? Our next news story is from national parks and wildlife. Following our devastating black summer, bushfires in australia, new south wales, national parks and wildlife has been using drones to assist with post fire recovery. Some of the specific activities that the drones were used for include ecology assessments which are live, snapshots and maps of different terrain across the state, multi spectral mapping to examine the types of vegetation that either survived or were destroyed and archaeological analysis of historical sites and evil. Even thermal scanning to assess the animal population in certain areas, particularly in the remaining vegetation patches, so they're going out and seeking koala population koalas, have been largely devastated from our last black summer, bushfires and they're, trying to help them along as best they can.

As part of the recovery using drones well and and now now, that you told me about drop bears i'm i'm, not as into koalas as i was before. They kind of hear me at this point: mate i'm, just waiting for you to come down under and we'll, make sure we got some drop bears for you to say Laughter is that is that, like a snipe hunt, uh lloyd, do you ever go on a snipe Hunt i have been on a snipe hunt and believe it or not oklahoma has a snipe season really in our books. They have a snipe season. Yes, i do believe it that's oklahoma, yeah, well, there's. We have other things here too, but uh yeah. We have a snipe season, it's, actually it's, actually like a grouse or a river grouse, okay, yeah. No, i really, i remember a snipe hunt being when, when yeah somebody takes you out leaves you in the woods that leaders were tired of the kids. They took us on a stipend and they have you sitting around going snipe, snipe snipe, trying to call them in yeah. So so i i got a compliment from both geeks vana and uh sunrise, water media, on my accent now sunrise, water media. I think his father is english, so so, if i talk a bit like this, i think it's a bit of a middle ground between australian and english, perhaps a bit cockney. What do you think definitely caught me? Cockney, actually, yeah right all right come back greg.

I was waiting for my wife to switch it, so i could do the reaction, but anyway that's an injury out yeah. Absolutely speaking of crashing and burning, did you like that one? Yes, a video showing chinese made drones, suddenly dive towards the ground and crash in front of an audience during a air show during the event, a predator style, unmanned aerial helicopter developed by hangzhou, star low altitude helicopter development company. What a big long name – and they were hailed as one of the trailblazers in the development of chinese drone industry – suffered this catastrophic crash now well, that's. What i was going to say, we've got all of these things here and i want people in the chat to try and do translations of what they would be she's, telling them all to move closer to the track, because everything is very safe. I think a lot of people have seen this video, but oh man, it's, amazing, yep and and translates to and and the the the the drone is unable to be crashed. It'S got image. Stabilization it's got stabilization systems that make it totally crash proof and – and i think she also said that the blades, the propeller blades are made from uh. Some sort of noodle it's actually been sort of a low main noodle. That won't hurt anything absolutely and this one. This one, what you're saying right now and the drone can be recycled since it's made of noodles and be eaten if required, actually fed fed to drop, bears drop, bears love.

This oh yeah, i'd, totally fly in that thing looks looks very safe and stable. Look at all those kids under it they're very interesting. They are very, very close to the area that it's flying and certainly an airshow in australia that wouldn't be happening. Music geeksvanos says they're, calling it titanic drones. Where'S. Do you guys have the 30 meter rule now? Just listen now you guys on the rendezvous, can't hear it, but that audio it's continuing to run the engine at a very high speed. Now, unfortunately, after the video cut out, i have seen another clip. It continues to run and eventually catches on fire, and you see the fire truck coming over to go and put it out. Wow that's that's that's, like one of those uh one of those drones that use only once a year on july, 4th or i guess new year's eve it's, like a firework, yeah yeah, unlikely event of a crash. I think there was a problem with translation. The drone is meant to go up not blow up and then they're saying leaf: blower uh in the event of a crash, everybody just kiss your ass goodbye um, but just a couple of things. You know looking at that. It was too close to the audience who were looking at that number. One number two: the fact that it didn't have a built in safety or cutout after it landed on the ground. Anyway, it is what it is: yeah yeah, it's, it's kind of i i've, seen a lot of air show footage um i've been to wings over houston quite a few times.

I don't know if anybody's been to wing wings over houston at ellington field down in houston and uh, seen the blue angels and such but man. They have such good safety protocols there as far as keeping people away from the away from the um uh, where the planes are. You know and i've, never seen the flight line. Thank you. I'Ve. Never seen an incident um, lloyd, i'm sure you've been to some air shows. Have you seen anything uh anybody crash at one, no and i've been to quite a few of them out in arizona when i was uh, we had you know. Basically, aviation and arizona days which is like wings over houston is down at davis, monthan and uh. I never saw any plus i've seen him at lowry field there in denver, yeah and uh never seen one crash. Oh, you know you know what's really funny. You mentioned lowry field in denver um. I i think that it's closed now right air force that air force base is closed. Um and i've been to it. There is now a beer garden called lowry garden and it's right under a big static of a i don't know, if it's a b, 52 or it's a big big cargo plane um, i guess a beef is a bomber, but maybe uh what's, the c c5. C17. Probably c5, if it's a really big one, it was c5 and it's. You know it's a static just sitting there and the beer garden is under its wing.

If you ever go back to denver, it's it's really cool. Well, i have to go check that out yeah. I was that's where i went through my uh tech school at and i uh for weapons, training and uh uh. It was you know, but that was 45 years ago, plus a little while back well, that was when you were still in black and white anyway. Yeah the background was in black and white youtube used to be in black and white. Remember when remember when they uh announced they're gon na go color on on youtube. That was pretty cool anyway, um, just one quick, uh story out of interest. We were talking about air shows and all of that kind of stuff, my next door, neighbor who's, literally behind the wall that you can't, see behind me. The green wall that's there but um. She is the chairperson of hearts, historical aircraft, restoration society and they do their air show wings over illawarra down at albion, park and i'm. Looking forward to something related to america, she's actually apparently got a boeing 707 being donated to their museum there by none other than john travolta. So his plane that he's been um flying for many years is coming out to australia, they're planning it at the moment. They'Ve got the fuel stuff that they're sorting out all of the regulatory stuff they've got to replace all sorts of bits and pieces because it hasn't been flown in a while but i'm.

Looking forward to that, one and you'll hear it first on ozby drone right through that wall. Well, that's that's, pretty cool. Now john travolta has several planes doesn't. He i don't believe so. He flies other people's planes. He'S got one of his own okay, okay, well, yeah! Very, very, very generous of him to donate the plane, i suppose absolutely, but speaking of things flying we've got a bird i've been waiting for this one engineers in the epfl laboratory, and we did see this on ken's show. But we had to have a look as well: um the laboratory of intelligence systems have designed a new drone inspired by a raptor when the researchers say raptor they're, not talking about a dinosaur or the ford pickup researchers carefully studied the shape of the bird's wing and Tail and its flight behavior – and this was then used to develop a drone with similar characteristics so based on the inspiration that we had from a highly agile bird, which is called the northern ghost hawk. We developed this drone right here, which has a morphing wing and a morphing tail which are made of artificial feathers. These morphing capabilities allow us to adapt the shape of the aircraft to different flight situations and, contrary to to real birds, we still have a propeller at the front and we don't have flapping wings, for example. If we want to fly fast and we want to use little as little power as possible, we can retract the wing and the tail which reduces the wing area and the drag is also reduced.

With this, we can fly much further. On the other hand, if we want to have an aircraft that is very agile, for example, to avoid obstacles or to fly in cluttered environments, we can extend the wing and the tail, which greatly increases the agility of the aircraft, very cool. Now that that, just that, it looks very well made the way those things just go in and out they're almost like switch blades. You know sweet, sweet, very good, sweep and very smooth and looks like very good engineering, but that's, really a research pro program right, that's not going to be a drone that they sell or anything like that. Is it well there's, no reason why they couldn't and the company um epfl um that there's no reason why they couldn't at the moment it is, as you said, a research project, but you do research to build things and to market things, otherwise, what's the point of The research well anything that's made in a laboratory as opposed to a laboratory, is got ta, be really good because that's, where all the evil stuff happens in laboratories, yeah absolutely quick. Little um interjection wayne king. Thank you for your 10 super chat. Very much hey wayne is an absolute legend. We need a special banner for him to come up every time. He does that very much appreciate it. Everybody wayne king tonight absolutely now everybody. Where are we up to? If i have a quick look at my agenda, we've done the bird drone thing and we've got one other thing that we need to do and i restarted this computer.

So i don't know if it's going to work. We'Ll reboot! Well, no it's! Okay! Let me just type one thing in here and it's: just got to quickly re render it it'll it'll work all right there we go, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Laughter, that's right. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it's that time of the day that we love and kelly's going to hate because we're going to try and make a fool of him it's time to pray. Stop already. I wouldn't say that kelly, sorry for those who are star wars or 80s rock music trivia. I got those two things: no, no! So, for those who are regulars on kelly's stream and not so much on my stream, we do trivia about australian things and share that and we'll just see what happens so grump you've got you've got a question what's your first question kelly. This is an aussie slaying. This is what this is all about, is aussie slangs, aussie slang all right. Yes, what is a cobber? Ah, a cobber is a type of pipe which blows little bubbles out when you puff on it. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Sorry about that, i was waiting. I was trying to get the attention of my producer. Can you switch the shot all right come on come on, uh chat help me out here there we go cobber a cobber um. I got one more guess: i'm gon na say it is a very, very hard piece of corn that comes out the other end it's.

Neither one of those okay what's it covered a cover, is a very good friend, yeah, all right meal. Cobber. Ah me old cabba. All right, i'm gon na start, using that i, like that, all right i'm over one all right now, let's see if i can can you do this? Is this requires a little little dexterity? But can you do the aussie salute uh? Is it? Is it like benny hill uh? No, no i'll perform it. No, no! No! No! No! No you've got to have a real aussie. Do it come on all right, let's let's? Let the aussie show you how to do it you're trying to get rid of flies that are buzzing around your face. 24. 7.. That'S. The obvious salute to a lot because i have flies in here, sometimes yeah. I thought it was more that someone just broke wind. So now here's here is a trivia question for and maybe greg doesn't know either. But do you know do all australian military salute like this, or do they salute like this, or do some do one of each i'll? Let kelly go first. I i thought it was. I i really did think that uh anybody who was part of um, the the royal british commonwealth yeah, the british commonwealth, saluted like this – am i right. I had heard that there were two different types of salutes in, but i don't know what they are, but different. Um branches of the army, all branches of the military salute like this, except for the navy.

The navy salutes as the americans do. The reason is is because in the days before sailing of sailing ships and all that what happened was the you'd come up to your officer. You'D salute like this. Show that your hand didn't have a weapon, so you weren't going to try and kill them. It also showed that you had enough respect to show you had clean hands, but because the navy was sailing, ships used ropes and grease their hands got dirty, so they started saluting like this, so rather than disrespect with dirty hands, that's, pretty good yeah. Sorry i i've that's kind of the same thing with with waving at people. The reason you wave to people is to show that you don't have a weapon right. There you go. Can i share a question that we actually had last week, which was a really cool question and um kelly? Do we have more people in australia or more kangaroos in australia, um, i'm gon na say kangaroos? You are correct. We actually had the number last week of the um population of each, but it was pretty big, more kangaroos in australia, 40 million kangaroos and i don't know what the population is right. Brad just told me, i'm out of focus so uh, where you are now yeah. Now you've zoomed, just a little bit onto your chinny chin, chin there that's the zoom, not the focus yeah yeah. I know i'm trying to get trying to get the focus in let's see there we go.

Thank you brad. That is that is that better or worse i'm stuck in uh yeah there you go yeah yeah somebody needs to shave, more kangaroos probably buy a lot right. I mean yeah yeah by, i think several million, so so uh. So i i have a little trivia. I have a little uh american trivia for uh lloyd. You probably know the answer here, but the jeep are you familiar with the jeep the vehicle yeah greg? Yes, okay, do you know where the name came from? No, but i know the subsequent names where they came from well i'm talking about the actual brand name of jeep hanging over. Let me just let me let me let me phone a friend i'm going to ask my producer. Do you know the jeep where the name came from? I know it's, like the military thing, yeah that's, what it is, but where the name came from, no, we don't know all right, lloyd, actually, two possibilities. The the the more famous one is from the little character called jeep in the popeye uh. I can't remember his name, but he used to go jeep jeep, it was in popeye. Cartoons also stands for gp for general purpose, which is the vehicle that it was that's. The one i've heard is, is it was called a.