Are you sure you're ready for this? Are you sure i don't know man? I i watched your show just now and uh. You definitely have been drinking a lot of energy drinks, so uh well so chris i know i know you know a lot of folks who watch your channel, know you and know who you are and what you know what you do for a living and kind of A bit more about you personally, but um tell tell everybody what do you do when you're not flying drones? What'S your what's, your occupation, yeah. My number one thing: i'm, i'm i'm in education, i've been i've, been a teacher for about 28 years, so wow i've, been yeah. I'Ve been i've, been doing this for a long time, um teacher, coach uh. This is actually the first year right. We talked about this. Actually, in my last live stream um, this is the first year i haven't coached football and i'm actually watching out this year. So yeah, i just you know i i coached my all my kids, i coached a lot of other people's kids and it got to the point where i'm you know. I'M done, i i lived my entire life uh. You know around that sport i mean like texas, you know yeah from texas, i played football. I i didn't ever coach football, but i played so. I know what it's like yeah it's it's fun. I i get. I got just as much enjoyment out of coaching as i have as a player and actually sometimes a little bit more because you get you get to do it a lot longer and the same feeling you get when you're a player you get as a coach, i Mean you get is just as excited for winning and losing and of course it affects you emotionally, so it wasn't.

You know it was really uh. You know, uh, you know a roller coaster and i and i loved it that's. I think, that's. Why people do it? You mean: is it high school high school football or college high school? What level yeah high school yeah mike mike yeah go ahead good? What is what is? What is like? The i mean high school football in texas is a huge deal right and and friday night lights and all that sort of thing. What is it like in in utah? Is it still a pretty big deal yeah? I understand both worlds. Uh. You know, of course, high school football in texas is different. I actually worked with an administrator that came from a large town in texas and we got into lots of politics talk and the head. Football coach has a lot of power so and of course, they're paid a lot, but you know it from where i'm from football – just you know, don't, you know, do not make it a smaller deal. Of course we don't have the the funding. You know the private funding that comes into uh, that comes into football in texas, like that, but the the competition is just as high um. We send. You know we send tons of kids to college um. You know we, you know, especially from the area. I am from it's it's, very it's, very competitive and that levels are very high, so the expectations for our teams are always high, so it's always been highly competitive, but we don't get the fan, draw.

We don't get the 20 000 people um. You know, for example, a a a state high school playoff game. You'Ll get you know, maybe five thousand people if you're lucky wow yeah, i mean all all of our games are well attended, typically and being live streamed. But of course, this year it's a different story. Right, i mean a lot of a lot of people are just watching them. Either live on on uh online because they're being live streaming, yeah we're in full attendance, um we're, not they're they're, restricting their restrictions on like mask wearing, but you know: they're they're they're letting they're they're giving out tickets. So you know i haven't heard of any restrictions. I haven't heard of one person complain that they couldn't get into a game, so they try to sport them out, yeah yeah, so we we actually started right on time. We'Ve, never missed a game. We'Ve never missed. You know because of covid but but uh we've been lucky. You know we're spiking, like everybody else so it's. Well, so on your last stream, i actually noticed you held up a uh, a northern arizona. I think it was nau northern arizona university, so so fun. Funny thing: uh, my daughter is a senior in high school, and that is one of the schools that she's looking to go to and we're actually going to flagstaff in uh december. He loves it. Yeah you're gon na yeah you're gon na love flag.

I i my son, my uh, my middle son played college football and he played there for five five years um. He was injured, two um and now he's taking one of those extra eligibility years uh. Last year he went to a small school because he's also a baseball player yeah. He was taking his fifth his fifth year to to play. You know his baseball dream because he's a really good. He was a good pitcher, so anyway, he's he's, he's, up and he's up in washington right now at a place called driveline and driveline is a is a is a professional prep, uh uh program, um, so he's working out with pros and he's pieced. His hope is that he's not going to play his last year in college he's going to be drafted so we're hoping it's it'd, be very. It would be very uncommon for a kid to play drafted into baseball, yeah and it's it's a hard gig. I we understand what it's all about and so he'd probably have to do a few years in the minors you could spend. He has friends that are in the minors and and and they of course are you know, one of his friends has been uh he's. I think he's playing double a ball right now and you just they just don't, make any money and and that's the biggest thing you have to pretty much live. Your your wife has to have a job.

Basically, you know, while you're trying to to make a big league roster and uh it's very difficult. So yeah i mean he knows he knows it's. You know so it's fun ben t says uh ben t says his uh son was at uh northern arizona it's funny, because a lot of people, i've i've, met and talked to have said that they've had their kid or have some experience with northern arizona. But i have a question the most important question about it: flagstaff right. Is it a good place to fly? Oh love, it yeah? Oh, yes, you can fly your owns in flagstaff, i've, actually flown um. Before the the restrictions. I flew around the stadium there's, a big dome there, uh it's, pretty cool it's beautiful i mean they've got a beautiful mountains, uh uh, you know off to the distance. They'Ve got these beautiful. You know uh. I call like uh called the the san francisco peaks that's gorgeous it's, a you know. If you like to hike, um you've got sedona that's just down the road um, so yeah it's, it's yeah. I can't tell you you know. Yes, it would be an awesome place. There, of course, there are a lot of parks there, so you're gon na have to you're gon na have to find your way around the parks but there's a lot there's, so much beautiful, uh scenery so yeah you and as far as go ahead. Well, i was gon na say so: i've been to i've, been to uh utah i've been to salt lake city, i've been to uh moab i've been to st george.

We were talking about um uh what's, that you've been to st george. You had to go to st george. You had to go right through it. Okay, i i guess i guess is that where you live, okay, yeah yeah, you pop right through town, so i'm on the way from uh from well. We drove we drove to moab from from texas um, but but i've been developed twice, but i i what i'm saying is i've, been to phoenix i've been to tucson i've, never been i've, also been to uh, like some places in new mexico, but i've never been To flagstaff – and i understand it's it's actually more like colorado in terms of it's pine trees, it's green it's, cool weather, um it's it's is. Is that true? Because of the elevation, have you been to nacogdoches texas, yeah yeah it's, like that there you go that that green, that many trees wow? Oh yeah, okay! Yes, i just want to say that, because we had, we actually had that conversation and um. When i, when i got a chance to travel, i've been el paso and you know watching these uh these fcs games and i went and i got, i went – flew into dallas uh, you know went through arlington. I saw like five or six high school football stadiums because that's what i do when i travel i look. I go all over the place right right and when i went to nacogdoches like oh, this is like flagstaff yeah it's uh stephen yeah, yeah that's, where my wife went to school, actually it's very hot.

There i'm sure it's much hotter than flagstaff, but so yeah it's high it's it's. I forget what the elevation is: it's really high, so yeah it's like up there with denver like a mile up or more yeah yeah, something like that. A good night. Of course. You know a couple of things that tie back to drones and to uh minor league baseball. We had our first spin up at the dale diamond um. I don't know if you remember or heard about that, i did watch no, i i follow it yeah. Absolutely. It was pretty awesome to be able to fly in that stadium, who um oh fpv, dude. Well, i mean we probably had i mean for folks who were i see, um dennis lovelady and steve carpenter uh. They were both there and – and we had probably i don't – know 30 drones in the air at one point in that stadium, 30 or 40, including fpv doc murdoch. Do you know doc murdock by the way? No, no, i don't. Oh man, you need to meet him. Chris is his name chris haley. He lives in albuquerque or near albuquerque, not in albuquerque, but he silver city, actually new mexico. He if you are getting into fpv, which i know you are. He is an expert in in betaflight antennas, uh flight controllers. I mean he is the guy that can help you out he's such a nice guy willing to help out.

I don't know if he's in the chat right now, but you guys should really connect, because i don't think you're that far apart yeah, oh really, oh okay, that's that's, another thing that's my that's, a big that's, one of the things that's kind of sucky right now, I'M gon na just use my my unteacher like voice, but um it's, it's, not fun, to fly by yourself all the time and that's and that's kind of what i do. I mean there. I i don't know i think they're there. There is an ama group around here, but i really don't want to go down to the 55 and over part of town and by the av 8. You know the ama, you know flight area, hey you got to be careful man most most of the folks in this audience are i'm, not ripping on them. I'M, not i'm, not ripping on them. I'M, just not ready for that yet i'm, not ready for that step. It'S it's not it's, not that they aren't all awesome uh awesome flyers. I guys i am. I am just as much excited about about just flying in general. Actually, some of the first experiences i had with radio control was a friend of mine. When i was going to high school um, he had these big giant radio control planes that he put in the back of he had a station wagon. His dad was uh was big into it, so god he got into it and he brought me out to the flying field and yeah.

You know this is when you had the you know massively long antennas, the crystals different crystals for different frequencies and and he let me fly on his plane and it was so cool, and i i could i actually. I thought i did pretty good just you know back then i had never flown a a a you know, a fixed wing plane ever before. So no, i i have total respect. You know i yeah we all pick on each other. I mean we all kind of nitpick, but i respect people that have been in the hobby way longer than me, and most ama people have been in the hobby for not just as long as i've been in, which is only like three or four years. They'Ve been in the hobby for 15, 20 years 30, 30 years um. How did you get started? How did you get started flying uh flying drones? What was your first run? Like everybody else? Uh, i think, has the same story at the same. You know with my say: you know you go buy a toy um, you know you fly it once and you're like. Oh, this is kind of cool and but but the picture sucks you know, do you remember what it was? Um yeah? It was an emacs one of those little emacs, folding thing yeah, okay, and it was at the eno eachine, not emax, machine, okay, yeah, and it was the size of my phone.

It was little and it was a pocket. Drone i'm, like i wan na i'm, going to florida, i was on it. I was on a trip to florida with my family, so i thought, i'd buy this little eachine drone and a bunch of little batteries and i'd bring it with me to have me to have some fun pictures. So i bring it there and i i took some film. Of course i stuck it in the tree a palm tree. Luckily my buddy had pvc i'm. You know i'm pretty bright i'm, a quick learner, so i'm poking it out of the freaking tree um. But i was able to recover it and, of course you know it's, you know i was still with 30 bucks and i started to spend more and more money and of course my wife started to go. Uh you're just spending 30 more dollars. Here then, it went to a 50 skyhawk and then it went to a hundred dollar freaking x, 16 uh. You know it: it that's how it goes it just yeah yeah one, two, three, the next toy and i was having a blast and then i built one right and that was yeah. I built a big um, a big apm, 2.8 um gps 550, a big sucker wow, and i experimented with batteries and different. I had no idea what i was doing. I was just watching videos, uh and then just trying to make it fly.

I mean so that's kind of how it went. You know. Well, i just i just saw uh doc murdock jump in the chat here so good evening, doc. Good to see you i was. I was saying that dad random lives in southern utah and and he's he and i were talking about how much there is to learn in this hobby, right and and in camera drones, and at fpv i mean it's. Really these things are converging. I feel like at some point there there's not going to be a huge difference between the two, especially if dji gets involved in the fpv more than they already are yeah. I you know i'm, not i'm, not the brightest bulb on the tree, sometimes, but i, but i do see trends you know and that's the trend and that's. Why? I i saw the gps thing just getting stale. I love gps flying but it's. Just the same old thing, and i i needed something else i was literally – i was ready this summer to quit, doing it all together. I started building again so, if you, you know one of the things else, i do um i'm dead, random i'm. Not dad fly drones, okay, so and – and i i'm really i'm – really a hands on person. So i started building again and i really got the building bug again. I built a i built my set actually for uh. For my like what i call the no fly zone i spent you know all summer working on this project.

I filmed every ounce of it um and that got me kind of over the hump of getting bored. I sold all my gps quads i sold. I, you know i bought a a evo ii. I bought a you know a you know: a dji mavic air 2.. I have i've owned them all and i just get bored so fast and i started i started to watch people flying fpv and i think i watch ken herron i'm, like if freaking ken herron can do it. I don't know him at all and i just i'm like if he can freaking do this, i mean of course there you guys are all mentors and i saw you fly them and then i watched dobo fly them and of course i watch other people. Okay, you know that you know i, like, i can say all the uh, all the uh un unsaid words. I watch drone worship flying. I watch everybody who flies fpv and there's some mat, and then i started to actually really watch fpv pilots like bardwell and nerc and then i'm going. Oh, my lord. It blew my mind yeah yeah i'm. Not i don't know if i'll ever be that good, because i think i had to start younger it's one of those things that i think you need to start, but you don't have to be that's that's. The thing is, i think, a lot of people think they have to be nerc or bardwell to be able to enjoy it, and – and you honestly, i i feel like well – let me just say um with regard to flying uh camera drones.

I have to say that what gets boring to me is flying a camera drone in the same location over and over again right, but but taking taking that taking that um uh camera drone to you know in your stream. We were talking about the netherlands in zandom. Uh flying around those windmills was so cool and so much fun flying in germany, with with felix from quadcopter guide flying in italy, i and and i've traveled, quite a bit in the last couple years – i'm – not i'm, not flexing on that i'm. Just saying that, taking that zone kelly, why can't you flicks on traveling do not do not freaking back off on hey i've, been here i've been there well i'm impressed my my kids, my kids uh that's. Why? Because mike is bad, you were flexing on your show. Last night, uh flexibility, okay to flex, we're older, we don't we've spent all our life, not flexing that's, true that's, true so so. My point, though, is, is that having having a having a mavic air with you or a mavic air 2 or a mavic, 2 zoom or whatever in those locations, makes it really interesting. But but i agree going to the same middle school that i fly at all. The time and flying camera drones, but but but you know to the point about fpv is then you put on the fpv goggles and you start flying uh. You start flying a tiny, tiny, hawk or or a gap rc or or something that you build and all of a sudden everything is so interesting.

It'S, like oh there's, a little there's a little gap, there's a there's, a pipe there. I could go through there's, a jungle gym. I could fly through there's, you know and and that's the interesting part about it is everything becomes kind of a challenge to fly through um with fpv, which which i would never fly. My mavic air too. Through these little tiny gaps because it's too expensive and too hard to fix, yeah and – and i i that is that's exactly my feeling – and i think – and i think you go back to your original point about not being too old or not being able to it – Is it is a little bit intimidating that's? Why that's? Why, like, i think, that's why kai that's, why i brought kai and i'm like okay, i want to really get into this. Kai'S got a lot of good technical knowledge. He thinks differently than me and i yeah he kind of fits. He kind of fits my mold i'm, a little irish, german and he's more german german. So we kind of we kind of fit together a little bit plus. I think i i we have we're, basically starting at the same place, so one of the things that i that i'm trying to do and i'm actually backing off a little bit. The first step i made – and i think what everybody needs to do is to just to get something simple and learn to fly it.

But if you can't, if you're intimidated by that there's, not there's, not a lot of information out there, because flying gps and flying fpv is very different, but once your brain gets to understand it, it doesn't take long. You really start to you like, i said i got right now: i'm, getting chills up my spine thinking about flying tomorrow, that's the the that's, the kind of the feeling you get after you fly. You literally are shaking for a while, and then you know what i'm saying: oh yeah yeah it's a rush. I mean it's it's it's, all those it's, all those um uh dopamine. You know coming into your head and, and especially especially when you, when you, you know kind of like anything else that requires some some skill when you reach a new plateau or when you, when you do something you know like. Maybe you couldn't pull off a power loop before or even just flying in acro, like i can remember when acro finally started to click. I was just like okay i'm starting to get this. This is making sense to me, but but here's here's. What i was going to say about you know the information and stuff out there you have. I, i think in that picture, is that a gup rc rocket in in the picture yeah. This is yeah, and this is actually the rocket that i'm but it's a but it's modified. You can see that i've changed.

Did you take. You took the you took the prop guards off yeah. I took the prop guards off and i changed the props um. Okay. I actually i was trying to get three inch props on here, so i got 2.5 and these are actually still too big. So don't do this uh, but there are uh, but eachine actually sells two point. They sell two point three which will fit on here, because the air unit is huge, well that's, the rocket plus right that's. Not this is the rocket punch, so you know i d. Do you know that i love that drone that's? That is, i do. You may not know this. That was the one that i got this summer and started doing 10 10. Oh i've got two of them. I'Ve got a rocket plus and a rocket light, so i don't need another one, but but but my my why you're flexing kelly kelly stop flexing now. My point is that uh that that right there, i i'm actually gon na, do a video. If, if you can drop a thousand dollars, which is a lot of money, but if you can do it and you want to get into fpv, you get the dji air system uh with the rocket light and that right there and i'm gon na do a whole. Video on the setup, bardwell actually did a pretty good video on that, but it is it's not that hard to set up it's, not nearly as hard to set up as an analog uh drone yeah, exactly that's that's it right there and editing is so forgiving.

You can crash it, you can crash it again and again and again, and i definitely would recommend spare prop guards. So how does it? How does it fly without the prop guards? I don't know i'm gon na find out tomorrow. Oh okay, okay. I'M really curious to know because i've gone through a broadcast, yeah i've gone through a lot of prop guards. I actually still have everything i kept everything but i'm i'm to performance. Now i'm i've already moved past prop guards not that it's just it's, probably not it's, not a it's, not a macho thing. I this thing is heavy with the prop guards and you're like well that's, only a couple of ounces yeah, but when you start throwing different batteries on and you start experimenting with it's with its weight, this is actually going to give me more surface area to fly And it should improve its performance. I'Ve got i've got like four different size batteries that i'm experimenting with just for fun, because i'm trying to find the best one, and then i i'm starting. I want to do more acro with it i'm. Not. I don't want to sit so this little quad. You can do acro and you can do uh. You know you can do cinna whoop stuff, so yeah, yeah, abs, well, and and so so uh so i've got the the rocket, uh plus and the rocket light, and – and i probably fly the rocket light more because i it is lighter, it is a little more Responsive but i'll tell you one interesting thing: you mentioned actually it's funny, because when you and kai were on kai's battery charger was going off i'm charging lipos right now, so mine might go off as well, but don't.

True what one thing? One thing that i will say – and this is this is something i would put in the video about the rocket light. It'Ll fly with a 3s or a 4s battery, and if you start it with a 3s it's, actually tamer it's, actually more mellow to fly with a 3s, it doesn't it doesn't jump up in the air and that's. One thing i found when i like, flew my first 6s. As soon as i hit the throttle, i was surprised how quickly it took off like it was. You know if anything had been above it, it would have crashed into it. So, starting with the smaller like a 3s in a in something that'll, take a 3 or a 4 works. Well, 3s, 1100 that's, actually kai got he he's been. He actually wants to experiment with his wing, so he's looking at different performance um based upon you, know, of course battery size and weight, and he said why don't you buy this i'd like to see what your rocket does with the 3s 1100 and a 3s 1100 Is really small yeah and you get a lot of flight time out of it yeah and i'm. I haven't yet, but i think i'm just going to solve that problem. I don't he thinks it's my charger, that i'm not getting full charges, but i maybe it's the way i fly it. Do you have uh? Do you have a little a little battery checker like something that will actually check yourself that's? The next thing i need to get more money, yeah more well, no they're they're, like 20 they're, 10, 10, 20 bucks, it's literally it basically just plugs into the it plugs into the balance.

Port and it'll tell you what each cell has. I actually. I think i do have one from my last project, but twenty dollars here, twenty dollars – yeah yeah yeah i'm – just gon na – buy some props nineteen dollars, then yeah dude. If i, if i looked at, if my when my wife gets my paypal statement, she literally makes fun of me. The only thing that keeps me alive is that she buys just as much crap so i'm. Just i keep it equal, but yeah that's that's. The thing you know you talked about being older and getting into it. That is one thing i could have never afforded this hobby in my 20s or 30s right i mean i i was. I was not making a whole lot back then, and not not like i'm rolling in it now, but today at least i'm far enough, along that i can afford a few things. You know yeah, i i'm still paying for my kids that are don't have jobs yet so um yeah i've got. I got three kids in college. I got a kid that just just graduated law – school he's, he's a juris doctor he's, but you know how hard it is to get a job right now he you're. Basically, you went to a top 25 law school and it's still hard to get a job in america right now so um yeah exactly. I was i'm banking on it. You know come on yeah yeah, yeah yeah, especially especially one one of that caliber right um.

So so one other thing, one other thing i want to ask about. Like you, you said that you have uh. You live in southern uh utah. Yes, i would think that would be a really really beautiful place to fly. Do you find that it it's a good place to go out and fly yeah uh? You know most peop like anything. This is another. I think this is another conversation. You know i have a lot. Is you never really appreciate the the place that you fly um because you live there and i'm always looking at everybody else like we were looking at zen? Damn you know uh uh in the and the netherlands? Oh, my that's, just beautiful and gorgeous and of course he lives there, the ebrfpv. He actually puts up some beautiful work too that's awesome and he um i'm like. Why would you fly around a windmill or something he's like a freaking windmill? I freaking went. You know you know what i'm saying he lives around. It it's same thing with like southern utah, so i i still love the the place. I live meaning that i still get a lot of excitement out of the of the perspectives i get from fpv and if and i'm telling you right now, it is way different than a hundred feet above a cliff than to be on the cliff yeah yeah diving, A cliff versus kind of looking out over it, but you know where it's fun to team up too, is, if you have a good camera drone, be able to film the fpv drone going down the cliff right.

I mean that that would be. That would be pretty cool. That would be like a second perspective, well that's, why i got to get kai with his wing here and right right, we're working on that. You know, and you know i i'm excited for him to get this wee in the air. I mean he works hard at it and i and and that's why i'm, like i'm cheering for him every week, um it's not easy. A fixed wing, especially one that's, literally unstable it's, made it's an unstable platform it's not like flying something with a tail uh right kind of so you know it's a totally different plane so and of course he wants to max it out. He'S trying to put you know he wants to put special. You know specific cameras because he wants stabilized footage but yeah it's i'm cheering man, he's he's, gon na he's. You know he gosh yeah. He just he did hit a fence post again yeah. I saw that i saw that video too he's, so he's gon na get a kite right here soon. I think not a chimera. That was a dif that's, a that's, a seven inch but um, but no he's. Looking at an uh uh. What the heck is it uh he'll have to pre he'll he'll, get on the on the chat and tell me um: have you flown fixed wing, much or or uh, not even interested it's, fun, yeah, it's, fun and i'll.

Tell you. There are some um i'm. Actually, working on a review of a little um, foamy, that's, stabilized and – and i think mel from 400 agl is in the chat, um what's that the vtol you mean the vital ones: it's, not it's, not vtol, it's, it's, um it's, actually, a uh it's, just a Little foamy that is uh it's, a p58 mustang it's, a world war ii style plane, it's got ailerons, rudder, throttle and elevator, so it's, five, five, four channel and and and it's it's got built in stabilization, so it's got gyros and accelerometers in it that keep it Pretty level so as you're flying it, you really don't have to adjust. The only thing you have to remember is tooth well there's, two things number one when it's coming towards you it's backwards right, just like just like a line of sight with a drone as it's coming towards you left is right. Right is left and uh and then number two is you can't hover, you're you're always going forward so that's the thing, but but one thing people forget about with the fixed wing. I think yeah, the the p 51 mustang bent t said it um. One thing that people forget about it is: you can actually fly those things because they're so lightweight really slow. So i find myself throttling it's like back and forth on the field and then i'm, like oh slow it down, and then i can go by real slow and then, if somebody's chasing me with a drone, they can do all kinds of cool stuff.

No we've had i've had this discussion uh a lot, and you know, and especially people that, like fix me, i've, always wanted to own a parrot disco. Oh yeah. It was ready to fly and i loved the stabilized video and then they and then it went and then it they. You know, of course, parrots stopped putting out product nobody's nobody's recreated the disco. I have no idea why i would buy that. I would be a buyer it's simple to fly. I don't want to build it right and i don't want to put my own. I want it to have a stabilized camera already in it and that's. What i think dji is going to do. I think dji, oh, that would be actually actually, i think, they're going to stabilize the air unit. I really do and the flight time the flight time you get out of the flight time that you, oh you know stabilizing, that camera wow. Then then, then you wouldn't need to have a gopro or uh. You don't. You don't think that the engineers aren't thinking about another way of taking your extra hundred bucks. So i see shane uh from we rv the johnston's in there man it's a great crowd. We have tonight i want to try something chris, so there's a new feature on this. This uh this program i'm using it's, a new feature where i can open up a fan line so i'm gon na see.

If i can get someone to join us and ask a question or something so i think i just threw out the fan line and the number is there uh. Can you see that i don't know if that's popping up on everybody's screen or not but that's pretty interesting? This is the first time i've used this version, so we're waiting to see if someone will join us and ask chris a question, but one other one. Other question chris: what do you teach um what's your what's, your uh specialty as far as like uh, not coaching but teaching i'm a i'm, a social studies teacher. So i teach okay everything, everything that's behind me right there i even put up a special. I even put up a special section for you right there. You see the micheners texas right there yeah. I saw that i thought i know. I think that i'd put up the uh, the uh, the jfk assassination yeah newspaper anyway yeah, but i teach i've been teaching history for uh. You know for history and for a long time since uh 2000 or 1993 2000 holy crap 93 is my first year teaching. I teach sociology um, so i so i do get into a lot of the. I imagine i imagine this year with with covid like it's it's super interesting. Well i mean super it's it's, not a normal year right and so you're getting to teach something like history. In the making, almost yeah actually actually we're we're right now, we're covering world war, one and okay hold on we've got somebody we've got somebody to bring in we're gon na give it a try it's.

My first time ever trying this don't even get me started with history. All right who do we have on the line you're the first one to use this little feature um, so so uh kai. What what happened when you were on hold? Did it play some old music, or could you hear us or what was going on yeah it it? It played some elevator music, but nice. When you actually put me on, i had a switch real, quick to mute. The defeat or we'd have a uh back feed right now, gotcha. Well. Well, i will say: kai uh. You are so i'm actually going down to uh san antonio tomorrow to meet up with kai and i'm gon na fly and chase his fixed wing a little bit. So i'm super excited about that um. Have you? Are you ready for that? I mean. Have you been chased by an fpv drone, yet uh nope? I haven't haven't done that one yet, but yeah, okay, it'll, be a that'll, be a fun yeah i'm, pretty psyched about it, and we just had. We just had a drop in temperature from it was probably 90 or at least 88 today this morning, and it dropped down into the 50s or 60s. So i'm really excited about that. Porch reads: 65 right now now is it? Is it windy windy down there right now, uh, i can't tell right now because can't see out, but okay well, it's, my only hope is it's, not too windy, but i'm i'm looking forward to it, um, yeah and and also uh kai.

You guys. I want to just promote your show for a minute. So chris you do a a weekly live stream, or is it monthly or how often do you do it yeah, i i do it every friday it was. I i decided to first of all my philosophy: uh when it comes to youtube, is, is if i'm not having fun i'm, not doing it. Um i've got a career already. I don't need a youtube career, so i i really enjoy it. You know i enjoy what it, but if it if it amounts to something that's awesome i put time into it, but to me it's a re. I my mind needs to be needs to be challenged constantly, and it gives me an opportunity to to to to explore. Um and be you know, be excited about something other than what i do every day so and how did you? How did you find? How did you meet kai, i mean you guys have never even met in person. Have you well kyle's been on my channel kai? Actually was he used to like respond to a lot of things on my channel, so i was just goofing off and kai would always have like an opinion about something and then he would try to either talk me into something or talk me out of something, and I started to like recognize i'm, like maybe this guy's got some good information to help me get into this.

Next l go to you know into this next level of of of the hobby. You know where i can keep from spending so much freaking money on crap and it's, not that what i'm using is crap. It says i need something to help me move forward quickly, because the emacs is as good as it is for a beginning, uh quad. It is it didn't. Keep me interested for very long. I needed to move very fast, very quickly forward. Not everybody is going to be that way. I i immediately needed something better. I'M, like i need to fly right, i'm, not going to use analog goggles and i'm, not i'm, not gon na spend that time i want. I want to be digital right away and, and kai was basically like that he was telling me you know, don't mess around. Go right, i know what you want to do: go write the digital, find a digital platform, that's that's, ready to ready to fly and then start flying and that's why the germans are known for their efficiency Laughter. He was speaking to my soul. You know how many, how many people does it take? How many germans does it take to change the light bulb? I i have no idea how many germans does it take to change a light bulb one we're a fish and we don't have a sense of humor. All right, hey joe well! Well, let me uh, let me kai i'm going to let you go because i have someone else.

I think in the queue for uh for joining us. So thank you for dialing in and i will see you tomorrow, bud all right, see you later, okay hold on let's see. If we have somebody else waiting here uh, it says somebody's waiting, let's push it and see what happens: it's kind of fun, yeah, it's, it's, uh, guys hungry. When this, when this uh software first started, it was just audio i've got a few folks watching right now, that said, um all they could hear or all they could see. Well, originally, it was just like uh this little bubble. That would that would pulse. As i talked so it's more like a it was almost like a um podcast, but now they've now they've changed it to have this uh. This kind of thing i, like the google platform, because it's going to work with youtube and that's to me, that's big, that you've got two things that are working together: yeah they've made them together. Integration yeah. I love that that's that's important, because i just i don't want to spend time. I'Ve already spent enough time on obs obs obs is tricky. Wirecast is tricky, i mean i saw you were using stream yard right. You, like stream yard streaming i'm, just using it right now, because i don't know which direction to go. But if this platform that you're on right now is uh, it functions. Well, i don't i'm right now, i'm getting uh.

If i, if i want to run my obs and i want to run, say um stream yard through obs i'm getting delay and i can't have delay, i i don't want to have crappy content, so um. If this would allow me to, you know to bypass all of that and then give me some features for a reasonable price, and i can imagine, google is going to literally give it to you well this this deal. This thing is actually created to be used on your phone so i'm doing all this. With my phone that's that's uh, you notice i'm reaching up and touching buttons it's it's supposed to be something you can go on quickly and do so um. But i have another question for you: um you mentioned that dad random is not just about drones. What kind of other stuff do you cover on dad random? I i like to just go out and hike um i'm, not i'm, but i'm, not like a hiker um. I like to just go out and just find something to do so: i'm out i'm, basically out i'll, take my dog for a walk, i'll, bring a camera and i'm like oh here's, something that i haven't been to yet like what the other day i was carrying. My 360 camera – i love guys. I love cameras um and at the 360 360 do you have which one do you have? I call them all: okay, 361r right now, but it's broke um.

I, when i, when i was doing one of my building projects, i had fun in the water. So what i did was i thought i'm just going to quick, dunk my camera in the water. Next to my duck. Well, i dunked my camera next to my duck and i forgot to shut the little freaking door on the side water got in. So i got a. I got a w. The camera still functions, but the wi fi is burnt out. So anyway i still use it and do you do you uh? Do you follow shawn oz? Do you ever watch the world of awesome? I watch stuff yeah i like sean. He does. He does a lot of 360 camera stuff and we have another caller, so let's see who this is calling in all right. I hit the button: hey caller you're on the air, who is it hello, hey kelly, it's, doc, murdock, hey doc? Who is how you doing yeah what turbo's gon na make it through, because i noticed a couple: others were calling and getting the uh. You know the uh waiting music. This is this is a brand new feature. They just added so uh doc doc you've been watching long enough to know that when i started doing this remember it was just voice and just bubbles and and then it evolved into video and now now they've got this fan line so they're trying to build this Thing out which this is actually pretty cool, but i was talking about you before you came on the show.

Actually, before you started watching, i was saying that you guys need to connect because uh dad random is in southern uh utah, not not too far from you and he is uh just getting into fpv and has a lot of questions. And i know you have a lot of answers. Oh yeah, oh i i can give them lots of answers. As a matter of fact hold on, i got ta show you something hold on. You. Guys should still still be able to hear me uh. Where did it go? Oh here they are. I have them right here. I have my custom doc murdock antennas. These things make such a big difference on my tiny whoops that's, mostly what i've been using them for is my uh, tiny hawks actually in the backyard night night and day in terms of how much reception i get and that's the thing too, i guess guys, you Know we've talked a lot about fpv digital fpv versus analog um digital is great, but if you do analog right, i mean that's you're, only fine analog right, chris uh chris dot market right. I fly only analog right now and i have gone out over a mile and a half with my analog systems, and as long as you've got clear line of sight and you've got good tuned antennas at both ends. You will have clear video with no problem. Yeah yeah, no, and even even i know when i was with you in colorado and and we were flying uh because i was flying digital and i was thinking about that.

You were flying through some pretty hectic stuff with lots of little twigs and stuff, and you must have been getting good enough reception to see every little twig. Oh yeah, i got. I got plenty good enough reception. I mean, if it's, really small yeah. I might not see it, but you know when, especially if i'm flying that seven inch, i just fly right through it right right. It'S, like a lawn mower doc are you are you you are you flying crossfire? Is that your transmitter yeah yeah, i'm running crossfire? I have been running the r9m uh, you know in the in previous, but the biggest problem i had with it wasn't that it didn't work. It worked great. The only problem i had was is getting the doggone transmitter and receivers defined. It was very difficult at times. Yeah i heard that in protocols, then it didn't work so with crossfire. It just works as soon as you push that button. It starts binding and then once it's bound it updates over the air and makes both pieces on the same protocol. At the same time, nice and i think that's what people need, especially new people, um most of us don't wan na don't, we love the hobby. Like i like to fly, i don't want to spend time getting ready to fly. I just want to fly and i'm one of those people instant gratification, even if you do that to get started and learn and get proficient right at some point you have to cross over to fixing building and sharing your stuff yeah.

I agree. Otherwise, it gets way too expensive and – and there are things that are so – that are so easy to fix – that if you just take the time to learn how to do it, you know we. We had a spin down uh in colorado, which was the sort of follow on to spin up and uh. Doc gave a great tutorial kind of start to finish on setting up a quad and beta flight, which was awesome. You had he like the the pid tuning. That was something i never knew how to do. I'Ve gone back and adjusted those um 360 rates like how quickly at 360's, and it made a huge difference but there's cool, there's there's, like a million things to learn and it's very overwhelming. So you just it's like eating an elephant. You just got to take one bite at a time. You know it's, just like all right. One new thing i mean, as i understand it, dad random you. You bought one of the the emax ones right, um yeah this. No, this is a gap uh this well yeah. I did. I did both, but i didn't have a lot of luck with my emacs, because i was constantly fixing it putting props on uh. You know i i had to fix the controller because i dropped out of my freaking. You know lap and broke the freaking. You know those little things you know and i immediately went okay i'm sick of flying in gyms.

I want to fly outside you know, so it i jumped to the next level and – and i haven't regretted it and i'm i've got a six inch on the way. I'Ve got a flywood six inch, proc that's coming i'm, so excited for that puppy to come. Um that should be here next tuesday and i'm, jumping up and i'm not afraid to go uh to three inch. You know i just like to fly i'm, one i'm, i'm hooked and i'm i'm modifying my own props. Now it won't be long before i'm. Putting my own quads together it'll happen, absolutely um yet well. I think i was jeffrey. I don't know how, when you know where you were at proficiency wise, but it was something that i've been dealing with with the tiny hot tube freestyle that i got for my wife. You know to learn how to fly on. We just got it this week, so i've been out last couple days trying to get it adjusted, and i found that i had to turn the uh the rates down to like 300. You know for the roll rates and the in the pitch rate, and then i had to adjust the uh on the angle mode. I had to turn it down a little bit and i initially turned it down too far. I had to turn it back up and i found that about 300 degrees on that one, and i do it's a small 2s.

You know little two and a half incher right and about 25 degrees on the angle mode and man. I tell you what it's it's easy to handle at that point. You know once you get past that then it gets to be more of um you're, going to need a little more skill to you know to hang on to it yeah i i i've um, like i said i i that's that's been another step. I definitely will get into custom tuning because you know that's, i think that's a that's, a that's, an automatic like i don't like the way this it's not i'm, not in sync, with the way: i'm rolling or i'm, not in sync, with the way. I'M. I'M uh. I'M looping and i need to either turn it up or i need to turn it down. I don't understand that yet and i'm afraid to touch anything inside a beta flight and tell well it's really easy to adjust that particular piece without hurting anything else, because all that does is adjust the speed that everything right if it's, if it's too fast, i can Turn it down right, correct, right, yeah and betaflight. Betaflight is a is kind of a can of worms that there there there are. Probably you know – and i said this uh uh doc when when we were together in colorado, there's, probably about 20 of the stuff, you need to do in betaflight that you can kind of get by with doing that.

If you learn how to do like just assigning switches and changing the changing the pins a little bit but but other than that um, the other stuff is all it's all fine tuning at that point. But you if you learn that 20 you're you're pretty good to begin with um. You know what i mean, and so so i've learned that and now i'm just learning. One thing at a time from the other channel you should definitely check out um is, is old! Guy in a drone i don't know if you watch mitch at all uh dad ran about jesus, but i haven't yeah go ahead. I'M. Sorry, i was gon na say he. He he's a great um he's a great resource and he does i've actually been on his show where he literally will get on with you and help. You fix a problem with your with your drone, which you know i had i've had that i've done that twice with him now and two times, he's fixed. My problem like did you try this? Did you try this and i keep trying it and he'll walk you through it? He'S super patient. You know so a lot that's. The great thing guys this community of of every pilot, that we have every person that we have here and even people that don't fly that just like to hang out. Everybody wants to help each other out so much, and i appreciate that so much i mean that's.

Really that's what the magic is. You know the flying is awesome, but absolutely it's, it's the fun and getting together. I chris uh haley um. We had so much fun in colorado. We had such a good time hanging out together so much fun bowling. I mean we all went bowling. How random was that that was fun. That was a blast anyway. Uh, i i i will say uh to dad random is is uh. Definitely doc. Murdock is a guy that you should. You should follow his instagram and you should uh. You should be um, he'll answer your questions and and if you you know at some point uh, i i feel really lucky that he made me these antennas. I think he should be selling these things because they're like gold, when it comes to analog fpv he'd, have to compete with the chinese manufacturer. Oh no, he there's. No competition, there's, no competition. It is. It is the difference between the difference between a mass produced, highly uh, error, prone antennas and precision that you know he he does these down to the tenth of a millimeter. I mean they are so that's why they work so much better yep, yeah, it's, just being tuned and that's the key where mass produced antennas. They have to put it within a percentage just to be able to mass produce them. Where, when you hand make something you can make it as exact as you want to take the time and effort to right, i i can agree.

I can agree with that. If, of course, you have to have knowledge, um and, of course, that's from that's from the you know, that's the learning curve that you're slowly, you know, like, i said, that's the the piece of a time, the piece at a time that you're eating the elephant.