He just has to click on that link and then i will see him waiting down here and i can put him in, but as of right now, he hasn't clicked on the link so i'm waiting for him, but in the meantime, welcome everybody, hello, shane from we Rv, the johnstons hello, thomas hello, uh uh link states already claimed all right. Well, let me try all right. Sorry guys you're gon na have to bear with me. While i send him a new one, uh see if this will work boy beta software right, it's, the best uh send okay audi. I just sent you a new one, so hopefully that one will uh actually work. Um yeah, so um go to the most recent email. I sent you audi with the uh with the most recent uh link, because i think, probably you might have been looking at the old link. The first link i sent you, which is no longer valid. They only last for 10 minutes. These links they're kind of crazy, like that, oh and i just realized – i have a um by the way. Can everybody hear me? Okay, i have a light that i haven't turned on yet boy i'm, just firing on all cylinders tonight, all right here we go light on there we go. You can probably see me a little bit better now, yeah, okay, i look a lot better. Uh let's see is audi there yet nope. I don't see him yet um.

What i was gon na say was, first of all, thank you. Everyone for joining in agent k, we've got okay, oh wait! Agent k says we see you, we see you fine, all right! Let'S see if we got here, yeah okay, uh are you hearing me. Are you hearing me chat, um justin uh was the no. He was the winner of a contest that i had not too long ago. He actually won my original mavic air and justin sent me something that is i'm super excited about it's right here. It is a 3d printed mount for my um for my gap, rc racing quad, fpv quad right here that is going to go on here and this thing is going to carry my new insta360 go which is in here now. I have to say i thought this thing was kind of a gimmicky um. You know uh social media, kid kid kind of toy for social media. This thing is actually really cool. I'Ve been enjoying this thing a lot. It has the ability to just um so small and light, and i haven't put it on a drone yet but that's what i'm going to do tomorrow. Actually, with that 3d printed mount, but i mean you can see, i got big big beefy hands, but it is, it is really tiny. It'S got magnets on the back, so it sticks sticks right in the charger here to charge kind of like your, like air pods.

Do when they go into the charger um, but anyway, i'm super excited justin. Thank you for sending me the 3d printed piece, so i can try it. I see audi made it in finally so i'm gon na click right here and see if we can get him to join and let's see. If we have any luck, oh hey there, he is hey there. He is. How are you doing yep good? How are you doing? Can you hear me all right, i'm doing great um. I thought i thought i was coming through my airpods, but apparently i'm, not but that's, okay, um! I can hear you pretty well. Okay, great, give us a little test. One two test: one: two: yeah yeah, you sound great. Can you hear me okay? I can awesome okay. Well, thank you for joining tonight for everyone who doesn't know. First of all, even though it's spelled adi it's pronounced audi, and he told me one time – it's like the car right, that's right so very, very easy to remember. Um and outing is a very, very nice car, so uh. That makes it super easy to remember. That'S, a dutch nickname, dutch nickname um audi is a uh member of the ready set drone and overall drone community he's been to spin up twice right, uh and oh once once oh once, okay, but he has been, he has been like just so much of a Participant and very, very much appreciated.

Um. You see him in a lot of the chats for other channels. You see him um, you know just always always helping people and supporting people and he's a really interesting guy, because he has a background. Tell him what you used to do for a living, or maybe you still do for a living with the spacesuits uh. Well, i was on a space shuttle program for 32 years and i did the environmental control systems for the shuttle, and i also was a suit engineer for the life support system parts of the suit and when the shuttle became decommissioned, then i went over to the Aircraft side of the business and was a service engineer for the airbus a380 and legacy 747 platforms, and did they give you did they give you a suit to keep like at the end of it? You can have it. No, unfortunately, they're uh a lot of money. Ken heron, just just did a super chat, five dollars for her mustache money, styling cream. So so thank you. You know, you know. Audi has a really good mustache, i'm gon na say: you've got that kind of salt and pepper. Look going so, and i was i was on your facebook page trying to find some pictures. I found a good one with you in the spacesuit earlier, but i uh, i saw a lot of pictures when you were younger. You had kind of long hair back in the day i did it was in the style in the 80s.

You know that was actually a picture that i saw up there, that was at mi2 and i was doing robotics work with a suit where we put a a robot in a suit and we um measure the performance of the suit, because people are terrible at uh. Quantifying uh the changes that we make to the suit, so we would do like a placebo. Have the astronauts uh go on a suit? We told them we'd do all these different things to make the suit mobility different and they would say oh yeah it's all great, but we didn't actually do anything. So it was a kind of placebo effect, like you said, yeah yeah, yeah, so yeah. So we took um, we worked with mit and we put a robot in a suit and it was uh instrumented with strain gauges and force gauges, and we were able to quantify the actual improvements that we would make. So it was good well. So so your background, being in robotics, uh spacesuits. That sort of thing i mean drones seem like a natural fit for you. Um are you? Are you like kind of one of these left brain right, brain people that has a creative side as well as a technical side, or would you say you're more one or the other uh i'm, more left brained but i'm working on my right brain side, all right! It'S been tell us which is which, because i don't know the left brain is like logical thinking, analytical thinking.

The right brain is more um artistry type work there. You go yeah creativity yeah, so so so you sent me a video earlier and unfortunately um not fortunately or unfortunately, i'm using i've decided to use this um uh this format with um this software, that that you know the the um station software, which has been great And i appreciate them letting me try it out. I can't play videos back though this is kind of one on one kind of thing, but you sent me a video earlier and i will, after the show, i will link it in the description uh. It was of you using a new cable cam, tell us a little bit about what you've been doing with that. That was really cool and actually i'm going to show you real, quick too. After your video, there were several more recommended to me by that name, and i watched a bunch of them and i almost ordered one. I was like that thing looks super cool i uh. Do you know the uh camera company b, h yeah out of new york yeah? So if you look at it, they actually have some sales going on and i got it for 298.. It was the regular uh yeah. I sold it '9 right, 389 yeah yeah. So you can get some good deals on it and it's a really cool device. Um. You have a cable it's uh that so it comes standard with a hundred um with a 50 meter or 150 feet, and then they have a 100 meter which is like 300 feet, and i i opted for the um.

Well. Actually, i have both of them, but i did that in that video that i shot um, i actually strung the 300 foot one. I just want to see what that distance is, but i was actually having some problems with connectivity of the um, the osmo pocket and the osmo action, because that blue, because they're yeah that wi fi right their wi fi net nemo app. They bomb out about 50 75 feet. You know they're made for close proximity right right. So then i decided well, you know, ocusync is pretty strong transmission um, so i ended up putting the uh the mavic pro on to it and with um with the goggles that you actually gave me i'm able to yeah you can't yaw, the drone. Obviously, but you can with the goggles, you can do head tracking and you can, i think, it's uh 30 degrees or something like that on each side of the center and you can go up and down so it's really cool. And then i can go the whole distance, then with that, so so so guys. What he's talking about and again i'll put in the uh i'll put in the link for this video is he's got this cable cam system. That is basically a football field, long right, um us football field for uh out there, and it is uh. It has this um device. That has that i thought at first those were actually the legs or the the um two of the um two of the quads legs, but that those are actually the ones that go on the cable, cam and then that's correct.

You you connected a in a mavic pro to it and it the reason you would use a cable cam is, if you're, not mr steel or nerc, or one of these fancy fpv pilots who can drive or joshua bardwell can fly through sponsored or this big um. You can actually and some of the videos i saw online people set these things up through forests and they had a straight line through tiny little gaps in trees between rocks and the camera just glides along this cable through it, and then you use the software to Remove the cable right, yeah, so uh adobe, um after effects, which you can actually download a free copy of it. They have a plug in that removes that cable, it's uh it's used in the industry a lot, because you can actually capture that, depending on how you have a camera angle right so yeah that uh and that device has um a bunch of different modes on it. It'S got a normal mode: it's got a sport mode that goes 22 miles per hour, wow that's fast, it's, scary fast. When you see it zipping on that wire, you know um, you can set digital, stop points on the beginning of the cable run and the end of the cable run, and then you have some mechanical backup stops and all it does is just knock the trolley off The trolley has um a spring loaded pin, so it can't ever fall off the cable.

You have to pull the pin out, stick it onto the cable and let the spring bring it back in what is it? What is the device called for anybody, who's interested yeah? So um it it's, it looks like y'all r i o w, i r a l but all the um, all the websites i saw from uh where it's manufactured is uh. They call it viral. So yeah it's it's, like it's, like a play on words, but it is wire and is that rope anything special or is it just really finely uh? You know really tight rope or what is it no it's a special high density, polypropylene wire um. It actually has a tensile strength of a thousand p thousand pounds and it's only seven, seven sixty fourths in diameter, so it's um. It has no yeah and it doesn't have any stretch to it. So once you once you pull it taut it it's pretty taut and you use like a little ratchet to pull it taut. Is that right, uh, so it's not a ratchet but it's um it's, like one of those straps to have on kayaks it's, um it's a spring loaded device with uh little keys on it. It won't go backwards. It won't go backwards: okay, okay, yeah! So so you know the little demo that you showed um. Also, do you own a four wheeler that thing was badass yeah that's, yeah, that's it's, a two upper it's, a vomit ear, yeah and uh yeah, so it's really long and big, because it's uh it's made for two people yeah it was.

It was very cool. Looking i mean you is that near your house, where you were yeah, it's, um it's right at my house um, i live in the middle of the woods uh. My nearest neighbor to the right or left of me is a mile away, oh nice and then and then i have a neighbor that's across the street. That i'm really good friends with he is his drop. His he's 1800 feet um across but it's pretty rural. Our town only has uh 485 people in it and you're in here in massachusetts, right yep, we're towards the new york border line and like it's called the berkshires it's, actually, where the like the appalachian um mountains are and the appalachian trails there. Um 15 minutes from my house wow, my my wife actually did the appalachian trail before we got married. She she she's cool, yeah, yeah she's. She used to be uh. She used to be very uh into high key, well she's still very into hiking, but but she was a lot more hardcore about it than me, and then i domesticated her, but and – and i told her i'd fly a drone over her if she ever wanted to Do it again yeah? So so with that viral light um, you know i'm a part 107, and i do some some business with that and i've done, weddings and other venues like that and the drones just don't work. You know you can't fly with people can't make a a really loud drone flying over a crowd, and i know wet thing so: it's not it's, not a good thing: it's it's it's, just no it's not and it's risky too.

You know because people are there to have a good time and if there's an incident uh, you know that's going to be long remembered so yeah uh. So this is a really uh to have i've seen where people will fly from indoors to outdoors uh through a window and stuff like that it's pretty cool yeah, i mean it's, pretty much it's pretty much bulletproof right. You, you set the thing up. You have. You have the path that you're going to follow and then you and then it just goes along that path and really there's, not a lot. That could go wrong unless maybe you had the camera hanging down too low, and you didn't anticipate that you know he hit something or or if you guys need a little bit or something like that. Well, what you do is, after you string the um, the cable uh, you do, a dry run right and you go just go really slow because you have to set the digital end points anyways, so uh. You just want to make sure that everything's um going to work out the way you planned uh and then uh it's, pretty solid, set up. You know, you'll just keep repeating the nice thing is, is once you route the cable. You can keep changing the camera angle and you get a different perspective each time so that video that i showed you um sideways, pretty easy. You could just you could just tilt it down right, yeah and then with the um, with the memo app or the uh.

Go for app, you can do tracking too right, wow yeah, so so someone just asked and for everyone who just joined what we're talking about here is a cable cam, and what audi did was he actually took not only the cable cam, which you can put any Well, up to a certain weight right, you could probably put a mirrorless camera or a gopro, obviously on it, but he actually uh yeah 3.3 pounds, which is a pretty beefy camera that's that's, a pretty pretty big payload. He mounted his uh mavic pro because two things number one: it gave him uh, you know it's got a great camera it, but it gave you the ability to see it live with with the goggles or your phone or i guess, goggles or phone were the two Options but then also to to control the camera remotely, because ocusync works great yeah. I mean this thing's only 100 yards long. So, even in like thickly forested area, i would think it would work just fine yeah, not so with the wi fi, the um osmo pocket, and that memo app uh and the uh osmo action. This is there like. I said this is a whole new role for the for the mavic pro to play. Yeah absolutely, i i think, it's a very viable option: um it's, another tool and uh. You know that we can use um as 107 to to do some filming where drones are not so acceptable, um or honestly, technically uh.

You wouldn't need a 107 to do this because you're not flying the drone you're. Just you. You are flying on a cable. So right yeah exactly but i mean, if you're doing it for a business i was talking about you know you. Can anybody can use the cable cam for whatever they want? It'S a it's pretty interesting and it's fun, yeah um! You can even do time lapse on it. That'S got six different speeds for time lapse, so um. I think they call them sliders, where you do like a um, a camera and it's doing a sunset but you're moving along yeah yeah a slider. But here you can sort of like data hyperlapse, a sort of like doing a hyperlapse with with a drone. But instead of you know you're on a cable, i would imagine it would actually be more stable than a hyperlapse yeah yeah, because uh any movement, a hyperlapse. You know a little bit of wind or something like that. You do get a little bit of shakiness. This is pretty stable, nice, nice! No! No! I i and actually thank you for the tip about b h having it for 100 bucks less because, like i said i was, i was looking at it on amazon i was like, but i i'm actually leaving town i'm going to upstate new york this week. My family has been up there. Now i live in texas, you know sort of copic hot bed, texas florida in california um.

I i have been by myself for about a month and really except for going to the grocery store. Where i wear a mask, i've been pretty pretty much by myself, so i feel pretty confident that you know i feel fine. I haven't haven't had any symptoms. Of course you can be. Asymptomatic of you know is one of the things but uh. My my in laws have a place on the st lawrence river, which i'm going to spend uh two weeks up there and st lawrence. If you, if you aren't familiar with it, you probably are because you live kind of up in that area, but it's the seaway between lake ontario and um, the the atlantic ocean yeah. So so it's, where, where the great lakes drain out to the you know – and it goes past montreal – and it goes past toronto – well – really beautiful area, yeah, beautiful, beautiful spot so i'm taking i'm taking um i'm taking this guy, the gep rc, which i'm also going To have the 3d printed mount? Thank you again, justin for that um, with the 360. i'm going to have my mavic air 2 is going to be my main camera drone and then i'm, taking a couple of other little tiny, whoop style things and i'm planning to do a lot of video around Their their house is actually on an island in the river, so it's just a great place to fly unless you go in the water, but super excited about about flying up there and also super excited about getting out of this heat it's been pretty ridiculously hot.

The last two weeks – oh wow, we've, been actually having some pretty nice weather here. I think today was um in the low 80s again, but you know i drive down to the valley um, because we're in the berkshire hills and it's another 10 degrees warmer down here. So yeah you get a little better altitude. I mean you know we're in texas. Nothing is super high um, but in my neighborhood um i just when i was setting up here, it's bright, sunlight 98 degrees or something like that, and then all of a sudden it was this big downpour. Just like five minutes before i went on the air um for probably 10 minutes and then it just stopped. And now i live on a fairly busy street it's, been, i say, busy: it's, it's, suburban, but there's, a lot of uh joggers and people going by and i'm actually looking out out the window right now. So i people it's funny too, because i have several lights on. I'Ve got this whole setup in here, and people walk by and kind of look in at me like what are what are you doing? Are you at your office at home? This is at home. This is my house at home: okay, yeah yeah, so i i've spent a lot of time in texas, uh, jsc and uh and kennedy space center, obviously over the years, but my last uh, seven years my work – i did a lot of work over in the middle East and you want to talk about hot um, it's 119 degrees on the tarmac and you're out there all day long i would drink.

This is um what 40 ounces yeah 40 ounces. I would drink about six of these and not have to pee once 640 dogs man, if i did that i'd be like i'd, be wasted, yeah, it's, uh it just it just sweats. Out of you. You know it's um. So what country were you in uh, united? Abraham embarrassed dubai, okay, uh mrt airlines was my biggest customer, but i was singapore. Malaysia, of course, all the different airlines, so the 380 doesn't it's not owned by any uh american operator. So all my customers were all foreign and i did um service uh missions for them. I worked with engineering to come up with uh reliability. Changes uh in the hardware, uh i'd collect that data, and then we find out what kind of improvements that we can make and then the implementation phase, you know, writing the manuals and working with the operators and training the uh. So this was airbus. This is for airbus, airbus yeah. Okay, do you know um do you know francois uh francois and his last name starts with an l. But do you know he's, i i have not seen him in in the chat he came to the first spin up uh. He is a french guy, he lives in houston and he works for airbus as well yeah. So i don't work for airbus. I work for united technologies, okay, okay um, but i was their airbus representative for the 380.

he's near intercontinental airport in houston. You know last last, i checked of him but um. I don't know him. No kai said his brother's, an engineer at airbus who worked on the a380 as well: um, yeah, cool, uh, well it's, it's, interesting, because i have i kind of have this um. I don't know if it's a fantasy or a a desire to go to uh, to go to dubai. Sometime i've just heard it's just kind of an experience, it's it's, probably a lot like las vegas, where you go there and it's cool for a couple of days. But then you're like oh is that is that fair there's, nothing cool about it: yeah it's cement, city, no it's it's! I i was just kind of uh joking about that uh, because it's very, very hot. There is what i'm trying to say: yeah no it's, um, it's, very, very modern. They obviously have a ridiculous amount of money to spend on things. Um, yeah, it's, it's, very, very interesting. I don't know what the attraction is to build in such a hot hot climate, but it works over there. I guess. Well, i mean we've done it in phoenix and we've done it in in you know, in the us and in vegas, and i i mean i feel like it's one of those things where you work with what you have, but i i just i've heard you know Just just seeing the pictures of the police cars are like ferraris or porsches, or something aren't they over there they're.

They are they're exotic cars uh and they show them off and uh. So the interesting thing about dubai is that eighty percent of the workers are foreign workers uh only twenty percent emiratis and only 10 percent of those work and they all hold gold government positions like police or they work at the airports and customs and all that stuff. So they bring in a lot of uh pakistanis and indian people to um to do all their labor for them uh and it it works for them because no in those home countries, so that they're in you know it's, not a aviation job, is a pretty good Job for them right, good, pay, if you um, if you lose your job or you age out of the system at 65, it doesn't make any difference uh. If you were born in that country or whatever you're out of that country, right away, the only people that can stay there are the emiratis, okay, so wow yeah and it's very it's, very safe place too, because uh nobody wants to get. You know let go so yeah well and also also they. You know, i understand their law is pretty strict. Did you ever? Did you ever take a drone over there? Have you ever taken a drone overseas um? I have um, but it's like i've, always been so busy that i really never had the opportunity to do it um and then i i just didn't do enough research to find out if i could do it legally or whatever yeah.

Well, i mean that seems like one of those places where you know where i guess you know there's lots of probably desert. You could go out to and fly yeah. They love their. They love their drones um. I actually was um at a drone event. Uh, a million dollar track for fpv racing wow, yeah and, like i said they don't, do anything small there and it was really really incredible. You know that is super cool yeah. Well, i was speaking of fpv. I was going to mention – and i did mention this last week – actually um, but i i had the opportunity last week to go out and meet up with nerc uh fpv, who was the 2018 drl world champion um? He was flying a uh cinema drone called the money shot and it is made by a company out of houston um that that makes you know big well, they make all kinds of different drones, but uh. I met him at a rally car place anyway. He released two videos one yesterday and one today about the entire experience of flying that thing and i'm in it briefly, like not i'm, not speaking or anything, but you see me, you see me filming for him uh. It was so cool to see this um. This thing is 35 pounds, 40 pounds with a red camera. It'S got a um, insta 360 and it's got the dji fpv system on it, and he did two things.

He chased a bugatti like a three million dollar bugatti um through some private roads, and then he also chased um rally. Cars that's, where i met up with him out at a dirt track, and the cool thing was rally cars as they drive the sand and dust and everything kind of kicks up behind them. So it makes this cool. I mean it looks like smoke coming out and by the way got a super chat from fly natural. Thank you very much roosevelt. He was my guest last week. If you didn't see his video, you can go back and watch but um yeah. I mean the the thing that amazed me about nerc. Is he flew that thing so calmly and you know he's got he's got not only the the red camera, the drone itself, all you know all the all the r d and equipment on there and he's flying over a three million dollar that's. What i was told this this bugatti is like one of 20 in the world or something um flying over that thing. You know if if he lost control and flew into it, that would be the end, but he was sure like so calm and but you know, it's that's his job it's, what he does so i was i was really uh. I was pretty impressed. Um i'm really impressed with those professional people uh. Have you ever seen: trent palmer his stuff? No, no! I haven't trent! So trent is uh, he's, good friends with um uh remote pilot 101.

, uh jason, yeah yeah, and he flies drones professionally and uh bush planes for fun wow. But but he you know, he has a really a lot of really cool stuff and he's got like hundred thousand dollar drones, carrying red cameras and stuff, like that he does it for the movie industry right, um and that's like a whole nother level. You know it's really really cool stuff yeah well, so the difference the difference between this drone, the the money shot that nerf was flying and the typical movie industry so most movie industry stuff is you know, they're flying matrices or they're flying some something that has stabilization Built into it that has you know gps. That is totally locked in now. I don't think this has any of that this. Well, it might have. It might have an angle mode where it can. It can stabilize itself, but it's it's supposed to be an fpv drone. It'S supposed to be a very fast it's designed to go fast and it's designed to do um uh. You know it's designed to do these shots that you couldn't really do with a stabilized drone, because you're flying so much faster and you're get like there's parts where he kind of just goes around the car and he's in front of it and he's coming back around And, quite honestly, you just you know that would be very hard to do with a gps, stabilized drone because sure um, because it's it would be fighting you and wanting to stay in one place, a lot more but um yeah.

I think that's, where the world is going with, with these type of cameras, with these little um sta, with all the digital image, stabilization that's happening now and again, this is the this is the uh one i was showing earlier. This is the insta360 go. This right here has such good it's. I think it's called um flow state stabilization. You can. You can walk along i've, taken this out of my bike. I'Ve taken this out on a skateboard, um i'm, going to put it on a drone tomorrow, but it doesn't matter like how shaky you are as you're walking the the footage just comes out super smooth, looking and nice, i feel, like i feel like gimbals – might be A thing of the past yeah, you know with technology. The electronic stabilization will probably surpass the mechanical gimbals right, so it's it's working out that way it seems like so so let me ask you a totally random question: audi um. Do you do you read or or watch any sci fi like like uh? Are you into that at all uh? I i love sci fi, so yeah have you ever read john scalzi uh nope a book called old, man's war, old, man's war. I have to put that on my list: it's it's, it's, amazing it's, actually a three part series, there's old man's war, ghost brigades – and i forget what the last one's called, but anyway, the the whole premise of that book, which i i love that whole series, my Son actually read it too is when you turn 75, you can.

You can um get a new body like you can have your your consciousness transported to a new body, but the trick is you have to join the army and go fight bad guy aliens for 10 years and then you're free to go but it's it's, like a Beefed up space age body the reason i bring all this up. I i just read that one i just read another one called infinite and there was another one that i read: uh gosh. It was really long. Oh seven eves have you ever heard of seven eaves um i've heard of it. I have not read that one either though it's a long ass book, but but all of all of these books have one thing in common and that is uh people living in space. So you you've worked in that industry. You'Ve worked in the space industry, do you think will ever and and the books are all about uh, the the perils of oxygen and food and waste and heat, and you know um the things they call them bowlings. I think they're they're they're the little you know little tiny pellets that can hit the space station and put a big hole in it. Um is that is that right, bowling uh i'm, not familiar with that term. We call it micro, meteorites, okay! Well, that might have been what they called it in the book. Do you think people can live in space? Oh, absolutely i mean we do it all the time we've been doing it since the space station's been there.

Um well we've been up there for like two years at a time or three years at a time um, but but i mean like like permanently like somebody like a space station where people are born there and grow up and live there. Their whole lives uh. Well, if i don't think that's going to be a reality, i think it's going to be more that we're moon, based or mars, based where you can put some earth between you and the uh habitat modules to to stop that um radiation. You mean mars, put some mars between you and yeah, put some mars between you, some dirt between you, yeah yeah yeah, because um. Well, the the earth is unique because we have a magnetosphere, so low earth orbit we're somewhat protected, but we still see a lot of um a lot of radiation and uh it's it's the biggest hurdle right now for longevity of staying in space. So well, these these books all kind of address it in different ways. You know the loss of bone mass from from lack of gravity, the the idea again of uh, you know green space and being able to uh actually get enough oxygen um. I actually in march, when covid really started happening, we had a woman in our studio and i i knew who she was when she came in, but she was awesome. You might know who she is. Her name is peggy whitson, you know, do you know who that is? She was peggy whitson.

She was uh the longest she's, the uh longest american woman. I say longest. She was the american woman for the longest amount of time in space, yeah um, okay, yeah that's. That name sounds familiar. I know so many of them she was great. She came in so she was supposed to speak at a conference and it got cancelled due to covid, so we ended up, recording her and sending that video to they did the conference virtually. But what was cool about it? Is we probably spent an hour recording her presentation? You know she had slides and she had different camera angles and all this stuff, but afterward she probably spent an hour, maybe an hour and a half just sitting there with us. Like i kept thinking she had to leave because because her we had to work through an agent to get her into our studio and of course we had to have a lot of covet um. You know safety precautions and all this sort of thing, but she sat there and just answered all these questions we had about women's face and she she had been in. She had been in for the longest of any us woman and it was. It was pretty amazing. She was just telling us about how she felt when she landed and how you know how they dealt with um kind of exercise and and mental health. I mean there's so much that goes into it. There is and i've been fortunate enough to be in that industry, where i've done crew training, and i worked with these guys quite a bit.

The um, the big thing that they're trying out right now is uh. Hydrogen molecules are really good at blocking out radiation, so they're thinking about encasing the habitat modules with a layer of water because you have to store the water anyways, so that would be that would be on the outside. So it's a dual purpose thing you know and you're always trying to find that in space vehicles you know to save weight um. So, basically, instead of having to have lead or or something heavy to block the radiation, you would have water and what the the radiation just hits it and bounces off or what yeah it dissipates um. You would never have a lead because that's just too expensive to uh to launch right. You got gold, emirates, spacecraft, yeah. We do have a lot of gold on the space station it's a um it's, only a molecule thick, but it's a uh, a mylar material. You'Ve. Probably seen it it's highly reflective uh, even the even the visor of the uh of the spacesuit, has that that molecule thick layer it's pretty remarkable because um, if you just had the shield off the helmet and you put your face into it, you can actually feel The heat reflecting back off your off your uh face: oh wow, so so the temperature of your body, like radiates back towards you, raise your back yep. So in space um, you know you're more concerned about the photon energy coming in from the outside there's uh there's.

No thermal transfer properties in spaces, it's a vacuum right, so you're just trying to reflect it all. So what what um? In terms of drone technology and kind of where things are going right now, i mean obviously there's so much better um camera obstacle avoidance technology with the skydio, and you know the newer drones from dji that are coming out. I i know that skydio just released an industrial drone that is supposed to be really awesome. I don't know too much more about it um, but as far as the ability for those um those type aircraft, those are all dependent on lift from air right. Every single drone that we're flying right now do you ever see a place where, where there might be one that is uh more jet or rocket powered like where it could actually go out beyond the atmosphere or up into the high atmosphere, yeah so um during the Shuttle program they actually had um drones. That would go out and inspect the outside of the shuttle. You know after the challenger, and it was a round sphere and it had a pressurized gas bottle in it, and imu inertial measuring unit and accelerometers in space, like after yeah in space, send a drone out to check out the exterior that's, awesome yeah and with a Gas thrusters, you know they could control it and it would go around on the vehicle and and check things out. So it was, it was a.

It was a test setup. You know that they were trying out and it was uh. It worked out pretty well. So in space, all you really need is geeksvana says a drone is being launched to mars this thursday, really yep. It is yeah educate me so that that new mars rover actually has a drone um in it, that's going to be deployed on the surface and it takes like a a 35 40 second flight, and then it lands again and it charges his battery. But if they're doing it to map out the areas for efficient um travel routes, routes for the uh, the rovers themselves from above they'll, be able to tell where the where the flat spots are and the holes okay. But because the uh atmosphere is so thin on mars, they have to spin those rotors um, very, very fast, um wait. So this is this literally a this is literally a uh, a propeller uh. You like, like a drone like we know it. Yeah it's two propellers sitting on top of it counter rotating, oh and uh, yeah there's, some really uh interesting, uh videos on on that on the internet. If you want to take a look at it, okay, cool! No! I did not thank you sean for pointing that out. I i had no idea about that, and and – and you know what what a great use of it i'm sure they can fold it down, really tight to fit in the rover, and then you know it pops out and yeah um, yes, it's a pretty good size.

I want to say it's, probably uh, with foot in a a two foot cube okay, um, because it has to have enormous props. You know to be able to generate lift and they, like, i say they spin at a very, very high rate, but it's fully assembled and they just deploy it. It drops out of the bottom of the um out of the rover, and then the rover backs up, and it does its thing wow that no, i i did not know about that. I will 100 go check that out online and make sure uh make sure i'm more educated, yeah that's that's um on perseverance, okay, that's that's cool to know now. So so, if there is any kind of atmosphere, then you can use propellers it's, just a matter of the size and the speed at which they spin that's correct yeah couldn't. Do it on the moon, because there is no atmosphere, so you can't generate any lift wow. Well audi so um talk a little bit about um talk a little bit about uh uh spin up here. You'Re you've been what what do you think about it being virtual this year, oh nice, um i'm excited about it it's. I think it's gon na be a good venue. Um, you know with the whole code thing it'd be nice to be in person, but uh the uh. The presenters are awesome and i would sit through all day watching all the presenters that's uh yeah it's, really educational.

I meet some very interesting people. The technologies that they share are really really good uh and then you know as a creator. You learn some things like sean taught me about uh how you use the cadence of the music to do your scene changes and things like that, so yeah yeah in that video, you sent me actually yep yeah. Well, i appreciate you joining tonight. I don't want to go too because uh, we are actually uh. I don't want to step on um greg's toes which, with oz by drone, which starts in about uh seven minutes, i think it's, 7, 5 central, but dude. Thank you. If people want to check you out more, where should they go uh? Well, you could google, my name audiobeak, um and or you can go to audio over my youtube channel. If you want there's a lot of stuff on the internet about my space days, my i did four polar expeditions: uh nasa games, research, wow, yeah, so matter of fact, um dr pascal lee um sean over at geeks fauna. He had him as a guest star and uh pascal, and i know each other very, very well, so it was that was a fun fun event. Yeah yeah definitely chuck out check out geeksvana. He has some great stuff. Yeah yeah sean does a really good job. Thank you again for joining uh. I will. I will be back in touch. I probably need to have you on again to talk about some of that other stuff, but um.

Everyone who tuned in really appreciate you guys being here tonight uh be sure if you haven't, already checked out. Spinup2020.Com spin down is sold out, unfortunately, so that's that's, gon na that's gon na be happening, but if you don't have a ticket um but again, thank you guys for joining audi thanks for taking the time tonight. Thank you so much for having me kelly and if you aren't, already planning on it, go over to oz by drone and check out his uh stream tonight, because it starts in five minutes. I will all right great.