Uh every saturday is what it's been at 5 pm central time, and so, if someone can, let me know that the audio is working. I would appreciate it, i suppose, if it wasn't working, you guys would let me know that too. So, hey everybody happy saturday good to see you guys i'm i'm uh happy to be here. This is a project i call speed dial and the idea of speed dial is that it's? Something that i do every saturday it's super easy to do, because it's uh built into my phone, so i don't have to set up too much. I did stack up a whole bunch of drones that are all sitting here. Uh in front of me now and we'll talk about all of these drones um, but it's uh. It is pretty cool, uh good! Thank you! Random family man for the confirmation and coast coast drones good to see you uh. I want to give a quick shout out to a couple of folks in the audience here we got thomas ariels we've got random family man. Like i said, we have justin anderson who won the mavic air uh, my mavic air, my old one and unfortunately i have not shipped it out yet, but i promised him i would get it packed up this weekend and get it sent out to him on monday And i will send him a tracking number so that he'll know when it's going to arrive so um.

I also just you know: i've been gushing about this little guy for a while, but this is i flew this again this morning i actually woke up at 6. 00 a.m, and was out at the field by 6 45 to fly this little guy. This is the gep rc rocket. It is a cinewoop, i guess style. Drone it's got the dji air fpv system built into it, and it is so much fun and i've crashed it. I actually took a whole bunch of video of it today. So i'm excited i'm. Putting the video together uh crashed it into several metal things, including a fence. A backstop um almost hit myself once when i came in a little too hot, but it just takes a beating and keeps on going. This is really a cool little drone, so i can't wait to get my video out about it. I'Ve also got setting here the um evo autel evo 2, which ken dono generously, let me borrow, and unfortunately i've not had a chance to fly it i'm thinking tomorrow might be my day uh rather than flying. My uh get rc rocket i'm gon na fly this tomorrow and i also uh have sitting here. What else do i have? I have my mavic air too, which is actually uh. I finally put a review of this guy out. Everybody else had already done one, but i figured i would share my opinion about it, and this is a solid little drone.

If you're looking for a first drone uh, you should go check out that review and consider this one uh got the got the skydio2 sitting here, which new firmware is out. I actually updated the firmware and intend to go fly this. I think i might fly these two at the same time and just kind of have some fun with a little bit of um non dji drone flying day, not that i have anything against dji. Of course, they're great. They are sponsoring spin up, as is remote pilot 101. So, if you're thinking about getting your part, 107 definitely check out remote pilot 101 and then i've got sitting here a little sparky. This is uh. This is actually a uh spark that i got. This was the first um pre release that i ever got from dji and holds a near and dear spot in my heart still flies great um. I actually flew this not too long ago, just because i missed flying it, um got the emacs tiny hawk. This is a tiny hawk s, the little black one. This is a great little trainer for learning how to fly fpv and this little guy. Actually um is the one my son's been flying the most to get him pretty good at, and it really can it's so well sheltered from everything it can take a beating and not get into too much trouble, and i guess, if i'm going to show you all The drones i got sitting here, i've got the mavic mini, which is a classic and definitely a fun one, for somebody asked me best, beginner drone for a 12 year old kid that's it right there.

I think, and then i've got the mavic 2 pro, because this is a beast, and this is my go to for videography and photography. So all of that said a lot of drones sitting on the table. What i thought we could try here is, i want to see if i can actually bring in some other folks to chat with me now the way this works, i have to add somebody. It was easier with the phone call, because i think i could just announce the phone number and people could just dial in and talk that way, and i may go back to that. But as we know now, uh speed dial has video as well as audio, not just the little bouncing circles, which i know some people liked and kind of miss. So i want to see if i can actually add somebody to the speed dial and invite them in. So i think what i was hoping i could do is actually just post the post. The link for everybody to use. I don't know if that's an easy thing to do in the software, and i think i might actually have to grab the phone to do this. So sorry, guys if uh. This is a little bit unusual, but i'm gon na grab the phone here and i'm going to say, share and i'm going to copy the copy this here, and let me just start with somebody that uh i'm pretty sure is in the chat and might might be Willing to to hop on with me for just a moment, um we'll, see here, i think part of the trick here is: i have to have the person's phone number in with me and if you want to see it there's the table of drones, table of chaos As as you might call it, um and let's see, i also um could do it.

This way, go invite, oh, no, that just does the same thing as share. So, okay, just learning how this works, um anybody out there in the chat, do anything fun. Today. Anybody fly it's a little warm here in texas, so sometimes a little bit difficult to to get out and and fly when it's, quite this hot, but that's. Why i got up so early, so i could get out and do it early on before it got too hot um? Yes, uh third eye view, i do have the evo. This is the 8k version evo that i have sitting on my desk and again this one. Actually belongs to um ken donoh from original dobo, and i appreciate him letting me borrow it uh. So i i see he told me you have to keep it for a little while and kind of see how long i have it. Hey kai good to see you um yep, you flew yesterday in sweetwater, that's, cool and uh it. I hope you got out early enough brandon rain good to see you there in the chat that's, pretty awesome that you, oh it's, it's, raining in pennsylvania! Well, it's! Probably not as hot as here either hey ken uh hofbauer good to see you dave carter flew in virginia 90 degrees today, yeah windy. I guess the wind kind of helps with the with the uh heat, but it also um can make things a little bit. Uh treacherous as you're flying bob casey good to see you in there um.

You said you haven't flown today, yeah that you're right, it's, it's uh. It is pretty bloody, hot right now, um! Well, the person i thought i had uh texted, the invite to uh may or may not still be in. He might have just popped in to say hello uh, because i have not seen a reply or maybe he's busy, because i kind of just dropped this on him um. I think what i'll do here if anybody wants to join me, i'm going to uh, read off the i'm, going to read off the url that you have to go to so uh let's, see here, okay, so uh! First, one to get this right can can join in and i think this only stays for a little while so uh you'll have to you have to do it within 10 minutes or else this expires. So it's um https colon! Slash? U y! O? U t? U? Dot b e, so that's https colon, slash y o? U t u dot, b e, all right now, here's the fun part where i have to figure out a better way to post this. For you guys um, then it goes slash. Lowercase, x, uppercase, g, lowercase c. Underline underscore lowercase v uppercase s as in sam lowercase, k, uppercase n lowercase t as in tom uh underscore and then uppercase e. So if anyone wants to hit me on https colon, slash y o? U t? U dot, b e slash lowercase x, uppercase g, lowercase c underscore lowercase v uppercase s, lowercase k! This would make my eyes hurt.

Lower uh, uppercase, n lowercase t underscore uppercase e. I promise next time i'll find a better way to to do this. Uh yeah that's a good idea. I i can. I can just post it. I don't you don't even need to delete it so i'm, going to type it in so hold tight for a second guys. While i do this and we'll see if we can get anybody in to join me, colon slash, slash uh y o: u t u dot! B e! The thing is it's it's, not on my computer it's. Just on my phone x. Oh, i guess i could well. I don't know how i would do that here. So let me just do it this way. Uh slash x, g c underscore, if i get it all right, b s, k, n t i'm, really glad my dad made me take typing when i was in high school. So helpful, all right, it should be that that should be the uh. That should be the one. Oh, you know what i forgot: the s in uh it's exactly that, but with an s in it all right, let me try again goodness this might be. My most awkward show ever x, g x, g c, underscore v s, k, n t underscore all right there. We go that's, the one that's, the one that i think is going to work. Does somebody click on that bad boy and let's see if we can get somebody else in the queue here and i think um when you do that, you're going to be joining via video, not just via audio so let's see if we can get somebody else in There, oh geeksvana, is in the house good to see you sean.

I had a great time hanging out on his channel last week. If you guys don't watch his live, show it's a lot of fun um so definitely be definitely fun to do. No luck, uh! That link did not work. Is that what i'm hearing uh you have to? You have to click it on a mobile device? Well, i think you can actually do it on your computer, too. Https colon, slash, slash you dot to you. Xgc dang – hey brad, good, to see you in here trying to trying to get this um trying to get this uh uh link to all right. Let me try uh brad i'm gon na see, if you're all right, i'm gon na see, if i can uh, actually bring you into this guy. So let me let me go here and go copy and then uh yeah. I got ta figure out a better way to make this uh happen. So all right, brad, i just sent you the invite um. I don't know if it's different what i sent out before and actually so so um, nothing, nothing for you either chris, not not able to to join huh. Hmm well, that's, interesting yeah this! This is definitely uh. No, no uh all right! What about brad? Are you able to uh click on that link? Brad, i see i saw brad was in here just a second ago. I'Ll give him just a second uh copy and paste.

Oh yeah that's, a uh audi's, got a great idea, so he's saying copy and paste it here here and copy, and then i should just let's see if i can put it in yeah this. This ui is it's a little bit challenging to do that. To do just that thing, link's not working, says steve carpenter dang, it um all right! Well, guys! I'M. I'M. Really! Sorry! I opened it. I was hoping to get a lot of people in. I think i could just give you the phone number and we could try that um. Let me, let me see if i can send it to uh somebody else. The the trick is i've got to have them here in my phone, so bob casey says. Maybe i should just maybe i should just do the thing by myself: um yeah yeah. I could definitely do that if this, if this uh does not pan out any better than it's going right now um, i i appreciate that you love my effort. I'M. I'M. Really uh hold on. Let me let me just see if i can actually text this thing to myself. Um i'm gon na do that real quick i'm gon na go there gon na go like that and go paste i'm gon na go like that. Oh that's, interesting! That that um, that was a different link than than what it said as far as the fan line, so maybe that's, why it's not working uh, yeah brad said it's, not working for him all right.

Well, let me let me see if i can just uh copy this guy and all right. I might have it, and this is from uh audi's suggestion here. Uh let's try this and see if that actually works. How am i getting your texts? Um well it's it's, uh, it's multitasking, with my phone all right. I just put it into the uh. I just put it into the chat there and i think what i might do next time is actually pre populate the chat with uh that link all right. So is anybody able to join? How does that uh? How does that link? Look any any anybody uh that link looks more genuine, says thomas, ariel, so that's that's good, the other one was kind of shady looking huh a little bit a little bit. Um suspect not sure what was going on with it come on. Well somebody if somebody clicks on it, we'll see if it um. If it pops up. Oh, i see somebody's got it because gust is ready. Uh computer mute, the live stream, uh just mute. The live stream hear me now right, yes, how's it going. Okay, i think i can hear you talk again. No uh you're frozen now. Well, oh no you're, not frozen okay, say hello. I'M gon na put my um headphones on. Maybe you won't get any feedback, then yeah that will help that will help so uh. I believe i'm talking to audi overbeek here from uh boston area, uh, you're you're in boston, right yeah.

Can you hear me all right? Yes, now we can hear you. I, like your shirt, no i'm in the berkshires massachusetts, western mass uh, any other new york borderline, okay, okay, what's! Is it hot up there? Today it is 82.. Oh, that sounds so pleasant, because it's 102, here in texas july, is not the best or july and august are really kind of the worst time to be here so but um now you you worked uh, you worked on spacecrafts and and manned flight right. I did for 32 years, i was on the space shuttle program. I was a spacesuit engineer and the environmental control person for the shuttle yeah – and i remember i remember you telling me that there are only actually what like uh 15 18 suits in the world. Yep wow that's, that's crazy. You know, it's, weird is i'm hearing myself over on top of with a delay, oh yeah. Well, this this is beta software. That i'm using and it's definitely got its uh. It'S got its downfalls but um the the developers who are making this are actually watching so uh. If you, if there are technical issues, then uh, but i think the trick is, i think you actually have to turn off. Um like or mute the the stream in youtube like go to the youtube controller. Uh mute the sound there and then, which is what i have done and then just um just keep the uh.

The browser link open that you used are you on. Are you on a computer? I am on a computer and is it uh what with macrophages so um i had yeah, i had the youtube uh streaming and then i also had this link. So there was actually two connections on top of each other yeah yeah that's that's. The trick is you got to turn that youtube. You got to turn that youtube stream off or or at least mute it before yeah. So so tell me, you came to spin up um. Tell me your impression for everyone out there who hasn't been before what what was your impression of it. Oh, it was excellent uh. It was excellent experience um. I went in there kind of um just observing the crowd and the people, because you know you see people online, but you don't really know who they are face to face. You know right, and i thought it was excellent to just kind of absorb that and kind of see if this is my crowd of people and they definitely were um and then uh. You know on the follow up of that with uh spin down, i think that's. What uh sean calls it yeah uh. I got to be more more connected with people that way there, because you know you're watching the whole presentation on the actual day of the event and um and then the follow up. You know watching the uh, the youtube, videos and uh everybody's live sessions and stuff, like that.

I really feel like i'm part of the community now and you you just bought, you bought a spin down ticket yesterday. I think i thought i saw that i did through uh during i did yeah that was during oz by drone show, which was a lot of fun. Last night, yeah that's, awesome, you'll, so you'll fly to you'll fly to denver, uh that's the plan right now. Well, it's um, it's, dixon, right, it's, dillon, it's, dillon, colorado, so it's still in colorado, yeah you have to you have to fly um. I mean it's about an hour and 20 minutes from from denver. So you you go a little further west i'll, take the nearest i'll, get to the nearest airport and drive the distance yeah and – and you know, for everyone who's concerned about whether it's going to happen or not. If it doesn't i'll refund everybody's um ticket price, as i've said before the the ticket um, we booked a pavilion, and that was really the most expensive part. But i think, as of this morning, i took a look and i think we have less than 10 tickets left because they're due to social, distancing, they're, limiting how many people that's fewer at the pavilion than you could normally have and so it'll be it'll. Be nice because with 50 people there i think the thing can normally accommodate a lot more than that, so there will be plenty of space for everybody to spread out and fly over the lake and such i'm really excited that's excellent yeah.

This is uh. This is interesting. Unfortunately, i got ta go, oh okay! Well, no, i appreciate it. I was just i was just stopping through real quick. I saw you were on and then uh and i was looking at the links and that i offered the suggestion of maybe how to get through that and it worked and that's the next thing you knew you were on now. What i'm curious about is, if that link, will work again so uh audi thanks for tuning in, i will see you later, maybe maybe we can set up a formal thing where, where you come on as a real guest sometime, that might be a little better when We both have time, but thank you very much. I got some interesting things. I could talk about uh. You know related to drones and uh i'm, just getting into cable cam systems. Oh wow and i put a drawing on the cable cam. You know the mavic uh and i'm, using it with its uh dji, app to control the camera, it's uh very interesting, so so it's actually it's actually attached to a cable, that's right, yeah, okay, all right! Well, uh i'll! Have you, okay and i'll and i'll tell you what i'll tell you why in the future, okay well, i'll have you on and we'll talk about it. So thank you for uh. Thank you for being the first one to actually break through and get on.

The call. I'M um i'll. Let you go because i know you have to go, but then for everybody else. Who has that link let's see if we can get somebody else on? Okay, excellent, have a great weekend: okay, bye audi. Take care all right, so i put the link in let's see if anybody else is able to. Let me see if i can do it again, um see if it'll actually work a second time or not. I think it might create a unique link each time and so that's um that's kind of the challenge. Hey agent k. I see you thank you thank you for for tuning in um, but let's see if that link works a second time. Let somebody somebody uh click on it and if you do decide to join, make sure that you're, you mute the um, you mute, the actual uh it's already claimed okay, so i have to do a new one, all right that i i got some feedback for the Developers for this one there's got to be uh some way to do this, a little bit all right, so i'm, going to create a new link and there and copy that and then text it to myself it's a little bit of a process and then take it From my text, which is right here and go there and go there and go let's see if this actually works, uh, oh no, wait a minute. I think i might have done the wrong thing goodness.

I think i just i think i just texted myself, the uh. The actual link for the for the sh for the show not for the all right, let's try this again share copy and paste yeah. This is clunky, guys, i'm. Sorry, it's it's, definitely uh. I thought it would be a bit easier to actually pull this off um than it was. Let me see if i can just do the. Let me see if i can just add the uh. Let me see if i can just add people via the phone, so let's see here there's the fan line, so somebody tried calling this number and let's see if this works. It'S i'll put it in the chat as well. It is uh. I would guess there's a one in front of it, but it's two, five: six: five: four: zero. Eight, two, four, five, eight, two, four five. So somebody try calling that and let's see if that actually allows us to bring somebody else in uh with the little talk bubble thing see if that actually works, uh Music, okay, get out of that yeah it's also kind of interesting, because i have to um. I have to hold the phone up, but i also want to keep it far enough away so that you can see me without me being a giant head, so uh really really um interesting, uh interesting way to go: hey ben thornton from south austin good to see You ben you know it's hot here just like i do.

Thank you for joining me today. This is a little bit of a train wreck as far as the technical um as far as the technical stuff goes, but i'm i'm trying to make it work i'm. Trying to figure out the best way to get everybody the link uh, the number has been disconnected b max aerial visuals, say it ain't, so um 102 in at the castle, that's sounds about right all right i'm, going to touch this i'm going to copy. This audi did it, so i got to think that um got ta think we can get somebody else in uh let's see if let's see if brad is still here, uh i'm gon na try texting this to brad again, okay, brad let's see if this time it Actually works: okay, brad should have an invite now hello from conover north carolina con over north carolina uh good. To see you john. Thank you for tuning in i'll bet. North carolina is generally generally pretty uh, bmax aerial visual says it ain't. So all right, i did ask you to say that um, so i have been to north carolina a couple times: i've been to uh uh, asheville and black mountain, both really really cool spots to visit um. I i've definitely enjoyed my time there. My grandparents used to live there uh way back in the day, all right i'm gon na copy one more and try the other method. Uh. Yes, it's. Interesting too, when i, when i go to text myself, they keep saying you're still alive.

Don'T forget you're, still live, be careful what you say: okay, that looked like it might have worked this time so i'm, going to take this guy here and i'm going to copy this and i'm going to put it in the chat. Alright, i think i have a new. I think i have an actual link that will work so let's see if somebody else can uh join via that link and i'll put this back in the phone holder for a second. While we give this a shot, yeah got ta got ta tell those developers that we uh need a better way to share the link, because it's kind of challenging at least i'm not trying to drive. You know that that would be. That would be really something. If i was actually uh yeah b, max aerial vigil, says black mountain north carolina great place, uh for an end of the world story, rider to be living in yeah, yeah, uh, it's, it's it's, just a really pretty spot. Hey tony good to see you tropic, thanks for thanks for uh joining today, we're we're trying to do a live, uh dial in show black mountain that's, where my that's, actually, where my grandparents lived, was in black mountain uh in um. It was like pagetown road. I think was the name of the name of the road um trying to see if we can get someone else to join in via the link that i posted is that link uh, that i posted up there good the the one uh posted just a few moments Ago, anybody able to click on that i'm, not seeing anybody in the queue as far as um on my phone, no, i i'd.

Actually i so i hadn't been to black mountain north carolina since i started uh. Oh, it says: steve carpenter is waiting in the queue so that's interesting. I don't see oh there. He is all right, so steve is in the queue hey how you doing good kelly. How are you excellent? Thank you for uh. Thank you for joining it's what's. Interesting is in this user interface. There'S there's little invites down at the bottom, but you were off my screen like i. Actually i actually had to scroll over to be able to see you so so. Thank you for telling me how's it going in california. Is it nice today yeah it's, beautiful, mid, mid 70s, you just call it weather right, you're, like yeah. This is just how we roll out here, yeah and you're you're dana. Is it dana point correct? Is that that that's, the name of the town yeah not too far from the water? As i recall, no, no very close. This crow flies three quarters of a mile from the houses to the water, nice um. So aside from uh, you know i had this whole list of drones that i had sitting here. Um, have you flown any autel drones? No, i have not no, no, not at all. I have very limited experience with them as well, and i i've heard from some people that they are really great. You know, and obviously they have some really good things going with their customer service and they have some really good things going with that 8k camera.

So i'm super excited to give this guy a try. But quite honestly, it kind of intimidates me it's, really big, like it's a it's, a drone. I know aldr aldrin had uh talked about it, because he's done a review on him and uh he's flown its predecessor to the original one, the evil, oh yeah, yeah yeah and the two. What was his take on it? He liked it. He does it not as smooth in some of the images and he's doing. He did a comparison actually between that and the the mavic 2.. So it gave kind of like a side by side with it it's he's it's, a good uh good uh video to watch good testing against each other. I will have to check that out because i think that um, i think that the trick with this thing or the the big upside is the 8k and and then i believe that the 6k version, which i don't know if that's out or not yet, but has A one inch sensor, which i think is also going to be a really nice thing to have right. The big thing is is when you do with aka processing on most computers. Most computers have a problem with 4k, very, very true, yeah i'm still, you know it's funny because i i've been mostly shooting 1080 for um pretty much since i started on youtube, which was 2014 and i've really tried to make a commitment this year to start doing More things in 4k, but i still find um even even with a pretty fast internet connection, the default on your phone or even on your computer is not to play the 4k file, like there's there's very few times where that 4k file actually gets played.

Yeah that's for sure – and i know you know, because i've got 1080p um on both my monitors here on my desktop um, but when i do see a few of them like uh matt north from his uh videos, that he's done and he shoots it in 4k. Watching that in on our home theater – oh my god, what a difference i mean it is like phenomenal. Do you have a 4k projector? No, no just a regular 4k ultra high definition, um uh widescreen 16., oh okay, okay, okay! So so that that's it that's. Actually, a great question i'd love to hear what the what you think and then also what the audience thinks and that is uh. I have a tv it's, a 60 inch, actually a 1080 tv that's about five years old um and my my kids keep telling me. They want a bigger tv, of course, that's kids right but um, but is upgrading a tv to a 4k worth it like. Is there enough content out there in 4k that you can see the difference if you're watching even like netflix or anything else, it's coming across in 4k, i'm, really, okay, yeah, yeah, so you're watching and then plus uh? We get a subscription to the dvd. So we get the blu ray discs right then, when you're watching it in blu ray you're, watching it in high def and it's it's a big difference. So so you would say you would say at the point where um, because i don't know that i'm going to replace my tv any time soon.

It'S still it's still it's a samsung it's still working great. But when i do replace it, i should go ahead and get the 4k. Is that the yeah that's the theme – and i guess at some point it's just like you know just like when hd was all coming out. You really um got to a point where you couldn't buy an sd tv anymore, right it just wasn't available but and the price i mean i measure when we had uh the one we have now um. We had the fire here in the garage. So all electronics in the whole house was written off by the insurance company because smoke the acid and the smoke eats the circuit board, the product in all electronics so from when we paid for it. Originally it was like 1200 and then we were out of the house for like a year and a half and stuff and went back bought the exact same model. It was like uh, 700 and some odd dollars. Almost almost uh cut in half yeah that's that's pretty crazy. Well so the the big, the big thing, then i think, is maybe wait till you know they have those crazy sales at black friday and stuff. But if i were to um get a a 4k tv um, then i could actually see what native 4k footage looks like not just on my computer right and if you're watching youtube and you go out to some of these uh channels that do have 8k upload Uh, obviously i can't see the ak because i'm only watching them on four but it's phenomenal.

Oh well, i you might have sold me my kids say thank you and i also want to say thank you to charles meyer for putting out uh a canadian super chat for 17 canadian canadian dollars uh charles actually i'm, going to be up in upstate new york. At the end of july – and i i really wish there's there's a lot of people in canada wishing to go, see you're. I know you're western canada so pretty far away but um. I understand you can't, you can't cross the border right now. So thank you for sending that canadian money down south, hopefully it'll, keep me cool much much appreciated, so he has a. He has a question which drone is the best mavic pro 1 or mavic air one. You know actually, charles um. I did a video of that exact thing: it's one of the most popular videos. I'Ve done, i think it's one that has over a million views um, and so, if you want to see my opinion on that it was, it was like kind of a boxing theme. Um, the answer is they're different, right, um it and ultimately the air is more compact and more small, but it's also a bit louder, especially if you put the upgraded props on the original mavic pro. What what's your opinion of that steve um! Well, i i'm kind of biased because i ended up getting the mavic pro, which i still fly and i don't have an error.

I'Ve flown it once, but the mavic pro to me was hands his hands down a bit of growth and that's. What i use for my live streams when i live stream, the sunsets that you've popped in on yeah yeah that's, the mavic mavic pro well that's. You know what was really cool uh. I i hopped on actually uh uh dennis love, ladies um sunrise this morning, and he was he was doing music. He was playing and singing some music, which was pretty cool his ukulele. He he was uh. He did bridge over troubled water is what i heard and he's added, actually a very good voice, so it's kind of cool i i didn't know i had this idea and i'd love to hear what everybody thinks, especially the musicians in the audience, and that is um. I actually am thinking about and i got i got this idea from geeksvana and and lib uh, sean and lib mentioned this to me. The ready set drone song, you know the one i mean yeah most folks in the chat probably do uh. I actually want to have a contest to see who can do not necessarily well the best it's subjective right, but i want to have people do covers of that song like if you're musically inclined on the piano or maybe with an electric guitar, the ukulele or something Like that and give give something really good away to the the best cover as voted by the audience like we'd, have a we'd have a vote so so uh so that that that came from sean and uh lib uh at geek spawn.

So so. Uh very good idea, but i think i'm gon na do that and and i'm actually thinking about going pretty big with the uh with the prize i haven't decided yet what the prize will be, but it'll be something really nice i'll announce that later. But you guys start if you're musically inclined start tuning your guitars, oh tater, get in here yeah, i kind of think you know tater and in chatting with tater. I think he and i have kind of similar musical tastes too so that that makes a difference. Well so spin up 2020 uh you're you got um you're you're, going to come to spin down too right, yep tickets tickets are all purchased, yeah and and spin down, um spin down is actually going to be uh. Spin down is going to be um almost it's. Almost sold out at this point i think there's less than 10 tickets left and again i wish it didn't have to be that way. It'S, just we can't have that big of a group congregating, and the last thing i want is for us to get shut down or get a fine or anything like that. So if you do want to come to spin down it's 30 bucks, i think it's, like 32.50, with the eventbrite fee um, which i don't get but uh. It covers the cost of the pavilion that we're renting, which was 900 and i've already paid for it. So i appreciate everybody: who's bought a ticket because i think i've got my money back on that and then we're gon na barbecue um, so it'll cover all the costs for food and drinks that day, but hanging out all day on a saturday at this beautiful pavilion.

Overlooking the lake flying drones, how can you get? How can you do any better? You can't you can't, really and sean did those couple of videos on it and then his list first teaser going. Oh, this is where it's gon na be at i'll, make a better video and i'm going wait. A second wait. A second go back, show it well, he did he did it with a 360 camera. I think too there's one where you can actually spin around. So um yeah very exciting, well uh steve. I appreciate you jumping in i'm gon na see if i can get somebody else on it's gon na be another painful process, but um, but thanks for figuring it out, and let me see if i can uh okay, you know it just said: the link was taken On it uh every time i tried it so once the purse has been on you're going to have to regenerate a new link every time, yeah yeah and i think that's by design. I think they do that so that you, you don't, get um just pummeled with people, but that's kind of what i wanted was to be pummeled with people like for everybody to be able to join in, but but it's all right. I mean it's again they're they're, sorting out the the software. The trick for me is because, like i said, my phone is sitting on a it's on a stand it's on a tripod, so i've got to grab my phone.

Do all that stuff to create the link and then send it out so that's something that i hope they can figure out a better way for like but anyway um. Thank you steve good, to see you and i will thank you good to see you all right. Thank you, let's see if i can get somebody else going talk to you soon, bye, bye, all right, here's, something so sorry. If i froze, let me see if i can create a new link. I think i am getting better at that, so i will. I will try sharing this one again and uh brad. I i saw you in there i'm trying to do a lot of things at once. So i wasn't sure if you were able to do it or not, um, all right, i've, probably frozen for a minute but um. Let me see if i can send this to myself real quick, like paste. Go there and no that's, not the one. I want. I think i want i don't know if brad said he can't join. I don't know if that means he can't uh go pummel. He says agent k, that's awesome, i don't know if he means he can't join as in uh it's, a bad time for him or just isn't working so but uh. Sorry, if that is the case, all right, i'll try this one more time, i'm gon na say copy. Thank you guys for your patience as i as i try to figure this out copy and, yes, i know i'm getting warnings here: uh, yeah, okay, that's that's, all right, cancel here and send that off to myself, just like that song, mickey don't lose that number.

I think that's, the name of the song and then over here i will go and grab it here and then i would go up here and grab it here. Yes, very uh very clunky process, and then i will put it in so here comes the link. So somebody, if you can hit that link and join me on the chat, let's, see what's going on dan beveridge good to see you thanks for being here, um by the way uh. If anybody, i think that steve mentioned uh sean a moment ago, um shawn oz, who is helping me out tremendously with spin down um, especially since we're doing it in his town but um he actually um sean his birthday was yesterday. So if anybody happens to see or hear from him say hello to him for his birthday, all right, um, if you're, if you're in the waiting room, let me know in the chat, i don't see anybody. I don't see anybody here, uh coming up, yeah it's, not not populating with anything all right. You know what i'm going to do guys. I am definitely going to uh. Do a smaller group test of this at some point in the very near future. Anybody else uh flown this thing with the software updates. Yet this thing is so much cooler now that the software has been updated. It it's just this ability for you to actually um fly it further from the from the uh with the remote control, but also just the precision landing on it is is just so incredible if you haven't seen shaun oz once again his video about the skydio and How he landed it directly on top of the case with, without even touching it, it did it on its own.

That was pretty cool. Uh let's see anybody else able to let's see Music share yeah. I wonder if i could just open youtube here and do it from the phone youtube and see if i can see myself my channel and yes, i'm live, oh and now i'm getting now i'm, getting some weird feedback, all right i'm, going to close that out. I just sent it out again uh anybody able to click on that and make it work. If you're not able to, let me know and we'll see, was in got disconnected uh julio morales said he was in, but got disconnected um dang all right. Well, i think uh. I have some work to do on this, so i think i'm going to work on it. Do a better job. Next time bid you guys a do. Um chris chris hope says he keeps getting disconnected too um i'm gon na work on this see if i can get it to work a little better next time to bring people in figure out a better system for all that. But thank you all for joining. I will say too that artco drone solutions, i believe, goes live in about 13 minutes and one last big announcement for me is that i'm going to start doing, speed, dial a better version of speed dial with more technical stuff worked out on fridays instead of saturdays Starting next week, so from now on, hey fly natural roosevelt. Thank you uh, for the pick me up dude good, to see you, i love the dancing, uh dancing sticker i'm, not even sure what that guy is, but thank you very much.

Roosevelt was on uh oz by drone last night um, so uh. Thank you to everyone who stuck around through this today. Sorry, i couldn't get the the ability for people to join to be a little bit easier. It was good to see steve and audi for a few minutes, but i will work on it and try to make it easier for people to join next week and again next week will be on friday instead of on saturday i'm going to do everything on fridays, Including first fridays and speed dial and probably continue to do the thing with greg on the the come fly with me. So you guys have a great evening. Thank you guys for tuning in thanks again to fly natural and charles for the super chats much appreciated, and i will see you guys next friday, i'll be more organized and i'll see you then thanks a lot.