Well, we made it to the end of another year. Another year filled with crazy supply chain issues another year with bizarre plot twists, and even though it probably seemed more like a double pendulum than a simple roller coaster. This year had some high points at spark fun too, and id like to share some of those with you now in what seems like a lifetime ago, but it was just the beginning of this year. We paired up with the folks over at elector to publish a sparkfun centric elector magazine now electors been around since 1961, and it was great to be working with them and helping them celebrate 60 years thats crazy. Now, in january and march, we were able to release the raspberry pi pico and the rp2040 respectively. These are both great additions to the raspberry pi lineup, and the rp2040 is raspberry. Pis entry into the microcontroller world now february saw nasa land on the martian surface. Its latest mars rover perseverance, carrying with it its first helicopter ingenuity. Why was this exciting to spark fun? Well, as tim cannon pointed out in his interview with ieee, that helicopter was using off the shelf sparkfun parts, specifically our lidar light as a navigation tool, thats right, a part that you can pick up a part that i have on my workbench just sitting there. Its crazy is now on the surface of mars and at the time im filming this, i believe ingenuity has just completed its 18th flight on mars thats insane now in may we released a product without a lot of fanfare, but we think its cool.

Nonetheless, we released a 2d barcode scanner. Now, if youre like me – and you want to create the illusion of being well organized first thing: you get is a label maker and you put labels all over everything in your shop all over the drawer. So you know whats, where whats supposed to be where well. The next step is start encoding, everything with a barcode, whatever your collection, if you want to catalog it, if you want to keep it organized, you can go online. There are tons of websites that allow you to print barcodes, stick them on whatever youve got whatever you want to catalog, and this scanner will read them quickly and easily, either using your laptop or desktop raspberry, pi or even an arduino, but throughout the year we continue To work on our enclosed rtks, our high precision global positioning units – now this is a new adventure for us. We usually dont do things that are fully enclosed and ready for use right off the shelf, but this has been getting some great feedback from both the embedded engineer community, as well as the surveying community, and just a few weeks ago we released our most recent, the Facet – and this has been great to see where these are going now we also continued work on our micro mods and in november we came up with a new design idea now initially, when we released these last year. The idea was that you had a carrier board that did a function for you, it was a display board or it was a weather board or a lora board, and onto that you could swap out processor boards using the m.

2 protocol. We thought what, if you wanted more flexibility than that, so this year we made main boards that allow you to swap out not only the processors but function boards as well. So you can swap out your processor, but maybe you want a display board and a lora board. You can swap those out, but maybe you decide. Maybe the larabor is not right. Maybe you want to switch it to a wi fi board, easy also using the m.2 protocol. You can swap out those boards as well and thats, been a great addition. Now december saw the release of what is one of my favorite products, the artemis global tracker. This is a full release on red boards, with full support and documentation. We released this previously through sparkx and it had some use cases out in the field and one of our favorites came from the norwegian meteorological institute. Theyve been dropping these on ice flows in the arctic ocean and tracking, where those flows go and how long they take to melt its been fascinating and we learned a whole lot of stuff from it now, since theyre released just a couple of weeks ago, we have Units going out all over the world and were really excited to see how these are going to be implemented aside from products. We also worked with some great people. I mean way too many to name but just a few that come to mind off the top of my head.

I mentioned elector at the beginning of the year, theyre, wonderful, great scott gadgets. We continue our work with them and our collaboration. We also worked with edge impulse. Did a few webinars were looking forward to doing more of those in the coming year alex glow? We worked with her because she mentioned a dude button on one of our boards. Now, at that time, none of our boards had a dude button. They had a boot button, but thanks to perhaps a an incorrect choice of fonts on the silk it looked like dude. Well, thanks to her, in october, we released our limited edition scala board with a dude button and when geeky faye mentioned on twitter that they had always wanted to add electronics to their already amazing art, but were worried about blowing stuff up. We sent them one of our inventors kits and they live streamed, their entire process. The adventure from blinking an led all the way through building an autonomous vehicle and then changing the code on the fly with input from their live stream community. It was great to watch at the end of the year that seemed to have more than its fair share of less than good news. We wanted to touch on some of the positives too, and all this is to say that we couldnt have done any of it without all of you, whether youre a student or an educator, a hobbyist or a distributor, a prototyper or an engineer at nasa.

Its your support that allows us to keep doing what we do so that we can help you do what you dream of doing. So all of us here at sparkfun want to wish all of you a very happy new year, a year filled with wonder with hope. With inspiration and with a sense of community that we all share so heres to all of you spark fans from all of us, funyuns here happy new year and happy hacking. How do i start throughout the year? We continue to work on our products weve released in recent times. In recent times i didnt want to say burger good. How am i going to see it so from all of us here at sparta? Theres still more, i want to say hi old sport, no thats, not what i want to say.